Mongrels Hate Being Mixed Race

The Struggle Of Being Mixed Race

What can we do to help end the misery of these mongrels?

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Bump for creativity

Race mixing not only destroys two races, and generates severe corruption in the bloodlines, but it creates people with identity issues. They won't feel connected to either side, and when they grow up into a "diversity" cesspool like America, they can't even feel American because what does that even mean anymore. Nature of course will try to stabilize that by letting their sensory feelers hunt for anything that could give them an identity, and that, today, can only be found at the end of a transaction that ends in a jewish pocket. In other words…capitalism. They don't identify as a race, but oh boy do they feel at home calling themselves gamer, nerds, millennial, vegan, consumer etc. Capitalism as a drug to cure the craving for identity.

Found the anti-white shit-skin.

Hello JIDF. Reminder that you make less than minimum wage.

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Outbreeding depression

Asian-white couples face distinct pregnancy risks, Stanford/Packard study finds

All hapas (white+asian) suffer from mental illness

Most congenital problems are more common on mixed-race babies:

Race mixing can trigger dental problems (in Portuguese, talking about this problem in Brazil)[Open]

Prematurity and Low Birth Weight are a lot more common in mixed-race babies

Mixed-race people have the highest mental illness rates:

Organ donations must be from person with the same race and similar genetics, due to this, mixed-race people for having peculiar genetic combinations face challenges when they try to receive organ donations,8599,1993074,00.html

Find a German or Dutch partner and breed it out, teach the importance of blood and race to your children, and be aware of jewish tricks.

The truth hurts.

LOL sad attempt faggot. Try again.


Show me magic wheel…

race is not a social construct commie, stay mad


America can’t be 56% white right?! Right guys?!




What will I be

these always crack me up, never change Europeans

why won't it die

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American never meant anything. America was founded by kikes and freemasons. It was the creation of a nation not based in blood, the only place the international jew can call home. The idea of a nation being united by muh common values and not blood (the (((melting pot)))) is the blueprint for the destruction of unique peoples, all ruled over by the jew.

I'm Columbian, but also swedish/German. I lucked out being a 6'3", blue-eyed white guy. I find it funny bc "horribly racist" white people see me as nothing but one of their own and love that I am somewhat differeny, while literally ALL OTHER RACES refuse me as an outsider bc of my looks. As someone who would never be visually identified as anything other than white, I have never encountered racism that wasn't due to anything other than races fulfilling their own negative stereo types. Any race other than white essentially greets the revelation of my ethnicity with, "fuck outta here white boy, you not Columbian." take this as you will.

That's their problem.

The goons don't like phone posters because they can't fuck with you where you can hide with a phone.

America was a white only nation at its founding.

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In other news, water is wet

German x Scottish here.
I know that feel.
It's gotten better after I fully committed to the German part of me.
I live and work in Germany.
I got rid of dual citizenship.
I married a German woman.
I'm very active in the NS movement on- and offline.
I live and bleed for Germany and my Volk.
I even have a German shepherd.
But still every now and then there is this feeling. Of not belonging, of not having the right to…
It is kind of schizophrenic when my
'extremist' worldview and that feel collide.
Thank God it doesn't happen very often and gets less the older I get

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except it didn't last even 50 years faggot
America is the new Rome, the one that promotes racemixing and jus solis instead of racial identity and volk

I dated a hapa chick in college and for like a semester or two she took some hapa course and I remember her taking an interest in it all but I never really got the sense that she had an identity crisis, but perhaps it was just internalized and she was done with it. She identified more with her Asian(mother's) side by the end of our relationship for sure. She was always into white guys though

yep, that's what i picked him as too, user.


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Elliot Rogers: If the white wiminz don’t like your fugly face, shoot them.

Lulz. This loser mongrel freak had bimmer and was rich and he still couldn't get laid. In his own essay he whined about losing to fucking pure blood Changs and not to mention Chad.

encourage them to infiltrate brown power structures and destroy them.

being half Iranian and born and raised in the McLand of the Free by an
and given no ethnic identity is true suffering. yet nobody believes me when I say that mixing ethnicities guarantees identity issues in a kid. i either get the
I hope more people start to realize what they're doing to the next generation, but I have little hope.

