Chief architect of Notre Dame: "The fire’s spread is extremely curious."

>“I don’t understand this at all. The fire’s spread is extremely curious. With really old oak like that, it’s super-hard, so you’d need a lot of smaller wood to first get the fire hot enough for the oak beams to burn.

>I am really stunned that this [the fire] has happened. It’s incomprehensible.”

“In 40 years of experience, I have never heard of a fire like this.

>The fire detection/protection system installed in the cathedral was of the highest level. It was a very expensive undertaking, but it enabled us to quickly ascertain whether a fire had started somewhere. Additionally, we had many old wooden doors replaced by fire-doors.

They're gonna do it, lads. They're gonna say it wasn't an accident.

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I really hope this doesn't become a new 9/11 where all the experts dispel the official narrative, yet people choose to ignore them.

The only truly shitty thing left is that the prosecutors are not investigating it as an intentional fire. I don't know how flexible French law is, if this can change at some point with more information.
But everyone else seems to be aligned: the experts are seeing it as dodgy at best, the French people are ready to accept this as "intentional Church burning number 815 of this year" if they haven't already, and the press is full (in spite of themselves) of evidence this is just a continuation of muslim attacks on European Churches.

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Old wood doesn't burn that fast
short-circuits can't ignite old oak wood

It wasn’t the oak that burned that quick.

Sigh, though. Sigh. My own public statements got taken up by the enslaved masters so quickly, I’m not eager to elaborate. Y’all probably think I’m burying or hinting at a conspiracy theory here, but the problem is I’m not this time. If only my lack of conspiratorial thinking truly meant no conspiracy happened!

Society is dependent on leadership with the strength to stand honest in a complex world and empower the public even to the extent of empowering their rivals. For men who believe they must dwell in darkness and lies on account of the hideousness of their rivals do render the world one of darkness and lies, while light grants mercy to the honest. In turn, be not a hideous rival, but acknowledge even in opposition the humanity of those who vex you.

The part of the roof that caught fire first, was Oak wood. So it's completly impossible, Oak after 100 yrs evolves something like a protective cover due to natural processes of the wood itself. The older Oak gets, the harder it become to set on fire.

But there are already videos that it was arson.

white phosphorus
jews did that
they will pay triple

Somebody had damn well better. Besides most everyone is missing specifically what made the fire a big deal. The reason it's a tragedy at all that the roof burned IS the wood. Despite what a lot of young "builders" are convinced of based on dogshit modern construction techniques and materials, wooden portions of important structures such as these are not at all easy to light on fire without extensive use of accelerants or priming the structure with mechanical destructive means first. The low grade soft young growth garbage that most modern wood framed American houses and structures use, the kind of wood you find at large hardware stores, are nothing like the old growth pieces used in sacred historical constructions, ships and instruments. Go chop down a 15 year spruce and maple tree from your yard that's been overwatered and contract a luthier to make a replica strad or guarneri from that mushy soft shit lumber and tell me if it sounds anything like the real thing made of 200+ year old at time of harvest, highly stressed in an arid cold climate, wood. It won't because the tight dense grain structure, resiliency and rigidity of the old growth wood is nearly incomparable to that of its low stress young growth brethren. The sheer amount of ancient, hand picked, extremely dense oak lost in the fire in terms of time, space and conditions required to grow, then subsequently process and prepare is nearly beyond comprehension. Just the materials processing portion of the project took many decades, let alone the centuries required to replenish the stock of old growth oak of the specific grade necessary for that roof. You could throw all the money in the world at the reconstruction project and it'll likely never be a shadow of what it was before the fire simply due to the degeneration of construction skills and knowledge in the modern age. Outside of specific masonic circles and a handful of barely still living asian traditional temple construction students there just isn't anyone left with the knowledge or experience to replicate what was executed 800 years ago.

