Specifically asking for information about people I may have talked to on 8ch...

Specifically asking for information about people I may have talked to on 8ch. They weren't super specific but when I asked for the exact reason they came out they said it had to do with my comments on New Zealand. I've posted absolutely nothing illegal and they admitted as much but they still came to my home, work, and then finally gave me a phone call asking where I was at and where they could meet me.

Just wanted you all to know (as if you didn't already) that this place is being heavily monitored and you shouldn't post ANYTHING incriminating.

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Tittle was supposed to be "FBI paid me a visit today." but it didn't post for some reason.

Scared 'ya, didn't I…

i'm a little disappointed i haven't been visited

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Yeah OP, your comments about New Zealand offended me.

How dare you post this hateful speech here! This is a peaceful safe-place and lawyer up.

Since ponyfags are fibbbiiiiessssss I am not all that surprised.

Anyplace Whites are is 'being heavily monitored' so what is new user?

It's because they don't want to buy your wierdo cartoon childrens toy collection

FBI, just so you know I use this place to upload parts of the fantasy novel I'm working on, nothing else.

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Pics/proof or it didnt fucking happen, or you're just another lying fag.

as a hard determinist I don't believe that anything can happen to us that is not determined. meh…kikes and their retardation is not that impressive to me anymore.

Just a reminder that almost all current and retired FBI and alphabet glownigger identities are on the web and they will get the rope second after the jew and before the nigger.

Mate, they know us well enough to know some of us are too useless to be any kind of threat.

Well, tarrant wasn't.

Well, Tarrant wasn't on their list either.
When asked why they didn't have Tarrant on any list, they said that there was too many comments like Tarrants to monitor and that they couldn't keep up with the threats.

OP fag…what exactly did they ask you?

Tarrant gave them minutes to react to his post. I fucking bet he wasn't going around shitposting about his planning during the 2 years he apparently was doing it; because that's fucking nigger tier opsec. The people commenting shit looking to be leading to that kind of threat are the dumbasses who're far more likely to hurt themselves rather than anyone else if they ever did anything at all.

Besides the point, my point was where he was "from"

Where is the proof any of this happened nigger?


And mine was they have little real idea of what to look for, so he never would have been, regardless of how many "some of you are cool, don't go to X tomorrow" shitposts they're swamped with after being mandated to investigate them all.

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mfw I am HELPING the economy!!!

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Then I guess you have nothing to worry about.
This is a largely Christian community of libertarian video gamers who rarely venture outside. The feds know this, they are more interested in the visitors who use the site as a fallguy for their actions, some operating under the same government to no such missed irony. The VPN honeypots collect most of the criminal intent and evidence and is currently very buried behind a mountain of sealed indictments, of which many more serious ones are way, way in front.

If you are ever visited by feds, be cooperative and request a business card with a name to prove to the other feds watching so they know if that particular fed is on the good or bad side, in addition to giving your bullshit shitpost story some validity.

They have teams now?
PICK ME! PICK ME! Team Edward
Is the business card like kryptonite or something….ward off evil glownigs?

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Please lurk for several more years. Whether or not you then gas yourself or post again is up to you.

Maybe you glowniggers should investigate real crime and criminals instead, oh never mind (((they))) own you.


Muh pleadeals for convicted kike pedo who raped a dozen little girls, epic system you fags work for huh? Nothing horribly wrong at all.

Yeah don't use your rights, goy they glows are your good friends who love you like they'd do their own mother.

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Listen goyi- uhh guys the alphabet kikes are your friends

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Gas, gas, gas…
common that glowie…don't be so sensie about your partner, he is a big stronk man who can take some teasing.

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Uploading the full video. Will post shortly. Pls don't van me FBI.

Oooohhh cool…you got to live stream that one too…m'kay

8% uploaded, 25 min left. You guys can eat crow soon eough.

The FBI would have just came to your house, not call you and ask where to meet you. Nice BS story, ,faggot

you're not larping hard enough….OP is is gangster as shit.

yeah, but that's exactly the type of retard they would like to catch and make a poster boy out of, plus the whole thing of optics that even if you aren't planning anything they can make it seem like it's so, they would likely only do this if you had something of value to them or some sort of influence, they wouldn't waste the time with some guy who is of little to no value unless it put a feather in their cap somehow.

