Power Up the Batteries: Joe Biden is Running for President

After explaining what the internet is to him, aides are helping the 72-year-old sex offender make a video announcing his candidacy next week

After encouraging speculation for several months, former Vice President Joe Biden has decided to run for the presidency for the third time in his sad, depressing life. Having utterly sacrificed the element of surprise and squandered several months in which he could have been raising money, Biden is reportedly filming an announcement video for the YouTubes, which he has been assured is popular with key demographics that hadn’t been born the first time he ran for president.

The most former of former Vice Presidents is widely expected to be a cinch for the Democratic nomination; partly because the DNC is as corrupt as the Chinese Politburo, and partly because who the fuck else are they supposed to run against Trump? Biden, according to seasoned political observers, strikes a generally acceptable balance between nominating a candidate with actual ideals and nominating an inanimate carbon rod that’s been painted with the party colors.

Questions have swirled around Vice President Biden’s past during the runup to his announcement. Specifically, political analysts under the age of 40 have questioned whether Touchy Grandpa is serious, whether he’s fucking serious, or whether no, seriously, is he fucking serious?

The former Vice President has done little to discourage the firestorm of controversy that seems to follow him around, given that he publicly molests underage girls who become visibly uncomfortable in proximity to him. Last month, the candidate from the #MeToo Party endured a welter of too-little/too-late public accusations from women that he had done to them the sorts of things the public has literally watched him do a hundred goddamn times. Pressed for a statement, Biden shrugged and said:

Democratic Party insiders have voiced doubts about the electability of Candidate Biden. One DNC employee, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said:

Another, also speaking anonymously, agreed, saying:

About the issues themselves, the candidate has been largely silent. One notable exception came last March, when the white man who wants to be president told an audience that white men fucking suck, and that America was better off without them. Performing an impromptu live-action interpretation of that Gillette ad, the former VP went on to say that “white men have got to change,” and “we can do better.” Biden then theatrically drew a finger across his brow and nodded toward a 14-year-old girl in the audience, which observers say is his signal to Secret Service agents that he wanted her bathed, dressed and delivered to his hotel room later.

He is also apparently on the payroll of Iran or some shit.

While Vice President Biden prepares for his big announcement, questions swirl around his chances against the incumbent pResident Hambone Blormpf. Washington insiders say the public perception that Trump will wipe the fucking floor with Biden may be mistaken, as the former VP can allegedly advocate for even more power and influence to be shifted toward the Jews, thus “winning” more support in the crucial areas of Wall St. and Hollywood. Analysts have been skeptical of this claim:

However this works out, one thing is clear: Joe Biden may be the single most memeable candidate since Pants-of-Shit Hillary, and it is Zig Forums’s duty to make sure the old whore dies with an ulcer for his leading role in the ongoing genocide of our people, which has been the only consistent theme of his centuries-long political career.


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Was about to dismiss the OP's (((Kushner))) piece of pro-drumpf garbage until I read this


I wish 1970s Uncle Joe was running. What with his nigger hatred and unapologetic masculinity, he was even more based than the Orangenigger sucking bibi's mutilated cock.

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This is Kushner propaganda.

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It's heartbreaking watching that even democrats were willing to espouse crypto-pro White points in the recent past. Considering how much of an anti-White shill Biden has become makes me enjoy watching the shit he's been getting from his own side.

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The asshurt will be palpable

Blessed redtext headline

Joe Biden is a traitor.

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Most jews are. White europeans, that kill their own people because muh cult leaders said so.

It's lifted straight from leftypol trannies spamming Zig Forums



nod really :DD

would bump for the triumphant return of ChadOp but this is a year too early

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He's their John McCain candidate. They know they're going to lose so Joe's going to go through the motions and take one for the team.

I had to lie low after Christchurch. Modfags were restricting thread creation, so I went back to wherever I usually go when I'm not here.

I hate niggers.


This is the good shit, OP. Thank you for making this article palpable.

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I even said if Hillary failed her run, her supporters would withdraw off money from her and throw in other candidates in this election.

Now I cannot even think of a good democrat candidate for this election. My fucking sides.
Can someone even think of someone who is remotely good to compete against Trump in next election?

Bernie SOCIALIST MILLIONAIRE? Don't make me laugh. He might be the one who is leading but seriously, I doubt he can win.

Butthurt? Retard gay who have problems with christians.

Booking Spartacus? Shit tier for reparations.

Beto? Who the fuck is him?

My thoughts exactly. High-effort OC, do not stael.

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He said "broads"

To Gen Y and Gen Z women, the word "broads" a WWII military slang (broad -ass ) is the equivalent to saying "cotton pickin'" or "nigger".

He's dead in teh polls. finito.

I want to see Eric Swallowell as the Dem pres nominee with the "nuke redneck America because guns" platform.

Agreed. It's your job to spread this information as far as possible. Tell as many people as you can on social media.

Biden his time, since '69!

