Israeli jews on Zig Forums

To the israeli jews on Zig Forums:

Assuming you are actually israeli citizen, what's your take on muslim agitation on this board to nuke Israel?

What's your take on the current jewish government, Zionism, nationalism and other fuzz?

We have a lot of shitskins on this board so I figure it has to have some jews.

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Let the israeli speak.

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Expected but who cares, Bibi is basically untouchable now in our own legal system and Trump will more or less allow him to """"deport"""" Palestinians back to "Palestine" (Egypt and Syria). Your Bolton also wants to bomb Iran's nuclear power plant really badly like we did with Assad's ten years ago, even though it'd likely cause a Chernobyl-tier disaster that really fucks up the middle east and makes it inhabitable. Of course since we're required to have panic rooms and air filters, all Israelis and arabs with Israeli citizenship will be fine.

That's not even his endgame though, Zig Forums is willfully ignorant of our country's role in South Africa and our support for the whites/coloureds/non-bantus there. Bibi's end game is the same as Cecil Rhodes, but instead of making a single segregated state he will carve two states (a white/coloured/asian one and a bantu one) and in exchange get all of SA's nuclear waste which will become bombs.

Meanwhile the political situation here will get more and more extreme as more and more rights are curtailed for the ultraorthodox. There's no good end for us here, and it's entirely of our own doing. It's why I voted for the socialist party, because a this point cuckery is far superior to the mess Bibi wants to build.

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by the way leftists here are aware of Bibi's intentions but powerless to do anything about it. His new laws that prevent sitting PMs from being arrested makes it impossible for him to go to jail especially if he keeps declaring and redeclaring states of emergencies. If you think him taking Jerusalem and Golan is bad, you ain't seen nothing yet. He's probably going to end up doing something really, really, really bad and the whole world will spit on us except America.

What makes Bibi such a powerful character, is he really good at politics (both elective and realpolitik)?
Sound like a Dr. Evil's plan.

Ummm not really 'up on how the average American feels about you semites, are you?' Just because you can MANDATE AND FORCE us to do something doesn't mean that we like you or would support you in any way.

So is Bibi a secret accelerationist mean to wake the world to the jews's evil by doing said evil or some shit?

What's worse is that he still looks young despite all the years gone past him.

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why won't you let our peaceful board be you slimy, foreskin crunching kike? i bet you are the same faggot that made a thread directed to the muslims earlier this day.

Imagine someone like HW Bush, Bibi is able to get an extremely powerful coalition of conservatives and insane religious people under one tent. He's not a reformer and doesn't want to be, he's also has major pull with our intelligence services (Mossad, etc) and is willing to give them anything for help. In our current case, it's help ensuring that our Attorney General does not have him arrested for embezzling money in his submarine deal with Germany's Krupp.

It is no secret anymore. It was a secret maybe before 9/11, but even then he told your Bill Clinton to fuck off at Camp David. He knows what he's doing and so does everyone else. It is why the past election was essentially a referendum on him; corrupt nationalism or democracy. The former won a clear majority and now he's just changing the law to make himself above the law.

It's really sick, even as an Israeli it's not ok what's happening because it means he's stealing MY tax money.

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Let israeli jews speak, they have far insight than muslims and orthodox jews.

oh please, the average American is not a Zig Forums user. The only Americans willing to talk shit about Jews are blacks or mexicans who can just have their voting rights taken away somehow. Bibi is already blazing a path forward on this here because he's totally corrupt and 100% ruthless.

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But isn't his plan self-destructive in the end because it would make the whole world hates Israel?

Still, it's amazing that such a person can wield such powers over the globe.

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Kek, ask for another Hitler, get another Hitler.
Pottery. Chaos Gods gonna chaos.

I wonder what future book will write about Bibi later on.

Still, Israel is the last hurdle until humanity gets into the space era.

Ocasio: I hate white people and jews so much
Omar: I hate white people and jews so too. Lets conquer the US with socialism and islam.
Netanyahu: Maybe we should team up and put a stop to this menace.

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I think these two donkeys are help bringing the palestinian to the states because wipypo be raysiss while Bibi can make Israel a true ethnostate.

Soviet tactics tbh.

The whole world except America, which is ultimately what matters. Your Pentagon wants to settle an old score with Tehran (the hostage crisis) and Trump is too stupid to allow them to do it. At some point Trump will do the typical "enough is enough" bs Bush Sr and Jr did with Iraq, and then do "limited" airstrikes on Iran precipitating a massive and uncontrollable crisis. This is especially true when Trump, at Bibi's personal request, killed the JCPOA which supported Iran's secularists. Trump fucked all those people over, and it will result in a huge mess that will probably end violently.

Meanwhile, Bibi's actual focus is in Africa where we (through our state companies) buy up whatever other countries abandon (current one is China). Look at the string of airports El Al services up and down the continent, those are all future airbases. He literally wants to rebuild Rhodesia but under our control, which is stupid because such a thing is not only a huge waste of MY tax money (I want MY tax money to be spent HERE in ISRAEL not even the fucking WB) but it'd also piss everyone off and make racism normal again (which is what Bibi wants because it lets him go full Hitler on non-citizen Muslims, which would only inspire other countries to do the same).

Whether or not these plans work is anyone's guess but it'll just make antisemitism normal again, and make everyone except America really really hate us. Believe it or not most Israelis do not want that because most Israelis don't want to fight the whole planet because only literal subhuman scum (anti-zionist ultra-ultraorthodox settlers) would survive.