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Jokes on them, the only way I can influence anyone is to annoy them (and be promptly ignored by)
But really, I'm just a poor boy :( pls no hurt me, I have autism :( . Everything I've said has been satire and in jest.


He wasn't on their list because he was working for Mossad.

yeah, that post won't save you, they'll just omit that one as evidence and use the worsts of your posts against you. regardless if you say you're larping or venting or whatever, if they want to fuck you for being here they can.
Just don't go do something stupid like making something of yourself or become wealthy. lol

How else are they going to find patsies to setup and entrap so they can have all the glory of stopping their self created terror-whatever-scare event. Finding nuts who are too that stupid but also capable is not easy…. and they need alot of them with all the agents free not spying on the presidnet and his campain or protecting our border or anything that would recover their credibility and make the other countries stop luaghing at us…..REALLY YOU DIDNT EVEN LOOK AT HER SERVER? AND SHE DELETED EVIDENCE SHE WAS SUBPEONED FOR? AND OUR CLASSIFIED INFO WAS GOING TO FOREIGNERS FROM HER BATHROOM SERVER? how do we get hillary to make some hatespeech on the chans? maybe that will do it…

So people "the Anons" on the board gave you their phone njumber to text to them' Like that would happen
I say you are a Shill..
I smell a lie.

This is the final fantasy minecraft faggot nigger thread right…


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Honk honk
Muzzy thread.

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The only thing that ever happens to me is occasionally message me or call me up and try to get me to worship aliens with them. Your story is much more interesting

kikes message me

OP btw

So you wuz be sayin that I should stop coming here and actually spend my time on not having a shit life and to escape NEETdom?

Boycott israeli goods.

And Halal goods.
Both the enemy.
Do you agree?

no,no,no the opposite actually, this place is a black hole, once you start shit posting here you're fucked, they got you and will manipulate the data to fuck you if they want to…might as well keep posting brother, for me freedom of speech is a big fucking deal,I'll keep posting in spite of them regardless.


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you have brought shame to your NS peers and you have squandered your one opportunity to make Saint Tarrant proud. you should have shot the FBI in minecraft when they came to your home in minecraft. you could have joined The Immortals in the Aryan Pantheon, but you were to afraid to become one of History's Actors. you could have changed the way every FBI investigation of Zig Forums would occur. no more friendly let's have a talk user. instead, FBI would just SWAT raid any future Saint Tarrants out of fear that they will return fire in minecraft. that would escalate tension and fracture points, because Ancient Scythian
Cave Painter imageboard shitpoasters would fear for their lives over mere words said on the Internet. by forcing the FBI to escalate to violence, it would cement the idea that we are being persecuted and gulag'd. that would catalyze many potential Saint Tarrants into going for it in minecraft.

as you can see you have failed us all. your penance is to make up for it by doing something in minecract, since it is now too late for you because you have no hope because your life in minecraft is ruined and you will be persecuted by the FBI as an ebilnotsee, so you might as well Go For Glory.

Fuck off FBI

Fuck off CIA glownigger

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In my defense the system is racist (against whites) and sexist (against men) and I'm just an oppressed white male minority who actually dindu nuffin.
I be oppressed n shiet by hateful bigots who refuse to see my character and heritage.

How they found you in first place? Didyou use vpn or tor?

Assuming phone posting.

But the picture you posted is islamic.
Maybe by region of look up.
All I know I Honk Honk I found a mUzzy.
←— this is a warning about clowns brought to you by islam.
We know and are better.
Blame our white skin color. IDK.

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Of course this place is being monitored.
Your story doesn't add up, but you should record any further calls from them you get, and you should have recorded any interaction with them that you had. Dummy.

To the glowniggers: If you fags are trying to call me, leave a fucking message. I don't answer calls from numbers I don't recognize.

Assume your youtube channel as well, the other videos you have uploaded have to have flagged you. Odd youtube channel though, almost if set up to give a certain impression after an event…



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I'm not gonna lie, your commentary now primarily makes me, rather than nervous, curious as to the legal underpinnings of respect towards governmental law enforcement agencies.
Can you call a glownigger a glownigger to his face? What if he's an actual nigger?
So many questions…

Also, someone with the right motivation could probably figure out who that twat was with the right motivation - she totally flashed her ID in front of the camera.

