NYT asks Should a White Man Be the Face of the Democratic Party in 2020?

And their bad White male is Bernie Sanders
We're reaching "My fellow White" levels that shouldn't even be possible.

>Ms. Neal, a dental hygienist, made an agonized face at Mr. Johnson, her boyfriend. Wouldn’t something be lost, she asked, if the historically diverse slate of 2020 Democrats was passed over?
She made an agonized face!

It would break her little heart!

>As former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. prepares to enter the 2020 race this coming week, Democrats have seen the strong diversity in their field — with candidates like Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris reflecting the multiracial and largely female base of the party — become somewhat overshadowed by white male candidates. (((Bernie Sanders))) has a wide fund-raising lead, he and Mr. Biden lead in polls, and Beto O’Rourke and Pete Buttigieg have enjoyed outsize attention from voters in early primary states, extensive media coverage and viral success with online donors.

>Is a white male the best face for an increasingly diverse Democratic Party in 2020? And what’s the bigger gamble: to nominate a white man and risk disappointing some of the party’s base, or nominate a minority candidate or a woman who might struggle to carry predominantly white swing states like Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania that both Barack Obama and Mr. Trump won?
This is what happens in multi-racial democracies.

>Pam Van Arsdale, 64, of Bedford, N.H., said she would like to see a minority or female candidate catch fire, and worries that nominating a white man could cause some liberals to skip voting in November 2020.
Oh me too. I'd love to see one of those things catch fire.

>White men have largely ruled both the Democratic and Republican parties throughout American history, even as they have declined to roughly 30 percent of the population, and many voters still have preconceptions of presidents as white and male. Mr. Biden and Mr. (((Sanders))) are starting off with other advantages as well: They are the best-known candidates at this stage, both with experience running for president, and they are well positioned to have the money and resources to compete through the 2020 primaries.

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>In conversations across eastern Iowa, Democratic voters acknowledged a feeling of whiplash after a midterm campaign defined largely by the success of women and people of color. Many of those interviewed seemed almost resigned to having a white male nominee, reserving their angst for what they view as a greater priority than diversity atop the Democratic ticket: defeating Mr. Trump.
Oh the horror.

I know that everyone already understands this, but it's just so insane that not one person has even pondered upon what policies these contenders will implement. It's literally all just fretting over how closely the skin colour of the candidate resembles shit or whether they have a vagina rather than a penis.

Open minded huh?

Could have fooled me.

Clown World.


These are the words of terrified America Jews. American Jews are progressives and will never move to Israel, they're terrified of that thought. They know that after Marxian Socialism comes National Socialism and they don't want Bernie to beat Trump he will unequivocally because it will lead them to becoming eventual lampshades.

Top-down Socialism
(egalitarianism; equality of outcome; redistribution of wealth)
Bottom-up Socialism
(meritocracy; equality of input; self-manifestation of wealth)

If you want to read some very stupid shit:

(((They))) brought in all the shitskins and made them hate white people, but didn't realize, they are too idiotic to differentiate kike from white.

Not usually. Usually it means the jews become "the party" and live large at everyone else's expense.

Stay here long enough and you'll realise there is no difference.

clownworld indeed.

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It’s not up for discussion whether or not Bernie will beat Blrompf in 2020 (he obviously will). The biggest question is what comes after that. America will already be majority minority at that point (if it isn’t already) and the Republican Party will never have a fighting chance after 2020 as is, so I’m just thinking ahead and seeing what future elections will look like. 2024 will be the first election where Republicans will have no chance and may even be removed from ballots in blue states, so let’s skip to 2028. Dems will have AOC, Tlaib, Omar, Ayanna Presley and other women of color fighting for candidacy and I’ll say that AOC wins on that end. Republicans will probably field Ivanka or some Charlie Kirk-esque retard and not be a factor at all. Libertarian Party will have all-Jews and nonwhites vying for candidacy just like they do now btw and the Greens will have their two darlings: Dario Hunter, a gay black Iranian who converted to Judaism from Islam and became a rabbi and is currently polling as the Greens’ favorite for 2020 and Kenneth Mejia, some Flip who they may try to turn into their Manchurian candidate.

