2025 Paradigm Shift

Traditionalists have a few problems. One is the triumph of liberal-egalitarian democracy. Another is the death of God, underlined and punctuated most succinctly by Nietzsche in his seminal work, "Thus spoke Zarathustra". Finally, most vexing of all- what to do in the face of these and other, lesser struggles? The paths ahead are near infinite, and, like a slave, the moment one breaks from the chains of establishment rhetoric and the highly artificial, cultivated mainstream opinions, this freedom itself can seem oppressive- it overwhelms the senses, and petrifies the body, which, wanting so desperately to sprint in the opposite direction of the plantations, finds itself anchored to the spot by uncertainty. In this writing, I shall first set the stage by explaining in detail the nature of our problems. I shall then rebuke which pathways are merely a retreading of the same tired problem- finally, I shall discuss what is necessary in order for a real, substantive change of any effect in magnitude, that is not only viable, but demonstrably worthy of supporting. And this will not necessarily be limited to one choice.

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In order to arrive at a clear picture of the problem, we must first go back to it's roots- Colonial America, and Monarchic France. Many of you already know the story- a mad despot of a King in what was Great Britain at the time, and in another, a nation of irresponsible rule, marked mostly foolish economic choices and a seeming neglect of the population. A bad recipe under any form of government, to be sure. And, as is natural, the underclasses, seeing their leaders neglect their duties so, abandoned their loyalties, tearing down what was, in the hope of building something new. Nations of strong constitutions resisted this disease, but it was seemingly far too strong. Why? Why were these powers, seemingly diffuse, able to overcome these vast imperial powers? Simple- they embraced industry in it's totality. And I do not mean simply the industry of money-economy. What is the draft if not an industrial process, the mass machining of the common citizen into the citizen-soldier? Monarchies fought much differently- they fought with relatively small contingents of highly specialized forces. Democracies and Communist states fight simply by obtaining as many citizens as they can, drilling them in the art of war, handing them weapons, and pointing them in the general direction of the enemy. Their relative lack of specialization is made up for by their sheer number, which quickly overwhelms even the most well-trained, well-equipped contingents. The morality of the draft- the negative effects of conducting war in such a manner- these are irrelevant. What matters is what works, and what works determines who wins. That is the first problem- the problem which eventually destroyed every single great Empire of the old world.

As this occurred, secularization within the culture, along with the degrading privations of Public government, to say nothing of the industry which it promotes, lead to the erosion of the cultural values of all the peoples subject to this new form of social organization. Thus, the Death of God, as described by Nietzsche. Many misunderstand him- but to briefly sum up his attitudes towards this problem, Nietzsche was not at all celebrating this- many Christians and even the more nihilistic atheists, to say nothing of Postmodernists, imagine Nietzsche standing over God's corpse, knife in hand, dancing atop it- perhaps pissing on it. This is monumentally false- Nietzsche lamented the death of God for the tragedy it was, and staunchly rejected nihilism as an end, for nihilism in his mind was the problem to be faced once people realized God's death. Which naturally brings us to the Weimar Republic- every vice which Democracy brings with it, inflamed and exacerbated by the ruin WW1 had brought with it. A permeating nihilism marked by child trafficking, prostitution, mass debt, hyperinflation, and a bewildered population utterly spent of all hope, idly wasting their time with escapist fantasies brought to them by the well-funded theatres. Homosexuality, promiscuity, and even the phenomenon of transgenderism were common. No country at that time had been more aware of the death of God than the German people, and no country would be better equipped to deal with this and other problems than the party which had the necessary outlook to understand and treat the problem. Thus, the Weimar Republic naturally- some would say, inevitably- transformed into Hitler's Germany. Italy and Japan, marked by similar stagnation and repression by global powers, came to similar conclusions, though both the means and the ends themselves were radically different from one another, country to country.

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But what were these powers, that so many know of, yet so few understand? Simply put, it was a reaction against Democracy, and against Communism, and all the ills present within both. Further, it was a rebuttal of those who, at the time, saw a revival of Monarchism as it existed in the days of old as the solution. Monarchism, the agrarian, Imperial caste system of old, fought those wars, and they lost resoundingly, not due to inherent imperfections within their mode of governance, as proponents of Democracy and Communism proclaim, but rather, as an outdated form of economic organization. Democracy and Communism, relative to Monarchism, conduct their economic policy always as modes of War economies, for these systems must always be at war to survive. Only in Monarchy can a true "peacetime economy" exist, due to the way in which Monarchy conducts war (at least between other organized states). The highly autocratized and absolute powers vested in unelected officials whose success is chained to the success of the state is the superior method by which to govern, but the agrarian model is vastly inferior, and thus, in order to compete, slight changes within governance must be made- and vast changes to economics must be made, in order to be competitive relative to industrialized Democratic-Communist powers. This is something which Italy and Japan had yet to understand, and something which Hitler understood perfectly, which is why he was seen as the principal villain of the Axis, even before he began to expand his territory, and even before news of his deportation camps had reached the ears of the Allies.

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And due to this superior mode of economics and governance, Hitler's Germany, to a lesser degree Hirohito's Japan, and to a far lesser degree Mussolini's Italy, three barely developed, newly industrialized, still largely agrarian powers, managed to shake the foundations of the world around them- and indeed it required the whole world's most strenuous efforts to stop these relatively puny semi-agrarian economic powers.

Knowing how close they came to victory, we can now understand why the leadership in nearly every "Western" country acts in the manner it does- their priorities have shifted from representing the best interests of their people, to radical economic and social policies designed to ensure that such powers may never again rise. Abandoning at once the ethos of Democracy as "by the people, for the people", and instead settling for "by the Establishment, for the Establishment", we see now that their aims are the preservation of Democracy at any cost- even if it requires the subversion and ultimate destruction of these very Democracies, and the people they are supposed to be representing.

In hindsight, we may see the arc of modern history as having three separate phases-

"Pre-Enlightenment"- Primordial imperial monarchies, which nearly all noteworthy states held to in one or another form before the Enlightenment.

"The Enlightenment"- Democracy, Socialism, Communism, Republicanism, and most Libertarianism falls under this. This is what we have now.

"Post Enlightenment"- Hans-Hermann Hoppe's Monarchic Libertarianism, Mussolini's Fascist Syndicalism, Hitler's National-Socialist Third position economics, and Imperial Japan's economic policies (which needed no name, for, in possession of a well-established sovereign, had no need to reverse-engineer economic policies from the ruins of modern capitalism as Italy and Germany did.) See also: Gaddafi's Libya, which was quite clearly Socialist in name only.