Lol, you called to report a threat on Trump, and probably thawarted their false flag, Jim. That’s why Special Agent Clarice Starling showed up.

Prob should edit out her ID.

Zig Forums here. You mean there are anons that actually post here without a VPN at the very least? You gotta be fuckin with me now. C'mon.

Well I guess I can rest easy in the knowledge that there are a enough of low hanging fruit retards so that my door doesn't ever get kicked.

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If a TLA has any actual interest in you a VPN isn't gonna do shit.

That male agent looks like Burnt Chrysler, he's so fat.

But the free vpn was free

Nah I don't actually know how it works for you guys, not American.


It wasn't a scheduled meeting retard.

Oh you fucking liars!

I don't THINK there's a law against showing it… I wager she's not REALLY disallowed from having it photographed - she just knows that its likely Zig Forums would see it, and if Zig Forums saw it, she'd be a meme in no time.

HAHAHAHA holy shit the way that twat it trying to butter you up dude, holy fuck.


I mean you pretty much said it yourself, a person making specific threats on here would no longer be a random shiposter. In such a case a VPN wouldn't do shit.

Not YOU bro, THEM.
I mean, fuck, if they're gonna send some losers out to query you about your shitposting, the least they could do is send some imposing black suits.
Not some chubby cunt and a twat dressed like she's about to go to a AOC rally or some shit.

Also forgot

My right hand is typing this, while my left hand is strangling Officer Miriam Gough of the San Francisco Police Department to death.

Yeah, but I don't think anyone that's doing that kind of shit is not a glownigger themselves.

In fact, I wager they cited you as an indirect target on someone they DID want to target, just through your shared posting, and so they wanted to try to pump you for info - a discord, some external chat they aren't aware of, etc - to try to give them some leads.

so this is how feds are made…

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Gotcha. Yeah I was a little surprised at their appearance too. But then again it's 2019 and I really wasn't. More surprised that one didn't have blue hair.

He said he wasn't saying anything illegal or making threats. So my point still stands, he WAS just a random shitposter but is was so easy to track him down that it was worth their while to harass him.

Yeah true.

So the entire Tarrant thing was just a Subaru ad then…

I mean, christ, look at this shit!
This isn't intimidating!

Fucks sake FBI, get your shit together.
(And you're lucky I didnt post your face you double-chinned bastard, fucks sake, hit the gym. A beard is not a jawline.

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Seriously though, this is not FBI clothing.
This is the look of the liberal secretaries that hit on me when I make deliveries.

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there are other factors to consider, one being their youtube account and the other a concerned father, a concerned collegue looking over their shoulder at their phoen, or perhaps they replied to someone who made threats, even in a shitposting mistaken for code kinda of way. Could be anything, perhaps OP should speak to their supervisor to make sure this was up and up. The site is cooperating with feds since the NZ matter so lots of new doors were opened to law enforcement. Terrible time to be a paid shill or angry edgelord or goon.

All the more reason to use a VPN or at least your neighbor's wifi ffs. All this talk of "VPN's are compromised is 99% BS. Unless you are literally Osama Bin Laden, they ain't tracking you past a VPN.

Well, it's been fun shitposting with you fags and making nigger and jew jokes, but if this is what it's come to, I think I'm done here, I no longer have any connection to this board. Goodbye faggots, I don't think I will ever return to this wretched filthy place ever again, I think I might get a job and try to just get my life together.


But before I leave for good can someone upload it because I'm not clicking that shit.

post in on the q board and watch everyone freak the fuck out, lol

Yeah, sure you will bro. Good luck with all that.


am not an pucci :(

I divy shard in the backstreets of Brisbane, hit me up tonight at Roma St station if ya nanging for some Tina ;)

Plz no cops.

Checked for, then why are you getting spooked by glowniggers?
"I'm gonna get a job and get my life together u guiz, because the FuckBitchIntelligensia is gonna come kvetch at me and tell me how BASED i am!" is fucking gay bro.

Just don't post anything TOO retarded and get on with your life already, fucks sake.

And on that note: I remain curious as to the legal statutes associated with calling a glownigger a glownigger to his face - including the tangential potentiality of him ACTUALLY being a nigger - as regards US federal LEOs.
Because I'm not going to lie, calling a glownigger a glownigger to his face - ESPECIALLY if he was a glownigger - would be memetic fucking gold.