Religious people = unknowingly willing to be fucked up by the unknown

If you are religious you are a freak of nature. It is not normal to be happy to go into the unknown ("Heaven"). What is normal is the base survival mindset of humanity from primordial times - that the unknown is dangerous and equals pain and death.

Therefore, those people that are religious, and "feel the presence of God", what they are really feeling is a head state to lull them up to the altar to be slaughtered as a sacrifice.

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anything to back this up?

I just thought it up just then.

We live in a perfectly ordered universe. It did not happen randomly because MUH 6 QUADRILLION YEARS. There is a creator and this is apparent by the fact that we exist. There are only 3 religions that claim one God. This is important because multiple gods create conflict and not order as we see it. The jews are a race and their religion is money, only retards think they are the decedents of Abraham. Islam is based on one guy who made up rules that apply to him but no one else. Jesus has come to save those who accept him as the Son of God and submit to him. It is not normal or healthy to believe you are the highest power and the greatest being in existence. It only leads to self hate and confusion. Christians are able to die a happy death because they have found the order of the universe, Logos.

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The Universe came into being through non-sentient self-reflection due to exceptions in its code.

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Well said, God bless, brother.

The only order of the Universe is logic. To believe in Logos is to believe the Universe is belief-based and thus illogical.

Logos is wisdom; therefor, Logos is logic. The order of the universe is Logos. To deny Logos is to deny the order of the universe.

Time is your magic bullet. It does not create something from nothing no matter how many tries you give it. Set a rock in front of you, set 100, and see if anyone of them starts to breath and sprout legs and eyes. Life comes from life, nothing will ever sprout from nothing.

You must live a very boring, boring life in your (((ghetto)))

You shouldnt need to believe in Logos/Nous - its an experiential reality. Likewise, its a Platonic concept, look up what St John really meant in appealing to the Greeks by calling Jesus the Logos instead of parroting old man e michael jones.

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But user, God is to be understood through his creation. As it is written, "For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse." Romans 1:20 St. John is reinforcing this. Greek philosophy, through the great saints, has become apart of Christian theology. I am parroting E Micheal Jones on this one, but in no way is he wrong. God is good, his creation is good. We, man, were made in the image of God. To separate God from His creation is wrong.

DNA comes from chemicals combining through environmental processes. Purely by chance.

OOOOKKKKAAAYYYY…any deductive reasoning or premises that you want to tie into your observation?

So quit giving into the Serpent semites then and take your rightful place with God.

Hunter gatherers wouldn't of had religion. They would of relied on pure logic to calculate risks into new environments.

And before you say "what about them getting courage from the Sun". Well how about when it's night time and there's no visible moon to believe in either.

They wouldn't of desired creating a diety either, as they were extremely masculine. And to put faith in another man as a god, would be peak bitch behaviour.

You might actually have a point, if we had fucking immortality & death was just some idiot decision being made. But we're going regardless. Better to assume anything that may or may not be there has some benevolence until proven otherwise, rather than go in with an attitude & create a self-fulfilling prophecy.

That would only apply if your exampled "immortals" were creating their afterlife based on their own wishes.

There's no afterlife anyway, close ya eyes, see the black? That's death. There's nothing, you cease to exist.

1: You write like a fucking fourteen year old. I really hope you are as the alternative is that you're a shitskin who can't even use the word "have".
2: You have absolutely no fucking idea what you are talking about. Humans have always used logic for the very purpose of creating religions.
What man does not understand he attempts to explain. What man cannot explain he attempts to find an alternative to. What he cannot find an alternative to he creates by his own hand.
Further, actual historical documentation of early man is against your retarded fedora-posting.

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You're dumb lol.

You can go back to reddit any time.
People have worshiped anything they could get their hands on. If no sun, then the moon. If no moon than the stars. Only a deluded man fails to realize there is no greater than him. Admitting fault and enslaving yourself to God so that you may be saved is more masculine than running around claiming to have figured it all out. Taking the easy way out on Earth will not make for an easy eternity.

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It's overcast. Still nothing for them to believe in.

And believing in a man, and being their bitch is not masculine at all.

Jesus christ, I can't believe you just said enslaving yourself is more masculine than being a free logical thinker. Holy fucking shit, you are seriously fucked in the head and you need to die.

It would also likely be applicable to you going in acting like a nigger getting asked what time it is by a cop, as though it were the most racist shit to ever happen in the history of humanity; and whatever it is wipes your ass out through justified annoyance.

[citation needed]
The only ones who know this for sure are all dead & they ain't talking.

