Phil Schneider and the Ayys

Oldfags know all about Phil Schneider and the battle between the humans and the ayys at Dulce.
For those fresh to 8/pol/ from cuckchan, I'd like to give you a quick rundown on the battle of the ayys vs humans.
You may or may not know that grays are a very real entity that the United States of America and Russia and of course Mein Fuhrer all were familiar with.


Phil was assassinated in 1996. He's alleged to have survived over a dozen attempts on his life prior to the final hit. His story is renown in the truther community, and whether or not you believe in ayys, his is by far the most important of any tale of extraterrestrial occurrences.

If you venture down that rabbit hole, be sure to read the comments on all the videos. The Goyim Know. Enjoy.

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disinfo agent probably still living in some underground base today. ps flat earth.

Probably true tbh
I believe him

Are Greys the niggers of outer space?

He's dead.
Glowniggers have now and always were terrified of Phil Schneider

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They're chinks from the future.


Nah more like the Asians: short, slanted eyes, and perpetually pissed off the other species **like our
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That's bullshit but I believe it.

The Goyim Know

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About the ayyys? I thought the kikes were afraid of the ayyys?

Explain how he isa jew?

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Mongoloids are scientifically giant babies, similar to how dogs maintain a wolf's puppy features. Ayys are giant fetuses, it's the obvious next step in bug people evolution.

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Kikes aren't homosapiens.
Kikes are Neanderthals.

WOW Phil Schneider on Zig Forums
This is internets 1995 when conspiracy central was the bittorrent king of everything that was not mainstream.

phil schiender was telling the truth, body language tells all

Neanderthals are afraid of ayys, then?

We need to send some anons to go spelunking in DUMBs.

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Some theories said that the greys are generically engineered clones and considered "genetically lesser" by the other races of the galactic alliance. They're sent to do the shit tasks like probe monkeys on waterworld and stuff.

How long until they figure out our ass doesn't house the braincle?

kind of a shit video
7 minutes of alien stories
75 minutes of boomercore feel good preaching including mocking nazi germany and praising some random black guy, random pro gun tangents (which I agree with)

Oh goddamn, everything about that picture is just unbelievable, but it's ironic cuz most if not all of it is true or applicable.

haha fucking ayy

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Some theories says that they're not going for the brain. They want genetic material and have certain favourite parts of the body. Go watch pictures of suspected ayy cattle mutilations and then search for .br human mutilations to see a striking resemblance.

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Other theories point towards individuals with families. Read up on J-rod the ayy.

Almost all of the '90s conspiracy-pushers were kosher conmen, there's no reason to think Phil Schneider was any different.

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This, all the cattle and human mutilations focus on certain parts of the body, and are usually surgically removed to remarkable lengths. Anywhere from cattle to horses to goats and shit, every one of them has parts of their face removed, ears, and their anuses holed out, it's pretty fucked up. Watch Richard D Hall's video on it, it's one of the better ones out there.
Btw, I was never too much of an ayylmao believer, until I seen and read about the cattle mutilations (and human). That's not to say it's FOR SURE ayylmaos, but it's weird regardless, especially for humans to be doing it.

What convinced me was Richard Dolan pls and his academic approach to the officially released UFO material.

low quality schizo thread

Richard Hall mentioned him a few times, never watched or read anything about him other than that frankly, but I'll be sure to check it out.
I like threads like this, becuase they allow anons who have an interest in this shit to discover more secrets kikes have hidden, despite OP bei g a fag since a lot of guys from that guys time were more than likely conmen and jew agents to spread discourse due to the amount of paranormal shit being documented. Though, that could be said about anyone in this field, so I can't be judgemental.

Don't know about the ayyys but the dumbs obviously are a real thing, nuclear powered tunnel borers exist

Now if memory serves me correctly Phil was found with surgical tubing wrapped around his neck a little to tightly.
AND of course it was deemed to be a suicide.

They weren't grey, they were purple.

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Eh Zig Forumsacks have seen me sperg enough about this topic, but to reiterate I've been working with Tall Whites for spans of time that aren't really comparable to a lifetime. Doing a bit of mercenary work to pass the time. They caught me sneaking off here, for reasons that are still a bit hazy to me ATM. But nonetheless I've been completing all my missions and hitting all my checkpoints, so here we are, with me still miraculously alive.

So sure, I go OBE for most things, but Tall Whites have physical bodies that can exist here too. I figure I'll do to your planet what I do to all the planets I show up on. Whatever that is. It's whatever the Tall Whites can't do, since I still manage to surprise them regularly. I'm a random miracle factory, and nobody really knows who I am. Just that I was here before all of you and I'll be here long after, I'll be the last one who remembers you. Not sure how that makes you feel, but there you have it

the purpose of these con men was fundamentally to muddy the waters when the real shit came down. Thus, when 911 was pulled off, they started shrieking about aliens and area 54 and the moon landing being a fake.

