Hitler was a coward who killed thousands of Poles

There is a claim by nazis that hitler's invasion of Poland (Polenfeldzug) was justified because Poland was being genocidal toward ethnic Germans (Volksdeutsche) in its territories which is completely wrong.

Danzig massacre is a hoax
Poland never owned Danzig during the pre-war time. It was a free city under administration by the League of Nations. The war started because Hitler wanted the Danzig corridor. When Poland refused to just hand the area over (as had been the case with Czechia ceding the Sudetenland and getting entirely annexed in the progress while the world remained silent), Hitler invaded. It's a bit like a bully threatening you to do as he says to keep the peace (while there was already peace). Hitler and pals repeatedly stressed the fact that the current status quo regarding the Danzig question was intolerable and untenable - which makes them the biggest hypocrites of all, because South Tyrol had been handed over to Italy after Austria had lost WW1, but Hitler made no efforts to take this German-majority land back. Why? Because the Italian dictator Mussolini was his buddy and ally. So, really, it wasn't about any kind of noble goal of reuniting German territories under one Reich at all, but simple coercion and power play directed towards the Polish state.

When Czechia handing over the Sudetenland and its subsequent erasure from the world map proved that Hitler could not be sated, and the continued existence of South Tyrol under Italian control proved that Hitler's primary goal wasn't about unifying German territories, historians conclude the Danzig question was nothing but an excuse to go to war with Poland.

Justice for Bloody sunday
Which took place in Bromberg (today the city of Bydgoszcz) and firstly happened three days AFTER the German invasion of Poland and secondly many of the involved Volksdeutsche were in reality part of a poorly trained Pro-Nazi paramilitary force called the Selbstschutz who attacked the organized Polish Army during the German invasion and got the shit wrecked out of them as a result. When the Wehrmacht came across this, they reported their deaths back to Nazi leadership in Germany who used it for propaganda purposes ("muh innocent defenseless German civilians hacked to death by Polish barbarians") to justify their invasion of Poland that had already begun via false flag (Gleiwitz incident[10]) and subsequent reprisals against the Polish populace once the nation was erased from the world map for the next 6 years and turned into a new entity known as the Generalgouvernement.

Press S to spit on adolf hitler

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go fuck yourself, faggot

Oy veh! You must NEVER FORGET the six million Germans killed in the Germanocaust!
Poles should be exterminated to PUNISH them for their Slavic Privilege!
That's not genocide, btw. It's ONLY Genocide when it happens to God's Chosen People; the Germans.

Oh yes. Germany should invade Poland and kill all the Polish nationalists because we faggot loving, rapefugee importing, liberal Germans are the Master Race.
We're such victims! Oy Veh! We're such victims!
Oy veh!
Also, the jews toooooooooooooootally lied about our ethnic cleansing of Poland and generalplan ost… however we should literally exterminate Poles and expand Germany east. Just like the jews said.

At least he tried to remove jews, we should be grateful for at least that part, so no spitting.

Screwed up the work because no actual holocaust, but every little helped.

You mean for more aryan german women getting raped by amerimongrel and russian mongoloids soldiers.
And the kikes completely taking over the world and creating the illegal state of israel as a result.

Imagine having Stockholm syndrome for the Soviets that’s so severe you resort to using allied propaganda. If you were REALLY so inconvenienced by occupation by foreign powers, you wouldn’t have given into the Commies.

Gas yourself

Oy veh! We're such victims! We're such victims!
Here, take these anecdotal claims made by biased sources as evidence that the wicked Poles holocausted 6 billion Germanz! God's Chosen People!
But don't believe any similar statements that indicate that we Jermanz ever actually did the things we openly claim we want to do to the Slavs.

Nein nein nein! We want to have our cake AND eat it. Complete deniability and gaslighting the subhuman Slavs even as we openly state that we want to slaughter their families, we also want to trick them into actually supporting an ideology that advocates their humiliation, dehumanization, and annihilation.

EXTERMINATE POLES but Hitler was an angel who did nothing wrong.
KILL EVERYONE but Hitler was as peaceful as a lamb.
POLAND SHOULD BE DESTROYED but if you try to call us out on this, we'll just say that you're being anti-German.

You dropped these

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Step one; Demand that Jermany invade Europe and ethnically cleanse non-Jermans
Step two; Scream about how Slavs are not human and deserve to be exterminated for the holocaust
Step three; When White nationalists point this out, deny that you just did this.

Hitler = Stalin

If you were REALLY so inconvenienced by occupation by foreign powers, you wouldn’t have given into the Nazis.

lol and now you guys have a literal kike for prime minister

stop being anti-German. WW2 is over. deal with it.