Thus, the people, desiring an effectual means of resistance against the tyranny of the modern Democratic state, must abandon Democracy wholesale, and run in the opposite direction entirely of Communist modes of thought. More of the Enlightenment will not free the people from The Enlightenment. After all, these are the Establishment- these are the great powers which control the world. Who and what can be held responsible for our plight but them? Going backward to that which has already failed in spite of it's own hegemony is not an option. Learn from the ancient dead, as the dead are wise- but the dead are dead for a REASON. Cling not to that which is dying today, for the dying are dying for a REASON. Neither will save us- only we can save ourselves, and if we perish from this Earth, it will be only due to our own inaction in the face of mortal peril.

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Kali yuga ends in 2025

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Exactly! We need a new religion to usher in a new politic to usher in the new humans.

A church that embraces science and the soul. A political state that is morally conservative and fiscally libertarian. A daily life that stimulates the body and the mind!

Contemporary analysis of historical data from the last 11 millennia…. Kali Yuga has either ended recently in the past 100 to 200 years, or is to end soon sometime in the next 100 years.

The size of civilization is a serious cause for enlightenment government's power, as you stated that these states are effective as war machines because of their ability to run an economy and make manpower.
That advantage decreases in a extreme scarcity of resources or high-technology situation.
If humans are able to build tools that can effectively 1v1 (or better) 1v30 humans with small arms, then a minority player with the technology/ tool can effectively oppress unlimited people. This tool can be terminator robots or fap machines.
Secondly, the scarcity of resources scenario players out as the planet is raped dry of resources and ecology. We need other life forms to create the base from which to sustain a human population. The earth requires vast amounts of bacteria to support a lesser biomass of plants and cell wall fuckers and then there's animals. If we fuck up this natural order that we are a part of, the human population must decrease too (this means famine and ecological disaster.)

Post-Enlightenment government has technology to run a direct democracy. A literal republic of the people. Every person has a duty to be an educated member of society (for their UBI? you decide) and trust in science to make things better and practice pluralism in the political sphere. If god is dead then morality is shackles. Decentralized courts, hash-signed votes. Does it devolve into a dictatorship of the people? It depends on who the people are. This system doesn't work as well in heterogeneous countries for sure whihc is where they are headed. D&C baby.

TL;DR: I think we try Democracy again after the Jacobian Republican Dictatorship and it ends in a shitshow because the population is divided. Where to then? Idk depends if earth is dead or not and how strong bots are.

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Evola already gave us the answer, and he formed it out of the ashes of Nietzsche.

We must not be complacent! Remember to be active in your community. Do your part, and the coming dawn will shine a little brighter because of you.

Sorry to disappoint.

I would describe it as being in tune with the Masculine, constructive, and Solar aspect of Nature- as an aspect of order. But yes, on the whole, absolutely!

"Democracy" has always been possible. But rarely has it been a force for good, ruled by wise and accountable leadership. Worse still, even when these "good" Democracies were founded, they decayed immediately following the death of their founding elite.

You speak of "the duty of the people to be an educated member of society". What proponents of Democracy seem to not understand, time and time again, is that the goals you set for the whole mass of people can only be reached in full by small fractions of highly gifted individuals in any given time and place. Nature does not do equal- it would be a cosmic joke of a coincidence if it did. Who do you want ruling you? A mass of average men, or those within a given population who are truly Elite morally, physically, and intellectually? A sane man would pick the Elite every single time. The fact that we are not ruled by true Elites today is a great weakness of ours. Our own Founding Fathers attempted to mitigate this by limiting the Franchise to free, white, land owning men because they understood this very problem.

Similarly, your claim:

Nietzsche's own response to the dilemma of God's death lead to his concept of the Ubermensch, leading us to the dialectic between Master morality and Slave morality. Nietzsche made it quite clear in his writing that the group of people who are Masters in any given group of people are the minority. Slaves are as common as dirt- your average joes. Your proletariat. Your lemmings. Not every man can be a Master. Not every man ought to be a Master. Not every man would even want to be a Master if given the opportunity. This idea of equal distribution of political power is refuted by common sense, to say nothing of it's results in practice.

People are not equal in any respect- not as individuals, not as groups. Trying to model your government or economy around a premise that assumes they are, on the notion that they "ought to be", has produced nothing but easily avoidable chaos, self inflicted hardships, and foolish, disastrous wars.

Read the works of the men whose ideas you parrot first before you cite their ideas as the basis for your own proposals.

I'd argue most of us still understate it tbh.

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'It began in 3102 BC and will last only 428898 years.' - Brockhaus & Efron.

Makes your shit hard to read, son. I've come to the conclusion that phoneformatting is fine for short posts like mine, but you'll want to switch to a more technically precise format when dropping walls of text, otherwise you'll appear uneducated even if you may not be. Not to mention it's harder to read, shit formatting is visually confusing. I'll demonstrate in the following post.

As this occurred, secularization within the culture, along with the degrading privations of Public government–to say nothing of the industry which it promotes–lead to the erosion of the cultural values of all the peoples subject to this new form of social organization. Thus, the Death of God, as described by Nietzsche. Many misunderstand him, but to briefly sum up his attitudes towards this problem, Nietzsche was not at all celebrating this. Many Christians and even the more nihilistic atheists, to say nothing of Postmodernists, imagine Nietzsche standing over God's corpse, knife in hand, dancing atop it, perhaps pissing on it. This is monumentally false: Nietzsche lamented the death of God for the tragedy it was, and staunchly rejected nihilism as an end, for nihilism in his mind was the problem to be faced once people realized God's death.

Which naturally brings us to the Weimar Republic: every vice which Democracy brings with it, inflamed and exacerbated by the ruin WW1 had brought with it. A permeating nihilism marked by child trafficking, prostitution, mass debt, hyperinflation, and a bewildered population utterly spent of all hope, idly wasting their time with escapist fantasies brought to them by the well-funded theatres. Homosexuality, promiscuity, and even the phenomenon of transgenderism were common. No country at that time had been more aware of the death of God than the German people, and no country would be better equipped to deal with this and other problems than the party which had the necessary outlook to understand and treat the problem. Thus, the Weimar Republic naturally–some would say, inevitably–transformed into Hitler's Germany. Italy and Japan, marked by similar stagnation and repression by global powers, came to similar conclusions, though both the means and the ends themselves were radically different from one another, country to country.

It's just superior. Free lessons are free, no charge for them

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I appreciate your advice in this regard, and I will be sure to heed it in future writings.

Thank you for your response. Wherever you are, be well.