Still me, and I'm going to switch to advanced formatting now. Anyway I'm glad you brought this up, because there are a few things I felt like saying again. First off is about the frequency you live in, and you'll want to note that frequency is almost synonymous with emotional state. The frequency we find ourselves in is what I call "mortal terror", and it's a very good description. Basically, think of how a prey animal feels being chased by wolves, or maybe like a horror movie where Jason is always coming for you. That's you, that's your emotional state. If it weren't, you wouldn't be here. Even the happiest person at their most content still exists in this state, here. It's the base level of consciousness on this level of this planet. I know this because I can tune up and down from here, so I know the exact frequency I need to hit to make it back in.

In my opinion, if you want to have a shot at escaping this place, which I refer to as a hell, the way to go is to work on your emotional range. You gotta really stretch it, reach from absolute faith and ecstasy down to horror and despair, and learn to enjoy both equally. You've got to figure out that you're not your experiences, and just let it all go. Stop caring so much, don't give even the slightest fuck at all, and then you'll be able to really care. It's a bit hard to explain.

As for the ayys? If they were so powerful they wouldn't need to hire me now, would they? And apparently I think there's something in humanity worth paying attention to, or obviously I wouldn't subject myself to the debased state I'm in at the moment just to talk to you nerds. I take it on faith at this point, because I trust the big Me, of which the me you respond to is merely the tip of a little finger poking into your stagnant pond of a shit-tier universe. So congratulations, now don't disappoint me because I tend to leave no survivors when I scrap a project. Best of luck

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This x1000. It was always about sowing discourse.

It's the same thing they did with the JFK assassination. They created a bunch of fake conspiracy theories about "grassy knolls" to distract from the real conspiracy (that Oswald was trained by Russia and assisted by pro-Castroites in the US). Rockwell wrote about it in White Power.

Wait, what? The real conspiracy is that Oswald DID assassinate JFK with a magic bullet? I'm confused, is that what you mean? Because I'm pretty sure he got one up close and personal by someone in the car to the back of the melon. It's not exactly my bag but I'm fairly convinced it wasn't a lone gunman scenario.

Oswald did it, user. Don't even try to say "he couldn't have made those shots", he was a Marine sniper who had additional practice in the USSR. The real question is WHO put Oswald up to it.

I don't care to engage in a fucking JFK debate, but I simply don't believe you. Is this some kind of reverse-psychology shilling to increase the amount of believing in ayys? Because nobody is going to listen to someone who says ayys don't real and JFK was merc'd by a lone gunman in the same breath. Or are you just a really shit-tier glownigger? Honestly, it's hard to determine which type of retard I'm dealing with in every instance. It's all so tiresome

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I advise you look into the backgrounds of some of the authors pushing the extra bullet theory. Mark Lane, Joachim Joesten, Harold Weissberg, Jay Epstein… look into their political affiliation. And their ethnicity.

Not sure if i believe Schneider, but Travis Walton meeting grays and them taking him to a Space Aryan base is something else.

Short synopsis;

Ill leave the rest for you to hear about.

Maybe they are just trophies and you guys don't understand it.

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Congratulations since you are part of it as well.

Read Final Judgment. Rockwell's mentor, DeWest Hooker, who he credits with first teaching him to "know the cunning and evil ways of the enemy" in the dedication to This Time the World, and said was the "nearest thing to a Nazi since the Bund", had the ANP attack JFK at Joe Kennedy's request to help him get elected. That chapter in White Power was either GLR keeping up the charade or not being aware of Hooker's true intentions.

The last image is the three most relevant pages of Final Judgment, or you can listen to Michael Collins Piper tell the story on his final podcast before his death in 2015.

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I should also add, Final Judgment was published by Willis Carto, one of Rockwell's early backers. They used to meet in Lafayette Square Park, on the same Bench where Bernard Baruch would give the shabbos goyim in the White House their marching orders.

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greys are not "real" aliens, they are bio robots without souls. programmable life forms. there are different models available. there are no genders they reproduce through cloning. apparently they were once a race but got put through an evolutionary bottleneck by a predatory race (sound familiar?) and lost their ability to naturally have children, this in turn led to synthetic augmentation and their genetic enslavement by being turned into robot clone slaves.

Scumbags like this guy should be burned alive publicly. What a clown, profiting off of impressionable and naive fellow whites. Aliens my ass. Fuck this guy.


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50 Shades of Grey Alien

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