Killdozer - The Jew's worst nightmare

Fellas, Marvin Heemeyer was a great man, for he found an effective way to combat the Jew. He armored a bulldozer and created a death machine. His only drawback was that he didn't go all out with his attack, so the authorities were able to catch up to him.
However, we're different, so I have an idea -

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Cont. -
This happened to Heemeyer, they actually planned to use missiles on him, but decided not to. If they do successfully attack us, it'll show that the government is willing to kill just to make sure there isn't annudah shoah.
>why don't we just nuke (((them)))?
Bulldozers are easily available, just steal them from a beaner. Moving on.

Fuck off glow in the dark.

If it were that easy, we wouldn't be in this mess right now. R.I.P Marvin, you glorious bastard.


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Wrong. The Jews have their own killdozers numbnuts. More like Palestinian's worst nightmare.

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That no shit looks like something from some kind of steam punk post-apoc cartoon.

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Then it'll be one hell of a fight. Bulldozer vs bulldozer. However, Marvin's would win because it's fucking explosion-proof.

i dont like the idea of sacrificing your life just to destroy property. kikes have unlimited money and can just rebuild it

Any records of this?

What did he mean by this?

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I'd love to see a killdozer wreak havoc in lower Manhattan or D.C., that'd be great entertainment for the whole family!

LMAO…this is awesome. Where is your killdozer when you need one?

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I never understood why the Palestinians didn't aim the rockets at the walls…too much nigger rape in their background (remember anons, when they offer you free nigger pussy, it isn't all that it is cracked up to be in the long run).

A right wing killdozer squad. Every dozer strapped with enough TNT to blow the whole fucking block, if they try and shoot them.

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Nothing is more dangerous than a resourceful man with nothing to loose

He could sense their demonic auras.

Ok, so that only time I watch hollywood movies anymore is when they have some massive destruction of Los Angeles or JewYork or another large city. I literally go to the movies for that scene alone, the plot or story is pointless as long as I get to see a major city destroyed.

why not detroit?

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Not interested in driving these things into banks, but I think these would make for a formidable resource in a civil war scenario. Every white person should own at least one of these things.

The only reason the Killdozer lasted as long as it did was because there was no way out. The feds were crawling all over the thing by the end looking for a door. If you make a weak point in the thing they will exploit it.

Jews aren't the only ones with a killdozer.

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Every capeshit movie then?

No, can't stomach those, like things like Day After Tomorrow…disaster movies…they aren't supposed to have a plot anyway so no loss…I am just there for the destruction.

Hideous looking and not as durable

nice trips, the isreali Killdozer is just a copy of the caterpillar d9

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No records, but when the dozer stopped, they tried to detonate it, but it didn't work. They only found his corpse when they used a cutter.

1. Trap door in the floor. Get a local sewer map and some waders. Blow the tank behind you.
2. Remote Control.

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Checked good idea dubs

Good luck, fbi.
Like Killdozer
Killdozer had a door, he just locked it from the inside once he was in.
People tend to step out of the way of construction equipment. You'll have some luck destroying buildings, not so much with killing people.
Not in a Cat you won't, and certainly not after the first person gets you on cell phone camera.

This guy has an idea, but it's not that simple. Sounds neat though

Marvel was able to fuck with everything in his front until one of the tires disfranchised, them he anhero'd himself.
Anyway, the gubbermint goons still got more than a day to take him from there.

Wouldnt it be easier just to bomb or set fire to places during the night, and once people come out for mourning at the even blow them up too? ive always wondered why people never attack the march/protest after the even when everyone is in a small space.
on the other hand couldnt you just steal a tank or raid the police stations for guns, bodyarmour and vehicles?

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Checked trips. A killdozer rampage would be a major improvement for niggertroit

Why would you name your image that?

Because its what the image shows? its not a coffejar bomb and its not a stick grenade so why would i name it anything else?