Eh I've been an editor since I was 13, this has somehow become one of my major concerns in life. I'm afraid that in 20 more years people will be communicating solely with emojis. It's a serious concern of mine, I consider it to be a huge weapon the ZOG uses to dumb people down. Anyway I'll read through the thread too

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If you're creating a religion wholesale, you don't believe it. You know it's a fraud. I'm not saying this from a partisan or religious standpoint.

The internet autism that afflicts us all causes everything to take a utilitarian character.

Just tell the truth.

It's not hard and brought us from being an ignored group on cuckchan into a major force in politics.

Jews want us to chase our tails and construct some sort of facade around ourselves. It's against our nature. We're not defending walls, we're burning their countryside.

I support only the revitalization of the well-founded ancestral European spiritual cultures. The New-agey bullshit of making up a completely new religion is foreign to me.

I am telling the truth as I see it- and my statements here only briefly touch on religion, focusing more narrowly on politics. If I had decided to make a post regarding religion, it would have been three times as long.

That point was more to lead into my next. We live in an empire of lies, telling the truth has caused the machinations dedicated to our destruction to falter. Pardon my segue.

It was a point of contention because I've seen that idea posited in many thread and I conflated two different threads so again, apologies for putting words into your mouth.

The greater point is that I see a different conflict than you do. A lot of ideas have been thrown around in terms of "curing" the disease. I'll use a poorly thought out metaphor: They are more similar to termites in a foundation or wisteria choking a tree. Support may be needed later on to stabilize/refit but an idea of uprooting will solve the problem.

Simply put-isn't some sort of structural flaw, we've been abused. It's a problem of simply expelling what ails us. In German I think it's "ausrotten". I worry about all the cultish stuff that crops up on here because everyone wants to assign complexity to our misfortune when it's pretty simple.

I think we've internalized what they have been telling us (I know I have), that there's something wrong with us at our core. Inflicting and then gaslighting us that we did it to ourselves.

I also very much agree on your point about Nietzsche, though I'd argue that he was much better at pointing out problems than coming up with solutions.


As far as our current democracies go, they were (mostly) solidly built, but their protective coating against the termites faded until it at least was gone in it's entirety. So on the one hand, you are right- not purely a structural problem. But my alternatives to Democracy are offered in light of the weakness of Democracy to subversive elements in both the realm of Capital, as well as the realm of Public affairs. I think a more autocratic system would be less porous, and thus, less prone to subversion.

Apart from these minor quibbles, I agree with you in large part.

Thats retarded, like saying the same of a political ideology.

I misread the context again, my bad on that. Comprehension is not my strong suit tonight. I very much agree with you. Was reading "we" as people rather than government.

However, it's important to maintain a level of decentralization. To create a more "corporate" state having the people keep moral authority with the ruler as a representation of that authority is the only stability that we can achieve in an ever changing world.

Our current democracies have fundamentally destroyed the natural power dynamics. The leader is someone gifted enough to light a bright path while the people keep the flame alive against antagonistic factions that seek to snuff it out.

Crowdsourcing is effective, but only with a goal in front of them. A crowd with no direction is just a mob.

Governments consist of people, they are mundane. People aren't God(s). Two very different topics. Conflating them leads to the same sort of messianic politics that destroyed Eastern Europe.

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And are grounded in ideas, which are anything but mundane.
A government CONSISTS of people, but is grounded in ideas - they people that compose the government are acting within the behavioral context of the ideas which the government, as a conceptual entity, seeks to espouse.

We aren't talking about people, we're talking about ideas.
To create an ideological political system, you have to discern what ideas are important - what is the Truth. This is EXACTLY what religion ought be aimed at achieving within the context of the spiritual - a methodology for examining the world and exploring that spiritual Truth.

No, in fact, I wager, in truth, or perhaps Truth, the exact opposite - that Gods ARE ideas manifesting as consequence of mortal belief/thought. This is why I cannot buy into the notion of monotheism akin to that proposed by Abrahamism, and I wager a large component of why monotheistic beliefs make little sense to many of those in the modern world, especially amongst European stock whose ancestors for 30,000 years were espousing a different sort of spiritual infrastructure.

I can't say that I'm familiar with what you're referring to.

This, however, is… This is the core, right here.

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Yeah, that really stuck out to me too.

The user is talking about the E. Michael Jone's "Jewish Revolutionary Spirit". Same language and very interesting stuff.
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I think this line gets to the core of the problem, which is essentially the regression of the castes.
A society with a central authority and a ruler who rules by vocation and not simple appointment, must be heavily stratified in order to survive. Participation in the various different levels of society must have distinct meaning depending on what one actually does. When it comes to the regal castes, the warrior caste, the economic class and the laborer caste I imagine I'm preaching to the choir and we all understand what is meant when I say these things.

The problem, though, is that the economic necessity you speak of in the mass economy of production and the universalization of military service reaches across the boundaries of caste and obligates people to do things that they are essentially, vocationally unfit to do. Drafting craftsmen, merchants, public servicemen, etc. to do fighting just results in an All Quiet on the Western Front situation, where these people see nothing but horror in war because they are not equipped (be it genetically, spiritually, or whatever) to handle it properly. As you say, though, the increased numbers this affords is an advantage that cannot be neglected if the nation is to live and remain free. The caste regression has occurred by unavoidable necessity to live. (The problem goes both ways as well, since those who are of a warrior's vocation will be forced to participate in civilian life when there is no war for lack of any sort of fraternal soldier's orders).

This caste regression can't simply be ignored because it will create too much resentment against the monarch and whatever governmental force chooses to wage war, since war can no longer be waged without reaching across castes in an invasive way that is guaranteed to erode the legitimacy in the eyes of the masses over time. It would no longer be a vocational relationship between sovereign and subject, it would be a forceful one. This problem can only be avoided with charisma, the kind that Hitler had and that only comes once every several centuries, but this obviously can't be maintained down an entire dynasty.

In order for this problem to be rectified, some change must occur in the world that necessitates a caste structure, at which point the natural hierarchy will simply reassert itself by its evident rightness. I think this will probably come from technology, sort of like what was getting at, but without the democratic aspect. If some invention were to come around that made waging war a highly specialized job, that could fix the whole problem provided the proper cultural currents were in place for it. Soldiers would be those who were specifically adapted for it, and there would no drafting burghers and whatnot, if doing so would only turn them into useless cannon fodder.

Ironically, when I see people like Brenton Tarrant, it restores my hope in this future possibility. Technology puts more power in the hands of individuals then ever before, but only very few are willing to use this power to proper ends. Of those who do, castes will begin to reform. Just this one man was able to strike so much fear into the hearts of those who oppose us. He's clearly a warrior, though and through.
My thoughts on this aren't that developed, but your excellent thread has given me an opportunity to do so. Thank you.