Airborne or Chairborne?


>Dem Blacks won't vote for (((Bernie Sanders))) or Biden because they're "white" to them
>Dem Women won't vote for (((Sanders))) or Biden because they're male
>Black & spic males will never vote for a female

A+ fucking job, dems. You've splintered your own base into an unmanageable mess that will fail to get any of your candidates elected

Biden can be sunk easily by hammering the fracture point between feminazis and Biden's long history of creepy woman-groping

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All this delicious reddit spacing.

The bigger problem is that all of the Republicans would be fine with any of the Democrats. After Trump, Democrats will get their turn and it's going to be a bad time. After Trump, it will be business as usual. Some bland Jeb! candidate will be offered vs. an AOC-type and the left will get their way.

airborne my ass
niggers do not jump out of planes

Primaries or GE? Niggers sure in shit will turn out to get Biden the nomination, he'll easily secure the wamen vote too since good god he might be a creepy pedo but at least he isn't a spineless cuckold like that Sanders chump.

I'd say it's a toss-up between him and Sanders getting the nomination and since we all know Sanders will fold at the first fucking sign of trouble it should be no mystery who'll win.

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This isn’t Biden’s first rodeo

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You are only making me want to vote Democrat more.

Thats the same shit from 2016 though. Bernie Sanders was going to win the Primaries and then they gave it to Hillary though special donations. It will become Biden vs.Trump. If Bernie runs independent then Trump will take every state but NY and the DC electoral vote. Dems would lose about 17% of the vote to Bernie.
Biden vs. Trump would be the same media charade again. "Trump can't even win now". "Trump is so far behind". "Is this the beginning of the end for Trump"? If they manage to rig the election in the right states this time they will win though.

God Emperor vs Pedokike 2020? Final Battle to End All Wars?

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If Trump can actually get us out of NATO and the UN like he promised he will get that title. Besides a good economy he hasn't done shit for those of European origin in the United States.

Do they want to lose or something?

Biden is brilliant, once he understand the power of the internet there will be no stopping him.

He pretty much doesn't have a chance, what with a significant minority of the American electorate loathing anybody paler than café-au-lait.
Unless the powers that be want him in, in which case he'll win in a landslide.
Anyway, bread and circuses thread.


Sieg Heil

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inb4 Biden never catches up to Bernie and we get to watch two kikes duke it out for who gets to run the US into the ground.

who the Fuk would support the pedo asshole? Retarded fucks in America. Jesus let this nightmare be over. Fucking cull these evil pos.

You can notice a fat orange shabbos goy doing that same thing right now!
Building that wall and locking her up oh yeah and mehico better not come on our property again or next year we’ll give them a stern talking to. Oh yeah next year
Or the next
Or the next…

Qushner shills.

I think the two kikes are Trump and Sanders.

Slogan; Joe Just Under the Dementia Spike.
Sponsors; "Gee. your hair smells terrific."

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Can't wait to see him on the campaign trail, shaking hands and hittin' on babies.

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Oy vey.

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nice OP

Drunkle Hair-huffer Joe referenced Charlottesville in his opener. Some (((Cohen))) of Comcast/NBC did a fundraiser for him. He's focusing on Pennsylvania and union support.

I get the feeling Dems are just going through the motions this cycle. If they truly wanted rid of ZOGnald they would push Michael Onigger and Bernie as a ticket with the broadest Dem appeal, but the real question is why would they want him out? He's doing more to fuck the Country over than they ever could, all the while feigning opposition. The fact is he's presiding over the largest invasion in our history and looting public coffers on behalf of his (((allies) ))


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I think Biden is a pretty cool guy. Eh calls Obama a nigger on Instagram and doesn't afraid of anything.

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Slogan; Ukraine Collusion is not Russian Collusion.
Sponsor; Bank of China.
Creepy Drunk Uncle Joe.

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I know the feeling.
Since you're here, do you happen to have backups of all your previous OP articles? I regret not saving them all at the time, as they're some of my favorite Zig Forums content these days.

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proof they will throw the election to win next time, and our last white president is a shabbos creep either how

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Quit being faggot Jews

God save that queen.


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pound for pound, has anyone molested more people then joe biden? Also has anyone done it more on camera? He must hold the record for groping

I notice in 2012 when Ashley Blazer Biden (Joe's 2nd daughter, 1st was sacrificed to Jews when she was 1 years old so he could remarry) married (((Howard Krein))) they were careful to omit mention of his religious affiliation: nytimes.com/2012/06/03/fashion/weddings/ashley-biden-howard-krein-wedding.html
It was only indirectly inferred by the officials:
Not sure if they're produced any mischlings yet. I know Ivanka would never stoop to that, she is capable of cucking Kushner and using goyim seed to fertilize her brood.

Biden Praises Jews, Goes Too Far, Accidentally Thrills Anti-Semites


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Am I the only one seeing this?

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This OP is good & you should feel good.