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Jesus was jew.

True…but I would say that the semites killed him. There is no reason not to select the entire race for extermination. There is nothing good or wholesome about any of the semites.

He was not a jew. The entire NT is full of the testimony that he was not a jew, both he declares it and the jews declared it. They say he was a Samaritan (Scythian from Sarmatia)

Reminder that with Vatican II, kikes were absolved of this crime in the eyes of the (((modern Catholic Church))).

Look. Jews are enemies but christianity is still judaic religion. Fun stuff like torture and witch burning is part of christianity.

Zig Forums is filled with desperate jewish attempts to turn people away from Christ, who they defamed, tortured and murdered. A resurgence of a true Christian understanding of the satanic nature of the jew must be thwarted at all costs, if they are to complete their current plan which includes the total subjugation of all non-kikes, most importantly the European race. ANYONE SHILLING AGAINST CHRIST IS A KIKE OR ONE OF THEIR SLAVES.

In the ancient Church (Orthodoxy), Holy Friday is next week.

Well I guess that settles it. A jew would never lie about being a jew.

Now watch all the "christcuck shills" from tel aviv try to d&c by turning nat socs against christianity. Hitler declared christianity the official religion of the party, END OF STORY.

True, most christian churches today are corrupted beyond belief, as evangelical leaders eat kike smegma, and publicly say christianity no longer succeeds judaism. They are nothing more than kike puppets, and their influence has destroyed an entire generation of christians. Also the current pope is a former communist and an apostate who is finishing the destruction of catholicism from within.

Christianity as practiced before vatican II, and as preached in the gospel, is the true religion of the national socialism and the reich.

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Sounds like some sand-nigger shit from the middle east, not Europe.


yeah and black Kangz ruled Egypt as Pharaohs, not Western Europeans. Whites were far more widespread in ancient times than they are today.

Don't care.
>>>Zig Forums

Yet the church opposed national socialism and Hitler's views on them changed, as his views on the jews had previously changed from acceptance, to annoyance, to hatred. A new, Germanic religion was clearly needed after the war.

That's not even how this works.

Jesus is a human kike.

Sorry Moishe it just doesn't add up.

Yeah no shit, it was unavoidably necessary to gain the loyalty of an established Christian nation to gain power.

What’s more important is to observe the appointment of pagans such as Himmler and Rosenberg to key positions within the Reich. The fact that Hitler Youth activities were intentionally scheduled for Sunday so that the upcoming generation would miss their Christian church time.

Finally, read the Table Talks. Hitler obliterates Christianity in his private conversations. When all is said and done, he was smart enough to use the slow boiling pot of water versus the fast boiling pot which would have gotten him NOWHERE.

Um, sweaty? Jesus was a BASED ki- I mean, BASED white European, we wuz messiah n shiet. Kikestianity is the religion of the trve Evropean, your shitstained ancest- i mean, dumb pagans, were forcefully converted. AND THAT'S A GOOD THING! 1477, MAGA! Israel first!

if he wasn't a jew he wasn't the messiah. You cant have it both ways


Religion he founded now predominantly followed by niggers and spics

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I'm pretty sure they went to church then did their Hitler Youth stuff
Youth groups schedule their stuff for Sunday all over the western world. Mostly because a lot of the times those groups are ran by, or are very connected to, Christian groups.
Or well, at least that's my experience in my country. Our version of the boy scouts usually operates out of the churches.

Christians were keen to emulate selected Jewish practices. Josiah enforced the exclusive worship of Yahweh (2 Kings 23). According to the biblical account, he destroyed pagan objects related to the worship of Baal or Asherah. He had pagan priests executed and had the bones of the dead priests of Bethel exhumed and burned on their own altars. According to 2 Chronicles, Josiah destroyed altars and images of pagan deities in cities of neighbouring tribes of Manasseh, Ephraim, "and Simeon, as far as Naphtali" (2 Chronicles 34:6-7)
Below, Josiah is destorying pagan religious items and a pagan altar, just as Christian missionaries were to destroy pagan religious icons and altars for centuries to come.

