IRA kills journalist amid riots and bombing in Derry,Ireland

"A 29-year-old woman has been killed after shots were fired during riots in Derry, Northern Ireland. Police are treating the death as a "New IRA terrorist incident" and have launched a murder investigation.Petrol bombs, bricks and bottles were hurled at police Land Rovers following raids on Thursday night.There were also reports a hijacked van was set on fire and fireworks were lobbed at police during the rioting, Belfast Live reports.

The victim, who has been named as journalist Lyra McKee, was reportedly hit by a stray bullet. Fellow journalist Leona O'Neill witnessed the killing. She wrote on Twitter: "I was standing beside this young woman when she fell beside a police Land Rover tonight. "I called an ambulance for her but police put her in the back of their vehicle and rushed her to hospital where she died. Just 29 years old. Sick to my stomach tonight." A friend told MailOnline: "The loss her friends feel is unquantifiable. Unfathomable. She is utterly irreplaceable." Speaking at a press conference at Strand Road PSNI station in Londonderry on Friday morning , Assistant Chief Constable for District Policing Mark Hamilton said Lyra was murdered by dissident republicans.

He said police had been carrying out a search operation in the Creggan area of Derry when a public order situation developed during which more than 50 petrol bombs were thrown at police and two cars hijacked and set on fire."Unfortunately, at 11pm last night, a gunman appeared and fired a number of shots towards police and a young woman, Lyra McKee, 29 years old, was wounded," she said. "She was taken away in a police landrover to Altnagelvin Hospital but unfortunately she has died there. We have now launched a murder inquiry here in the city."

"We believe this to be a terrorist act, we believe it has been carried out by violent dissident republicans, our assessment at this time is that the new IRA are most likely to be the ones behind this and that forms our primary line of inquiry." Sinn Fein, Ireland's pro-republican party, condemned the killing and blamed it on "so-called dissidents". Mobile phone footage purporting to be from the scene shows at least two shots being fired before a distant scream can be heard."

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Anti-Brexit psyop.
No one died.

This "New IRA" is pretty based. Wonder if they post here. This is the only attack since the first I made a thread about, correct?

Cool, i was just hearing about this, and there is some video of the 2 guys that did it.

The journo did die, they shot her in the head, i watched some videos

Cool. Post. I want to see.

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this shit is either incredibly amateur or its a ZOG false flag

just because a young irishman went postal doesn't mean it's the fucking ira you nonce

i dont have them, someone else showed them to me IRL, its just a bunch of videos from faceberg, 1 has a slag that wont shut up screaming the entire thing and the other shows the 2 goons clear as day

it was by the new IRA, apparently over brexit or some mundane shit.

It is weird to have two Derry posts at the same time on Zig Forums. I have high hopes for them if they are going defend their nation against the planned 2040 invasion and destruction of their people, culture and way of life.

do you have any goddamn pictures that aren't 600x400?


sounds more like it was one dude with a pistol, I don't know if I would relate that to them

it sounds like theyve done a bunch of bombs in the past year though

IRA have never defended our culture or way of life, its always been brits out pakis in.

it was 2 dudes
yeah, most notably the bombing outside of some courthouse, other than that nothing else but faulty pipeboms that didnt explode oe made low quality so not much damage

For all the hate we give the potato niggers, they are pretty based. Can't cuck the McFuck.

What does the IRA stand for? I'm Really Angry?

Just Cuz the kids want to bring back their daddy's resistant forces doesn't mean we need to insult their sloppy work. They're learning, I'm sure. They're actually doing something instead of gabbing on, so I'm sure that's pretty wonderful in and of itself.

Irish Republican Army. Lurk 2 years

shut the fuck up faggot

How much % irish are you?

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The old IRA was based
The new one is commies; stealing the name like jews steal genes

How do you know this if they've only attacked twice so far

If it's a leftist shooting another leftist, then I don't mind that journos voted for their outcome of their clown ideology.

Irate Retarded Anglos

depends on what you mean by that, do you mean the original IRA, the second IRA or the provos?

