Boston joins Dallas, will not prosecute "lower level" crimes to help nonwhites

"It’s not just Dallas, where elected officials are working to protect black criminals.
It’s not just Atlanta, where police are no longer protecting store owners in Buckhead from black criminals.
It’s also Boston, where the black District Attorney of Suffolk County has pledged she will not prosecute low-level crimes because they disproportionately impact black and brown people. [‘This is precisely what Suffolk County wants;’ DA Rachael Rollins stands behind pledge not to prosecute low-level crimes, Mass Live, 4-5-19]:"

"Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins pushed back against the Baker administration’s concerns that her pledge not to prosecute certain low-level crimes would pose a risk to public safety and hurt Massachusetts’ efforts to combat the opioid epidemic.

“I’m not going to engage in fear-mongering,” Rollins told reporters Friday afternoon at district attorney’s office. “I believe we do have an opioid crisis. I am personally aware of that. I am the guardian of two nieces as the result of it.”

Rollins characterized the letter from Executive Office of Public Safety and Security Secretary Thomas A. Turco warning against Rollins’ recent policy memo as an attempt to interfere with her pledge to tackle the mass incarceration of people of color in Suffolk County.

Turco released the letter to the State House New Service Thursday night, warning that Rollins’s recent policy memo could “put at risk the Commonwealth’s ongoing efforts to combat the ongoing crisis of the opioid epidemic.”

Some of her policies could “substantially restrict government’s ability to protect victims threatened with serious crimes,” Turco wrote in a two-page letter.

Rollins questioned why state officials didn’t approve proposals to create safe injection sites to curb overdose deaths and HIV transmissions across the state instead of focusing on her policies. Rollins went on to say her pledge to not prosecute certain misdemeanors and low-level felonies is about leveling the playing field in the criminal justice system."

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Fucking clown world. Wish a fucking meteor would strike and put a fucking end to all these pieces of shit.

Yeah, a meteor is your only hope since you're never going to do anything.

Reminder that shit like this is how South Africa got started onto its current state.

Do they even realize by doing it, will push whites out of those cities and turn them into new Chicagos?
And probably converting whites into new republicans?

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Oh, no. New Republicans! I bet they're shaking.

Simple solution; whites should rob minority owned businesses blind as reparations for decades of welfare payments out of their paychecks.

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Maybe you meant Detroit?

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Don't hate on me Zig Forums for asking this but is there anyway I could turn this into some sort of business?

This was going to happen one way or another. Making crime NOT crime is their answer to answering "mass incarceration". I can't see a bigger indicator of the steering wheel being handed to those who hate the car.

Black TFR is dropping and the ones who have enough money to leave are leaving. What's up with that '08 spike in white population?

What does that mean?

I'm guessing it's an error.

What is most interesting about this is that, given how segregated Chicago is, it must actually be a pretty white place now.

Niggers hate hockey

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How about a graph that starts at 1920

Why the butthurt user.. you don't find those interesting statistics?

For what reason? That's outdated. It's more relevant to see 1950's at the latest. A graph that shows population during the 80's would be more pertinent than that.

It is past the reconstruction period too, so no excuses. Go figure.


Daily reminder that there is no democratic solution to state sponsored genocide.


Leftists love giving rights to criminals while limiting rights to law abiding citizens.

That's why retaining a white majority is important, because it'll inevitably turn into a third world country with non-white values.

"white" hispanics.

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The literal pledge to discriminate is my favorite part. Niggers won't have a job for long.

Politics is over.

Minorities will fight back, and the state will turn a blind eye when they do. Of course they'll be more than eager to prosecute a white shopkeeper for rendering a beating to a shitskin.

Hah. Clown world, that's a good name for what's going on now. Everybody likes to blame us just for being the police but we're not the ones who make the laws. Even when we try to be good guys we can't because the DA fucks everyone over. It's your fucking jobs to vote them out and get good people in otherwise the LEOs you whine about wouldn't be such shit.

You enforce unjust and illegal ones, fuckstain.

MA Petty Theft is property, goods, or money amounting to less than $1,200
Think about that.

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My great parents lynched the weatherman town sheriff for much less

As long as you aren't doing anything worse than stealing trash from walmarx, why not do it? Its disposable. Its junk. If these things were made with love and skill, then I'd say book em. They aren't though. Wages won't go up because a brave employee stopped a theft and saved the company even 12,000 dollars. These bank orbiting corporations are nothing but debt themselves.

Walmart? Costco is Marx. Walmart is old school Americanism.

That's the problem. The niggers robbing houses, and the tyrants who don't give a shit. I don't care if department stores go bankrupt.

I'm sorry you're such a nag. No, walmarx isn't americanism. Your brainwashing is deep.

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Get yourself inside a bullet proof cage in an abandoned storefront and sell cheap liquor in small doses.

So its even worse than Dallas.

He's probably some shitposter from leftygag.

Good, that way Whites finally abandon big cities. It's sickening to see these city Whites nowadays.

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Use a reputable source

Hitler dubs confirm.

Hope a nigger shoots you in the throat and your family gets no pension or insurance.

No, it's every free man's job to rebuke tyranny with force and kill the ZOGbots who are "just following their programming".

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so will whites still be prosecuted for these crimes… you know, to balance it out??

Who do you think pays the cost of theft loss from stores? Insurance? Tax Claim? No One?
Costs are passed onto the Consumer/Customers. Independent retail studies* have estimated theft from retail stores costs the American public 33.21 billion dollars per year. Depending on the type of retail store, retail inventory loss ranges from .7%-2.2% of gross sales with the average falling around 1.70%.
“A common misconception about shoplifting is that retailers can ‘afford’ the loss of a candy bar or a pair of jeans. Shoplifting and worker theft, cost retailers $32 billion last year.
2015; Theft cost retailers $44 billion last year, report finds.

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This boy thinks he's a man.

"Good" that they'll be thinly distributed over suburban and politically irrelevant counties instead? I agree that places like Dallas, Boston, Altanta, and Jew York are lost at this point, but I really don't think it's a good idea to give up the concept of a large community that could act as a safe haven for aware whites and have some political relevancy.

Imagine if white nationalists took over a city like Boise or Des Moines. Perhaps those specific cities are a little too far gone even at this point, but at least starting somewhere and creating an atmosphere of anti-jewishness and pro-white intellectualism could act as a beacon for a serious WN movement.

here in Canada petty theft (in Canada misdemeanour/petty is translated to "non-indictable") is under theft under $5000. I used to steal laptops from universities and got caught with 40 charges and got let off with a $600 fine. Honestly that was something that red pilled me about the state of our criminal justice system in Canada.

This is not necessarily bad news, for two reasons:

First, this demonstrates – even to normie boomercucks – that niggers can't be trusted with power. As if there weren't already a million examples of why, this one kind of hits home for a lot of muh-Constitution types. The elected officials are not enforcing the sacred fucking law and kicking the nigger teens off the lawns because law and order is racist. Good message to spread.

Second, I've never met a nigger who understands the true purpose of the police. They exist to stop lynchings, not persecute niggers. They protect the more energetic components of society from the fed up whites who would otherwise purge them in a single night, like the three spirits did for Scrooge.

Remember you are only a point on a graph. That graph marks the decline of a white nation under a terrible burden. If we cannot stop and reverse it, we can at least make sure the survivors' children grow up knowing how it happened, and – infinitely more important – how to not let it happen ever again.

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Did you stop being a degenerate Gypsy at any point, niggerleaf?

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Some analyst realized that if you could just wipe the records clean of those petty crimes, you’d reduce the % of blacks in priuh-son. The problem is that blacks, knowing they won’t be prosecuted, will just steal from each other until it escalated to greater and greater violence. It won’t affect whites that much. Whites will protect themselves that much more… private security, etc…
Then, in order to reduce black and brown prison populations, they’ll have to reduce the penalties for assault crimes.
Large institution owners, skyscrapers and the like should be leveling their buildings on their way out.

Foreclosures in the suburbs drove tens of thousands of whites into city apartments and other temporary accommodations for a year or two. Eventually, they got new places around town or left entirely. Note the time frame.

Honorary Nigger!

I'm a white leaf that went through a period of hatred of society. This is back before I was red pilled on the JQ. The guys that I learned this stuff from were ALL kikes and they can be the most rapacious thieves out there. I know that is strange coming from a thief, but they just simply have NO limits and are NEVER satisfied. Honestly it was something that got me thinking and researching the Jewish topic. I consider myself more psychopathic than 99% of other whites, but criminal Jews are on a completely different level. I understand all of the historical stories about Jews being slavers.

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Fuck off with your bullshit justifications for your nigger actions. Nigger is as nigger does, you filthy nigger. "Oh, I act like a nigger, but the jews are worse!!" Fuck off nigger

hold on, what if he was stealing from kikes

You should watch them take over a company. The other workers are oblivious as to what is going on. Had they learned anything useful in life such as the methods of spies and saboteurs, social engineering, confidence tricks, etc, then they would be able to recognize it. These people only serve as marks for the jew. Even if you explain to what these groups are doing, people will not believe it.

same scumbag as before here: I would like to see a book written that spells out exactly what their tactics are. I believe that they have a gameplan for taking over companies (and governments) and immediately looting through sophisticated embezzlement and other fraud schemes.

I get the reply, "I could never live my life like that, always worrying about muh authority lying to me."

Like these NPCs know the truth, but actively fog it out of sight in their brains because it scares them to consider that life may require thinking too much, at least more than they can believe.

It is simple, target the "big men", put into play "big woman", terminate the "middle men", bribe the slave with circuses until they are worthy of destruction so much so they verge on suicide themselves and the spirit is broken and Saturn has no children upon which to feast (demographic decline), then sell the country/company to the highest bidders and go find the next country/company with a rising middle class on the cusp of ranassance and revolutionizing mankind, so to steal their much needed energy from them to impart it to vanity before they may invest it in self-reliance, by bribing them with short term seemingly "infinite" glory, starting again with the "big man".

it'll be a fun sight to see when some store owner starts denying niggers not just entry but even aproaching their shop at gunpoint
sooner or later a lot of people are gonna get shot and the muh guns/hurdur white supremacy crowd is gonna have a few new martyrs


They do, and it is a concerted effort as if they were trained to do so. They identify each other by flashing their symbols. What is being pushed in the media is often used in organizations to gain power, such as the push for diversity. If personnel problems occur, then diversity is the solution, which usually means hiring an accomplice they recommend. The type of sabotage they engage in often seems benign or even helpful at first. They horde resources such as documentation, then make it difficult to find or outright dispose of it replacing it with incorrect information. In most cases, it is to get others to seek them out when what they run into issues. A secondary benefit is that it can sabotage other people's work. Their help is often quid pro quo. They will poison the well and D&C at every opportunity. They recommend their fellow jew and constantly rail on others, even if they are model employees. They identify those who are easy to control by asking them to do small things like download an app, usually something that will require the person to share private information with them. They adopt doctrines and try to get other people to follow them to see who is easy to influence. Their enemy are those who show resistance to the tricks they employ. This expands as they gain power and become more brazen. They do not feel bad for doing what they do. In fact, they are more liable to feel cheated for not being recognized for their contributions regardless of how many people suffer. They want to be celebrated for opening their country's gates to enemies and poisoning wells (for real).


It's a tactic right out of Solzinitsen's Gulag Archepelago, Vol 2 I think. The communists portrayed the criminals as "Robin Hoods" who fought the good fight against the wicked capitalists and their blood sucking lackeys, the bourgeoise. It had the effect of keeping honest people barricaded inside their homes after dark and so unable to go to meetings to organize opposition to the Communist party bureaucracy.

Back in the 80's the Globe and Mail reported that the RCMP wouldn't even bother investigating embezzlement less than $10k.

This is a lie. They WILL prosecute low-level crimes TO THE FULLEST EXTENT POSSIBLE… If the accused is white.

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Whites can't vote republican if there are no whites left.

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If you knowingly enforce unjust laws, you are just as guilty as those who wrote them, and you fucking know it.

Because they were fighting the good fight, just like stealing from/killing jews doesnt make you a criminal, but a hero.

yeah, I believe that there is a black book out there that explains to them everything about every type of corruption, how to embezzle from companies, and how to extract maximum money from every government post. I refuse to believe that they are all just coming to the same conclusions by themselves about how to scam. I think they have thousands of years of experience that they have used to compile a list of strategies.


Walmart pushes homosexuality and destroys rural economies. Costco buys bulk from Levi jean factories, and sells the product for 70% less. Plus a Costco employee gets paid a liveable wage, and won't die under the wait of his customers.
It's not Marx, it's good business management.

Lol, you’re a corrupt scumbag.

Housing crash, probably 20-40 year olds moving in with parents.

It might not ruin walmart, but it will ruin any mom and pop shop with less than 20,000 dollars of product on their shelf.

The problem is the enforcement is racial. If a white person stole something from Walmart they go to prison.

Blacks are giving themselves a free pass because they do it way more? What the fuck kind of logic is that. They do all crime more, where is that gonna stop?

truthfully this is an opportunity to fill the vacuum with right wing safety squads

Yeah calling BS, too many jews live there for this to be a thing

Does it actually say that? Because I want to go to these cities and start taking shit. Only from (((corporations))) though.

Why should an intelligent law abiding hard working family man have to do anything more? I work, make damn good money, don't ever think of stealing anything. Quite proud of myself, it makes me feel like a man, have no need for drugs because I'm as happy with green I see in springtime as I am when it snows. I don't even need to speed in my automobile and can pilot small aircraft, it's times like those when I'm flying at 170kn why should I bother to drive 15 miles over a silly speed limit. And as for your "never going to do anything" comment…….. I feel like I've already done too god damn much.

bingo!!!! we have a winner!!!!! of course it is, all about ruining small business, and who the fuck needs small business when we can buy everything on Amazon

This is really good news. Needless thing such as the police shooting a man for the daytime burglary of an occupied dwelling with minors present will not be happening anymore simple because white cops want to virtual signal for ha ha's. No more purity spiraling, we've had enough. We're going to get to a point where cops are not even needed for robberies.


I am sick of the timeline changing. It’s a clown world now so what’s next?

D.C. Metro doesn't enforce gate jumping but only for blacks. I work with a whole bunch of white people upset that we are paying out the ass on metro fair and watch groups of these niggers just open the handicap door and let in dozens of them and it's all right infront of a cop. I even saw one hold the door for them but the cops get mad if we try to follow them through and the blacks will yell at us. I don't care if this is stated in a law, this is how it is right now every single day commuting in this shithole.

So long as breaking a nigger's jaw is considered, 'lower level'…

People need to start recalls and get these fuckers out of office.

If poor people are virtuous and do not exploit this policy

This is a sanity test for Dallas. It’s a trust exercise. It’s egalitarianism without handicapping or regulation IF people are worthy.

There exist communities on Earth where trust-based payment of groceries would work. There exist communities on Earth which are so hard to keep lawful that no method suffices to keep grocery stores operating. On a scale of trust to exploitation, where is Dallas? The world is watching.

Full disclosure: I shoplifted a candybar once.

I didn’t enjoy it. I felt bad taking what wasn’t mine. My evilest sister and my most morally oblivious sister both stole candy from me without qualms, and I kind of expect the evilest one did her own shoplifting at some point. Kinda thing she’d do.

So… Are the impoverished people of Dallas more like me, or more like my sister? Do their depradations self-limit, or do they obey the stories told about them by people who hate them?

If this lures slavestock like you into violence, it’ll get you out of the general population. You’ll dwell in prisons thereafter, and society will be more lawful in your absence. Have fun with prison labor, slave.

you're retarded

IIRC, Chicago did a sweep of the city and paid people (blacks) to leave the city and disperse into the surrounding areas. Lots of talk in my old hometown state about how Chicago was sending gangbangers and all of the issues that that brought during that time.

Start being intellectually honest.

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Oy vey, Officer Tyrone and Officer Jamarkins certainly haven't been agitpropped to hate you, stupid white goy. They won't want to get back at 'the man'.

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And none of those places have niggers.

Nice, free gets. Who should we nab from? Corner stores? Box stores?

Results may vary by neighborhood.

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The same fucking thing is happening with London and the rest of the south east,

The local councils are demolishing allot of the social housing, replacing with high end apartments for office drones and shipping the niggers out into formerly all white towns

Isn't that the plot of The Turner Diaries?

You're a special kind of retard

All this talk of not prosecuting "low level" crimes sounds to me like "we can not maintain rule of law, we have no legitimacy" take of that what you will.