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Officially sanctioned Christian Vandalism became ever more commonplace. At Alexandria in 389, Bishop Theophilus of Alexandria personally directed the destruction of the temple to the god Serapis, reputedly the largest place of worship in the known world. The statue of the god was chopped up and burned, its head being carried through the town for public ridicule. The temple precinct, or Serapeum, also housed a scientific research institute (a "Museum" named after the nine Muses) and the famous Library of Alexandria - two of the greatest academic buildings in human history. Both buildings were loathed by Christians, who hated scientific research and secular knowledge as much as they hated other people's places of worship. Both Museum and Library were destroyed around this time, probably in the same violent incident in which the bishop destroyed the temple. The destruction of the Serapeum by Patriarch Theophilus was a critical event in the history of persecution of ancient paganism. A later bishop of the same city, Saint Cyril was responsible for the murder of the pholosopher Hypatia.

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based and redpilled

Kikestianity only exists to benefit jews. Protestants love kikes. Catholics love kikes. Pretty cringe, but keep sucking the kike cock.

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Jesus is whatever race the kikes need him to be in order to form more golem protectors.

What des it mean to be a Jew according to the bible? What the bible actually says.

Romans 2:28-29

For he is not a Jew, which is one outwardly; neither is that circumcision, which is outward in the flesh:

But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God.

Romans 9:6

Not as though the word of God hath taken none effect. For they are not all Israel, which are of Israel:

Philippians 3:3

For it is we who are the circumcision, we who serve God by his Spirit, who boast in Christ Jesus, and who put no confidence in the flesh—

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They know not what they do.

It's pretty mean to kill somebody then say they're in hell boiling forever in a constant state of death in a cauldron of poiling doo doo tbvh

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Much of what survived the vandalism throughout Western Christendom did so either because of pagan care or Christian ignorance. The Capitoline Venus, a Roman copy of Praxiteles" Aphrodite of Cnidos, was hidden apparently to avoid its destruction by Christians. It was found, walled up, in the seventeenth century.

Another Aphrodite, dug up on the Greek island of Milos in 1820, is now celebrated as the Aphrodite of Milos, or more commonly the Venus de Milo. Even missing her arms (which were broken after the statue was found) she is one of the most famous statues in the world. She is now in the Louvre, and is shown on the right.

The arms and original plinth were lost following her discovery. The statue, in marble, was created sometime between 130 and 100 BC. From an inscription on its plinth, noted before it disappeared, she is thought to be the work of Alexandros of Antioch. According to modern experts she is not in the same class as Praxiteles" original Aphrodite, which is, of course, "lost".

Other statues, like Laocoön and his sons, and the Apollo Belvedere, both now in the Vatican Museum, were rediscovered during the Renaissance. So was the Farnese Hercules by Glycon, rediscovered in 1540. Some statues were vandalised but not destroyed. For example a statue of Isis in Rome now leads a second life as the liberally bosomed "Madama Lucrezia".

This statue of Augustus found at Ephesus, was almost certainly vandalised by Christians - as well as chipping of the nose and breaking up the body, they inscribed a cross on the foreheadNot only religious statues fell victim to the Christians. Early Christians destroyed secular statues and inscriptions. The great Church historian Eusebius gloated that Caesar Maximian was "the first whose complimentary inscriptions and statues, and everything else that is customarily set up, were thrown down as being reminders of a foul monster"3. Vandalised statues of him were left as objects for jests and horseplay for anyone who might want to insult and abuse them. His portraits were destroyed and so were those of his family — some were flung from a height and smashed, others had their faces blacked out and damaged beyond repair. Similar fates befell others who were not sufficiently sympathetic to the Christian cause. Unsympathetic people were executed, and all memorials to their existence destroyed.

The West's patrimony from classical times is tiny compared to what it might have been if the early Christian authorities had allowed artistic taste to encroach on their religious prejudices4. The little that remains has survived despite the efforts of the more zealous Christians. Statues were buried, or walled up, or cast into the sea to avoid the Christian picks and hammers. Had the Christians been more competent detectives, and less ignorant about the subject matter, then the whole patrimony would have been "lost". An equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius in the Campidoglio in Rome survived because Christians mistook it for a statue of their hero Constantine.

Saint Nilus the Myrrh-Gusher of Mt Athos, with a Christian cross on his foreheadWe can often tell that Christians were responsible for vandalising statues first because they made a point of disfiguring the face (as Moslems vandals still do), and secondly because they would often carve crosses on the face, most commonly a cross in the middle of the forehead, to somehow Christianise the statue. Making crosses on foreheads is a common Christian practice. It is still done with water in the course of baptisms, with ash on Ash Wednesday, and with paint on the skulls of dead monks. It was previously done with a red hot branding iron on the foreheads of supposed heretics. Below are a few examples of statues vandalised by Christians.