And you're desperate or baiting. Frankly, I'm almost embarrassed that I harboured any thought towards an opinion this retarded actually being genuine.

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There's no biological imperative to continue life after death.

You're dumb lol.

There's no biological imperative to fuck a toddler, but damned if that isn't still a thing that exists.

Religion is a diagnostic feature of the human species. Get fucked atheist swine.

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There is a biological imperative to though. Pleasure.

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It's only a solution to those who needed slaves and had the manpower to back their bullshit belief system.

It's time to stop posting getting BTFO'd this hard isn't easy on the mind.

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My sides. Point for you though.
But we can sit & debate muh logicks all day & still be unable to prove or disprove anything. Insisting it doesn't exist is as dumb as insisting your version does with a dull knife to the throat.

The mind desires a lot of things, but it can't create matter out of thin air. Everything is contained with the mind and that relies on hardware.

Once the hardware is dead, the mind is not going to be able to project itself into the "astral plane" or whatever.

All of my logic is rooted to the logic of what created the Universe, and how the Universe evolved everything we have today.

Gay thread. All you need to understand religion is an understanding of what Buddhism is about. It wastes no time and points directly at the problem in what is unfortunately not reducible any further and cannot he explained in two sentences in words. There is some work to be done by each individual conscious being and the only reason it’s never solved completely
Is that it has to be done again and again by each new conscious being. And even though it’s not even as difficult as getting a college degree and requires only the simplest of intelligence, most will never even approach this. Worth mentioning that this development is completely orthogonal to whatever morality you want to pursue with the rest of your time before and after (but not during obviously)

You have yet to offer a shred of logic. Claiming to doesn't make it be like that.

If you are White, wouldn;t you be debating muh logdicks?

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Who said a thing about “solutions”? Makes in our species have nipples. Our appendix can burst and we die in a pre-modern era. Nature is fucking lit. Our species is defined by religious beliefs. You squeeze the balloon of the human mind to get rid of religion and up pops Woke ideologies, witch hunts, etc.

There is a structure to many religious beliefs across cultures, and this structure in religious beliefs is likely due to the structure of our minds and the function of various instincts and adaptations our species has developed through natural selection.

So, seriously, get fucked atheists, religion is here to stay as long as our species exists. you lose.

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That doesn't even relate to either what you said or what I said. Learn to read.
Also, your double spaced posts reek of reddit. Fuck off back to r/athiesm

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In the beginning there wasn't fucking nothing. Yet the Universe realized that a state of nothing is actually something. So it became something. Through a series of reflections we got the Big Bang and time.

From the big bang we got fast decaying light and then protons. Protons became all the matter we have today. Eventually we have planets with constant thunderstorms, high oxygen, volcanoes and all sorts of toxins emerging and mixing. We then have DNA in the puddle of toxic waste next to a volcano that had just been electrified. From DNA we have LIFE. From life, through evolution we have humanity. With humanity we're exploiting greatly the evolved physics of the Universe. Which all evolved from initial constants of the very, very beginning before the big bang - in which the Universe reflected upon its own perimeters.

Now you're just talking shit.

We have nipples because we start as females in the womb. They haven't be evolutionary disadvantageous, so they haven't fallen off the males before they're born.

Lots of genetic medical ailments, yes, mainly due to corrupted DNA.

If you're smart, you don't need religion to not be depressed and scared.

This literally refutes nothing anyone else has said in the thread. It also doesn't make a lick of fucking difference towards whether or not humanity creates religions (which it does, naturally, and almost every single one of your likely-ashamed and more manly ancestors were religious).

Yeah, I am. I rarely browse this place anymore because the Q-boomers and 2016 retards lowered the average IQ to below room temperature. You know what though? Sometimes I see a thread so fucking stupid, so absolutely out of place, so utterly devoid of even the most basic skills or knowledge any Zig Forums user should possess that I just have to see if its bait or not.

None of this refutes anything he said. In fact, your first sentence out right supports his argument.

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You are just one more in a continuing series of glorified ape things with tiny, entirely-insignificant-on-a-cosmic-scale lifespans, playing "what the fuck is any of this actually?". Just like the rest of us.

Wait, wait, wait. Hol up
Go back to your /r/echochamber and come back with some new arguments.

The order of the universe does not allow for very many intelligent people. This is self evident. Which means, even using your "logic" it is necessary to have religion.

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Ebin lies and shitposting.

As long as my bio supercomputer keeps maintaining its IQ, I shall remain God of this Universe.

