Hitler Loved Muds

We were having a good chat about this in another thread I guess the OP didn't like it and deleted it.

Hitler loved muds. And they loved him.

After the war loads of Nazis went to mudland to work. I used to hag out with a old Nazi boilermaker who worked for Sadam with a ton of other Germans he brought in (they were building a port or something I dont remember). He said the (all former Nazi) Germans were always treated the best and paid the most.
It was one of the few places that Germans could still do business after the war.

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I strongly doubt that they make their machinations available to the average person; all those histories are just 'what they tell you' they hide the Sayanim traitor maneuvers; the missives on troop movements; the betrayals of kings and royalty to slaughter; the backroom mafia deals; etc etc…history is simply the wool that is pulled over your eyes to keep you from seeing their real machinations.

Here is what I do know…I know that all politics, finance, education, legal, government, and entertainment institutions are kiked to the max. Nothing on this planet does not have their hands in it…nothing. This is why they 'always win' even though they are stupid half nigger welfare recipients that are weak because they don't and can't work. When you have rigged the entire game to be 100% in support of your own people…YOU LITERALLY CAN'T LOSE, nor can you be held accountable or prosecuted for your theft, torture, murder, usury, cannibalism, incest, pedophilia, homosexuality…etc etc…they are perhaps the worst most horrific parasites who have ever lived on the planet.

We need another Flood of Blood to get rid of them once and for all.

After that, if we don't slaughter parasites in their childhood and infancy we deserve whatever we get in the future.

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*Hang out
jesus christ fuck my typing

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Sorry about that first comment OP our other thread got deleted and it was a response to someone in the last thread.

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No problem there m80. I guess the OP was butthurt about something.

i dont give a fuck if hitler liked muds
not a single one of the fucks should be in my country
only those native to it should reside there

Their natsoc or nsdsap user.

Also again if you were to revive hitler now and put him in germany he would be furious, these were different situations OP.

I didn't intend it to make you like muzzies more.

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It only follows that a lover a nature would appreciate diversity in humans, but doing so also should make one abhorrent to their mixing.

That is what hitler was for and against.

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Whats up with all these JIDF shill threads lately?

To cause disruption, nothing more since they are at this point aware they cannot convince us.

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I know, user, and it's the same with me. Traveling is actually what redpilled me as when I got back to the US after years abroad in Asia, I was infuriated to see how we were being killed off through multiculturalism.

Hitler did nothing wrong.

You’re a sperg

What you trying to tell us?

Historically speaking, Hitler was only interested into Turkey so they would fight against Allied Colonies in Iraq & Syria and perhaps help around Baku with the Russians.

Doesn't mean that at the end of the War, if Hitler had won, Islam somewhat would have had any chance to survive in the new society.

Even Christianity was planned to be eliminated. Which is far more rooted within Germans at the time.


Good. So Hitler publicly liked Muslims but don't worry he secretly hated them as much as Christians who he wanted to erase?

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Give me your opinon on these two comments from another thread…

This is a really interesting question. It's absolutely clear that Stalin did more damage to Europe than Hitler, and that the "Allies" were the baddies, but I don't know whether I would be saying the opposite if German Socialism had defeated Russian Socialism. Hard to say.

I'm just finishing up Trotsky's biography of Stalin and the more I read about it the more I'm convinced that the greatest struggle of the twentieth century was Trotskites vs Stalinists with Hitler being a Trotskyite dark horse, as was McCarthy and all the Neocons.

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Photo not related…

Rommel setting up tech support for Enigma.

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It was Heinrich Himmlers idea to build a greater germanic religion based upon Odinism.
Hitler himself very likely wasn't pro or against christianity, since he grew up in a christian society.

Meanwhile Islam, there is no written proof (actual documents from the Bundesarchive) that proof that Hitler was fond of Islam.
Yet there is proof that Hitler liked Sikhism very much, in fact Hitler after meeting a group of Gursikhs granted the construction of a Gurudwara (Sikh place of worship) in Aachen.

Nowhere at anytime between 1933 to 1945 is there any Mosque been build in Germany. So, stop thinking you were special Mohammed because Hitler shaked hands of a Shia Muslim once.

What do you want to hear now?
I'm german and been reading plenty of books from russians and german Officers, Generals and Diplomats to that time.

The fact is that National Socialism was just as Stalins Communism a populist idea. In fact Stalin & Hitler were close friends at first, hence even that idea of Hitler liking Islam is a false idea because Germany & the Soviet Union exchanged actual technology in their first few years.

Allies were not just the baddies but are the baddies. They commited horrible warcrimes during and after the War to the German people. Yet pointed fingers at the bad germans or russians afterwards.

Shitler lamented the fact that Islam had not dominated Europe and hated Christianity.

Of course he did, faggot. This is not knew information. If you weren't adumbass supremisist neo-Nazi and instead an Ethnic Nationalist National Socialist you'd realize that you should advocate separatism, instead of just saying "KILL 'EM ALL 89"

For example of war crimes:
Soviet forces never attacked trains that were marked as POW or attacked labour / prisoner camps.

Meanwhile at the western front, british & american air force frequently attacked such camps & trains. Killing their own brothers in arms in such attacks. After the war, they claimed Germany killed them. Warcrime! Warcrime! Warcrime!

OP is a kike and this isn't the best way to D&C.

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Off yourself already.

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Thank you Codemonkey for allowing posts like this on Zig Forums

Hitler didn't "love" Muslims as much as he didn't want strong nations to go down the same path his had done a decade prior. If you can't understand that mentality, then I see no reason in your being here but as yet another attempt to try and subvert that which is self-evident truth.

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I wanted your opinion on it, that is all.

Thank you, sometimes if I run across an user who can articulate I will ask them their opinion. Because there is a lot of D&C here (and you could be anyone; the drawbacks of an user system) and I suppose I am like a blind person just trying to put the situation together much of it I figure out on my own as I stumble through, but occasionally I like to check with someone else. I want to 'get it right this time' for Europeans so it is interesting to me to collect diverse and divergent opinions.

Who cares about that trivial shit. We were strat-bombing the fuck out of each other on both sides. War is war. The reason you don't shoot medics is so you don't demoralize your own men not because some kike said it's a crime.

The allies were on the wrong side of WWII because they allowed Stalin to enslave Europe. Idgaf about who bombed which train.
Most of these rules are fucking retarded. Don't shoot paratroopers. Why the fuck not - if you don't want to be shot dont jump out of a plane behind my lines.

Why do you assume I am pro-sandnigger? Why do you not assume this is an anti-hitler thread?

The two never met in person and hitler considered it insane and rightfully so. Stalin system was still shit.

Every week.

Also…what is the name of the book you are reading on Stalin…I looked for any biography by Trotsky or Bronshtein on Stalin and I am coming up with nothing.

I don't hate all other peoples. I recognize them as competition though.
Besides, Hitler lived in a totally different world than ours.
Just look at the state of the muslims between the 1930's and today.

And then I stopped taking you seriously in any capacity.

You can't delete your own posts, you fucking nonce.

None of these Historic "Multi Kulti Waffen-SS" guys wears a actual Waffen-SS Uniform.
Most wear Wehrmachts insignia.

Idiotism on here.

Not anymore…I wish they would bring that back.

Kek, sure thing. Sauce plz.

As nice as things would be if the Baathists won, or for that matter the Fascists in Europe and Japan, they didn't. Here we are. The entire world enslaved to jewish money, unchecked muds flooding Europe, and basically North Korea the freest nation in the world, by Franklin, Madison, and Jefferson standards.

It wasn't just Hitler; it's the entire Prussian elite that hated Christianity.

In its original manifestation Christianity was a slave's revolt with the executed criminal as its outrageous meme. It also contained wealthy ladies of Aleppo and Antioch who were NeoPlatonists. It was very volatile and once it reached critical mass the elite of the Roman Empire had no choice but to coopt it and impose their own rules on it till we ended up with what we've got today which in many ways is the opposite of Christ's teachings.

But even in this form the Prussian elite despised it; Frederick the Great introduced mosques to Germany in the 18th century.

Posted on March 31, 2008 by Doug Merrill

One can be friend and speak good of the other without actually meeting.
For example:
Shows the ongoing friendship between both nations.

Are you mentally retarded somehow?
I guess you are american, southern states?

Couldn't read much of the two articles, was a little to small for my eyes after a long day of work.

About the book, well the best is not to read just on one persons biography because there will be a lot mixed or "he just did good things" or "look how evil he was".
Depending on your language skills, you could give the book of Generalfeldmarschal Erich von Manstein a try, they do cover the military aspect of war yet also give a deep insight on german & soviet traditions and politics.
This would cover a overall broad topic, then you follow up the soviet generals mentioned in his books and get stuff about them and read further. Some dared to tell Stalin he was a idiot. Just as von Manstein dared to call Hitler "Sie sind ein Dummkopf" (you are an idiot).

But of course the reading takes longer but its more detailed an I think better to understand the past.

Even before that the Teutonic Order became secular because the Pope kept trying to reign in their brutality.

I knew I liked the Prussians.

Humanism is a brain fungus.