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The illegitimacy of creating a religion stems from people attempting to mimic the other religions with their construction - writing in old English, being intentionally esoteric, and thinking these sorts of things 'future-proof' the religion. I think that it's necessary for the whole of modern conception to be overturned for the greatest possible results. If people hold any idea above or at equal with their existence and the existence of their people, they're betraying any sort of divine nobility there could possibly be.
I think a modern religion is totally doable provided that it's more of a philosophical-ideological system fitted to the modern context. Old styled religions much like monarchies are outdated and really cannot function in high-information societies in my opinion.

The values of the philosophy could really just be absorbed by reading pol, but in specific, it would be third-wayist philosophy where the world is not rejected but embraced as the means towards spiritual growth.

I've thought the same. High investment technologies that dramatically improve soldier quality, genetic modifications, scientific weapons utilizing nature in complex ways, etc. could all potentially affect combat but they all rely on underdeveloped technologies. I think that the interim step is that leadership will have to make up the difference - charisma is important, but a dramatic break with modern military doctrine into new strategies unforeseen could potentially do the work of those technologies for as long as they remain unpredictable.

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I would mostly agree with you. However, I think you're wrong when you perpetuate the myth that the enlightenment was the root of modern government. Most enlightenment thinkers wanted strong government, they wanted "enlightened absolutists" with as few checks as possible. Really, the Enlightenment era governments should be absolutist and the imperial monarchies in their strongest form. Since Enlightenment though did eventually lead to democracy, without directly causing it, you should put democracy, socialism, and the others under "Post Enlightenment". Likewise, you should put the third position ideologies under a "Post-post-enlightenment"

While it's true that enlightened despotism was an oft-advocated position, it's also a fact that the French Revolution and that style of politic and warfare were generated by the ideals of the era - even if the nuance of those ideals was lost. Really, the enlightenment is most responsible for being a tool of propaganda that could appeal to the lowest common denominator.

And thank you for taking the time to add to the discussion. You bring up many excellent points, and explain them well.

interesting read don't have much to add

I agree with what you're saying about mimicking other religions, but I feel the need to point out that this kind of seemingly overly obtuse esotericism has its own value. It adds an initiatory aspect to a practice, group, tradition, etc., which essentially serves to prevent any old fag from entering and contributing intellectually to whatever it is. It ensures that only a certain type of person, of a certain vocation, can enter, thereby preventing it from becoming trivialized and losing its meaning. It's sort of like how chan culture works to keep outsiders away. The people who truly belong here will adapt and assimilate easily, whereas those who aren't will fuck off back to Twitter or reddit or wherever. It's for lack of initiatory practices that hobbies become infiltrated by casuals and women who don't actually care about them.

The way to future proof a religion (and the object of initiation through esotericism) is to keep its study and promulgation out of the hands of those who aren't suited to it, i.e. the "laypeople". The Catholic church stood monolithically for so long because it was able to do this for a long time. Once Martin Luther started the reformation and translations apart from central authority were being made of the Bible it was all over.

In general, though, I share your exact sense about what this Religion needs to be; I also believe it will come to closely resemble classical Pagan mythology with a touch more abstraction.

This will be "The Man that Comes After" that Hitler and the Grimm Brothers spoke of, or the "Returned King" that Julius Evola spoke of, who will be the catalyst for the beginning of the Transitional period towards a new Golden Age.

In any case, we have a lot of fighting ahead and things will likely get worse before they get better. But be strong, anons. Be the Solar Stronghold.

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bump thread

Sage thread.

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I disagree with the idea of intentional obfuscation.

Religion-wise Christianity was dominant in the west because it could be thrown out to the masses so easily. List of fundamentals with a deeper levels available to those who were there to hone it further. Christianity as an institution has fallen because it was attacked and great effort was taken to undercut moral authority.

Bending ourselves backward to personalize what we represent in the form of a religion is pointless, look at where we are. (((Those in power))) present us as faceless bogeymen and that's just fine. It doesn't impede us, all we have to show the normal person is that we're the bogeymen to the real monsters and aren't hostile to them. Show what's wrong and present a solution.

National Socialism was somewhat similar, leadership lit the way, the people kept the fire going. Cloistering isn't the way forward. You're (rightfully) concerned about dilution, but consider when Zig Forums was most powerful. There were several deeper levels but no barrier to the layman, an adherent was an adherent. Done and done. The levels of obfuscation were just a pathway to corruption. We self-enforce more effectively than law enforcement.

What you might be forgetting is that our enemies are much better at driving people to us than we are at swelling the ranks. By acting as a sort of support network that produces value, other people normalize our message for us. We're right and that's all that we need to be.

Resolute and righteous, not scheming and hidden. The constant shilling toward a religious perspective is really suspicious to me, it seems like an alienation tactic rather than a sensible strategy.

The best clue for this is how kikes are trying to usher in the new world order. They are aware about the cycle of humanity and they delude themselves with the thought that creating a paradise for the top people and create suffering all below them is the golden age. The truth is that them and their system vanishing from Earth is the start of Kali Yuga. They think they can cheat God, they always thought like they can outsmart nature and God with their psychopathic mindset, which is very foolish. Their haste is the clue that the myths are calling its arrival very soon. They really think they can control this. They are wrong. It will explode in their face in never before seen scale. It will be true hell for everyone when the war will start at the last stand of evil. Every prophecy says the 21st century is it. Even the very rare astrological events are happening one by one in this decade which are claimed as signs. This really is no joke. Afterall it's a miracle that these evil bastards still stand at this stage of existence.

Do not worry there are mind blowing technologies at hand. It only needs deciphering. Information is scattered but it is out there to rediscover.

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Read the entire thread and still don’t understand what the fuck is going on. Are we Evolians now?

wonderful, fucking great, I'll be 68 fucking years old, couldn't you fuckers have done this ten years ago????

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Bumping a high quality thread, thank you OP. Have you considered expanding on this subject and creating a pdf?

Evola was right about most things, but the truths he outlined are not his exclusively. If I, the almighty user, proclaim upon a holy mount that "water is wet", you can acknowledge that water is indeed wet without being "anonist" or professing your "anonism".

Why are you waiting on others to do your duty for you? Isn't that what got us into this mess?

I've written about similar topics elsewhere for quite a long time. Suppose I were to expand on this topic- what would you like to see addressed?

I cant be fucking bothered.
Enjoy this amusing gif of a nigger trying to lick shit of the roof of its mouth while wearing a hat.

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Liberalism has always been the driving force behind Western Civilization. Stop calling leftists liberals because they are not classical liberals would be considered conservative and traditional by today's standards. Even the pagans, atheists, and cultists of old who systematically persecuted by the established religious orders had more sense that the leftists of today.