OP=pure faggot thinking. Go unfuck yourself before even trying to approach this. There is nothing more natural than religion. All cultures across all of time created religion. It is considered a manifestation of evolution of the human mind and it's development along with civilization and technology. Religion is not evil in and of itself. It is people and their unending desire to enslave, exploit, murder, steal etc. from other humans that is immutable across time. That and their fear of death. Evey religion tires to deal with these things to varying degrees.

Typo. In the beginning there was nothing.

Religion is nothing more than COPE for dull minds.

this kike is here every night…sage and report…I am so tired of him that I can't even capitalize it anymore…






My Swartch is far superior to your swartch.

So is science, so is ethics, so is esoteric, so is everything.

Explain what lies I spoke. Calling something "shitposting" doesn't make you fit in better, retard.

I like you, you speak logic,

So how much DUDEWEED do you smoke?

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Yes it is, jew. The unknown compels all free souls but money and sloth and envy compels your shit for brains people. Just because you failed to reach the moon, you redouble to flaunt your atheism and anti-spirit here. Tell me how the earth is flat, there is nothing after death, and the meaning of life is swindle. I'm going to gas you. Then you can see what waits for your wreched soul, after eating it in the Israeli Diaper Force.

My fucking sides.

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Now don't you start talking shit about the The Crasher…that was EPIC.
Nobody crashes and burns like jews crash and burn. Ok, bugs maybe…

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Consciousness emphasis and the promisse of eternal consciousness are overated, hedonistic and individualistic concepts.
Kike spirituality is inferior and animalistic if compared to what our aryan genes permeat we achieve.

Inteligence is necessarily linked to agency, the other way around is not true in all instances. Our experienciations in life are just part of a bigger thing, that's life itself. Our consciousness is a means to our actions.
We do live in a universe that is greather than ourselves and contains us. Anyone that is a bit self aware is capable of understanding that the line that separates us from not us is actually not that solid. There aren't perfectly closed systems, and if there are, they technically and effectively don't exist for the rest of the universe.
I do believe that, as the living conscious creatures we are, with our desires and aspirations for our lifes, we seek to incorporate the spirits of those forces that permeated the existence of human life itself, those parent forces that created us. That's why we seek the survival, the renovation, the beautiful, the eugenic in oposition to the dysgenic, the preservation of life and the holy places, etc. Thus our will to do sacrifices to our gods, to acumulate good deeds for the name and the tribe, to worry about the future, etc.

There is not a way to completelly capture the mechanisms behind reality and our existence. We live in a world of spirits and symbols where our inteligence is totally developed for nature-reading and preservation.
Talking about a supposed consciousness behind aspects of nature is not crazy, is the product of a healthy brain establishing a communication with something exterior. I do, however, find some problems with the notion of an absolute god that contains and controls everything (itslef included). This is a god that can't strugle, can't relate with exterior existence (there is no exterior existence for him) and thus is completelly adimensional. I am not saying that this is completely unfeasible (if not taking the paradox of Epicurus into count) but this is too deviant from what nature has told us for all those years of existence.
Only the animalistic mind of a wicked people would create the cult to eternal pleasure, supreme skyfather that absorb all the possible strugle and other meaningless shit! A skyfather would be the father of the strugle!
But it's not all just about strugle, it's about strugle for the right things! Our parents, families, race, children and also recognizing the non-human aspect of nature as something important. They are older than and necessary to us! We came from mother Earth! And , besides, we couldn't really put a line between us and the rest of the universe.
Whorship those things that created you and made you great and thus become greather, become eternal, be you! Be you by showing gratefulness and gifts to the gods that created you, they live in you, they are you!

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The one going into the unknown is the atheist/agnostic who has no fucking clue happens when he dies.
Bad post, bad you.

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BTW, about the blur line between us and the outside world:

The funniest thing I have readed today. :-)


There is no biological imperative for anything if you want to be semantic enough.

“You must survive”
The biggest lie anyone ever told you. But since you’re here already, what else is there to do?

Want a mind mess up?
Look at all the Pyramids of the earth. Look at location and near Volcanoes and the ocean and the equator line.
There is a pattern.
Why on this pattern did they build and see the same thing?

That kike is NPC…it literally happens for him when he closes his eyes. Why they think that we can relate to them or vice versa is beyond me.

In theory I could stop eating and drinking which would allow my body to die but it is not that easy. People survive falls from the sky (skydivers parachute doesn't open); it is incredibly hard to die. I suppose that is an absolute.

Spacetime comes into existence from Energymatter, physics nigger. Each gives the other their form. The nature of the physical universe we know is beyond these simple things.

You don't actually know just because you profess a blind faith, religion nigger.

The real question is what creates form

Amen, brother!

