hypothetically speaking, what would be the perfect guerilla group structure? What would be an ideal group in which feds cannot infiltrate the leadership, a group that can quickly recover if a leader is compromised, a group that is loosely connected yet efficient etc. I want to know the general structure and specifics

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The hotel is located in the heart of the city and is very close to the beach.

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The problem with terrorism is random, there are limits that a person can do alone.

Well, some people from geniluses many of the people who attack the wolves reach small quantities and often death or shortly after he is captured.

For example, Timmothy McVie, the Chechen brothers and the DC sharpshooters.

A person who causes damage, but, after a little while, they were arrested. And those who died for them.

Imagine if tips to help others only 5? Or work in Groups of three and nine or more games as a role to help your business or organization meant piratage to be one?

It is dangerous is found by authorities and the Priests. That just normally.

We must remember that the FBI does not know what is happening in the Western North Pacific Ocean during the campaign of violence caused up to 80 return put the injection has been registered under the name during a robbery in armored vehicles.

Six men can cause serious damage to the system.

Step one: purchase a softee machine
Step two: purchase a van
Step three: install softee machine in van
Step four: enjoy softees anytime you like

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Group without any trace on internet. Propably not bigger than 5 people. Better to have people without gfs, wives and children. So (((they))) can't blackmail members of group.








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groups of one
quiet procrastinating
others have shown you what is possible, just do better than them

1-6 member teams are ideal cells

Primary initial goals.

acquisition and storage of tools and materials.
Intel gathering on targets ranked on likelyhood of success vs target value to overall goals.
Development of defense/communications protocols.

These goals should be easily achievable in a 6 month time frame. From there depending on your target/goals you should be able to enact actions as your cell deems appropriate.

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Zig Forums is a board of war
8/pol/ wants to overthrow the Zionist government of the united states and execute the current ruling elite.

Sink it

Everything posted here is hypothetical and intended for use in minecraft.

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AHahahaha fucking idiot… Try not flagging your IP address by posting on a terrorist-affiliated site about making a terrorist group

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The only way to know if you can create a group is that you can't filter the FBI to collect a small amount of specimens that you know.
The lack of people who participate in the organization of the Order, is afraid of the FBI.
The favorable numbers for the camera members are 3 and 6. No matter how small your effort is to attack you with your own broker number. More and more you can use the risk of infiltration.

It is important that outsiders are not allowed to participate in your organization.
Just killed Bob Mar Matthews.
The FBI doesn't know what happened in the Pacific Northwest until Matthew asked pro-Ford not to dream.
Naturally, the man gave a schedule that showed that the FBI had destroyed the only military coup in White society, entering the United States every time for 50 years. Stop doing bad things. Don't bring criminals to their insiders.

Gotcha you people cant hold your spaghetti.

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The perfect WN gorilla group is headed by someone who looks and dresses like Richard Spencer or Martin Sellner (wear fashy clothes, be short, twitchy like you've had to use speed to stay awake for 5 years at war), black hair, hold microphone close to top lip so that the press can make it into a "Hitler moustache".
Have top of the line, bespoke flags and uniforms yet claim to be broke.
Magical powers which allow you to flout the law on illegal political assemblies, while the police stand by doing nothing.
Always dumb down your text with spelling mistakes like "gorilla" instead of "guerilla" - this works to keep the middle-class smug and feeling superior, viewing the right as low IQ, and at a safe distance (don't want a popular cross-class swing to the right after all!)
Bonus points: regularly have your membership list "hacked" by "leftist coders" (handed over to the secret service, by you.)
Make your iconography as "fashy" as possible, and use yellow'n'black to signal to other Freemasons/insiders that you're controlled op.
Anything else?

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Another one added to the list. It's great, they mark themselves!

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Because I am an expert in the asymmetric local war, I will give suggestions to your guerrilla war against the regime.
The ideal would be to focus on important institutions and individuals so that they can attack the system with the small, but they are completely vicious.
For example, the Alphabet companies (because they have control information) and settings like Tim Weisza (who prevent attacks on Whites left). Before the attack, plan a strike in detail, even for a few months. Perform an accurate view of each location and check if possible civilian losses are avoided.