It's classical liberals who create democratic republics. The free market and the middle class rose out of mercanary forces who would fight for money and the artisans who would forge their weapons for a fair asking price.

There was a time when there were no republics to speak of and no democracy and the state and religion were in bed together and controlled everything. It was called the dark ages for a reason.

It's funny how people conflate communism with liberalism and democracy. You people need to read about classical Greek era civilizations of the bronze age and how they already had hot and cold running water and showered every day. The Egyptians of the time were already using antibiotics and medicine was highly advanced. Ancient Persians had the first medical school.

What despotism and communist rulers have in common is murder. Let me draw a picture for you.

The Four Pests Campaign (Chinese: 除四害), was one of the first actions taken in the Great Leap Forward in China from 1958 to 1962. The four pests to be eliminated were rats, flies, mosquitoes, and sparrows. The extermination of sparrows is also known as Great Sparrow Campaign (Chinese: 打麻雀运动; pinyin: Dǎ Máquè Yùndòng) or Kill Sparrows Campaign (Chinese: 消灭麻雀运动; pinyin: Xiāomiè Máquè Yùndòng), which resulted in severe ecological imbalance, being one of the causes of the Great Chinese Famine.

Chinese journalist Yang Jisheng concluded there were 36 million deaths due to starvation, while another 40 million others failed to be born, so that "China's total population loss during the Great Famine then comes to 76 million."

76 million people died because communists thought sparrows were pests and decided to kill them. Can you think of anything in European history that parallels this? Oh yeah, the black death.

The Black Death, one of the most devastating pandemics in human history, spread across Europe between 1346 and 1353. It is widely believed that the plague was caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis.

This bacterium is commonly present in populations of fleas carried by rodents. It spread through the Mediterranean and Europe from Central Asia when sailors reached Crimea in 1343. At that time, black rats were regular passengers on merchant ships and it was most likely that they carried infected fleas back to Europe.

One of the best-known superstitions of the time was about the bad luck of cats and their association with the devil. So right wing Christians in their great wisdom kill off the cats which were the only thing keeping the rodent population at bay. People in Europe continued to kill cats for another 300 years and remained vulnerable to the plague when it swept through Europe again in the 1600s.

In the 1400s, the plague wiped out about 1, 000 villages in England alone and the population was perhaps half what it had been a hundred years earlier. It is estimated that 25 million people died from the plague during the Black Death, which was one-third of Europe’s people.

Let's get one thing straight stupid Christians killed the cats because they thought cats were the devil then the plague killed 25 million people, which was about 1/3 of Europe's population. The Chinese Communists killed the sparrows which were the only thing eating the bugs then there was an insect problem which led to famine killing about 76 million people.

I have an idea. Maybe instead of jacking off to Game of Thrones or WW2 Nazi bullshit on The History Channel, maybe pick up a real non-fiction book about classical civilization and read it.

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O hi Stefan Molyneux

Don't look at it as a burn. Look at it as a wake up call. Do what you can, that's all I'm asking. Take care of yourself. And if you're in a position to help out other like-minded individuals, do what you can. That's all. Hell, that's half the battle. The enemy wants us self-pitying, self-hating, paranoid, atomized, friendless, and weak. No more self pity, no more self hate, no more loneliness, no more weakness. Just pride, love, mutual respect, and strength. That's it. That's all. When the enemy pushes to break you back down, you fight back. That's the other half of the battle, and it's a long time coming.

Economy, should the model be copied from NSDAP? Or do you think there is room for improvement/change, since we have access to more advanced tech?
Maybe some words on religion as well, I think it's important for us to have a strong racial religion. With what kind of template should one start in the current stage in order to realize it all in the long run.
Is it smart to use the 88 Precepts for the basis?

I get that part, and lately, well, am improving on it. But the overall not doing, silence and shit in general is getting to me. It's perpetual and its empty, like nothing is happening in the world where everything is happening every minute.

Couldn't you have done it thirty years ago?

Even if they were, they're weak as all hell to subversion and spying. Sorry, but I'm not going to kick in the rotted out shed that is the current liberal-democratic world order just to replace it with the same damn thing that'll rot in the span of a few decades. To want to do that, you'd have to be literally retarded.

Stopped reading there. The way in which you speak, as well as the points you bring up only serve in showing how little you know of history. The resulting garbage fire being based on the original shoddy premise is beneath the dignity of criticism.

But I will point out for whoever is reading this:

Okay, let's have a little thought experiment.

user buys a house. And user is just so rich. He's so damn rich that he buys it outright, rather than paying in installments. But he still has to pay taxes for utilities- water, electricity, gas, so on. And that's all fine and dandy, because those are services. But he also has to pay a property tax- that is to say, a tax specifically for owning that property. A person with any sense knows where I am headed- this man is paying RENT. The implication being that the State, in fact, is the owner of the property, since what happens if you don't pay the property tax? You get dragged out of your home and sent to prison.
What I am describing to you happens in two forms of State- a Communist/Socialist state, which, to it's credit, is at least honest and explicit in saying that they don't like Private property, and a Democracy, where you can own private property until the polis- "The People" (whether they be "The People's Republic of Bumfuk" or "We the People" is immaterial) decide unilaterally that your Private property is now their Public property. What kind of schizophrenic bullshit is that?

You talk about the various bad policies implemented due to a poor understanding of reality, in both the secular, atheist culture of Communist China, and in Christian England. Okay. Modern Democratic states are now engaging in a fanatic campaign to rid their countries of the spectre of "racism", which is to say, the right of Europeans (the people who built the country!) to organize collectively and advocate for policies that would be in their best interests. What's the difference? Two of these examples took place under non-democratic regimes. One is taking place today under governments around the world that claim to be democratic in one or another form.

“To hear these defenders of democracy talk, one would think that the people deliberate like a committee of wise men, whereas in truth judicial murders, foolhardy undertakings, wild choices, and above all foolish and disastrous wars are eminently the prerogatives of this form of government."

― Joseph de Maistre, "Study on Sovereignty"

Hipster Molyneux KEK.

Every form of government can be corrupted. Republics work well for the majority of people involved.

Republic can work again. We just need to deport the Jews, stop letting boomers vote, and sterilize everyone who has an IQ under 100. We just have to dummy proof and Jew proof the government.

Taxation is theft. The best government is the government that governs least so downsizing the government is priority if we want to salvage anything.

All forms of government are subject to corruption. Corruption-proofing whichever form of government you decide on is what is going to make it stable in the long term.