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Thankfully, muslims are retarded.

No need for that. I think in the modern age what you'll see is remote control + fpv cameras. Or people will use RC drone tech to control vehicles like this autonomously. This kind of stuff is off the shelf today. Without the need to protect a human driving it you wouldn't need all that armor Marvin used. One would only need to protect the radiator and engine/fuel tank from say .50 cal, and any vital hydraulic components. And then protect anyone from jumping in the seat and turning it off.

It would be easier to armor and outfit ten bobcats and have them tear apart said buildings.
They would literally have no way of stopping them all, literal pack of murder machines.

At that point, why not RCXD's?

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Oh good, another kike slide.

``HVAC Crusher Policy``

I'm not going to build a bomb tube and I practice the same device and heat the stone grenades, I can't get a working bomb that can cause serious damage to the company or kill someone. So I encourage me to grain the grain.

But I am one of those sturdy rarely understood this concept of effective war (the industrialized democratic environment). I'm training myself to study the real chaos around the world, so I know most of the people here is better in theory of conspiracy.

I don't know how to build an organization. I will discuss how to implement an asymmetric war from the perspective of the lone wolf. What can you do as a person to harm your diet?

You need to ruin your computer again and again for a new thing. Then you have to wait a year and never buy /book/ or root the places.
By that time, I wanted the FBI to keep your records and beyond more than any radar, so I was afraid of me. Need little Tannett in sports, supermarkets in the entire province. Using cash
I was tested and Grandma age homemade guns and dust taken from 22 223. However, to pull them. They have heat inside because more grain. I will try with 9mm Casio to see if they can make the grain on the Earth – or remove ammonia, nitrite tannite. I read that and amyl-nitrite ammonium can be from firecracker. But do not know if it is true.

However, you can choose to make explosives or equipment or use guns, and now you can start to fail the economic non-cruise infrastructure. In this way they will be able to endure a longer period of time to maintain police status. And you or someone else can organize and oppose.

Fucking weak ass baby shit right here.

also goes for

'Armored' coffin.

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They would never use that in a residential/commercial area. Too high a risk of collateral damage.

Not in burgerstan at least. Sorry for doubleniggerposting

He seems to think you'll be on a watchlist for naming it that. Implying it's illegal to know how to make explosives or that visiting this site doesn't already flag you

The israeli killdozer is literally a d9. Are you high?

You need to ruin your computer again and again for a new thing. Then you have to wait a year and never buy /book/ or root the places.

^^said the tortoise to the hare…..proper planning prevents piss poor performance……Arlington Road is best for underground racing…the neighborhood never knows to call PD on racing crew like they ……..never new

Really? How can people be this cucked? Sure its illegal in some parts but police dont care unless you're famous or admit to it

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Probably a brit.. they have real thoughtcrime over there already.

Im studying psychology and esoterisism and there does seem to be an overlap of consciousness between this world and the ether in schizophrenics, to the point they have a hard time to differentiate the real world and the ether but one thing you can most certainly be sure of is evil entities, they have a presence that reaches you before their vessel does

all vehicles armored or not… are bullet magnets/ heat warheads slice through like butter and death traps with huge 'I am over here and easily tracked for ever" karma about them.
Hezbolli boyz lit the IDF up repeatedly w/joos best tank in da world burning everywhere
modern warfare conducted by USG/EU is thus… YOUR RPG like **Full Spectrum Warrior and your serious about your GAME PLAY than remember____
YOU must break the OODA cycle of your OBSERVERS…

If they don't know (identify) you…they cant (track) you….than they cant get you (destroy)

Sun Tzu legit nigger

weird or out of place behaviors observed by peeps or CCTV

could have helped prevent thise dindues from using SM and text to coordinate a bunch of random nogs fro SWARMING a convenience store on a very busy street/cops everywhere to MASS and take all the stores shit in ONE MINUTE tan pOOF nigga everyone takes off in different directions

very interesting padi wan you should be like the recursive learning machine that is the sum of your European beasts and learn nigger learn from the info all around you NINJA

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It is also important to note that Heemeyer had God on his side

the Dallas PD sure did for that militant anti white nigger rifleman bob that sniped and out gun fought 6 police to death huh my nigger huh?