They've been a thing for years, made up of provos that dont accept the good friday agreement, and they are marxist

The British isles should be united.
Petty commies, that's all they are.
You are a joke, like your 56% american supporters.
I hate you.

Presstitute dies. Nothing is lost.

Typical retarded potatoes, this is why we call them white niggers

at least post them, I want to see a presslag screaming with a gun pointed at her get shot

IRA would do more, if they hit government targets. Politicians, elites, children of elites and politicians, etc. That said, fuck journokikes.

The marxist (((ira))) have been flooding ireland with third world immigrants since they came to power.

found 1
there was a distance between them, not right beside eachother, she wasnt the one screaming

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This is laughable coming from anyone here. Apart from Brenton Tarrant (who acted completely alone) this kind of thing is 100 times more deadly and hard hitting than anything anyone here has done. Indeed, the Provisional IRA puts every single pro-White paramilitary organization in America for the last 80 years to shame. The Order was a mewling infant compared even to the New IRA.

So forgive me if I just sit here and laugh at you for a minute. You're like a nigger in the Congo pointing at France and saying "Dees Wi-peepo are amatures at building a civilizashun and shiit"

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Can someone tell me why people even care about this? News rarely leaks out to other countries or news networks, but this one seems to be getting popular quickly.


Fucking FINALLY. Journalists BLOWN THE FUCK OUT!

56% mutts are the biggest voyeurs on the planet.

Tensions are through the roof and (((media))) and (((politicians))) see opportunities to enrichen themselves by stoking the emotions surrounding the idea of the Republic of Ireland annexing Northern Ireland.

Lets hope this traitor is killed next. Republicucks need to be killed and replaced with the real deal.

…..and so, the American National Socialist Movement "THE AMERICAN IRA is born


Accelerashionism my asshole, right-niggers could never pull off anything on this level.

makes sense but every other easter riot didnt get popular this quickly

there has always been tensions, with much bigger riots, yet no one cared, do people only care because brexit is around the corner with the possibility of the troubles 2?

They're sleazy, deceitful, twisty, socialist kikes.

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Welcome to the left-wing death squads faggots

They're simply normal people, what is amazing is not only is the IRA willing to take on ZOGbot's in the street but they're also willing to take on the British Army. Can't say that about a single group in the USA, niggers know full well they get the Jew pass when they chimp out on the police, minus zero direct attacks though.
The IRA is a model for urban insurgency.

If other anons are right and commies took over IRA it'd be suitable to post pasta about Basque terrorists

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A lesbian leftist journo died, that's literally the reason why it's getting traction. Expect more of these doxxers die by the people that they protected.

Are you retarded?
Life is easy when you have zero standards, ira killers of Irish women and children.

IRA activity has been ramping up in the past couple of years and the brainwashed millenial generation is gearing up to take the reins. Throughout the 20 years of the peace-process, disgruntled retired old IRA have drip-fed their bullshit onto their grandchildren, "My little nigger of Europe, The Brits are oppressing you every day, you're a victim, just like the Palestinians. Go forth, take the power of this oppression and be a senseless violent shithead in the name of marxism."


Life is easier when you are an armchair revolutionary and an ignorant one at that.

i thought with all those guns in america and the general hate for the goverment, there would be more happenings over there?

Yeah by shooting at bulletproof vehicles with bulletproof glass with no police on the road

the IRA are not normal people, they're hardline marxists that want ireland to be a socialist utopia, it gets annoying when people who leech off the goverment wont stop talking about communism.

Thats it? who did she work for?

Lefties love romanticising the IRA.

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hahahahahaha, nice one.

She was writing books related to the troubles which were due to be published in the near future.

Remember this when you eat Tarrants dick some more

you are a fucking moron, I have a very good friend who had to leave Ireland and joined the French Foreign legion, served 22 years, mostly in Africa, that guy was one hard core mother-fucker, and if you knew the extent of the injuries he suffered and then overcame to live a normal live you'd not mock them. Show me a single British Army solider who served in Ireland and didn't worry about getting shot in the back of the head by a granny, a young girl or boy or getting blown the fuck-up willy-nilly and I'll show you someone who is lying. And as I said, the USA is tame by comparison.