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We would talk about the policies of the NSDAP and the resultant state in a historical context- how were other states dealing and trading with pre-war post-Weimar Germany at the time? What were the material conditions of Germany at that time? You can't copy/paste one state's doctrine on law, economics, religion, immigration, etc., as all nations experience different external and internal stressors and stimuli.

I myself, I can only speak for America, the nation of my birth, and the nation of my ancestors going back to the very early 1700s, and without getting into too many details, some policy proposals would absolutely apply to America today and would drastically improve living conditions here, and some would absolutely fail.

The doctrine of Third Position economics is less of a doctrine in and of itself, but rather, a holistic view of economics, utilizing elements of both Free market economics and government controls on economics without making an ideological commitment to either.

With a baste conservative, the conversation stops at "is it free market tho?" With a loony lib, the conversation stops at "is it (I Can't Believe It's Not Real!) Socialism tho?" With us, the conversation stops at "is it good for our Nation and our People?" If yes, pass the bill- repeal it later if it turns out it wasn't a good idea. If no, the bill is off the table- period. I err more towards free market capitalism in many respects, but I do not believe in a completely unfettered and free market. And while I do also believe in the primacy of Private property, I do understand the utility of Public property and public services (Libraries, roads, healthcare, etc.)

On religion, there's a lot more to be learned from Hitler's Germany. Yes, many proponents of Hitler's Germany were Christian. But the project of "Positive Christianity" was an abject failure for reasons blindingly obvious to those aware of the basic precepts of Christian dogma. Racialism and Christianity have never been compatible, and have always been in conflict. The Europeanized/Paganized Christianity of old was not good because it was Christian, it was good because it was imparted with a European character. Without going on a massive tangent, this is clearly and demonstrably not the case today, except in some of the Balkan states and the Slavic nations, and no Christian-identitarian seems to have an answer on how to fix this problem. Personally, I would prefer a return to indigenous European faith systems, and many minds greater than my own have already begun this effort both intellectually as well as in practice. Paganism was always and will always be the racial religion, as it is nothing if not centred on ancestor worship. To get a better understanding of this, read Evola's writings, read The Myth of the 20th Century by Alfred Rosenberg (no, he's not a kike) and listen to Survive the Jive and those associated with him to get a better understanding of what they're about.

It's fantastic that you are improving. Always be trying to improve. If at all possible, always be improving, period. Don't subject yourself to defeatist thinking. I know I'm not saying anything you haven't heard before, but it's true- don't stress over that which is outside of your control- react to it if you can, but don't stress. Only focus on that which is in your power to control and improve. If you stick to it, the things you can control will increase, and the progress of your improvement will also increase. If you have free time, try to spend it less on diversions and distractions, and more on something that is both productive and enjoyable. Get into guns, get into whittling, read books on topics that pertain to real world matters. Whatever you do, never stop trying to improve. I believe in you- but you already know that. It's time for you to start believing in yourself, too.

Thanks user

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You mean the triumph of bread and circus? Liberalism is a walking carcass. They literally don't reproduce.

"Triumph" in the sense that they won the wars and are, in European countries, by and large the predominant form of government. Not that they are correct, or that they're fit to last, or that their ideas are foundationally superior. Their triumph in spite of the fundamental impossibility of their worldview is the problem which I set out to discuss in the first set of posts.

You're welcome, but no guarantees. I wish people wouldn't spend their life wanking and drinking, but who am I to judge and blame if many of us still suffer from our own shortcomings, let alone the burdens which are forced on us all. I guess things are ordered by something higher if it has to come as a clockwork. We might have to pray it will be fast and painless when it happens. (We all know what to expect. We are talking near apocalyptic conditions here. Imagine what weapons are secret today if nuclear weapons are public knowledge. Particle beams vaporizing cities with a couple batteries? Silent aircrafts zipping out into space like a bullet? Microwave impulse weapons shutting down nervous systems of animals within miles of range? I am talking old concepts from 19-20th century) I am not sure how much I look forward to experience hell after living in a system of slow burn, even though I wish and dream every day of burning all this down, how I just want to be a soldier, like a real man should be, fighting for himself, his own reasons, goals and with disregard to all what is past.

I agree - the point of the obfuscation that I mentioned is not to keep out potential adherents, but to keep out people who have no interest in being adherents in the first place, and who only would become involved for some superficial reason. The goal of the abstraction is to be just so so that an adherent has no problem with it. Also, this does not preclude spreading doctrine. There is a source of doctrine and doctrine flows outward from the source. The idea is to prevent anyone from entering the source itself until they are fully understanding of what it actually is.

Think of it less as alienation, and more as creating incentive to assimilate culturally, and (perhaps temporarily) pushing people away only when they are not ready.

there's a surprising degree of overlap between more "out there" traditionalists like Evola and Guenon and more down to earth types like Hitler. They're connected by people like Ernst Juenger, whose work a good Zig Forumsack should read some time.

You make a very unfocused argument by repeating unrelated things that most people already know.
Any type of government can be circumstantially bad or circumstantially good. It's true that under monarchies and more traditional forms of government, people held incorrect superstitions and had lower qualities of life, but this was because wealth was very dispersed and scientific knowledge was low at that particular period in history, not because they lived under monarchies. Rome and Greece had higher qualities of life because those were two civilizations that, at some point, had conquered foreign territories and appropriated their wealth, allowing for (occasional) luxuries like primitive plumbing. At the peak of its opulence, though, Rome was an empire, not a republic. Point being that prosperity has little to do with the form of government (except in cases like Communism where the government is specifically designed to diffuse prosperity through retarded degrees of centralization) and more to do with circumstances.
I should have stopped reading here.

Yes, but representative forms easiest of all, since those who affect and change the minds of the voting people essentially hold all the power (like what the news media does in this country). It creates the ideal breeding ground for jews because the people who hold real power are out of the spotlight and can work in relative secrecy.

This user has his finger on the pulse.
There is one thing regarding the return to pagan belief systems, though. How can they compete with highly centralized religious forms like Christianity and Islam in a practical sense? I think that few would disagree that ancestor worship is ideal for us, but religions of "one true god" have a unifying character that people seem to crave. I think returning to specific forms of pagan worship is unwise for this reason, and that we should instead focus on the idea of a "primordial tradition" that ties together the pagan aspects of all Aryan civilizations and packages it an an outwardly seeming monotheistic form.

The specifics of how this is to be done is something I couldn't quite say, though.

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There is another banch of Post Enlightenment":
Crypto pseudo-Democracy. That is Democracy on the outside but it is ruled by secret society behind teh curtains. Democracy corrupted by secret special services (CIA, KGB etc).
Secret is key word here. Everything about them is state secret and this transformation was state secret too. Its existence is state secret. This is why people don't see it/.