Tl;dr I can’t wait for the Republican Party to die as we usher in our dystopian (((democracy))). Maybe AOC will become crypto-white nationalist because she only seems to like white guys anyway.

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You got that right.

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lotsa bored shills today. pro-tip: to be less obvious, don't hire your new people all at once

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I was actually hoping to get feedback on my first post, but I forgot how far Zig Forums has fallen. There’s still porn on other threads that hasn’t been removed.

If that's what this National Socialist board wants, then so be it. Zig Forums has always being a WHITE board, so there is no need to inject your desert morality into our memes

Whites name the jew - that's the only definition.
Mutts and Hapas who name the jew are white
(((Everyone else))) gets the rope

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This derailing was brought to you in part by /cow/, the official board of Zig Forums. I am the infamous Nickposter, BO of /cow/ and a moderator on Zig Forums. Find me on Twitter @DSANickposter.

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They might be potential allies (IF and only IF they gtfo of white countries), but they are not WHITE you cunt

Stop trying to D&C the diversity of the European race, from the middle east and north africa to Venezuela and Panama… WE ARE ALL WHITE, NO MORE BROTHERS WARS

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So there's an unironic opportunity to point out (((Bernie Sanders))) isn't white? Well…..

Right so while the Turk has been slaughtering jews left right and center for centuries, (((Englishmen))) are white and they are not????
Get out of town - lurk more and learn what this board is about and how words are used here before you open your dumb mouth.
You sound retarded.

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I did a twitter search for oy vey, and found an "angry jew" who described himself as White. Of course he was a US marine too, so lick his boots. Anyhow, they all use White until you call them out. This isn't news.

honestly your OPs and the marxist shitflinging was all that was needed. we know when shills converge on a thread it's because its info is damaging. not much else needed, save for some memecrafting.

>be this guy
>doesn’t realize that the comment which led to this thread’s destruction was started by me on another IP
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All dems are good for is lying and cheating and they're so good at it they even cheat each other! Bernie will just get cucked out again when they rig the primaries for their establishment dog.

Always remember their lies, here's one from one of their finest. The one they constantly keep trying to compare themselves to and arrogantly tell their opponents even among their own they are not this lying "person" they idolize

t. Ted Kennedy, a democrat senator in 1965, in reference to the 1965 Immigration Act

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six millioners, 2% of the population, should have a 1 in 50 chance, right? Eliminating mentally ill ones would leave this at 0%.
And so on. You have 10 million muslims, yet had one as a president already.

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Registered Republican from Republican state.

Dems don't have a chance.

The Democrats killing each other? This is good though. Left idpol just alienates white people into realizing what's happening. If the left makes itself exclusively not white, then white people will have no choice but to join the right.


They probably kept the images for personal consumption while handing out a 3-day ban for “off-topic spam”.

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Funnily enough, many kikes do NOT want a jewish president; too much exposure. They much prefer to pull the levers of power behind the scenes. It would not surprise me if the JYT subscribed to that idea as well.

(((They))) technically already got a kike in the oval office. Obongo is a nigger kike due to his mother (((Ann Dunham))). A whole kike as president would indeed endanger (((them)))

(((Bernie Sanders))) is a white man? I don't think so.

That's the plan.
Remember Operation Pandemonium?
I do.

God forbid we live in a meritocracy.

This is what they get for playing identity politics to try to turn everyone against whites. Unintended consequences.
>Dem Blacks won't vote for (((Bernie Sanders))) or Biden because they're "white" to them
>Dem Women won't vote for (((Sanders))) or Biden because they're male
A+ fucking job, dems. You've splintered your own base into an unmanageable mess that will fail to get any of your candidates elected

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Yes, how come the lgbt propaganda is not aimed at blacks?

They are not tolerant when it comes to lgbt people in the black community.

For example, there are no openly gay rappers or trans campaign for black trans people.

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