I would in no way argue that it was greater, but the loss of that roof is in the same category as the cairo earthquake that split the seams of the inscribed and polished limestone encasement of the great pyramids allowing those desert savages to pry them all off to bust up and recycle as materials for their mosques. A fucking tragedy.

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I wonder if they'll replace it all with steel trusses/rafters? They have the money and it would never burn like that again. Even the spire could be done this way.

They have to. We don't have wood for it. Maybe something could be found in Brazil

Why not just place a concrete box where the roof used to be? Modern materials and designs are obviously superior, we aren't slowly browning monkeys squatting in the ruins of our ancestors using Roman arch keystones to build garden fences or anything.


That's exactly whats going to happen.
And we'll never get a clear answer about it either, unless Macron's regime falls quite soon.


Well I'm glad that was your response, must be one hell of a sight to see wood melt amirite?

Inside job?
From my own experience, oak and maple are difficult to start burning in large dimensions 4x4 or larger.
And I suspect that patina further protects the wood from ignition.
I find it highly improbable that the fire was started by a stray burning object or electrical fault.

Why not? People have lost a lot of faith on journalists and official narratives. This will hit particularly hard on the French nation who are already rioting.

9/11 destroyed trust in goverments and media. we are living in diferent times now. now everything is mossad false flag. now blacks hate whites openly. being white is crime.

only boomers belive news today

French law like that in any civil code society is fucky.
If police won't investigate as arson then it was not arson and no evidence will ever change that.

Yeah you can break fires (controlled ones) into steps, with accelerator chemicals or kindling (soft wood fuel). I've only successfully managed to start hardwoods directly by cutting them into small kindlings and going full 1933 book burning on it.

The fire might have been started to shock the French public into obedience to the state (who have been spraying crocodile tears all week)

This. It's standard Hegelian dialectic at work. If Yellow vests are pacified by this, they weren't going to succeed anyway.

Thats a point. Is there protests ongoing again?
If they stop them for one week that might be enough

It's obviously not gonna work. The problems that gave rise to the GJ haven't been addressed. In fact, the state pretty much just told them to fuck off, when Macron signed the UN immigration pact. And the new tax was simply delayed, not revoked.

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Israeli Mossad Jetfuel Melts Oak Beams!

I want to believe Islam and Christianity will come together to fight the world corrupting jew.

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>implying (((they))) won't (((rebuild))) it as some abysmal (((modern))) concrete abomination devoted to Moloch/diversity.

They can't, the entirety of the stone structure survived, and the donations funneling in are for restoration, not modification.

Well the tower is gone. And they're already talking about changing the design since the wood to rebuild it as was doesn't exist anymore or just isn't available


There were threads on cuckchan indicating the motive behind it being involved with King Louis IX (Saint Louis), and his order to burn the Talmuds after a dispute between Jews and Catholics in Paris (back in 1240); but those were getting Shoah'd incredibly hard meaning that we got the motive behind it out of the way


The spire with possible antiquitech was the target.

Sparks can't ignite oak beams.

didn't the Saudis own the construction company?

Notice the COPPER statues were removed from the ROOF three days earlier.

And the fire had a curious brightness, which is not common in most fires. Like it was phosporus burning.

Tartarian conspiracy theorists believe these cathedrals were power stations, and were built by giants (hence the giant doors, with giant knobs). The spires would have been used to collect energy, and the statues to transmit it. As they removed the statues, the energy spread on the roof, starting the fire.

Also, notice that, when the spire was in flames, the entire interior of it was on fire too, not just the surface. If the spire was made of stone, how could the stone burn in that way?

Just researched, something caused the fire but fire experts know "the forest" (the attic) was an extremely dangerous place because of how COMBUSTIBLE (wood isn't flammable, IT'S COMBUSTIBLE, so stop using wordplay to fool people) it was, as each beam was made of a single tree, equalling over 150 trees used to create just the attic.

Something must have caused it that wasn't electrical, because they forbid wiring anywhere in "the forest", but whatever it was, it didn't have to be powerful or sustained to cause a chain reaction inferno. The attic of Notre Dame has always been known to be an extreme fire hazard, along with many other old buildings that are not properly changed due to maintaining authenticity.