LEARN the templates….they are so out in the open its just savage

Believe me, the last thing fedniggers would want would be an angry goy with a killdozer. Shooting White teen girls for legally owning arms in a hunting range is much more cost effective and safe for them.

you can get jailed for having the smallest of things

Ghosts do glow in the dark, otherwise how would you see their faint transparent bodies in the middle of the night? because they glow

I have never seen a ghost in the dark but I suppose you have a point

Ah yes, sewer warfare. The true Zig Forumsommando operator's warzone of choice. I hope they are ready for day of the clog.

Basically, GTA in real life. Bonus points if you install loudspeakers so you can blast the Grun is Unser Fallschirm remix while you rampage hard. Make sure to paint it black and decorate it like Brenton's gun. On the front scoop write, "THIS IS FOR BRENTON TARRANT".

Considering that this is a NatSoc site and was home to Brenton Tarrant and Antipodean Resistance, which is now effectively a terrorist orginisation by classification, they're more likely to flag you for being here. Hell, Zig Forums is probably already classified as a terrorist recruitment site. If not, then soon.

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If you killdozed a major electrical substation right before a heat wave or a cold snap, you could probably do a lot of damage to a city.

I just keked so hard. Someone please photoshop a Synagogue and a Merchant in that image. Please, please, please.

You buy light that flash infrared baseball to destroy your security cameras add to your experience and legacy.
You should familiarize yourself with how the entertainment is all about disguise their work.
Plan your actions at least 100 times in your head. Go after a long journey and consider an error, drop or unexpected corrections that you encounter or what may happen to the operation.
If you set (for example) to put a bomb truck before the wallpaper, make sure you know where you are sailing in New York, and not you. GPS.
You have at least two backup plans if you want to walk away.

well, someone had to do it.

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Came here to post this.
Just for fun/theory…
Use cameras + 4g transmitter and make the thing one big RC car.
Wouldn't be hard to turn a mounted .50 or other weapon, whatever was available, into a remote controlled turret as well.
And for when they inevitably blow the radiator, motor, or whatever, load the inside with ANFO and remote-detonate.

Kind of surprised more sandniggers aren't doing this, actually. It's much easier to make drones that move in two dimensions than three, after all.

Are you suggesting a Jew Flattening machine?

This. If you really are that much of a degenerate that you can't stop yourself fucking niggers, at least do anal and don't risk creating a niglet.

Just imagine: a blizzard where the entire snowplow fleet has mysteriously been replaced with snowplow-sized killdozers


Just a reminder that the reason why the killdozer failed is because the armor was too heavy for the engine, which then overheated. Idk how you’d modify an engine to work with all the extra weight of the armor

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The engine worked just fine. The whole vehicle 'failed' because it partially fell into a basement and got stuck.

Marvin waged war against his enemies in a theatrical and effective way without breaking any laws up until the event.
The only life lost was his own.

Just needs a giant V shaped cutting bumper on the front to run through buildings.

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The engine did overheat but that's not what stopped it and not caused by weight. The armor just got in the way of proper cooling.
The dozer is made to push hundreds of tons of material for hours straight, a few dozen tons of armor would barely stress the engine at all.

Goylent Green

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IIRC the top speed for this is something like 5 miles per hour, that'd be a very slow and drawn out rampage.

any Zig Forumsfags here know how much an old soviet tank would cost? like a t-55 or t-34 if it can be found from generations ago, theyll still be able to resist small arms fire and will need anti tank grenades or rockets to take out
The jews wanted to take out Heemeyers killdozer with an apache helecopter but decided against it because muh optics lol