Happy Birthday Hitler

It's April 20 here and you know what that means
Lets post to celebrate the Fuhrer's day and everything that goes with that

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It is 5:46 PM on April 19th in Deutschland right now. So a little early, user.

Nonetheless, Happy Birthday mein Führer… We continue your work here on Earth and will the world you dreamed of will be realized one day…


Fuck NatSoc. You need to embrace NazBoong.

420 Blaze ((( IT (International Talmudism) )))

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It's 1:30 in Südaustralien though

Save her from her shame.

Ay Cuz Hitler wuz good ay, he wudda treated da boongz better den dey jewz ScoMo and Turnbull aye

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Fuck off aussie, wait until decent countries are on the 20th aswell.

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I did not compose this:
One man had a vision. A vision so powerful, so full of truth, that his nation endured unimaginable hardship and anguish to preserve. Despite having their cities being bombed into ruin, despite their women and children dying by the millions then being raped and tortured. Despite a mother turning to her children and hugging them, while saying, "Daddy is fighting so this never happens again," in the middle of a burnt out wreck of what was once a city… They fight. They are starving. They are exhausted. They want to go home. But they know if they lose there will not be a home. And so they fight. They sacrifice themselves in the iron crucible of war, by the millions. All for one man's vision. So they can make the world a safer place for their children. And their children's children. Because they see the truth. In one man's vision. And so the fight. To the bitter end. Even after hope and home has been lost. Because they loved what had been created. What had been achieved in such a short time under one man. Because of what one man brought them. They fight so fiercely they bring the world to a halt. They stand up to the four largest empires in history. And fight them to a standstill. They crush one of them in months. One, they almost starve out and one was so battered that it's population still hasn't recovered. They fought. To be free. For one man. And they were the size of Texas. It's the stuff of myth, of legend. And it's only 70 years ago that one man had a vision. Of what the world would be if the "others," won. And so they fought. Please, God. I beseech you. Please, bring Hitler's spirit back. We need him now, more than ever in our dying world. Our dying way of life. Our dying race…

One man.

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Tried to contribute, but I'm not very satisfied with the colorization process.

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No, this is excellent work Mein Kamerad.


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Hitler sure did save Germany.

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Fuck off spamming kike and thank you for the bump

You're welcome.
Have another.

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Gas grenades on tanks? That's badass.


Happy Birthday, RIP, and yes you were right

You're a faggot larper for the Jews?

Nice ip hop.

No fuck off.

Happy birthday!



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Sieg heil

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I'm making brownies again this year. I think I'll try to spice it up a bit. pic is from last year

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anyone got a playlist of songs?

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from hitler's mp3player portable gramophone?

just post a jewtube link of a playlist you cuck

fuck off faggot

It's 00:00 in Germany now
Sieg Heil mein Führer and Happy Birthday
May you continue to inspire us and your vision come to fruition soon.

Happy Birthday Hitler

No matter how many lies ((they)) will tell about you, we will never forget you as you were.

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You're like a self parody.

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Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler

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Moving, excellent work user.

Happy birthday mien Fuhrer. One by one, your eternal spirt and love are freeing the survivors of Kali Yuga from illusion. Thank you.

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Yes, Shitler was a smashing success.100 million dead Whites.

Happy Birthday Mr. Hitler

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Happy Birthday.

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hitler literally levitating down those stairs how did he do it guys?
it was hitler's triumph of the will

You post these with one hand?

"Those who want to live, let them fight, and those who do not want to fight in this world of eternal struggle do not deserve to live."

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Happy Honkin Birthday

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Hitler, present!

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Hitler was okay and if it weren't for his disastrous decision to drag Germany into an unwinnable war, he'd have been a pretty swell leader. A lot of what he did for Germany was great and I don't blame him for being a (((comic book villain))). The jew did that. Had Hitler actually somehow won the war, Churchill would have been depicted as an evil clown by German media. At least in Europe. America would still be run by jews.

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Heil Hitler!


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Щільна зіга з України!

Happy Birthday


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Deutschland wünscht seinem Führer zum 130. Geburtstag alles Gute und Liebe.

We miss you. You will live on forever in our hearts.

Sieg Heil
Sieg Heil
Sieg Heil

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Who was Hitler larping as?

Happy birthday Hitler, I love you.

Happy 130th birthday, may you be feasting in Valhalla.

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I wish I was born 20 days later, then I would be born 100 years to the day uncle Adolf was. I could celebrate my birthday with my friends and a Führer cake.

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Happy Birthday Adolf!

Alright schlomo continue spamming.

I wish my wife's birthday was today and not in 10 days.

With good health may our fortunes become destiny.

Are you trying to redpill her too user?


Happy Birthday my Führer

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She is redpilled.
She's actually quite a walking redpill dispenser.
It is funny to watch how she can drop truth bombs on people in a direct fashion that would get me into big trouble.

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Nope, you dropped that tick after fucking with my phone

I hate Mexico

Happy Birthday Leader.

The strategy of #Accelerationism is known and terrifying to the enemy.
Witness Fam-



My heart is filled with joy on this eve of Eostre and the Leaders birthday.
Hail Victory my niggers

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That's it.

Bravo Fam.

Happy birthday my Fuhrer!

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Here's a Third Reich birthday wreath.

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Wo /leibnizkeks/ hier?

С днем рождения Гитлер.
Даже если тебе не нравился мой народ,
Я все равно держу великое уважение для тебя,
и для твое мечты Европы.

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1000 Fathers.

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