Putin is a Zionist

Putin came to the rescue of the Assad family who did not fire a single bullet against Israel for 50 years. He also helped the US destroy ISIS, the group that wanted to make Muslims in Europe leave and move to their newly established caliphate.

Putin is a Zionist.

Change my mind.

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He's also a subhuman slav-shit

Check 'em faggots

The other headline claiming otherwise was disinformation. It seems many low iq individuals fell for it.

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hi welcome to Zig Forums, lurk for 12 years before posting (2 years isn't long enough anymore)

Not an argument.

That's not a problem. The Zionist part is what gets to me.

And Assad stayed in power.

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Putin is actually a Jew. His mother is Jewish.

Putin is a kike. Pics Related.

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Oy vey. I wonder what zerohedge has to say…

I smell the KGB agent.

Yeah. Putin is basically the Russian version of Dave Rubin.

I thought he was adopted by jews

Even if true is there any difference? Look at Trumplestein.

Confirmed in this 1985 book, the end game for us is financial implosion. They're just ruthlessly plundering the fuck out of us by keeping us in these wars.
Looks like Trump may be setting up a war w Iran.

Right now the top holder of US debt is our Social Security, let that sink in.

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"Russia helped US to eliminate ISIS"


1. US created ISIS with Mossad
2. Russia destroyed ISIS while kikenvermin kvetched.
3. Hillary lost despite selling all the weapons ISIS used. That's what Benghazi was all about.
4. Julian Assange revealed all this and that is why they want to lock him up for the rest of his life in American pound him in the ass prison.

1. US was fighting ISIS since 2003, but they failed. Look up Zarqawi.

2. Both US and Russia killed ISIS

3. Hillary sold weapons to kosher rebels

4. Assange revealed the civilian casualties, while the US was bombing Islamic State of Iraq. (later to be known as ISIS)

All international conflict is staged.
We already have a global government.
Fake conflict justifies taxation for defense etc.
The threat of war or nuclear annihilation keeps the goyim afraid and compliant.
It is fair to ask, if nuclear weapons didn't exist, would the jews have pretended they do to reap the death object terror value?
Would they have translated the fable of the Iron thunderbolt super weapon in the bhagavad gita, into technological language as the basis for their hoax?

Get that D&C shit off my Zig Forums >>>/trannypol/

No more brother wars.


Sure thing, /trannypol/

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Putin is smarter than yuo.

ISIS is the secret foreign legion of the imperialist forces of international banking and oil corporations. Hillary Clinton was the spider running it at the center of her evil web.

Not sure who is dumber. You or the random MAGAtard.

Zionist as your brother? Sure thing shlomo.

No more

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Everybody in power is a Zionist. Even your guys Saint Obowelmovement had to take a knee.

Jewish Nationalists run the trade networks and major banks.

True. Zerohedge, Russia Insider, Partisangirl and the rest of them are practically mossad-posters. They're like Q, but for pro-Russian dimwits.


obvious yid

He's talking about the subhuman slav comment you retard.

holy shit i hate magapedes.

Keeping Assad afloat and destroying ISS are not part of the Zionist plan. They want all the nations of the Middle East in anarchy so they can continue building Greater Israel unopposed.

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Please just ignore the fact that Jews have an autonomous Oblast in Russia, half of Putin's government is Jewish and he's a closeted communist!

More Q-tier nonsense.

Le based Pootin defending Yooropa from da evil yids amirite /pool/?

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He's a Jew, like you.

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Fucking baste! - weev

Oy vey.

Zerohedge is Duginist. Not even close to intelligence.
I was banned for making fun of the Russian fags there.

I'm not sure where the line is exactly. You also have that Saker fag on unz praising Putin, and 4-d Chess-plaining. It is so cringe.

In Moscow, Netanyahu thanks Putin for helping recover body of IDF missing soldier in Syria


Russia is a cow. Putin is a Jew.

Lol @ the kikes being 98% of the people using this board anymore and pretending it's rightwingers they're quoting on this site now


You do have guns, we can't.
You can form national-socialist and racist circles and self-preservation communities, even towns. We can't even make an offensive post on our version of facebook without getting jailed. No white nationalism, no activism and thought sharing of any such kind is permitted.
Think about it. Some of you Americans will remain white and even armed with time, we will all go down the turano-mongolic drain into absolute subhumanity.

My understanding of gov't strategy with supporting of right wing forces in EU are hopes of slowing down NATO and causing internal erosion and struggle within western powers, making them less monolithic and weakening them in short term.
It's a good thing for EU however, it's self-genocidal state will benefit from erosion and division down the line. Even black plague would be a positive.

