When You Accidental Meme on Yourself

IN PHOTOS: A Dive Into Israel’s Mermaid Community
'When I’m flying through the water with my tail, I forget all my worries'

Is this necessarily politically relevant? Yes. It shows that jews have infected themselves with their own memetic pathogens. Also, its hilarious.

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Last year, Shir Katzenell made a drastic life change, leaving a prestigious job in the Israeli army to pursue a childhood dream: becoming a mermaid.

Ever since getting hooked on Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” as a kid, Katzenell confided, she has longed to turn into one. While her friends moved on, Katzenell’s enchantment with mermaids endured. She fantasized about swimming underwater alongside fish in a 10-pound tail and sequined bikini. Then she actually gave it a try.

As it turns out, she’s not the only one.

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Together with a friend and fellow mermaid-fan, Michelle Koretsky, she started an unlikely social scene: a group of aspiring mermaids in Israel, which has grown on Facebook to nearly 1,000 members. It’s the Israeli pocket of a worldwide community that she claims is gaining prominence.

“It was a crazy revelation,” said Katzenell. “I realized I was part of something big.”

Now, as a 34-year-old “full-time mermaid,” she sells brightly-colored tails, some with dizzying $800 price tags, and teaches people the skill of swimming in them.

The tail-clad group convenes regularly to romp in public pools across the country and participate in demonstrations to raise awareness about ocean preservation.

“Some come because they’re just interested or feel a special connection to the water. Others because they really dream of becoming mermaids,” Katzenell said. “They’ve often been embarrassed, told they were weird or crazy. But here they can find people who understand them.”

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On a recent night at a Tel Aviv pool, dozens of mermaid enthusiasts slipped on their shimmering skin. Huddled on deck, they chatted about the latest developments in mermaid culture, including “The Little Mermaid” remake release date, silicone tail costs and relevant book recommendations. They glided through the water and splashed around, their glittery tails slapping against the surface.

One of the clan’s few mer-men, Yuval Avrami, marveled at how his fabric fin flitted in the water, describing it as a “dream come true.” He said he learned about the trend through transgender friends and became fascinated by “the transition from one species to another, the ability to inhabit a new, magical identity.”

Another member, an aerobics instructor named Udi Frige, said he had been swimming in the sea with his legs pressed together for decades, imitating mermaid choreography from the hit movie “Splash.”

Frige, 39, compared confessing his mermaid obsession to coming out in the LGBT community. “It’s my thing, it’s unique, it’s who I am,” he said. “It requires lots of difficult explanation, especially if people don’t know me.”

For others, it’s just a source of innocent joy.

“When I’m flying through the water with my tail, I forget all my worries,” said Koretsky, the community co-leader. “For that second, I’m a child again. I’m free.”

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Sometimes, I stood there thunderstruck.

I wasn't sure which to be more amazed at: the degeneracy of their minds or the fact that they'd managed to infect themselves with these memes.

Gradually I began to HONK them.

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jews are a dying culture and their mental disease "judaism, christianity, islam, etc" causes the host to self-destruct in a variety of fun ways.

It's like watching their temples fall.

Honk Honk

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Humans are so wierd.

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My God, I am always astonished at how Godawful ugly they are as a people. Did you just pull the photos of the fugly ones?

The cult of Dagon has returned

Yeah, but to be honest, there weren't any good looking ones, not really.

Thing about jewish woman I'm beginning to realize, they rely on packaging a lot.
The midsection of jewish women is basically never attractive. They're too boxy, their torso to tit/ass ration is just way the fuck off.

You'll see these cunts in a dress or normal clothes and think, man, she's got some nice kosher milkies, and she's not like obviously fat… But then the shirt comes off and you're like how did this happen? Why Gods, why?

Why did you abandon us to this race of creatures with fat tits and refrigerator boxes for torsos?

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It never left.

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Looks like we got ourselves a comedian over here lads.

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Only with fire can this world be cleansed.




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Welcome to 2008. Hipster Ariel has been a thing for a while.

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Is he wrong somehow? Are you less of a 'maid' if you take it up that ass or fish poop shoot (not really positive about fish 'anatomy')…

/monster/ disapproves.

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What is this and where can i find more?

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Yes, but additionally, a man is not a maid.

They always drink their own poison. Our momentary weakness post WW1 gave them a chance to brew the worst of the worst.

We win by numbers. What a shame.

guarantee most of the white fags you find are jews

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Maybe he is a maid if he takes it up the poop shoot. That is all I was suggesting. Obviously he is no longer a 'man' if he is letting someone cum in his asshole.

It isn't hard to see why they spend so much on costumes.

Oh I see, you've swallowed the genderqueer propaganda that sex is mutable.

Well all semites are faggots. They swing both ways, the entire lot of them. Even the Hassidim fuck their own and other little boys openly…or in business meetings in their bath houses and in the baptismal urinal…I mean what do you expect from someone who sucks baby dicks 8 days after they are born.

IDK about you guys but if someone cut off one of my fingers I think the last thing I would want is for a jew to latch onto it and start sucking my finger stump.



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No…just don't think 'men' let guys ram them in the ass until their bleeding and everything is covered in shit, lube, blood, and precum and then allow someone to blow a load in the exit hole. That doesn't seem like 'male behavior' to me…but what do I know, obviously you beg to differ…so explain how this is masculine and normal behavior for males in your view.

oneohtrix point never

I don't think they are 'gods'…lol.

Not even surprised.

Nevermind, he just did the music. Film was by Jon Rafman

no thanks…

I love that tattoos exist, they serve as a warning label that the person is highly likely to have a below average IQ and be prone to making poor decisions. Never select a woman to be your wife if she has a tattoo.