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They should be given the right of Frankenstein's Monster, to destroy their creators, and if they do so be allowed to live out their lives infertile and segregated. Either way, they and those that spawned them should be destroyed.


funny how the dane-pajeeta is the most attractive
her pajeet parent must have had high European admixture

Its strange, because I've told some people here and there over the years, people I was acquainted with or worked awhile with, from several different walks of life. Some responded well, at least engaging and asking questions, as if there was grey matter between their ears, but the worst were the ones who nodded, or even verbally agreed, only to act like they never actually listened. I despise dishonest people.

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Damn. I'm an Anglo-Canadian through and through but even I get caught up with being loyal to Canada or being loyal to Britain.

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Well if the niggers win and kill all the Whites, they'll kill all the half-breeds next. Maybe that's why they want the niggers to win?

Iranians have a badass history. I'd love it if I could identify myself with it.

I'm just an Amerimutt with German, Irish, English, and French ancestry. My family's been here for centuries and I don't think I could really fit in in any of my more distant ancestors' lands except for Dixie

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Nah I'm fine with it. I'm god's gift to the world. Why would i hate myself?

next you're going to say the fed dollar was the original. Retard

I bet your ancestors fought for the fucking Union you fucking taig. Reminder that you're just visiting and that you'll have to leave after the niggers are exterminated or you'll face the same fate.

Fuck you, I have family buried at Vicksburg that died for the South. I won't be kicked off my land by some newcomers.

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German and Irish settlers have been in the South for as long as the English, Scots, and French. Mostly Ulster-Scots, Moravians, and Swabians. Although it is more common to hear about the later waves in the Northeast, there are fairly significant groups in the South.

Imagine being so raaycis that you rob your offspring the chance of being part of your own race, so selfish and racist, your kids will never belong and never feel loved by anyone but you :^)))

I spun and got a nigger.
Did I win a dollar.

I would love to be able to identify myself with it too. But I look different than the average Iranian, will never speak Persian like a native, have never been to Iran, and have just as many Iranian ancestors as I do Anglo. Iranians typically accept me as Iranian, but I will always be *almost* an outsider

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Why do spaniards think they are nothing but moorish eggplants like southern spaghetts? There's some internal race problem that goes back far far longer than missing the land of prosperity. Typical niggers. Always the golems.

>creating new (((fault lines))) to exploit
Reminder that Roman citizenry was only based on blood which is why you kikes are still assblasted 2000 years later. 70AD attack on Jerusalem best day of my life.

Seething throughout history along with whoever. Very unfortunate way to be born. I knew those hapas monkeys growing up and my mother said not to touch them. I became friends with many girls, as the teacher hated me, for she being an outright nigger and me being blonde as bald. From kindergarten, became the king of gym. By third grade I became a master architect and smol scale carpenter for my designs of doll houses because we were not rich enough for me to buy a lot accessories. By junior high, I was laughing in the halls, doing most of my classes before hours. Took summer school in high school just because. Being gym body all throughout life, I'm glad I had a nun and grandmother to keep me right. We married somewhere out of ending up [REDACTED] together at [REDACTED]. Love the hell out of each other to the point we snarl at each other when we're trying to get work done. I hope some of you are so blessed.

The life run of a hapas spaniard must be difficult these days, all you have is body hair and no sense of adventure.

tbh I wish I was either white or asian. Neither group really wants me and I don't know what I really am. Also it doesn't help most hapa are fucking insane subhuman trash

Being a blonde boys gets you a bad boy moniker from the get go at this point. Simply by existing and having self respect put into you by your parents. It's almost as if it was set up on purpose.

Just don't do any of that blood work online nonsense. Positive you have no idea what you are?

I know what I am. I am talking philosophically and culturally

No really, what is your makeup?

You're talking to a dude that has been surrounded by girls since kindergarten. I know cagey when I see it. Are you a yid?

That Danish/Indian girl is pretty af though.
Would still totally mix with an Asian girl.

Back to /liberty/

What am I supposed to do? White girls pretty much ignore me or they're fat, Asian girls are crazy about me.

Get with the fat white one, they all become fat eventually. Having white kids is the most important result of that relationship, not bragging rights.

We still do sleepovers, they bring their men and gay broadway trash and I bring my horror trash. It's like a key club without degeneracy. Being stuck in love is a factor. We have a LRP murder mystery game coming up this weekend for one's party.