Ban on ethnic nationalism in Russia is supposedly for keeping it intact due to ethnic separatism in asiatic regions with the end goal of assimilating all of those entirely. Our ancestors did not need such measures however and openly called for ethnically russian power and pride. Jewish red plague changed it, smearing ethnic pride as "Great-Russian chauvinism" and drowning it in blood. Out state is held with artificial measures, rather than having a dominant race of conquerors, that held it intact before. I do have a feel our race was actually finished by bolshevism for good, and our state is artificial and will be dissolved by the winds of history. To me Russia and it's territories is worth shit without the actual russians - tall and blond aryans that once conquered the territories for their own use and subjugated the locals.
Such thoughts.

Fuck this gay earth, what you are saying is true. Even on a genetic level, we have been poluted with so much filth for 100 years of bolshevism. I have recently found a documentary on old believers (starovery) they are like the amish in america, look at them, they are what pure Russians look like, I rarely see this phenotype in Moscow, and they are true christians, unlike modern "Russian" people. I don't know what has to be done or
what miracles have to happen to save our people, I don't even care about the state anymore. Its all so fucking sad.

We don't want war with the west you fucking idiot, we always LOOKED UP to the west, read about some of our history. The thing is that modern western culture is not western, its jewish, and there is nothing to look up to anymore. Oh how I wish that Russia was this bastion of the white race that some people think it is, because if the west is fucked at least there would be some sort of counter to that. But there is nothing. Both the west and Russia are Jewish states.

To be dominant race of conquerors one would need to have at least neutral levels of birthrates, strong and unifying cultural upbringing and national cohesion to be a monolith which can crash anyone without the need to resort to direct governmental control
But its just not here, moms nazis worship foreign national leaders and dont want to procreate, libshits glorify western degeneracy as peak of humanity and dream of its death, general population doesnt give too much of a shit about how their children are risen as long as its not outrageously bad like homofaggotry
And its not putins fault, it wasnt here before putin even became a thing, he is a reaction of the government to a complete apathy of the population to everything
As long as these things wont became a reality, government, putin of hujutin, will enforce the existance of russia
Government cant force you to breed or care about your children though, not even in the most absolute of dictatorships
Thus they will use measures which they can, since we ourselves dont seem to care anough to take care of our nation

Irony is that our poverty and defeat is giving us a chance to avoid floods of colored immigrants in these times of total white genocide. Central asians are quite subserviant, who don't have enough pride and physical attraction to assimilate with the locals, the situation is similar with the American mexicans, who work for cheap and breed their own. Those are loss of land first, loss of the race second. The danger are masses of coloreds who actually assimilate aided by jewish interracial agenda, and these come for money and infrastructure, that we don't have. The jews are slacking with us and don't feel the necessity to pressure us into the mixing, as if we are done and all mixed up already.

Russians are not happy about Russia, and you shouldn't be either. Putin will not save Russia. Putin will not save the Whites.

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Nice pasta. From where? KGB archive?

A series of posts on cuckpol. Surprisingly its not a single ID.

Putin destroyed the far-right in Russia. Its illegal to be anti-Semitic in Russia or question the Holocaust. Islam is very much on the rise.

You a Putin fanboy? 4-D chess right?

The ZOG often has difficulty controlling their Wahhabist assets. Another famous one of theirs went rogue, perhaps you've heard of him.

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There needs to be another place for people to gather, but I don't think a completely anonymous messaging system is desirable. People need to be able to line-up talking points of ZOG-shills, to see how the shit they say about X relates to their thought patterns on Y.
The ZOG is in an ideological war against the masses of the White Nation. We shouldn't allow them the ability to blend in so easily.

Not sure what you're trying to say here.

Bin Laden, Zarqawi and Al Baghdadi hate Saudi Arabia, and launched a campaign to topple the kingdom as well as the other Jewish puppet countries bordering Israel. Ultimately a caliphate can defeat Israel.

Putin is helping the US/Israel fight them. Why?

Because he is a Zionist.

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I'm saying you're a ZOG-shill that thinks whites are so stupid, they'll believe any retarded shit you pull out of you ass.
If Saudi Arabia was nuked, there would be no Al-Qaeda to give their ungrateful Wahhabist children money.
A total lie. The PLA (Arab Nationalists) launched a real campaign to topple the puppet kingdom of Jordan. It was called Black September. Where is Al-Qaeda's Black September? Oh right, no where. What is ISIS doing? Fighting Arab Nationalists in Syria, the arch-enemy of Qutbists everywhere.
Hezbollah > ZOG-Muslims.
The "caliphate" is Muslim Israel. It's the championing of religious identity over Nation. It's pretending the Hindustani people in Pakistan are the same as the nigger Muslims Sudan.
The US/Israel aren't fighting ISIS, that's just a total lie. The tiny amount of fighting the US does is nothing at all; compare the amount of bombings upon the invasion of Iraq (ruled by an Arab Nationalist party) to the amount of bombings on ISIS targets. It's nothing, nothing at all. The war is a phony war, claimed to be fought simply because the ZOG is too afraid of people learning what it is really doing.

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The "Arab nationalists" will liberate Palestine, says the Jew. And Putin the Zionist will help them do it.

