Share your plitically incorrect thoughts on any current events

And if you're a guy, tell me something interesting about yourself :)




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Umm… that's exactly what this WHOLE FUCKING BOARD is for.

I know. I just got banned for "spamming", so I'm trying to follow the rules while I ask in the comments what I really want to know.

There are better ways to troll people here.
Also set your email to "sage" in the drop-down box to avoid getting banned so often.

I hate you.

What's funny is that I'm not trying to troll people. Thanks for the advice.

you're so lovely.

I call people "sweetie" unironically

OPs like this are why we need a shadowban system


Well, then. Do share you thoughts on whatever current events. I'm a bit bored.

All Hispanics are white europeans, some are just born with a bit of tan. Anyone that disagrees is a kike.

if you really are a white girl looking for a guy,
you should probably go to a (non-cucked) church in your area…
and NOT FUCKING ON AN image board where people could be living on the other side of the fuckin globe

I'm a white hispanic. Amerindians can be hispanic (tjey speak Spanish) and they're not white.

Not exactly a problem, since planes exist. Where there's a White, there's a way.

Nah, most of us are mutts even if we don't seem to be.

I couldn't care less about Notre Dame.

How do you know you're not a mutt then?

I do actually enjoy long walks along the beach, preferably with a beautiful woman than alone. Doesn't even have to be sexual, as I am not a rabbit.

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Shut up Jew.

OP don't give a christian babies. There's no such thing as an uncucked church. If there was, they would be a White Supremacist org according to the government and shut down. But if you seriously know of any White Nationalist church, let me know, because I've been suspended and about to be excommunicated.

Ouch. I've been mourning all week.

Denominations go to Church, Christians do not.

I'm actually a white nationalist

Can't tell if troll, jealous mud or kike

When your white family recently migrated from northern or eastern Europe, chances are you're not mixed. Like the Nazis who fled to Argentina.