In essence, anything that could cause a tiny fire to start anywhere in the attic would be able to cause the Notre Dame inferno.

Oak doesn't burn easily or quickly. And this roof was almost all oak.


guys it was just a glitch

Check out this german guy trying to burn an oak beam with kindling gasoline and even a flamethrower

Also, the inner wood was nicely dried and quality maintained wood. Of course it will burn, regardless if it is a hardwood material, like oak. Hardwoods ar common for external building materials on many buildings, which many buildings do catch on fire regardless of the lack of maintenance on wet, rotted, hardwood. Dry, maintained, hardwood, like those that created the beams of the attic (which never got touched by anything remotely wet) would be perfect for burning. Look up firewood storing techniques and why people are content with very old hardwood for burning, if it is seasoned and kept properly dry, EVEN AFTER MANY MANY YEARS. Wood will burn in the right conditions. Notre Dame's wood in the attic was combustible. It doesn't take much and you guys are finding answers that you want to find because of paranoia and boredom.

Casual Zig Forums lurker, old 4chan-fag. I've seen delusions, but this was an immediate "IT MUST BE SABOTAGE" from the first second the fire was announced. You're looking for targeted answers rather than the whole truth. And that is very bad.

Yesterday I terminated a lifelong friendship with a good friend (who is Jewish) because I told him I had suspicions about the Holocaust. This is how sensitive and privileged kikes are. They are incapable of taking criticism, and pride themselves on being "smarter" than everyone else when their tactics basically boil down to gaslighting you and then claiming innocence.

I just recently finished reading Mein Kampf. Even if it has been rewritten a hundred times by (((translators))), it is still an extremely damning portrayal of Jewish behavior, and now it's impossible to not notice when talking to jews – the immediate assumption of their own superiority, their complete deafness and refusal of any evidence that counters their glory. They really are scum, man.

Read this.

You guys are listening to OP without doing research yourselves. OP is leading a ideological mob to ideas of hatred because that's what you all want to be the truth. If it is, you can condone and justify hateful thoughts that feel so good to think about. It gives you morale to continue fighting the perceived "holy war" if somebody did this intentionally. You villainized the cause of the fire from moment one, and then just ate up whatever was told to you because it was exactly what you wanted.

The "news" was never truthful.
9/11 just made the mask slip and the public aware - baby's first red pill.
To stop people from noticing the bullshit, the jews behind the news are careful to tailor it to the viewer's biases.
No one here will want to investigate a story about muslims committing terrorism, or blacks raping, or leftists having coniption fits in public.
Because they don't want to lose the emotions the piece delivered.

And don't fool yourselves.
If the gulf war had never happened, and this news was being broadcast today, you would nearly to a man, be gnashing like hungry dogs, shrieking "nuke the muslim baby killer."
The lies haven't gone away, and no has the gullibility of the public.

That material is neither well maintained nor kept dry. That's rotted.

Computers don't make errors. People do.

If you had any experience with fire and wood, you would know that burn such thick wood is realy hard. It is soo hard that it is almoust impossible to burn whole Notre Dame roof by any accident. If you didn't use gas, you can't start fire. Cigarette or spark is not enough to start fire.

but the news man told me it's a glitch

False, computers fuck up all the time. There are still many mechanical components (primarily in hard drives) that fail regularly. Flash RAM only has a finite number of writes/rewrites before the chemical composition in the cell containing the bit has deteriorated to the point it cannot hold data any longer. Web browsers, operating systems, and custom website code interact in unanticipated ways all the time, leading to crashes and buffer overflows. A "perfect" computer is only hypothetical, real computers are made out of actual physical stuff, and physical stuff is always in a state of change.

News Man Words = Truth


the kikes did this but they will blame it on arabs in order to further their greater israel project.

