Yellow vests act 23!

Live now, It's going hot!
Get in here!
It looks like the crowd is pretty pissed off, and the police are strained to the max, but there is plenty of noise and fighting to enjoy.

They should be. Some muslim cunt burned Notre Dame roof and goverment say it was spark from electricity. This should give Yellow vest new energy.

I'm seeing comments in french that suggest macron lit Notre Dame on fire to distract from a speech he was to give that was a massive embarrassment to him, and when I googled that i found this:

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One way or another. West didn't had such big and long demonstations since rise of Hitler. Nobody respect Macron anymore. He failed to be new leader of EU. Merkel is out of game. Theresa May is old boomer scary cunt. Right wing parties rise in Europe. They will be united under Salvini in EU. Notre Dame was perfect target. It make christians angry and europeans angry. You can thank Saint Brenton for it. Thanks to him we skipped 5-10 years of slow boil. Imagine how many muslims would get to Europe in 5-10 years and how many would be born here.

….still reading your article.

guaranteed action user

I still don't know why they don't leave cable loops on the ground attached to rope, so when the police rush them and run over the loops - they pull the rope and drag a zogbot prize away. Zogbots thinking they will be taken will change the psychology. Obviously its a only fun team sport for all to play, so they wouldn't harm the zogbot, but
getting captured by the other team would be humiliating.

That's actually a beautifully written piece. I'm silently impressed at how much worthwhile emotion, knowledge and accuracy stems from it.
Definitely an inspiring piece.

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Why don't the frogs protest against mass immigration or Muslim terrorism? Those gas taxes are not going to matter in a few decades. Imagine have your priorities so completely out of whack

That is racist. If you are racist you are nazi who want to gas 6 millions jews. That is fast ticket to prison in EU.

And if you set a car on fire or smash windows nothing happens to you?

Not realy to be honest.

Imagine for a moment trying to influence the world with Nationstates. What’s the most effective of these options:
1) playing normally
2) playing “optimally”
3) playing flocks of nations
4) writing issues
5) constructing a garbage simulation whose variables move in biased ways
6) influencing the play style of people attempting 1-4
7) influencing the opinions of people attempting 4-7

The problem with France is that their government canned the wealth tax.

The problem with France is that their government is controlled by jews.

OK, well, say goodbye to France then. Yellow Vests are just bored hooligans, it's not possible to draw any other conclusion. They're not serious about anything, they just want to continue their comfortable life of Netflix and HD porn. I hope Macron puts a really fat tax on their fuel.

The problem with globalists is they’ve been serving stagnant national elites in nation after nation, getting so out of touch with the people of the globe that “nationalism” filled the gap by going international. Globalist idealism must serve many powerless individuals, not only collective hero-figures suitable to bilk wealth from.

Nah, bankers. I admit the overlap, but deny the salience of Jewishness.


i already did. i am not french. but they can stll start fire. french are civic nationalist. so as nation they will be mutts like burgers.

stop projrcting your revolution in to yellow vests. this is not videogame.

But I repeat myself…

Also this isn't true, they wouldn't be thrown in prison for carrying signs saying "Stop the Great Replacement". And even if some of them would be punished for it, which is unlikely, it would only enrage the rest even more, supposing they cared about it of course, but most of them apparently don't. Hard to have any sympathy for them.

And if a few of those captured disappear — from embarrassment — that’s fine too.

They are civic nationalists. Stop projecting your ideas and opions.

Then they can go fuck themselves. Cucks deserve no sympathy or support.

Not from you obviously. But they are not your army and they don't care what you think.

They certainly do care what people around the world think about them, they are huge attention whores that cry about how mean Macron is when they get a bruise after behaving like hooligans.

Not like media would even bother to report about them at all. They don't care if you like them or not. They are doing for France. Not for you or me. Or Europe.

Nope, they're doing it for their bored middle class existence. They're white niggers chimping out because they can't afford the latest TV model.


Jews did Notre Dame live chat

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That already happens when zogbots drag people away, and no it's not fine. It's evil. It's a nasty way to play, and the yellow vests shouldn't copy evil. A sit down of their zogbot capture, a good talking to, and reading a script of red pills on camera would be humiliating enough.

Get those black apes out of there.


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That’s great.

This one stung, lol, nice shot user

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all livestreams miraculously ((("ending"))) one after the other, despite lot a of protesters are to be seen before the streams stop broadcasting…



Vive la résistance! I've seen several French people being pinkpilled on (((globalism))), but it's unfortunately still rare to see people who want to take their country back by kicking the niggers out. PILL THEM MORE, POL

use a VPN or don't answer the door when they knock

Hahah I'd invite them for tea. I have some measures in place but I've never been able to use a VPN because it somehow fucks the site up and makes me unable to post. Any good suggestions that work?

TOR via the onion site if no VPN.


so did the French gov burn Notre Dame down to try and have a '9-11' unity moment to stop these protests?

when does French next presidential race happen. he must be voted out. is this a likelihood?

False flags are their bread and butter so it's a safe assumption to make.

Juden detected. They're doing it because they literally are unable to afford food in their towns far from Paris and all the massive taxes on everything go straight to niggers. And they know at who's behest this is.