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I am not going to talk about bible. Usualy people say Jesus was jew. It is 2000 years old event, so we will never know. Old Testament is jewish. It looks like there is some connection to judaism. I am not christian because christions love to open borders and feed niggers.

First of all. Christianity is not at fault for wanting to help people they perceive to be in danger. That is an honorable deed. What is DISHONORABLE is the behavior of the Zionist, deliberately destabilizing Christian nations through subterfuge, deception, lies, and wealth.

They opened their arms to those they believed needed help. That is admirable. What is not admirable, is a refugee gang raping the nation, biting the hand that fed them. That is cowardly. And the Zionist, all the more cowardly for their behavior.

jews killed a jew
jews killed a jew
jews killed a jew
jews killed a jew
jews killed a jew

I can do it too nigger.

Agree. But if that help hurt my people, it is not what i support.

christianity was a jewish trick to collapse with the roman empire. did good and bad things however it's not our priority to debate european civs

Wanting to save every little bunny rabbit from being eaten is womanish behaviour. It's neither honorable or manly. The masculine thing to do is to mind your own fucking business.

Who would? But nobody realizes that right away, it takes time. The good deed remains good, and the bad deeds bad.

And they will discover the hard way even, the true face of their enemy. And when they realize their true enemy was shaking their hand all along, they will not stand for it.

The rulers of their nations destroy them all the more, because they're just puppets for the elite.

The common man wants to do good. The evil man wants to take advantage, even of those who do good. That is the story. But the last day will come, and the world will be judged, and repentance and Jesus will be the only way.

Read the gospels, treat them with an open mind. Don't be an angry, edgy kid about it, try it. In that book, God has already overcome, he has done the full work to pay our debts, we just have to accept him as our Lord and Savior, and he will save us from the second death. That is his promise, and it's what we call the good news. It's far more important than any political debate, disagreement, gossip, any of that.

We ALL killed Jesus. He died for all the sins we have committed and will commit.
That said, it was definitely the juden who thought it would be a laff riot to release a criminal and condemn a man who did literally nothing wrong but step on the toes of the mighty

The jesus is a jew faggots are the same boomer faggots that believe Jews are the chosen people of god. It specifically states in John and Revelations that the ones that call themselves Jews are the Synagogue of Satan and descendants of Satan himself. B-but modern Christianity is cucked!

Of course it is. Jews have been subverting Christianity for thousand of years. Jesus and Christian's have always been their primary enemy since day 1.

Says you. But there are more important things than being self centered.

Fuck off jews!!

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Here's something for you. Provide the origin of the word Jew. When did it start popping up and why?

Wrong. The jew's number one enemy has always been the White Race. They believe we're all Amalekites and don't give two shits about bible-thumping niggers in sub-Saharan Africa.

In before "oy vey goyim why would jews subvert their own puppet oy vey"

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authenticity of table talk is disputed. the transcribers are known to have added their own spin to the transcriptions in an attempt to promote their own views, and bormann in particular was very anti-christian, and is thought to have made hitlers criticisms of christianity seem much more severe than they actually were.

Hello JP

Here comes the enemy to subvert again.

Remember, even Yuri Bezmenov told you subversion is their tool. This is why the condition of our nation is as it is. They who abandon the morals that are drawn directly from the faith, that nation will wither away. But those who stand strong in the faith, they will prosper.

Wrong. Jews couldn't destroy the white race thousands of years ago without modern technology. They could subvert and dismantle Christanity which they successfully did. To be a follower of Christ is to be anti-jew. Jews hate Jesus and real followers of Christ more than anybody else, because Jesus is the ultimate redpill on Jews along with the New Testament. Demoralized and subverted faggots like yourself honestly believe that Jews are the chosen people of God. It's always been the real Israelites. This is why in Revelations it says that the people who call themselves Jews are the Synagogue of Satan. They are not the chosen people of god, but descendants of Satan. This extreme jealously for the real Isrealites (and I'm not talking about the das rite niggers) for the true chosen people of God is where their hatred comes from. The Talmud is filled to the brim with anti jesus and anti Christian hate. This led to the Jews promoting becoming God yourself and in part trying to destroy him. That is the entire point of the Talmud, trying becoming God yourself. Only someone that's a descendant of satan would do this, which is why they are the ultimate threat to humanity.