Hard drives do not "fail regularly", and alarm systems don't contain them anyway.
Which is in the thousands.
Fire alarm systems rarely require a firmware update.
Fire alarms don't contain website code or browsers.
Your home computer is not a critical system. Fire alarms are. They're held to a much higher standard.

Your consumer grade trash is not even comparable to an industrial system, and critical systems report their own failure.
This is called FAILING SAFE.

Now that the government has covered it up, once the truth comes out will reactions to Muslims be stronger than it would be if they just said it was arson from day one?

It's amazing how people who have never been exposed to industry culture, seem to assume that shit is just left to chance.
That there aren't legally binding standards.
That components aren't selected specifically for high reliability.
That there aren't teams of expert men with decades of experience in that one thing, who ensure that the chance of failure is very low.

Why not learn instead of assuming that your overclocked desktop is representative:

The chance of failure is dwarfed by the chance of jewish sabotage.

it is not unreasonable to expect reliability greater than 99.9 percent. The number means that the system would fail to perform as intended for less than one fire in a thousand.

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Then how do you explain the person on the roof being seen igniting something? It's pretty obvious it was (((man-made))) fire.

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Nope. Mechanical hard drives fail the same way a car fails after years of use. Same is true of SSDs. Find me a hard drive that will never fail for eternity and I'll find pics of your dad getting fucked by a nigger.

Anyways, I was just pointing out that electronic systems DO fail. That's it. The Cathedral burning seems like it was another overt, sloppy, obvious psyop by some faggets looking to achieve some market or political outcome I would wager, but that doesn't change the fact that machines are not immune to decay and failure.

I looked it up and see nothing with a man on the roof of Notre Dame seen igniting anything. Provide the pic you are referencing please.

possible but in reality it will make europeans want to kick out muslims even more. americans already destroyed it everything they could except Iran. Jews are stupid if they think that violence here would fuel hate to some country in middle east. And if they wanted to blame muslims for it, they would do it already.

Even if muslims were involved, it was their puppet masters the jews that put them up to it.

Hang them all, skin them alive dangling from lamposts.

Shared to Gab and I also did an archive since OP didn't.

Jews did this. Zero doubt.

Don't be the cocksucker you were born to be.

Exactly. Its called programming for a reason.

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Macron himself is one of the leading Shabbos Goys pushing the idea of a war in Syria.
He and Merkel are building the EU army which will be used in Syria and Iran for world war three in Trump's second term.
This is Biblical, war in the Levant. All of this is a precursor for the inevitable fight.


exactly what you wanted.

Yes, what I want..

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Jews did this. They can shill all they want but The Goyim Know. Even the QAnons are awakening. The people of this earth, the Christians globally are coming for the Christ Killers soon.

Macron's reconstruction of the cathedral will be diseased spit in our face. The plans were already laid a long time ago to turn it into some ecumenical abomination with all the previous work desecrated and replace with their evil freemason demonology.!_Dictionnaire_Infernal/1844/DICTIONNAIRE INFERNAL 1844.pdf

That may be their plan but first they need that army and people to support it. Good luck if your country is full of muslims and you want to start war with their homeland. Jewish 4 mahjong will sooner or later fail. No european want more wars in middle east after we were flooded by them after war in Syria. Macron and Merkel are enemies number 1 in Europe. They would be killed if they step in crowd way Hitler did.

Something must be done.

Not today, kike.

Does this fuckhead understand ANYTHING about installation work? Things can go wrong and just having rewired doesn't remove it from the possibility of sources. It could have been wired by a fucking shitskin laborer.
Old oak is not hard to ignote with the years of fucking varnish and oils on it.
I salvaged a few old church doors back in the day, dry as a fucking bone with years of varnish waiting to be cooked on the surface. You do not need an accelerant to get them lit. A match and proper airflow will have fire racing along the wood in no time.

That looks like mineralized drift wood.

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If by proper airflow you mean few canister of gas, than i agree. It is not possible to start such fire with matches, cigarette drop or electric spark.