So, let's recap

face it OP, christian = pol ^ 2

Its not black. Its nothing. Your mind cannot envision it. The lower brain does everything it can to stay alive. It recoils from death. Your non existence will be similar to before your birth. Not so bad, unless you die painfully.
That is of course if time isn't a flat circle and we haven't already been through this thing we call life over and over again for eternity.
What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again. nihil novi sub sole.
I believe Heaven and Hell are real. Only in your mind though. You are the way the Universe can experience itself.

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anybody can create form, because form is an abstraction living in the field of forms.
implementing form, that's a different problem.

I suggest to drop these irrelevant aspects and go for this:
experience defined as "what I am doing right now" (and in the case of no solipsist universe, "what you are doing right now"), no matter its ultimate nature
reality=what you can in/directly experience and what can in/directly affect your experience
abstraction=arbitrary point of view on experienceable or inexperiencable thing

now, observation: we can create abstractions, for example "a game of chess"
observation: from the POV of a chess piece, reality is not our reality with sun moon bad weather and cats toppling pieces from the board, reality is and only is "the sequence of move, that is the state of the board move after move" because that's the only thing he, through the mind of the player, can observe and be affected by.

So, reality is in the plane of the abstraction. Real for a racing videogame are the videogame cars.

Observation, as we are able to create abstractions, can we be the result of an abstraction?

As an aside: occam's razor says that any reason determining our reality as the ultimate abstraction, from which all other abstractions stem is an ADDITIONAL HYPOTHESIS, so it should be either proven or discarded as needless. (but as we don't consider occam's razor proof in the ramblings of atheists we don't consider it proof here and proceed).

Observation: if we are the result of an abstraction, the origin of the abstraction, we call it the supernatural, or god's dimension, or meta or charlie, whatever, is UNBOUND by the characteristics of the abstraction, time and space included.

Observation: an environment where time is not defined can't define causality, so it is perfectly logical for the supernatural NOT TO NEED A CREATOR ITSELF

Observation: an environment where space and time are not defined can't necessarily be object of application of our logic system, which uses implication and determination of state as true and false. Even special multi state systems, that we ourselves will probably need in the future to make sense of quantum level stuff, are not necessarily applicable in an unknown system. For example, with a banal universe U={} the principle of no contradiction does not hold, and without that, ANY SINGLE LOGICAL IMPLICATION OR REASONING DEVISED BY ATHEISTS AND BELIEVERS ALIKE IS DESTROYED.

Observation: the relation between abstraction and supernatural of the abstraction is more similar to a dreamer and a dream, of a videogame and a videogame character, than the idea of a creator, and a creation, both operating in the same spacetime system, and bound by it.

Conclusion: your model are probably requiring a spacetime superstructure that engulfes the hypothetical god, which is wrong, because ANY ASSERTION OUTSIDE THE DOMAIN OF THE ABOVE DEFINED "REALITY" IS NOT NECESSARILY MAKING ANY SENSE AT ALL.

Corollary, any atheist proof is not definitive, any theological argument cannot deny the arbitrarily chosen religious revelations you start from.

Example, if atheist says 'if world needs creator, the creator needs creator too lulz' you reply 'prove first that the concept of creation is defined in the context of god, protip you can't'

Example of arguments that didn't hold even before all of the above ramblings, If religion says god is omnipotent, and atheist says "if so, can God make an unbreakable rock and then break it?" you can indeed answer "yes and no", because, if atheist says "It must either be yes or no" you reply "I always lie, is this a true or false statement.yes or no?" because he didn't talk about god, he simply user a circular argument and you replied with one.

Yep, "God" got bored and split itself, and those split, and so on, through all the dimensions into infinity.
Culminating in this perfect shitshow moment.
It's beautiful.


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It's odd to me that nobody bothers puzzling over what their souls were doing BEFORE they were born, but they're absolutely obsessed by what their souls will be doing AFTER death.

Frankly it seems to me that there's bugger all beyond either end of the life span and so nothing to be concerned about. Have a good time while you're here and don't sweat the afterlife.

sorry it isn't the most clear form
to recap
either we are in the abstraction from which all other abstractions come from, so there is nothing else, or not. If not, then, the origin of the abstraction, we can call it the supernatural, is UNBOUND by the characteristics of the abstraction, time and space included.

Least stupid post yet

I hate acknowledging sex differences in psychology, but with grave reluctance…

In the primitive sense it’s masculine-normal to be curious about the unknown and feminine-normal to cling to the fireside. Men hunted animals while women hunted mushrooms - think about that. The consumers of unfamiliar mushrooms died, destroyed their families, and/or taught their husbands religion.