Stay in your bedroom scared then.

Say that next time some faggot starts screaming about how Poles should be massacred to punish them for WW2

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That guy is 1/3 of the thread just filter him

I'll bet you would freak out if I mentioned that Germany meekly submitted to occupation by American and Soviet forces.

You can filter me. But intelligent people will not and they will see that I am correct.
8/pol/ neo-nazis openly call for the extermination of Slavs and use Hitler and your precious holocaust as justification to do so.

If Nazism is pro-White. Why do Nazis want to slaughter White people so badly?

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Excelent post, OP.
The world is this shit right now thanks to Hitler having lost that war. If he listened to his generals, he would not stretch his war front so much, and the Stalingrad disaster wouldnt happen.
There is a lot of military history material which puts Hitler as a incompetent in military terms. Sometimes I think he lost on purpose, as the execution of Rommel clearly shows. If Rommel wasnt executed, the allies would never put their feet in Normandy. Also, the german military had to use smgs in a clandestine way, as the NSDAP had prohibited its production.
Nazi messianism is stupid, and we see this clearly today, as any racialist who doesnt agree with Hitler in some point or another is called a jewish shill. Fact is, Evrope would not be being invaded by niggers today, if Hitler was more humble and listened to his generals, as he had all the means to won that war, the best military in the world and the best equipment at the time.

The first one is true. Since it ended, we are disappearing bit by bit, because muh capitalism.

Hitler was a laughable fuckup. He wanted to kill all the jews, yet the showers he disguised as gas chambers were completely ineffectual. Weak, non-airtight doors, breakable windows, no ventilation systems, no mechanisms for quickly disposing of bodies, cramped spaces ideal for overpowering the guards. In one case the prisoners were taken underground, and then the bodies were painstakingly hauled back up again with a tiny elevator designed for one or two bodies. The ovens only fit one person each and there weren't enough of them. There was no standardization either, so sometimes the showers actually were real showers and were just used to prepare the prisoners to die more effectively from the gas (why even disguise showers as gas chambers then, especially when the prisoners you aren't killing still need to take showers anyway because you gotta disinfect them before admitting them into the camp?). Or they used diesel exhaust that they ghetto rigged using a captured Soviet engine. Despite all this incompetence they still somehow managed to conceal all of their killing operations from the Red Cross despite them having full access to the camps.

Any way, mongol rapebabies deserve to die. Why you think they became commies in the first place? Because they are subhuman.

D&C between Europeans warning.

Well considering the entire kiked world would have nuked them had they not surrendered, and even then the Occupying forces had to outright BAN any support for the Reich afterwards for fear there would be another uprising, it’s safe to say that yes, they did give in meekly the same way anyone who is out of their depth should.
Also this isn’t an anti-Slavic thing, and those Poles who did fight against the Soviets should be commended.
Now go back to eating your meal of foreskins on bagels, Moshe. It’s getting late in Warsaw.

Point at him and laugh.

I find these arguments extremely boring because I do not value non-Germans under any circumstances, but there is now a concerted effort to pretend that those who fought the hardest to bring about the conditions of white genocide are somehow the shining heroes who will avert it for all our sake. There is no reason to pin any kind of hope on Americans and Slavs; and there is no reason for Germans to apologize for being defeated "cucks" or for having been National Socialists who killed the enemy on behalf of the German national cause.

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pathetic. if you can't take bantz, go back to reddit.

that was my first post nigger.

Most white people are cucks who deserve to die, this thread proves it

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thankfully real jews are already gone, only worthless cultists remain.

yeah sure

Hitler reclaimed was belonged to him

Hitler was a hero for me and millions more now say happy birthday to the Führer faggot now have a shot of good whisky and think of him and all the good he did when you down it motherfucker

too late to cry. prepare yourself to harsh future. or die in shame.

Poles deserved everything they got for attacking Germany, shooting at her passenger planes, not even defending her eastern borders, and especially for trusting the western jew powers. I don't know how many times that entire country has been wiped off the map because they trusted jews, but it apparently hasn't been enough given their new government.

Press F to Respect Hitler and Wish Him a Happy Birthday

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That was because there were no gas chambers.
The jewish camps were not extermination camps, but only prisons.
And these prisons for the jews even had swimming pools and recreation for the prisoners.

Do you know about the Haavara agreement? The camps were settled because, due to the war and the typhus epidemic, Hitler could not send those jews to the Palestine. So he sent them to the camps, and they started dying because of the epidemic. According to the Red Cross, 200k jews died during WW2, due to the bad condition on the camps. Some of these didnt even have food, as the supply lines were constantly bombarded by the allies.

Hitler's intention was not to kill the jews, but to send them to Palestine.
Hitler's intention was to found the state of Israel.

Poland is having kiketrouble again, even despite the "thousands of poles" (read: kikes) that got exterminated in their ghetto-uprisings - meaning not genocide.

F for Fylfot

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But why? So then the kikes can become victims and then export themselves to the US?

The fact that you commie faggots are still lying about him all these decades later just shows how great he was. Fuck you trannypol and happy birthday uncle Adolf!


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There were too many jews in Europe.
At that time, the jewish problem was equivalent to the muslim problem today. The jews isolated themselves from the locals, and sabotaged the nations.
If today we have islamic radicals doing terror attacks in Europe, at that time it was communist jews doing terror attacks.

Practically, its the same issue, except that now Europe is importing the muslims, whereas the jews have gotten there due to the diaspora, which is centuries old.

I never get why people use coward as an insult for anyone who kills somebody. Hitler was awarded the Iron Cross in the First World War. How is he cowardly? Did he have to personally kill every single person he wanted dead to not be a coward? Does this apply to everyone? If a judge sentences someone to death, are they a coward for not being the executioner as well?

No, at best in that theory his intention was to deport them away from Europe. Zionism, so creation of their colony started like 70 years ealier, and they started immigrating there to do that 30 years earlier.

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fake and gay

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Oh look, another thread by the mentally ill SPLC/ADL jewess, fake historian author who thinks she is bill Kaulitz and has numerous blogs in his honor.
It's easy - all her threads have the same format, blog-length OP and reply, and a topic she has "written"hoovered up wiki quotes to constructa book about, and uses quotes/pics from the "works", whether attributed or not.
She is part of the wider jew objective of defiling Hitler as a contemporary inspiration. But also wants to use threads here as bait in the hopes anons find the (fake) information interesting and buy the wikipedia quote books.
Check this freak out.
She abandoned the previous thread when exposed.
Very sick jewess who flicks her bean whilst imagining she is a concentration camp prisoner (she got her fetish from the movie 'The Nightporter').
Also she doesn't actually have a history degree.
Don't be fooled however, she may be retarded but is highly dangerous as she works directly with the aforementioned jew terror groups, and has a history of calling them onto (not so) anons who expose her as a mentally ill kike weasel cosplayer with no degree.
Also changes her name frequently.

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Indeed, both fucked the jew over big time. The latter even managed to return Russia from (((bolshevik))) into Russian hands.

You think it's a coincidence that they are the two most demonised leaders in history?

Poles aren't human. They're Neanderthals like the Jews they were born from
Death to Poland

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Fuck off jew

Why is she working on saturday anyway. "Jews". I bet she doesnt look semitic at all.

Sure, and we're not anti-jew either.

Considering the entire USSR would have slaughtered every Pole or Czech in sight if they continued resisting, and even then the Occupying forces had to outright BAN any support for non-communists afterwards for fear there would be another uprising, it’s safe to say that yes, they did give in meekly the same way anyone who is out of their depth should.

It is insane to slander Poles for eventually surrendering to the USSR (and Germany) and then turn around and try to excuse Germany for surrendering to that same USSR.

I agree.
My point is that this insane doublestandard when dealing with God's Chosen People the Germans is idiotic.
Poles get slandered for merely existing while Germans can do no wrong even when they welcome their own invaders into Germany.

Go and check out the 20 year old pictures if you want. She's actually a haggard old woman who never appears on camera anymore.


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This is who you're arguing with.

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If anyone wants to learn more about this lolcow, just search:

It's worth it because her and her shill group post threads here nearly every day, it pays to be able to recognize them.

Yet polish military forces were stationed in Danzig preventing Danzig from voluntarily joining the Reich.

After WW1, polish lands lands were put into Germany, and German lands into Poland. Hitler proposed plebiscites along the Border and Danzig corridor to allow communities to determine their allegiance, so that Germans could be restored to Germany and Poles to Poland. The Polish Government pretended to consider the offer, while forming a secret Alliance with Britain.

Hitler repeatedly told the Polish government that he would invade if they did not withdraw from Danzig - a free German city and not part of Poland.

This event was not used as justification. 10,000+ Germans were killed or missing in Danzig attacks occurring before September 1 1939.

Press S for a free Shekel

1- Poles where pathetic in WW2. That is why nobody take them seriously anymore.

2-Stop projecting that Germans did nothing wrong. You are just butthurt pole because nobody worship your pathetic fight in WW2. If you fight and lose, you accept it. Just like Germans did.

Exactly like jews. Why can't you act like man?

Wait what happened to France?

So, the Holohoax not working for (((you))) anymore?

Hosting a European base for the jews for the past 1000 years, then being fundamental in the creation of Israel, isn't the best way to earn friends.

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Huge S

It was a "free" city, belonging to Poland, so polish military, on all polish lands given to Poland after 1WW, and stupid excuses for an invasion of a country after a country are just propaganda.

Did France cry about WW2 like Poland today?

Implying anyone ever wanted/liked jews, and wherever they've been, its not a result of their manipulations.


Look everyone it’s your favourite mongrelized eastern pole that thinks he’s actually polish
Hail the fuhrer

Am I crying? And I'm not claiming our military was great in the second world war. If someone says that, they're an idiot. But at least Poland held out longer than Denmark.

Oh look, its the butthurt Pole I filtered in the Birthday Boy thread. Go die in a fire.

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Poles have a deep hatred for Germans, and they admit it all the time here and on half-chan, but absolutely deny that they could have done anything wrong.

They invited red cross and international observers just like they did at concentration camps, but it was ignored by the winners.

The Poles besides of their traditional hatred for Germans had

The undeclared war on Germany by Poland was documented in Polish newspapers, something that you can't possibly blame the Germans for.

In addition, both Poland and France had conducted a full mobilization against Germany several days before the invention. In international law a full mobilization is considered to be equivalent to a declaration of war.

Germany had nothing to gain from war with Poland. Germany is a country with few natural resources, especially oil, where as Poland had support from the entire world, at least nominally.

Of course, Poland was betrayed by Britain and France. They had promised to invade Germany if a war broke out between Germany and Poland. The Soviet Union had also promised Poland their support, actually switched sides.

It's time to start talking openly about the responsibility of the Poles for starting WWII. The fact that they were tricked by the Allies doesn't make Poland even a little bit less responsible.

Just give it up, Ivan. You’re not going to infect the Fuhrer’s birthday with your commie shit.

Who care? You played your cards against Germans and your game started WW2. It is not my fault. WW2 Germany created various technology and their soldiers had excelent K:D . They name jews and exposed jewish supremacy and banking scam forever.

Poland was full of jews. As we know today Hitler was right about jews. We can play what if game forever. What happen, happen. Stop bitching about how you lost 2 times in 1 war already. It is nothing proud and honorable anyway. Exactly like jews. Proud of defead.

Hitler occupied and annexed South Tyrol as well as Istria when ever Italy collapsed. The reason he pressed Italy lighter than Poland was because Hitler was quite fond of Mussolini. He had a great deal of respect for him, he did not want to pressure his allies, he had few. You can not argue that Hitler was not Pan-German.

Poland never had control of Danzig.

Therefore the invasion of Danzig and murder of it's citizens by Polish forces wasn't an act of war.

OP is a Jew.


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Dumb ass. They were killing Germans in East Prussia, not Danzig, which was cut off from Germany ,and Poland wasn't allowing them access.


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Holy crap, you’re right. It was a puppet state of the (((League of Nations)))

Reminder former vol polskakike5 will never be white.

I know that Poland was full of jews. Even other poles knew about the kikes ravaging in Poland.
pics rel

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Is it a tranny?
Because that looks like a tranny.

It wasn't cut off, transports could go freely, sea route was open, Hitler just wanted to cut Gdańsk from Poland with german corridor.

Zig Forums hates white people

Just get over it. WW2 was giant clusterfuck. Focus on your real enemies. Not enemies from 1939. I know Hitler realy didn't care much if agree with returning areas to Germany or not. He was not perfect.

I can understand you do not enjoy people like Hitler but by hating everyone you act like kid.

I know that white people should focus on the real enemy. But how can you do that when other nazi LARPers and eternal anglos tell me I'm just a dumb subhuman polack. I don't even care what Hitler did. I want to band together and defeat these fucking kikes.

You aren't white moshe.

But we say this about everyone. Burgers, Bongs, Baguetes, Ivans, Swedcucks. It is bant.

another city that was completely destroyed by allied bombing

Haven't you learned yet. The real enemy is the Jew - and the jew is anyone who disagrees with me.

(((white people)))

lol sage

If Hitler hand't done what he did the kikes would have even more control you retard.

Natsocs don't say this only kike d&c agents do.

Thats not what happened you retard. Hitler's offers for exchange were more than generous. Pilsudski knew this, but the jew government afterwards didn't.

The Germans in South Tyrol weren't being oppressed and they didn't want the join the Reich.

You kikes twist reality with half-truths and outright lies. kys schlomo.


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im polish and i love hitler fuck you faggot
na zdrowie niemcy

nobody gives a fuck about (((poland)))

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