And we already have footage of man on roof anyway.

not an accident, there was already construction work on the roof so they set something on fire at the construction site, its not that hard, a lot of stuff that used is flammable and easy to sabotage

They're gonna soon shift the blame on Jesuits (another enemy of the Jews despite them being fuck buddies).

This user is right.

Not true. Computers have a variance of error correction built in for a reason.

stop questioning goy!

What does a computer have to do with all this in the first place?

Well there's two conflicting stories, one is that very old Oak is difficult to burn and the other is that it's extremely easy to burn. Looking at oak for firewood, it's a very good wood that burns very well. This is something that needs to be answered, and I don't think human beings have much experience with burning large quantities of 800+ year old oak wood.

They are trying to blame this whole thing on a computer glitch. Their story is that there was a glitch in the fire system that didn't report the fire as being in the right place. They are trying to pass it off as the fire stemming from that glitch. Obviously, the fire started before the fire system could do its job, even if it did it poorly. The whole thing smells like a red herring to distract from negligence elsewhere. It's suspect as fuck and reeks of a weak cover story to me.

Except they arent balming arabs, only some white nationalists are doing that

I agree, this screams negligence. It wouldn't be the first time a repair crew burned down a building

In this scenario all the electrical would be piped, the chance of fire is basically nonexistant unless someone really fucks up, drilling or cutting through the EMT. If the fire is electrical in nature it'd be something that plugged in that would cause the fire.

Found this pdf:

Underrated post.

You don't start fires with oak but yes its good for burning as it burns hot and long.

Your nose is showing. Facts support oak's fire resistance.
Only city fags don't know properties of firewood.


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I'm just trying to set up a starting point here. You had MSM saying all that wood was a tinder box. It's not, there's good resources here in this thread saying oak burns well but is difficult to start. It sucks but trying to prove this wasn't a total accident you're going to be dealing with a lot of retards who think it would take one little spark to start that entire fire. Call me a kike all you want but asking these sort of questions has got anons researching what it takes to burn old oak wood and having solid sources to back up the claims that it's difficult to start but burns well once it's started. The city fags are going to be the first ones to say this was an accident. They know muzzie scum will be blamed as soon as it's determined this wasn't an accident. You should all be prepared for the inevitable

There has already been cathedral roof burning before. Like in the 70s in Strasbourg. But protocols have changed a lot since then.
If it's an inside job, do you think they wanted the building to totally collapse? If all the stone ceiling had fallen, the high main walls on either sides would have been weakened, with the external buttresses pushing these walls inside.
Oh and I guess they'll be shipping the fallen logs to China ASAP because EMOTIONS lol.
Large and old oak beams like that, heavy, dense and evenly spaced, just simply don't catch fire so easily, unless they are already exposed to an intense and prolonged source of heat. The amount of space between the beams is so massive, it would take a look of initial heat for the fire to jump to other beams.

I think we can safely assume that Tartarians are the ultimate idiots.

The wood he uses looks very dry tbh. Also, once wood shows decay, it turns into powder, which is far easier to set on fire. Powdered material explains how grain silos can be lit and even explode sometimes (heat is initially produced by the decay of biological matter). At the extreme of this, you find nanothermite and also the principle behind the explosive mechanisms of the American and Russian biggest conventional bombs.

How come we haven't a "News Man" meme?

So a machine overloaded somehow and accrued large levels of heat. What would this machine be and why would it be in "The Forest"?

Sidenote: why did the mods delete the thread that was a referencing material published by /dempart/? The thread had information about high profile French Jews involved in laws in favor of pedophilia and organ trafficking in the Balkans and also, somehow, related to the cathedral. Can't remember the names of these kikes though nor what the missing link was though.

Ok so if the fire didn't start where already hardened oak is the main material, where would there be a place (That doesn't contain hardened oak) where it would burn as easier, but with more effort (such as with the use of oils)? The only method I can think of is the shou-sugi-ban method: