I may or may not be the Reincarnation of Hitler

Okay, I know there are many LARP-threads on 4Pol, saying that they are the reincarnation of Hitler. But when I say Reincarnation of Hitler, I mean as in I may become the next Hitler due to certain skills I have. And it's probably due to me being his soul in another body.

For one, I'm pretty damn good at planning and convincing my fellow man. I said this a few times before, but I have essentially Radicalized the White Male youth in my class. I critiqued Multiculturalism when the assignment was to address a societal issue. I scrutinized an LGBT presentation, summing it up as "Making no sense." I made a teacher whom was present during the presentation. I ended up making her mad when I asked "Why does the media not cover the supposed hundreds of murders due to a lack of communication over one being transgender?"

I got my whole (Rather poor) white population in my class to start doing Roman Salutes as a kind of joke-gesture to serious-gesture. If some kid is raising his hand, and 2 other kids start doing a Nazi salute, you know you've done good.

Being a Leaf, my entire class now hates Justin Trudeau; even though only about a year prior they were indifferent to politics. Keep in mind I am still a youth.

I think I may be Der Furher's reincarnation.

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A fucking leaf.

I will believe you when you convince the public of the JQ in a few years.

I understand. Just you wait.

But in all seriousness, I'll be running for high-school President next year; and I think that due to my rather good PR from fellow peers, I think I have a shot at winning or at the least be recognized. If I can say some rather """Extreme""" things, such as the elimination of an LGBT club and the such which has no real value, with the reason given being that it just makes no sense to have such things as they aren't educational, then I could be legitimately noticed. With that being done; the (((Media))) may make a few headlines about it, I'll probably link it here and just say "I told you so."

So many jews violating shabbat they're that desperate.

Guys i am moderately good at political discussion i think i might be hitler

my advice is, you have a bit of a mental hang-up. you don't convince me, you won't convince anyone. take a good look at yourself. but don't see a psychiatrist, they're bad

eh well, I'm more hitler than the 4chan larpers. But I mean, if I can rally up a white population against (((them))) then you guys owe me an apology.

If you question what you are then you are not, its as simple as that. You might be a valuable speaker, martyr, etc but you yourself state that you aren't a reincarnation of Der Fuhrer. To become what you think you are you musn't think it Jungen, you must know it.

That is why I came here.
I came here not to debate whether I am or I am not; I came here because I am confident in who I am. So confident that I can say that I am Hitler's next being.

I worded the OP to get the anti-shills to calm down, but that worked so goddamn well.

How can you be the reincarnation of Hitler when I am? No, but really reincarnation is not real. We must all be like Hitler.

Well that's what I usually say on 4pol. We are all fragments of who he is. I just feel like declaring it.

You are no one. We are all anonymous here. Your claims about being the future Hitler mean nothing.

It's great if you're inspired by Hitler. But make no mistake that you haven't done anything yet. You have no experience to make people respect you and listen to you. Hitler was a solider, and an activist that went to jail for his beliefs. He was shot, and gassed during the war. People had reason to listen to such a man. Build yourself up, and all the while carry the truth as your weapon. People will listen naturally.

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Thanks for the 4chan thread you piece of shit

Hitler didn't convince, that's the game of con artists and charlatans.

No we aren't commie fag.


one time someone sent me that image and then sent me an image of me about 4 years ago. I was wearing a fedora, tipping it. Back then, I really didn't give a shit about politics. I looked like Hitler back then.

And you dont even have the attention span to read the whole post. Instead, you react emotionally like a woman reading the first part of my post thinking I insulted you and respond with "k". You think you'll be the future Hitler with such thin skin?

I read the damn post. I acknowledged that it's advice was great for me; and it made sense. I had no further thing to add on but just a "k" because that reply needed no further comment. It made sense, and generally was a good path to success on being the next Furher. Jesus Christ get your shit together.

Jews are incapable of truly understanding reincarnation due to the way their hebrew perspective is built upon ego.

OP, if you are not jewish, free yourself from the jewish perspective before you go spouting off embarrassing claims. You have not earned the right to call yourself a reincarnation of anything.

k: part 2
thanks for the advice

lets turn this into a "how to become hitler" thread

Come on now, we both know that "k" as a response is emotional womanly bullshit. Don't back out of it.

You claim it's good advice, well if you believed what I wrote and internalized it, you would have already realized that continuing on in this thread is pointless. In reality you wish to compare yourself to a great man because you haven't done anything great yet. Posting here won't change that.

That is where you are wrong Leaf.
Zig Forums is the Hitler incarnate + anime.
And what is the use in convincing? Only the truth is worth listening.

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Proof is in the pudding mein Fuhrer Jr. Basically you're not until you are. Make us proud. We must all seek to be the next Leader. One of us will succeed.

Well it is almost April 30th, the Walpurgisnacht.

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You must be 18+ to post here, kiddo.

All you are is a leafy Goebbels.
Für den Führer you have to do some stuff.

Why do they have CSIS working on a saturday?


You are a schizophrenic faggot OP

Hitler would have lurked for 2 years and then posted a book. I knew Adolf Hitler, you are no Adolf Hitler.

Global report.

The real Hitler can only be chosen through tantric Vedic rites my friend. He will come out of the womb heiling a roman salute and will say, mere minutes after birth: "Gas the kikes. Race war now." When this happens, a psychic signal will be transmitted through the Vril and a Hanebau-II will appear to transport the new Führer safely to the post that awaits him in Agartha.

A reincarnation of Hitler would never expose themselves on an image board infested with glowniggers.

You sir, will amount to nothing.

meh, go for it user, worst case you're just another faggot posting on the boards like the rest of us, best case you actually are hitler reincarnate and you lead us into a new era….to be fair, you got a head start on the awakening than a lot of other people, so there could be potential there…just be smart and keep working to better fine tune your craft, we will see what happens. good luck and god speed faggot.

Why do mods allow these threads to stay up? I OP unless you're a war hero with a love for fine classical art and painting fuck off.