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That's some Alex Jones-tier coping you got going on.

The only people who will believe you are people who still trust the ZOG-media.
Anyone who has investigated what is happening in Syria, even a little bit, can clearly tell that thing called "America" was on the side of the Wahhabists.
"America" supports Wahhabists against Arab Nationalism, because "America" itself is founded on anti-nationalism. The border separating Jordan and Syria is an imaginable line, separating the single Arabic-speaking Nation. Just like the line separating that thing called "America" from that thing called "Canada" is an imaginary line, separating the single English-speaking European Nation. "America" is the natural ally of Islamic religious obscurantism, and has been ever since it guaranteed to defend the exist of that thing called Saudi Arabia after WW2.

RT is part of ZOG media.

America was on the side of kosher rebels for a little while, but after the rise of ISIS they abandoned them unless they fought ISIS.

ISIS wanted Muslims to get out of Europe and move into the caliphate.

Did I mention that Putin is a Zionist?

Not really. Most people agree that Putin is a Zionist.

Jewish oblast is much older than Putin. Nowdays it has almost no kikes.

David Duke is a Kike too!

I wonder why that is..

Oy vey

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This is quite the turn! Last time I checked Israeli opinion on things, they wanted ISIS.

Not really. It was disinformation for low iq individuals.

Not hard to find out about his oligarch buddies.

as if the examples you said make any sense towards your very potentially accurate claim, what a retard

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annnnd you're full of shit.

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Imagine being that retarded.

Israel supports Jordan as well as the new regime in Iraq, which was installed by the US.

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The Alawites are crypto-jews.

Imagine calling someone retarded while using ammunition that doesn't even connect to what his opponent is proposing, and equally remains truthful. You really don't know what you're even saying, it's painful.

Triggered putinkike = triggered.

Oy vey..

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Bladimir, bladimir.

the midget version of mitt romney.

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The Führer was right about the international kosher sandwich.

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Check those dates lol May 18th and December 11 2013

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ZOG-shills spew nonsense about Putin being a Kike so they can get people to think Democrats are "anti-Semitic."

Democrats, Republicans and Putin are all Zionists. They fight among themselves because its a competition. Who serves the kike best?

As if Jews don't scheme and break promises by design.

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Don't need an argument when you're posting entry level shit you newfag retard

You don't have an argument, putinkike.

Kill yourself, Kike.

Hezbollah had a little skirmish with Israel in 2006. It didn't even last 3 weeks. Nice theater, they're still talking about it.

ISIS is fighting the US for over 17 years, if you include the Zarqawi years.

More than the ZOG-Muslims ever have.
More bullshit. "ISIS" is just a brand name for Qutbists/Wahhabists, and they don't fight "America" or Israel. They fight Shias, Arab Nationalists, and generally terrorize people for shits and giggles, as if they even gave a fuck who is and isn't a Kafir.
Pashtun Nationalists have been fighting the ZOG for years.

The Zionist plot is a very long game.. they've been plotting and scheming since before the First World War to conquer the world.

Jesus fucking christ, almost every single thing you said in the entire thread is the opposite of the truth, this is an obvious shill thread. sealed the deal as proof. Israel has obviously been working towards greater Israel for many decades and is the primary driving factor behind the migrant crisis to drive their enemies out of their homelands. ISIS is driving people out of the middle east and into Europe, and is likely a spawn of glowniggers and Israel similar to Osama.


Stop responding to this JIDF shill. Remember that trying to argue with him is like trying to grab water with your hand.

I think Putin is controlled by zionists to some extent, but the "reasons" you give are absolutely retarded.

Israel is definitely anti-Assad and pro-ISIS. If you don't know these obvious facts by now, you really need to lurk more or go back to leddit.
ISIS stands for "Israeli Secret Intelligence Service". Never forget.

Nice try, Haim. Your anti-slav shilling will never work.

Stealing is what they do. It doesn't matter to them if it's someone else's homeland. When Israel is not attacking Palestinians with white phosphorous, they are destroying their homes with bulldozers.
Everyone is their enemy pretty much tbh.

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Worse. Habadist.

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English only version.

Attached: Рассказ Б.Лазара о Путине (сходка евреев)-2spx5udoS4U.mp4 (320x240, 15.64M)

Imagine the stench

A little more about habad.

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I can't believe it took someone three days to notice that

No he is not

I figured no actually reads the article links posted but if we are at the point anons aren't even looking at the pictures this board is fucked

This is a big u-turn from years prior. Decades even. They're only playing nice now because Assad won and managed to stay in power. No doubt plenty of idiots will be fooled by a few recent headlines. Give it a few years a new plan to destroy Syria will be concocted.

That headline isn't even recent its 8 months old.

Not sure who is worse, the putintard or the magatard. I'm leaning towards the former.

World leaders are puppets of the Jews
News at eleven

What he wants Jews to go live in Israel too?

What a shitbag.