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It isn't. Religions are based on wonder. Religions of the past provided wonders (sent disasters to Egypt, dried seas for jews convenience etc). Or at least religion inventors were able to fake these wanders.
But today's world is too interconnected and fake wanders would be exposed.
Real wonders… but this is not about "creating" regions. This is about waiting when God sends his words and wonders to support his word to you. Did he?

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in anarchy you can see the freedom promised by democracy without the ridiculous bureaucracy of fascism

no. I meant it is its own color like black or white or yellow.

I'd actually disagree on that. Those that follow for superficial reasons are going to be the vast majority of people. It's why fascist movements had such a focus on aesthetic principles. Don't give the average person so much credit. Most people are uninterested in the larger picture unless there is something that ties them to the larger movement. One of my greatest regrets on Zig Forums is that the BO allowed the "Trump train" to continue along even though we had effectively hijacked the movement. There was a point that he represented us, not the other way around. That ended. It doesn't matter if we hijack something if it leads to the same destination.

How do we do this? We actually used to understand this concept really well before cuckchan got rekt. Tie together everything we want, a legitimately good society. Not exactly what our whims dictate but something that brings together the mundane wish for financial stability with the higher goal (that many don't even realize they want), like a racially European state for them. Hitler was amazing at this:

It's a simple path, working uphill through the hierarchy of needs.

The secret club mentality is only useful in the directional sense, ie: we keep normies out so everything that filters out is pure. Clean water from uphill washes away impurities at the lower levels. They want to pollute our platform so everything that runs downstream is either not enough to preserve cleanliness, or is already polluted.

Further, the "everything new" mentality represented by your ideal misses out on exactly why people were starting to actually listen to us. It's about putting forth what was great with fixes to make it relevant. Truth and glorification of what makes us actually matter. It might be enough for you or me to say this is what you are, look at our history. But ti isn't to the average person navigating the corrupted wreckage of our society, why should it?

On the other hand, the European man doesn't care about the preservation of ashes, only the continuation of fire. Disregarding the importance of the past is just as dangerous as the current conservative mindset of ignoring the future.

Sir Tarrant of Christchurch was such a breath of fresh air: he showed the impotence of the system. Same thing we have to do but in a different way, showing that you don't have to be a victim.

Your problem with Christianity actually touches on this a bit. A "primordial tradition" totally loses the point of mass movements. It's about putting together a large enough bloc by dragging NPCs in front of everyone else.

No desire to turn this into another shitflinging thread but I really don't think that's true. You're looking at this with some serious bias. In fact, every white society that ever had any doctrine of racial identity was Christian. The ancient world was full to the brim with mongrel states. Paganism sure didn't keep Persians pure, it didn't help Egyptians, Sumerians, northern Indians, etc.

The Norse kept themselves white due to their geography, they mixed in with other Europeans . The population of Iceland is almost a 50/50 mix of genes between Celtic and Nordic.

The issue is identity and some people will disagree with me, but a people keeping their racial character/identity just doesn't require a blunt object, it needs purpose. A morally healthy population will seek to keep its racial character without even needing any major push while a corrupt populace will inevitably succumb to the muddy tide. Pagan Rome's empire fell apart and was mixed out of existence by the greed of the empire and the same aristocratic hubris that others want to emulate. You need the people and the people need all the tangential aspects of governance and the state to function correctly. A healthy race is about much more than just focusing on race. There are a lot more aspects to keeping the race alive than just self-focus. Do you feel proud for existing or do you feel proud for doing? The doing gives credence to existence. We're holistic beings.

this thread is like a little golden age within Zig Forums's post-2015 kali yuga, thank you anons

What do you think needs to be done in order to reignite the fire?

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I could only speak for myself on this but it seems like a lot of anons have given up the base line. Celebrating younger people making jew jokes is all well and good but that doesn't speak to the actual political consciousness of anyone involved. Assuming everyone else has the same drive that we do is foolish. Viewing society as a monolithic structure as lead to slacking off on the original points.

All this censorship is to cut off the origin of our pipeline and unfortunately, we're doing this to ourselves right now. We SHOULD be insular to maintain a solid core in our spaces is a top priority but converting those jew jokes to an actual concern about the well-being of society is something else. Connecting the dots by establishing the causal link between what we are concerned about and every day lives is most important. From there, expanding into the existential threat we face is next. It's actually pretty easy and doesn't require shouting, only firm guidance.

The secondary aspect has to do with value statements. Nihilism is rampant and that's a more potent defense against truth than anything else. Show value and what could/should be by comparing what we had with what we have.

Different strokes for different folks, find what they care about and hammer on it. I can guarantee the jews and subverters have made their live worse.

I'm much more familiar with helping Christians on this from my journeys so I'll start with this, feel free to ignore if it doesn't apply to the people around you. Even the most subverted faux-Christian can be redpilled somewhat easily, they care about something and just hammering the point of "do you feel like society is blessed by helping israel?" and then launching into "claiming they are jews but are the synagogue of satan" makes for easy material, you're appealing to something they care about. From there launching into how corrupted and far from doctrine so many of these welcome refugee churches are damaging their faith by contrasting what invaders care about vs. what they care about. Underline the divide between the mortal and spiritual ideas. Show the (alarming number of) similarities between new age teachings and satanism.

Getting a nihilist to come around is a lot tougher. The jew has made self-destructive behaviors the norm. We can see it on this board right now. They want our influence to recede by making us a calm island in the storm. We are the storm, they want to invert reality. Show what caring means and show you're standing firm against the insanity that's all around them, a lot of nihilists are that way because they cannot see another option. Examples are key. Practice speaking and prepare tangents. Get emotional but never be a pussy. Reciprocity is a powerful thing. They'll get mad and etc. It doesn't matter. Attack the people that attack you and treat the normal folks with care. You can tell when someone is angry out of frustration or if they're a bad actor. Passion fuels, ethics helps choose targets, and reason opens the way.

Dwapara come - Hyperboreans Unite - slay the beast - reign supreme for 1000 years

The only reason to visit this board anymore is for threads like these. Well done OP

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So you meant to say Ashkenzaim as a color and not as a subhuman racial characteristic? You have a fetish for ugly? You just committed bestiality with a Jewtress. Even if you meant Ashkenzaim as a color, you are fetishing committing bestiality with a kike. Racemixers, especially ones who mix with subhuman kikes, get the rope.

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Eeeeh sort of. Hitler's Germany at its height was about 20 miles of untraversable ocean away from Britain and about 1000 or so meters from the outskirts of Moscow, which is misleading because it's not like the USSR would have just surrendered if the Germans even took Moscow (Which is unlikely considering they couldn't take Stalingrad or Leningrad when the Soviets dug in). To which Hitler added another ~2000 miles of even more untraversable ocean from America.
At the very best, Germany could have only realistically hoped for a stalemate. But that assumes fantastic German military decisions.