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Jews are not allowed here.

Bibi wants to into space because global strike capability means Israel can't be fucked around with. South Africa and Spain wanted this capability too in the 20th century, the former gave it up while the latter couldn't achieve it until they transitioned out of fascism.

Trump's space warfare agency would obviously have an Israeli equivalent anyway, more burger weapons sales that way.

Sound like /ourguy/ to be honest.

Even if he's a diehard enemy, I still have more respects for him than the cucks who oppose him.

Maybe one day a true aryan leader would arise and challenge Bibi.

I'm saying the global war against Israel would destroy most evil in humanity so that space exploration can be focus upon.

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Shoo shoo kikes, israeli kikes have insight that can be beneficial to all parties, muslim included.

What info is there that anons don't already know or can be found on the internet?

It's like respecting Sauron, sure he's evil, but he's so evil that it's magnificent to look at.
What they think of Bibi, the ortho jews, what they think of muslims, on the upcoming wars, so on and so on.

I guess getting the satisfaction of hearing the plan of subversion straight from the horses mouth, I guess

Is there any manner of red pilled israelis that would be comparable to us in the west?

There is no such thing as a red pilled israeli.

all was good before he glassed it…

too bad nuke don't emit ambers…we could have jurassic bibi and some evil scientist could revive the bbsaurus wrecks in the future

Redpill as in what?

Redpill as in realization that other races must be exterminated? Then Likud and other zionists.

Redpill as in realization that jews are cancer race and must be wiped out? There's the ultraorthodox jews.

Ocasio is jewish and goes to Synagogue and Omar is also Semitic. Its like being an Ancient Egyptian having to deal with the Hiksos and Israelites jewing you at the same time, you just want them all to leave you alone.

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BWAHAHAHAHA…ok…yikes, if you say so.

I just hope I live to the time when Bibi goes full war mode instead of the subversion shit going nowadays.

Is he an accelerationist because he believes in the doomsday prophecies of the third temple and such?

Trust me, I have less respect for AOC and Illhan Omar than the zionist jews.

At least the zionist jews are honest in their desire of world destruction.

Yeah…semite wars against semites…

Ready?!?! FIGHT!!!…
Rock em' sock em' semites.

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Except this war would be against european.

Look what he wrote, Bibi decides to takeover South Africa and what was Rhodesia.

This is gonna trigger a war between euro, nogs, chinks and semites.

I believe jews as a whole deserve to be wiped out and so does the majority on this board.

I agree.

They are enemies, but at least they are respectable enemies.

No because he's an idiot, has no morals and is totally corrupt. For example instead of stepping down (what any sane person would do) he's instead consolidating power while using the tools of the state to harass his enemies. This only ends one of two ways:

1. Bibi is successful and turns Israel into an openly fascist state armed with nuclear weapons, in which case we're no better than North Korea. He blows up most of the middle east and Africa with airstrikes to take control of it's resources (or simply deny them to others), creating a situation where endless war is tolerated. This likely ends with Israel getting destroyed as we'd have then destroyed others.

2. Bibi is unsuccessful and burns himself, his party and his country down when he does something that pisses off America. For example, blowing up Iran's nuclear power plant and killing more people than Hitler, Stalin and Mao combined while also really fucking up the atmosphere. In this case we get sanctioned, our quality of life is ruined, then we have to let non-citizen arabs in who, by that point, will not be open to peace.

There really is no greater goal here than Bibi himself acquiring greater wealth and power. At this point he's just another criminal, basically a mob boss.

I expect we would withdraw like a panic turd and let the subhumans fight it out…tahdah…we will then inherit the Earth.

They were on /b/ too shit talking Christianity. Weren't even low key about it, one of them spelt God as "g*d" which is a signature kike move.

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actually it's a turk move considering it was berkay who popularized it. 4/int/ mods have permabanned him so many times that using asterisks in words has become a meme. He continues to make 4/pol/ awful with his retarded (usually anti-white or at least anti-white american) spamming.

They are all semites…all damned by god to Hell…I don't the asterisk is going to make much difference. Superstitious retards…average 84 IQ

Berkay popularized it because he's a kike himself.

no he's just brain damaged he got banned from the heb imageboard too

What else you feel like I should know about Israeli politics (domestic and foreign)?, I'm curious.

Jews may have 84 iq… but you have 0.1 IQ you fucking nazi retard fuck hitler

That it's become much worse than Zig Forums. Anyone who dare criticizes Bibi now is accused of being a secret Islamist or a communist who would cuck out to them. Ever read the Turner Diaries? That's the mentality of Bibi's supporters. It's a pathetic state of affairs and will only gets worse as he attempts to make it outright illegal to criticize him. This greatly increases the chances of a hugely violent conflict over the West Bank.

By the way, remember that the Iraqis and Afghanis are peacefully kicking America out. Once again for the 3rd time America with withdraw forces before a major reelection, just as they did in 2011 and 2003. End result will be another Islamist group (first the Insurgency then ISIS) popping up and Trump will be forced to either recommit ground troops, approve a *major* air campaign (think Operation Menu but larger) or cut and run. Option #3 is the most likely because America's attention will be moved elsewhere (Taiwan or Cuba, due to tensions with China and Russia). Trump will entrust stewardship of the region to Bibi, who is unprepared for the type of unlimited warfare that will begin. He's a spy, even though he was a solider he is accustomed to under-the-counter operations not trench warfare. Look at the Iran-Iraq war for what we'll have at our own borders.

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