Yeah, killing lesbian, ultra liberal, journalist is exactly what any left - wing death squad would do. Ok, cool story and now go back to your mutual admiration circle, sorry I meant Zig Forums and carry no with your wet dreams of lefties ever being able to do anything significant.

That's a debate that could go on for hours but the TLDR answer is just that Americans don't have any experience in undergroud resistance and don't know anything about it.
It probably has something to do with the rootlessness of Americans in general.
But who can truly say why.

It's also the standard model of every left-wing militant organization since ww2

Even civnat lefty orgs are more hardcore than any right-wing org has been ever.

The right simply cannot compete

The ira pulls shit like this(op), and I'm meant to be impressed? Well done, you killed some rando girl. Scum.

You've made no fucking argument.

Worried about stray bullets.

Never heard of Robert Mathews and The Order, huh?

pro-tip its because anything to the right of Bernie Sanders type socialism is for coward pussies, little men in big capes, impotent losers destined to LARP forever.

>the IRA are not normal people, they're hardline marxists that want ireland to be a national socialist utopia, it gets annoying when people who leech off the goverment wont stop talking about (((communism))).

See how easy it is to connect a National Socialist party to (((communism))). When I've talked to people from Northern Ireland, even Ireland in general their hate stems back several hundred years.

Erin go Bragh

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The right understands the full consequences of its actions and seeks to avoid the most extreme reaction at all costs.

sorry to break it to you, but the IRA never took the british army head on, it was ambushes, boobytraps, drive byes, carbombs, sniping, assassinations,etc very rarely did they engage head on with the british army, because they couldnt with those armoured cars, mounted machineguns and defences. theres a reason they carried SLRs and thats because the IRA would shoot at them from a far away position then run away

Really? i guess being rootless does cause alot of problems, because they couldnt effectively blend into society after an attack and chances are some nigger would rat them out

no, thats because i dont care for america, and if people outside of america havent heard of them they must have been a shit group that did fuck all

People who read the Turner Diaries for the 50th time and have to work up the courage to tell their moms about how much they hate niggers have no business trying to down play the actions of actual militants. Pathetic.

Still more impressive than jack shit.
The IRA killed a hell of a lot more than one girl, armchair revolutionary.
They took out more banks than you've been in and assassinated actual political figures, bombed airports, and even shot down military helicopters.

You're as dumb as the guy armchair revolutionaries laughing at. The IRA are as left wing as the FLNC are. Not really. They old guard were all just nationalists. In truth, there've not been that many actual communist paramilitary organizations. Just nationalists larping as non-nationalists.
This is a big brained concept that you probably wouldn't understand.

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lmao i love this pump up story you guys have to make for yourselves. It's the "hold me back bro" of internet edgyness. Clown world is real.

Very effective methods. Which we've never seen in the USA considering all of the DOTR proposed dates come and gone.

I have no doubt she was killed by a British Jew

Whatever, mang.

That's not the problem. Though it is a symptom of the problem.
The problem is that the IRA, ETA, EOKA, etc were all nationalists who would die to defend their nation against foreign rule as they saw it.
Americans have been conditioned to not become too attached to their lands. Think White flight and moving west.
Why die defending what's yours when you can just move to Oregon?

That's why the Basque who live in an area smaller than Virginia put up more of a fight than all of White America.

Several hundred years of Irish intolerance for the British isles?
What is the hierarchy there?
Get fucked. The only reason Ireland isn't back under British rule is the pathological decline philosophy of the modern west. lol, tiny fucking island off another island.
get fucked.

exactly, nigger move into the subdivision, whites move out, jew profit by having niggers move in

unbelievable dumbass they were at MOST civic nationalists. not only are you cucked by leftist militants but also by civic nationalists too. embarrassing.

Erin Go Bragh!

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no shit, everyone here hates the british for planting scottish niggers here and ethnically cleansing us
just because they call themselves nationalists and identify as socialists doesnt mean they are national socialists, they are just commies that want their 6 counties back, unless those lenninists i talk to are just pretending to want to redistribute the means of production.
you can talk to anyone from here all you want but you dont live here and you arent one of its people so you will never truly understand what its like growing up with communists, i live here i know how it is, where are you from anyway?

not effective enough, people failed alot of the time because of terrible gun maintenance, they think keeping a pistol in a greasy sock will make all its problems dissapear

Is there any way to fix the american problem?

What? The IRA still exists?

Hmmm, I guess (((why))) they are not talked frequently about. Imagine, that (((media))) totally ignore and silence real deals who tried to do something. They prefer to talk shit about false flags like Breivik, (((Skinheads))) and retards like Dylan Roof because it gives reactionaries no motivation while at the same time alienating normies. Actually the fact that The Oder is so lacking on (((Media))) attention is a good sign that they weren't flase flag / FBI operatives. Back to the merit, 120+ men and woman had a whole state against them and still they managed to survive a little more than a year performing the biggest armored truck heist in US history. IRA had social support, Order not so much. Hard to do anything when you have all (((media))) against you, presenting you as the total evil and alienating normies.

it is old but it is beautiful and its colours they are fine
It was worn at Derry, Aughrim, Enniskillen and the Boyne
My father wore it as a youth in bygone days of yore
So on the 12th I proudly wear the sash my father wore.
Here I am a loyal Orangeman, just came across the sea
For singing and for dancing, I hope that I’ll please thee
I can sing and dance with any man, as I did in days of yore
And on the 12th I long to wear the sash my father wore.

It’s now I’m going to leave you, good luck to you I say
And when I’m on the ocean, for me I hope you’ll pray
I’m going to my native land, to a place they call Dromore
Where on the 12th I’ll always wear the sash my father wore.

[Older verses]So I am an Ulster Orangeman, from Erin’s isle I came
To see my British brethren, all of honour and of fame
And to tell them of my forefathers, who fought in days of yore
That I might have the right to wear the sash my father wore.
For those brave men who crossed the Boyne have not fought or died in vain
Our unity, religion, laws and freedom to maintain
If the call should come we’ll follow the drum and cross that river once more
That tomorrow’s Ulstermen may wear the sash my father wore.

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eat a dick, only odd several dozen stories I remember regards the taking of the black castle, not in ruins,
Leighlinbridge, County Carlow, Ireland
it related to how British forces invaded, captured citizens and farmers, eviscerated them while alive, and then while alive roasted the intestines in pots of boiling water or open fires. The British are not blames-less in this.

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All of the leftist rags (including Buzzfeed) out there, google her name.

The leftist is right, the right is much more better at being lone wolves (see: Otoya Yamaguchi ). They can't get organized as easily as leftists since they have plenty of enemies (both inside and out) that would subvert their operations. Whenever you planning to do something in the name of your activism, ALWAYS act alone.

Not IRA, New IRA. It's a different animal.

You know nothing about anything. Try actually studying real nationalism in actual history.

I have no idea. Ever read Thomas Chittum's Civil War II?
He based his book on his experiences in Yugoslavia. Does America look like Yugoslavia? Demographically yes. Culturally no.
Serbs and Bosnians chose to die to defend their land and only left after much bloodshed. How could we possibly instil this in Americans?
I have no idea.

Sure, when there's no place left to flee to, Americans will fight. But America is a big fucking place. That'll take decades.

Oh. Well, good riddance to a presstitute. They're 50% kike, 50% traitor. If a commie goes to prison, what of it? Here's a question for the paddies/bongos: did you prefer the Troubles over now rapidly (by historical standards) becoming second class citizens in all your homelands? You can say neither, or fuck off amerishart, but surely the enemies from your own kindred are more tollerable, than your children turned into sex slaves, your leaders becoming muslim, and your lands becoming desecrated or stolen. I think I'd rather be ruled over by the devil I know.

Yeah, every leftist parasite trying to prove Africa can happen anywhere.

How is that in anyway relevant to my post?

> I guess (((why)))
Because i dont watch the news or seek out american news? is that all they did? carryout a truck heist? why not go kill the jews in hollywood or goverment?