Hitler should have taken the Soviet peace offer in 1941.

It's fucking distressing, m80. I'm envious of those who were able to live under a Marcus Aurelius or a Pericles. All we have is a rabble of degenerate, effete faggots and whores whose sole commonality is the capacity for and comfort with absolute deception. Our "elites" are literally inviting the third world remnants of failed or never-existent civilizations because even the average sheep of European stock is able to see that they aim to do nothing but pillage us until we collapse. The average Euro pleb, foolish as he is, is able to see their intent, and would be a more just leader than our current crop. Not only is our leadership sub-optimal, it comprises people who are morally inferior to the average pleb. We raced to the bottom and we've found it.

They aren't elite. Most of them aren't even alpha. They're a bunch of diminutive hucksters propped up by shadowy jews and business interests that have a foresight which can be measured in small integer multiples of fiscal quarters. They are shuttled from place to place by guards who must defend them from not only the insane and the discontent but also those who rightly wish to kill them for their treasonous pillaging.

Indeed. I know I have too. I once told my gf why I constantly use the most politically incorrect terms I can after she asked me "why don't you just call them Jews or blacks or Mexicans?".
I said, "I think it helps break the conditioning on our minds, the politically correct bullshit they've infected on us from childhood. When I use the most offensive terms and most offensive speech, it seems to allow my mind to see the picture as it is. When I revert to calling them by their politically correct terms, I notice my mind reverts a little into softer language and less direct language."
I noticed this about myself about a year ago when I saw how freeing the deliberate use of politically incorrect speech was. It's still like a kind of weight on my mind, all that conditioning, but when I revolt again their imposed language, it seems to reduce the power of that very conditioning.

Polite sage for being off topic.

Stop eating each other and stand atop the wreckage with a smile and extended hand to our brethren. Highlighting what we're against and showing why we're right.

It has worked for years, it made cuckchan's Zig Forums into such a powerful force that it had to be shut down. Clown world is great and I've really enjoyed the meme but it making fun of things and jokes can only go so far.

Sardonic mocking is an excellent tool but only when it's contrasted with betterment.

Solutions right now are awesome because we're the rebels. We're every cool anti-establishment archetype rolled out of hollyjew all in one. We're the longhairs and buttoned up suits all in one. Revel in how different we are from the endemic societal malaise. Everybody knows how awful things are right now, tell them why and be the kind face to them and the scowl at decadence.

We have a task in front of us that basically says you only need to detach from the daily humiliations. These disgusting little parasites need not control you. We're servants of truth, not slaves to lies.

It's what we did in 201x. Stop playing by their rules.

Insist on our intrinsic value and express anger at those we've lost to this. Tell the truth, don't be afraid to be angry, sad, or whatever.

Imagine what we could do with the knowledge we now have and an eye for beauty. Imagine a world filled with the traditions of characteristically European glorification of that which will always be higher than us. Unwrapping the tendrils of corruption from the world's truth beauty is not some new or old idea, it's eternal. A focus on eternity, that we are not just interchangeable production units, not "Human Resources", not a part of their machine.

Evoke feelings of wonder and raging against the machine. We're rebels. Let's act like it.

Exactly, point out the small stuff and connect to the larger so any thread anyone pulls inevitably leads to one direction: Reclaiming the European and expelling those than sought to bring us low.

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Hello freaks, are you searching for an true ACTIVE discord server to hang out and make friends?
Where the mods aren't power hungry?
Look no more!

We have MEMES, tons of LEWDS, a selfie channel, comfy channel, lots of E-Girls (Traps/Femboys too!).

What I'm saying is that we are something totally alien. Things like being a "villain" to them is still playing into their dialectic. Don't allow them to create the context for your existence. What they expect is completely outside of our desires because it still plays into their vision of the world. You aren't a human resource and you aren't simply a dissatisfied rabble-rouser. You have no time for them and are only an opposition insofar as they are preventing others from seeing they aren't either. Our anchor is already there by virtue of memes. It's not difficult for an average white man to see what you're saying, it's impossible for them to even comprehend what you want. They're shackled by their own nihilism. They demonstrate weakness by the fact they can't even comprehend you. But the average person understands. It speaks to something in their souls.

You misunderstand the victory desired by the Reich. France was occupied in order to stop it from attacking Germany. Poland, similarly. The goal was NOT world domination, as many seem to believe. "Deutschland, Deutschland uber alles!" did not mean "Germany over Britain!" or "Germany over France!" it meant "Germany over your Viennan, Hamburger, Berliner etc. identity."

The reason for this being quite simple- if we all form into a billion ethnostates, as some spergs want us to do, we'll be weaker, more diffuse. Vienna versus the world? The modern state of Austria versus the world? It'd be a joke. You don't even need a punchline.

No, we shouldn't homogenize everyone. Yes, we should unite to stand against a common enemy.

Alright. I don't believe I said it was but no issue there.
Germany couldn't have attained world domination anyway.

As for breaking up into a billion different ethno-states, I would judge myself to be a moderate in that regard. I like nation-states. I believe that the nation-state is the only just form of state. Multi-ethnic empires are immoral and unstable because when one group rules over another, that group will always seek freedom and independence. And despite their veneer of difference from imperial models, communist and "deeeemocratik" multi-ethnic states are still empires. These supposedly democratic institutions always end up being an egalitarian cooperation in principle but a repressive empire in practice. America, the USSR, and China as recent examples or Athens and Rome as ancient examples of this.
So I believe that each distinct nation should be sovereign and free.

However, I do not believe that the differences between us are so great that cooperation between nations is impossible. Indeed, I am anti-brother-war because every intelligent person at this point realizes that conventional war between two major states spells annihilation for both parties. There can be no victor. And even war between two unequal opponents can still spell doom for both parties as the methods of terrorist retaliation by the loser can potentially spell demographic doom for the victor.
Thus, war between European brothers should be avoided.

A fair and just version of the EU would be preferable. A confederation of sovereign nations rather than a union of unsovereign states.

The kali yuga ends in 2025.

Bumping for amazing thread

I agree, for all the talk of white consciousness a lot of people seem to forget we are talking about a revitalization of our people. Being energetic and positive is a major pull for people, especially those who grew up disenfranchised.

There is actually some truth to the common conscience read jung.

Bumping effort thread

I wish


The fight is both external and internal, but more internal within yourself. Change yourself, change the world.

The Jew inverts everything, and blind normies go along with it, because they never see the light.