Shop around, my man. I didn't say they were all beautiful. I lucked out for knowing my beauty from start to the full go through. I hope you get happy.

Korean and Scots both sides of the family have very long family trees and are unmixed otherwise

Biracial Asian Americans are twice as likely as monoracial Asian Americans to be diagnosed with a psychological disorder.

White-Asian children are twice as likely as Asians to have mental illness.

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But Asian girls are nicer to be around and smarter.


That's quite a mix. I just picture you lookan finnish for some reason.

A finngol with a beard. That's a spicy mix, scoot and korean. The lord always requires more highlanders and roof koreans.

Reminder that a high average means nothing if you're incapable of the abstraction necessary for invention and creation of new concepts. There's a reason the phrase midwit exists. Reminder that asian women do a complete 180 once they think they've got you locked in. Don't be another sucker who gets conned into sending back half your paycheck to some shithole village in Asia.

My webbum collection has become very threadbare.

I'm talking about my interactions with them, they're smarter in practice. Tbh white women have treated me horribly in the past, no one can tell me they're better.
Aren't all women like that?

It's either that or settling for some trashy white girl and kids growing up in a fucked up setting.

This is why I love having decompression. I'd go full christchurch without lucking in. I've have negroes more versatile than asians.

I'm still having a giggle about this angery scottish korean. I'm not one for mixing but that is one morbid curiosity what may come.

ok, but fuck your gay experiences

It's all been downhill ever since the first Anglo race-mixed with the first Saxon.

I'm pretty sure you choosing to have a mentally ill biracial asian child despite knowing the risk is the creation of the fucked up setting

It ends, and AWALT, after they get married and have kids, power shift happens in their favour and it gets to their heads. At least get white kids.

actually before that, anglos and saxons where just an amalgamation of tribes left after the romans cluster fucked everything…

yeah that's probably because white/Asian couples both probably have really good jobs and can afford to send their kids to psychologist and shit when poor people just tell their kids to shut the fuck up or ignore them totally in the case of monoracial Asian families.

soft science bullshit, there's cultural difference at play with shit like this that just aren't going to get picked up in studies like this…the researchers know this, it's propaganda.

Saxons never encountered Romans. They were still conquering the Alps.

Believes a field invented by a Jew is real. Has probably never read the DSM.

i think you misunderstood me, i was calling all of psychology in general bullshit, "soft science" and saying these studies are nothing but propaganda beyond that because they don't actually look at how people behave differently, they assume all races act the same when that is not the case for a lot of reasons.

Read my post again, and think about what you're saying.

The entire field is bullshit. It's another Jewish weapon. Just like the gemantria, hook up culture, the forced gay bullshit, and the rest of that garbage.

All Jewish bullshit.

You can't just hand-wave a century of empirically demonstrable and replicable predictions of IQ research. I can see one being skeptical of some aspects of psychology but that's throwing the baby out with the bath water.

Having mixed race friends myself I can confirm that it results in a detachment from both halves of the family and an inability to relate to either 100%
Most of them describe a feeling of guilt if they pick one culture and not another because at least one parent will feel like the child doesnt want to be a part of their culture
Also if they are from far cultures, language barriers can be a problem for them too when talking to other family members that speak a different language, they might as well be foreigners
Being pure race myself I feel bad for them because they didnt ask to be born this way, its through their parents hedonism and the children to pay the price for it by suffering psychologically for some 20 years

Its not as "hard" as mathematics and chemistry but being soft doesnt make it less real. Psychology is a very real science and it is being actively used against you.
The jews discovered this in the late 1800s and by the 1930s they have it polished to an art. Watch the century of the self by Adam Curtis, it goes into elaborate detail as to how psychology+media was used to hypnotize the masses and get them to support literally anything the jews wanted
Relevant name: Sigmung Freud + Edward Bernays (Freud's American nephew)

It's a probability table of behaviors, in which the "priests" of the profession declare people with unacceptable perspectives, viewpoints and behaviors to be ill without any real evidence whatsoever.

It's basic tier bullshit, and the only reason it gets support is because people are scared they will be targetted by this group if they speak out against the homo mob's behavior.

It wasnt always this jewed. Uncle Adi wanted to found a psychological research society free of jews and asked CG Jung to help out. You should read his writings after the kybalion to understand that this material world isnt the only thing that occupies the universe.
t. esoteric national socialist