Maybe you have to force a civil war? like get a bunch of commies to shoot up a pro-trump rally so that the pro trump fags start shooting back? support or no support for trump looks like the only thing that binds americans these days.

People will march for his release under the injust british system and how he never dunnit, then they put up posters and murals saying FREE [POLITICAL PRISONER], END INTERNMENT NOW! or something like that. happens with every cunt that semi famous within a community

lefties just do everything better

import 50 million more spics and niggers, think ahead 30 years when whites are a minority standing in the way of the nigger or spic american dream, then ask yourself why police levels are 5 times greater than they are now?
Whites in law enforcement will face the day, sooner rather than later when even they become the minority in law enforcement, and you'll roll your head back, cock you eyes and look at the sky…………… and say to yourself……………. JEWS

>Implying that the (((British Empire))) hasn't been infiltrated by (((certain type of people)))

It has been for at least last 200 years so this is right where you're wrong. Just check out mr. (((Rothschild))) and where has his fortune came from. Why do you think that Britain has accelerated so rapidly in last ten years? It's handlers want to have a safe zone, where all resistance has been already crushed… in case they loose power in USA or elsewhere. 7 000 000 Jews must have a safe heaven to distress should the shit hit the fun in Israel which is surrounded by 100 000 or so mudslims.

100 000 000*

Even if this were true, having a group shouldn't automatically make you more capable of setting off a car bomb outside a bank and shooting at the military. The most right-wing losers have done is sneak up on the most defenseless people at their most vulnerable moments. You're cowards.

I wasn't implying that. Besides, the Irish fighting the English before the kikes showed up. Doesn't multiculti make assembling even more difficult? It has in the US. Apartheid meant blacks could do black things and whites could do white things. Now everybody is just doing jew things.


Typos aside, it's context, you seem to not understand the context at all. Prince Harry married a nigger. The British royal family are degenerates. England is a Muslim cesspool, and yet you claim the British, today should impose that on a people that do not want it, with a long history of fighting to keep their way of life.
My suggestion is, instead of going the Nat/Soc, Nazi, the White American nationalist supremacist route, an American IRA should be formed.

but irish nationalists are civic nationalists, it doesnt matter if your a nigger or polish your welcome in ireland by the boatloads and considered irish, but 1 englishperson is too much, why cant they just go home? its OK to not serve english people in shops or beat them in the middle of the street, but anyone else is a big no no, because they are just like us and we are all equal, dont forget being irish has NOTHING to do with race, sinn fein told me so

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I really appreciate all the impotent screeching ITT

You see what he did there? I think its double points for getting a member of the press.

Easy to say. Difficult to do.
Remember, the media jews won't just sit on their thumbs if it looks like ZOG will actually implode the media heads peddling all this anti-White shit will make an about face and start pushing for Amurrican Unity and Amurrican brotherhood. (InB4 Alex Jonstein conspiratards tell me that the jews actually want a civil war)
Mark my words, you will know that things are on the edge when Fox news and CNN start pushing this kind of unity-and-togetherness crap.

But yes. Obviously if the jews fuck up and let the situation get out of hand, it would be very beneficial. Civil wars in multi-racial countries almost always turn racial/ethnic in nature even if they don't start out that way. Even 54a28a's favourite communist revolution in Russia was really an ethnic war. Seriously, read about it in detail and make special note of who the communist supporters were and where they lived and who the anti-communists were and where they lived.
Or Burma, Yugoslavia, Sudan, Liberia, Angola. About the only civil war that didn't turn racial was the American civil war.

You're confusing the government with a paramilitary organization.
Why are teh Irish obsessed with hating English?
Idunno. Maybe it has something to do with history. White people are absolute masters of hating each other. Look at all the anti-Slavic shit on this supposedly "pro-White" board. White unity goes right out the window as soon as you start talking about where borders should be. Suddenly our neighbors are worse than jews and should be exterminated.

Then you'll post, as you would have immediately saved or archived it, being a Zig Forumsack. Right?

Like I said.

does any fags other than me actually live in northern ireland

Is an American delusion and the Pan-Slavism of our day.
No one outside of America adheres to it.