Happy 130th birthday Adolf

Email NZ politicians and tell them to be thankful to Hitler for sending Brenton Tarrant


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Be a bad goy and say the Holocaust was a good thing

Nevermind that it never happened

There will be riots

Degenerates will die in those riots

And the world will be a better place for it

Because the news will be called and the mobs will gather

And fear of the white man will reign supreme

Be a bad goy

They won't know how to react



Y 2 u

Happy birthday dear


Happy b day

2 u

Now let's go get ze flammenwerfer


Bump bump

Bump bump bump

Bumpity bump bump bump bump bump

Canon guys


Be a bad goy and say the Holocaust was a good thing hdhs

I will keep this up top


We shall NEVUH surrenduh




Honk honk

Welcome to clown world


I want to take a NatSoc girl on a date to auschwitz

So we can reflect on the death of 6 million degenerates

While necking in the gas chambers

How about no, you fucking degenerate.

And French kissing in the oven room

I have le evil oppressor tattooed on my 8 inch cock so that when I face fuck Israeli girls they know who's in chatge

I wanna join Atomwaffen

And the O9A

Is anybody out there

Is anybody out there???

If you really want to do something for your cause then go out there and do something instead of samefagging this whole thread.

Can anybody here me

Don't be a pussboy

Can anybody hear me??

Sounds kinda based, but faark cunny. It'll barely past a public servant who screens kiwi MP's emails.

I hate it when you fake iy

Fake it

Girl I know you hear me

16 lines to blow and I'm Fi e

Break my bones but act as my spine

Wonder who you'll fuck when I die

And of I tried to call would u cry

Pls don't ctu

U smacky

Ur wasting your time

16 lines to make me feel fine

How much did you boot?

16 lines? Speed or Coke?

Then again, 16 lines of gear and you're fucked

The idea is to keep this at top so that put of tje thousands who see it someone will email them I think yheres like 6k already? I'm not sure.

But if even hundreds act like bad guys all it takes is one receiver to call the media and that will cause riots in nz.

Which will be a lot for my cause

10 yrs to call I went bline

This is a lil peep song. Ask his mother. Peep took 16 lines of coke and died.

Hopefully out of yhe hundreds one posts it on twitter or something. This will inspire he others to act!!!

Puntil then I shall post and post and post..

This shit is not important. Getting the emails sent is what counts

Be a bad goy and say the Holocaust was a good thing hdhs

Has anyone emailed their representatives?

This shall make da international news reports

Do it do it do it

Get everyone on it!!!


Bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump

One this jsjsjsjsj


Be a bad goy and say the Holocaust was a good thing hdhs.

This is tiring


I won't give up

I will sit here all day

There will be protests

We will be relevant


Rachel Maddow will cru

Netanyahi will give a speech

Donald will tweet at me

And fookin Cooper will give a behind the scenes analysis of this

Just another bim