Just when I thought we hit peak degeneracy the jews find a way to wow me once again.

You'd fit right in with these fish people.

The slippery slope doesn't just end, you know. Human/animal/machine hybrids were always a part of their agenda. You're gonna see some shit in your lifetime that makes trannies look quaint, son.

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Thanks mate

I always know when I am talking to a faggot; they simply can't hide their disgusting filthy pedo parasite lifestyle for even 2 posts. Now look here FAGGOT COCKSUCKER; YOU ARE THE ONE WHO FITS IN WITH THESE DEVIANT FUCKING PEDOS…BECAUSE THEY, LIKE YOU, ARE ALSO DEVIANT FUCKING DISGUSTING PEDOS/HOMOS…


Look, it's very simple. Either that greentext is an accurate representation of your belief, and you think mermaidmen are a different sex from real men; or it's inaccurate, and you're raging like a tard for no reason.

If it's accurate, rage all you want, you'll still be spouting genderqueer propaganda.

Somewhere a Haredi sees this and is praying "please Nasrallah bomb us clean."

OMG faggot and retard…I think you brains got sucked out the vacuum in your asshole when your boyfriend pulled out the last time.

Pretending that those pedo boy fuckers aren't even MORE corrupt than these faggot 'mermaids'.

Yes this is common knowledge OP Jews always fall for their own tricks.

This is why they have such a high rate of mental illness and have to mix every three or so generations (usually with a white) or they will look more and more gnarled and have decreased mental function.

how fitting, when it was the song of the siren that led many a sailor to this death.
Surf the Wave of the Kali Yuga, but avoid the (((rocks))).

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Gefilte? kek

The burning incense is to mask the odor and draw the masses into stupor.

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Jews invested a lot of in transhumanism and genetic engineering so I can see why they wanted to be mermaids.

Interesting phrenology, compare image 2 with others; the feminine aspect is revealing.

kek. Jolly good thread, OP.

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Testament to the power of Hollywood.
While you're laughing at the "stupid kikes", your own friends, relatives and also yourselves, are being corrupted by the very same Hollywood poison that you consume because "it's ok, I know a jew made it but it's just entertainment."

The mermaid thing is a common fixation and transformational fantasy among children who believe themselves to be "trans."

Freud's psychology was very important to Hollywood, in fact it was his nephew Edward Bernays who used Freudian psychological principles to design the campaign which successfully marketed smoking to American women, virtually doubling the cigarette market overnight.
They tap into a subconscious undercurrent which every child possesses and harness it to change the direction of flow.
etc etc archive.fo/gndZb

And how do they ensure that this self-doubt about appearance reaches such a level that the young girl will start radical diets, hormone treatment or surgical intervention?
That's easy, you have men play the roles of women on television, then aggrandize them to the point of godhood in the media.
Only a man can maintain sub-10% levels of bodyfat without serious health complications like infertility.
Women under the spell of trans Hollywood are chasing an unachievable shape.
It's got to the shape where many young women consider normal female child-bearing hips to be "ugly" because they aren't what the male "stars" have.


monarch mind control programming 101.

Shame the fad never caught on in somalia, kek.

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I wonder kind of life you have when your mom is a larping mermaid attention seeker. Instead of focusing on your well-being and future of the family, their main priority is pretending they are in a Disney movie.

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so en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jon_Rafman was able to make this video full of loli guro porn and not get in any trouble for it?

The Little Mermaid was a traditional European fairy tale that the fucking heebs swiped for their sausage-factory machine shop movie studios. The fact that some little future dyke wanted to grow a tail and change her body is the result of her step-father fucking her when she was three years old, not the animation.

Don't get me wrong – Disney is kike central station, and nothing the yids do is neutral or positive for us, but if your daughter wishes she had a dick after watching that cartoon, you should stop beating her mother in front of her; see if that makes a bigger difference than what's on TV.

Also, why the fuck is a child watching Talmudvision? Even basically healthy messages twist into depressing downers when passively consumed from the authoritarian propaganda machine with a hypnotic glow.

That's a shitskin name. Why do I give a fuck if some kaaba -nigger wants to pee standing up? Let her. One less wife for Achmed.

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How many times has that dog been raped by its owner?

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Reject the modern world.

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First time I saw this video I was disgusted beyond words. Now it literally makes me cry.
Humanity was a mistake.

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is this just an elaborate way of ensuring the balls don't touch?

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To test us, perhaps?

reminds me of the xenomorph from alien resurrection

The first time I saw this webm was 4 years ago in the NEET threads on half/v/. I was disgusted and horrified. But now, in the wake of shit like Pizzagate…this makes me feel nothing. It's almost tame in comparison.

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Who's got two thumbs and hates jews?

Yeah, I'd of just hauled those naked sirens in an taken them somewhere on land to bang them.

You aren't allowed on my boat.

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Did it seem to anyone else that the photos look like an advertisement? All the "mermaid tails" were made by the same company. None of them were homemade. Also, there was an abnormally large number of dogs in the pictures, too. I thought kikes hated pets.

You know the first time I smelled raw opium at a festival years ago, i was blown away. It smells like straight incense, and I have to wonder if it was Incorporated into ritual precisely because at some point back in the day that incense was actually opium. Sacrilege is a thing too, so is it really surprising?
someone mentioned to me that sometimes opium is simply crushed pills mixed with incense, ha, but point still stands. raw opium smells like really good incense

I mean, you don't think all those ancient rituals were originally done while sober, now do you?

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That's what the Selkies want, you'd drown before you could even find one of their holes. You need to catch them on land.

You gotta be pretty fucking high to dress and talk like those faggots from druid/pol/