What is the motivation behind Macron's calculated Degeneracy?

This guy's story is creepy as fuck. Not so much because it might happen from time to time, but because he's the president of France, a shining example of a baby step in the direction they plan on taking us. How the fuck did he get in? Were the elections rigged, or is France literally this cucked?

1) Normalizing teacher's courting of students in school until they reach age 18. This opens the door for "Brave New World" type degeneracy. School drifting so far off from education by casually ignoring a giant conflict of interest. they ignore the common sense fix of all boys and all girls public schools because this is complete anathema of all their plans. they will fight to the death to keep schools co-ed. this should tell you something.

2) Normalizing a 30 year old man marrying a post-menopause used up divorcee with three kids. Cucking of the masculine and glorifying not having any kids.
You have to assume the push the bar as far left as they think they can get away with, and then hold back.

You have to assume Macron's specific degeneracies were wargamed and think tanked very heavily before they unveiled this Macron character and put him in as president.

When examining Macron's chosen set of degeneracies, what do you think this reveals about the motives of our enemies?

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He's just owned globohomo like Trump. Don't over think it. The policy tells you everything relevant.

Macron is nothing like Trump who's anti globalist. Now fuck off jew

He is exactly like Trump. Policy tells you everything relevant. What do they do? Actually, physically implement. What happens? Not what somebody said or promised or made a video about or commented on. What happened. You're filtered, by the way, because I'm not getting into a back and forth with a shill.

I thought banging the hot blonde teacher in high school was machismo fantasy?

He's such a frail pussy that her osteoporosis endures his most vigorous fucks.

macron is smart. he gets the money. last laugh on the anoncucks who believe right propaganda.

Only for (((people like you)))

I'm glad I didn't get what I wanted in HS.
Poor guy looks like he's banging his grandma.

His dads fault for not teaching him how to disrespect women properly really.

How could anyone be attracted to a woman who is like twice as old as them??

He's a sodomite, the grandma he pretends to fuck is just a cover.

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It's not calculated he is a fucking degenerate and that is how the elite like their puppet leaders riddled full of scandal and easy to manipulate. Macron is into Femdom with scat play and likes to prep the black bulls that cuck him that is his real secret.

ugh why the fuck is that monkey so sweaty?
Did they just finish a 30hr orgy??

Even worse…

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Trump literally spread globohomo. Venezuela failed coup. Failed war on Assad. Bombing Burkina Faso with over 1000 troops on the ground.
He's a Globalist Shabbos Goy

Dat pic.
Fucking disgusting.


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e was/is clearly another faction of the Globalist ace in da ho for furtherance of their narrative and agenda….why did they not go ahead with he clear slam duck with Clinton…only they know nigger,,,,but no way white folk legit elected this Zionist….how do the numbers stack…POC didn't vote for him in any real numbers.and a large percentage of NPC white electorate hated him…so how nigger …and why him and bot her?

You're really drinking that kool-aid

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Those children look like mongoloids. The asiatic heritage of the jew is undeniable.

Or perhaps poor old Jared got cucked :(

No, they're all his and it's visible, it's just his subhuman genes showing.

He's ex Goldman Sachs (verified) and basically a globalist agent. His purpose is to destroy Europe. Reminder that he plans to build a land bridge between Africa and Europe. Assassinate him if you ever get the chance.

Both Jared and Ivanka have had MASSIVE amounts of plastic surgery. Their kids don't look like them because they don't look they way they're supposed to.

Fixed that for you, friend.

Dubs of truth
Sorry /pol, Orthodox Jews > degenerate leftists


Democracy in a country where jews run banking, the jewdicial system, the bureaucracy, trade and the press inevitably becomes a jew run three ring circus.

And such a country is invariably vile, filthy, degenerate and debauched. A cess pit of drugs and vice.

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Haha lil' nigga be playin' foat-nite.

He is some loser and she is from rich family. Career move, and worked.

Do you have any pics of Original Jared? Their daughter seems to have Original Ivankas jawline so your theory has merit. I think Ivanka has jaw implants (among other things) because her original chin was next to receding. I wonder how twisted these two are on the inside if they unmake themselves by plastic surgery in order to look less jewish and more white. Ivankas mother certainly was of jewish descent considering her looks.

So sweet. I wish I was naive. Everything would seem better.

Their black soulless eyes..

Hes a sadomasochist with a blackmail femdom handler. Pretty basic control scheme. Cianiggers or bankniggers hold the reigns.

Motivation? This is not planned, this fag is just high on coke 24h/24.

Most politicians and journalists are, which explains a lot if you know how this impacts the brain. The previous president, Jacques Chirac, had dealers bring 100 grams per week at the Elysée.

It's called white genocide, look into it

just say WG. It's much shorter and meme-able and more snappy.

that fucking little girl looks like a jew whore in the making, maybe she'll have her own reality TV show where she eats Miley Cyrus's pussy and get gang banged by the degenerates that make up the Michael Jackson family?????


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Preaching to the choir. Encapsulate it in an easy-to-swallow pill and spread it on social media instead.


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Banging, not marrying.

feels like it was yesterday, I was so much happier living in delusion

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Macron is protecting a stagnant national elite with no idea how to create a society good to live in. He thinks he’s protecting a dynamic internationalist elite, but his allies are short-sighted and they suck.

the elite are raised from birth to be avatars for demons scum

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that movie


Did you use crayon for that?