Come over to >>>/holypol/ christians are censored here.

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Quantum foam exists between universes. The first photon was always finitely improbable.

The ground state of the universe is creation. The lifespan of universes is always finite, but the deathspan of universes is also always finite. The vacuum is meta-unstable.

Not really, christians have been assblasted since their conception. Instead of being actually zealous and you know resilient; christ-cucks need to create their own D/C containment hidey-hole board to spam their bible verses instead of posting and having discussions like normal anons. There no rule you can't be a christ-cuck but like I said; you lose all the arguments the moment you mention your christianity. This thread has been made a billion times before and I can almost guarantee the same conclusion everytime: There IS something out there, but it sure as hell isn't an abrahamic god derived of judaism with the express purpose to subvert the west.

See related for the short story.

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Had something else on the physics topic, but ehhh. Truth is power, so honesty is power. People can be stronger for a while if they lie, but the reciprocal of that pattern is a nightmare unending; there is ALWAYS a bigger fish. Instead of summoning Lucifer’s Corrective, people need to voluntarily be honest.

It’s like how a pacifist is less likely to buy a gun, but if they do, the odds that they stop a crime exceed the odds they commit one. If we do things right, we don’t need overlords demanding our obeisance or giving us little protected gardens in order to have a good world. In truth we can find happiness.

I still think people lose all arguments when they profess nazism, but that’s just me. I’m surely not at all common in thinking that; everybuddy nose how it smells to think a thought common.

There was a downside to being open about nazism being a losing argument. We trusted people not to be nazis, so we didn’t notice when our society’s capacity for surveillance greatly exceeded what nazis had. Fascism rose because a rose by any other name smells just like that corpse flower flies love so much.

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One day anti-rape and anti- racism traitors will burn.
By the will of God the lord.

Dying in peace and comfort because you believe in something is a bad thing?

OP, you are a huge faggot

The Universe cannot think, it is not alive. You are contradicting yourself from the very start.

Physically impossible.

Another contradiction.

Yeah, you're no better than them.

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That (what souls where doing before) is the whole basis for reincarnation. So a bunch of people have thought it about long ago, obviously.

You simplify things far too much. Besides, you clearly don't know enough about the known world if you're not willing to reroll.

Reroll. I'm a man of my words.

Worth noting is that the JEW always, when he first gains access to a host nation, IMMEDIATELY engages in the strategy of destroying that host nation's religious institutions, by infiltrating and subverting and destroying them from within. He also does this through his usual agitprop propaganda schemes, infiltrating educational orders, etc.. It takes a while, but…

On a global scale, he has now largely accomplished this task.

It was less than 1oo years ago when both Christians AND Muslims actually stood firm in defiance of the jew. NEITHER of them liked or trusted the jew. And, while this was so, those nations were INTACT.

But now, IN THE ABSENCE OF THEIR BASIC, HISTORICAL RELIGIOUS UNDERPINNINGS – lost in the void created by the destruction of those institutions by parasites – the jew has flourished… And THOSE NATIONS ARE NOW IN THEIR DEATH THROES.

So, essentially, you have a choice – stand with God, and flourish; or lie down with the jew, and perish. And, no – the jews' "god" does not qualify – the jews' "god" is LUCIFER.

Ever wonder why there are reportedly so many pedos and perverts now within the church? Here's a hint: THEY'RE NOT CHRISTIANS… THEY'RE JEWS. (Or targets of the jews.) And, also, remember the source of all those reports – JEWISH PROPAGANDA RAGS.

hey goy! i know you fear death, i know you don't want your existance to end, but don't worry, i have a solution for you. if you bend the knee before god's chosen you will go to heaven and have 30 underage virgin sex slaves, if you don't you will burn in hell for all eternity
kikestianity sold the tale of eternal inmortality and pleasure to cowards and weaklings who had to cling to false hopes to cope with the fear of death. no other religion i know of ever promised free gives for peasant that didn't do jack shit to earn anything aside from being submisive little sheeple their entire lives becos the big nose made big promises to them
Odin had you become a baddass warrior before joining valhalla, Buda had you reincarnate a metricfuck ton of times before enlightment, Horus, Zeus and many other pre kike religions cared nothing about peasants
kikes literally raided pagan yurop and promised free givesmedats to yuro niggers in exchange for servitude, those niggers then rioted until the kings cucked themselves into service to kikes, allowing them to take control of all their institutions and then banhammered the competition using angry mobs of commie/sjw tier niggers to destroy established pagan culture
(((their))) play book never changes

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