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Goys are you participating in the greatest struggle of our lifetimes? The struggle between Satanic Vegans (per 1 Timothy 4) and healthy natural meat eaters??

Yeah all the (((powers that be))) are shoving the vegan agenda, down our throats. Are you in this war?

(luckily it's a war we almost can't lose, because the 'vegan diet' is a form of anorexia, that leaves it's victims, sickly, sterile and demented as the years go on. See for yourself…..)

FYI the left wing is lining up vegan/animal rights antifas,
the right wing are emphasizing eating more and better quality meats for our health and strength

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Vegans are the least of our fucking problems…



but what about (((vegans)))?

When you're reduced to choking down kale smoothies and starving away like some sickly vegan you'll be singing a different tune. Unsaged.

Hello Schlomo. Nothing to see here.

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Veganism is now being pushed on the global scale as part of (((their))) depopulation agenda. Go look up Bart Kay on YouTube. He's a retired senior lecturerer in nutrition and has worked with NZ special forces as well as their national rugby team as an advisor. He also has an extensive publication record as a researcher and can be found on Google Scholar as B Kay. I'm a moderator on his channel. Basically, veganism is malnutrition, especially for Europeans who almost completely lack the genes to survive off plant matter. They want you to be forced to eat it because it will make you sick and sterile. The modern literature is quite clear on this.

This is how undeads from Dark Souls are made.


You want to know the perfect sign of a terrible person?

This person isn’t playing the game at all. They’re running a perfect dour script to exalt their arrogance.



Heh. Sages don’t really work for suppression anyways.


Vegan suck my dick!
Ah, you can't!

Choke on a shotgun Benyamin

Kill yourself you faggot. Hitler was a vegetarian and was going to promote the diet after the war.

This has been discussed time and time again.

You really think consuming decaying flesh is nourishing to the body? When the alternative is full of carbohydrates, water, and vital minerals?

Most of these "malnourished vegans" are being consumed by parasites. You see, every human on the planet has dozens to hundreds even thousands of worms inside their intestinal tract feeding off the garbage they eat (like decaying flesh). So when a human removes the food source of the parasites, they start consuming the persons body instead leading to the sickly people that you see.

A healthy human thrives on a diet low in animal products. We may have used cow milk and other such animal products in the past, but it makes no sense in todays world with how toxic everything is.

Anti-vegan = pro-parasite = pro-jew

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It's all about the right balance…

pic related

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only niggers eat blood

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Daily reminder that this board is controlled OP, and that Hitler was an ethical vegetarian (vegan).

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vegetarian and vegan is not same

i could survive on vegetarian diet. but i would die on vegan diet. anyway some meat will not kill you.

It's entirely possible to thrive on a vegan diet. With a balance of fruits, vegetables, legumes, and grains, you have everything you need.

Our intestinal tract is not designed to eat meat. Carnivores have short intestinal tracts to quickly expel the waste before it rots and ferments in their system. Humans have an intestinal tract with a total length of ~30ft. Clearly designed for plants.

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Congratulations, you're a useful idiot. Reminder that pro-Israel shills like Alex Jones are against abortion and depopulation. The Jews want a massive population so they have endless shitskin slaves. Whites are only 12% of the entire global population, depopulation wouldn't effect us at all.

Ethical Vegetarianism is Veganism, retard. Read a fucking book. The term Vegan was only invented for the first time in the 1940s, in Britain, if Hitler was alive today he would be called a Vegan.

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Europeans lack FADS1 and FADS2 dubbed as the vegetarian gene. The vegetarian gene allows for the conversion of long chain fatty acids into essential short chain fatty acids. If you do not get the essential short chains, you will experience brain atrophy as well as cellular dysfunction. In fact, you need a steady intake of cholesterol because your cells are largely made of cholesterol. You know what happens when your cells start dying? You die. Your mitochondria are fundamental to every part of your well-being.

Without animal foods, Europeans die. And that's because we evolved for the longest time only eating them. Plant foods were almost non-existent in northern Europe for the longest time.

You are illiterate and who treats Hitler as a fucking religion. Go and get an education, you absolutely stupid prick.

Actually, plant foods are unneccesary and actually contain oxalates which are needle-like and structure. They make their way through your body and slice cells, destroying them. You know what happens when your cells start dying? You die. Your mitochondria are fundamental to every part of your well-being.

Diogenes lived entirely off of lentils. But these retards wont listen to truth, they're too addicted to flesh. Complete golems.

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Your opinion about nutrition is non-scientific and all the studies that deal with mechanism show that Europeans can not survive off plants alone and be healthy. You are fucking stupid.

Kill yourself. Do you know what kind of retards believe the only thing you need is meat? Desert dwellers who don't know how to grow vegetables and fruits. You're a spiritual; kike. Keep on indulging in those blood rituals.

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Vegans suck

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wrong. you'll atrophy your brain without animal fat. we humans have some teeth designed for cutting/shredding meat, and large fatty brains specifically due to consuming animal fats.

period. end of story. fuck off vegan.

>muh (((studies)))
JFL, and transgenderism is a real thing and not just mental illness. Sure buddy, you go and believe your (((studies)))

Big respect to Bart Kay. He massacred (((Dr Joel Kahn))) Kahn couldn't even defend his pitiful 'study' he waved at his clueless subscribers.

Kahn's response videos are the most unfunny "sarcasm" posts I have ever seen. I assume he's making big bucks promoting the vegan agenda though.

Show my memes to Bart K pls….

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If you're doing it because muh karma, nothing will change until you magically stop all of the meat production on the face of the planet.
If you're doing it because muh health you're just plain stupid. Just keep a normal diet and fast more you fat fuck.

So the meatcucks are literal sandniggers? I'm not surprised at all.

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There's not even a meme translation for what you are saying – it's that fucking stupid. Complete nonsense. Hitler also marketed soybeans to the youth as Nazi beans, so I guess you should go and become a literal fucking soyboi, too. Do it, you're now filtered, anyway.

fuck off vegan fags

Reminder that people shilling for Hitler being a vegan are the same ones shilling for him being a Jew, a feminist etc. Their pilpul is to try to make people either embrace their Jewish agenda (feminism, veganism etc.) or renounce Hitler.

You get weak if you don't eat any meat. That is fact. Lot at these zombies in vegan videos. Stop with this bullshit. If you ever bother to do any other work than be journalist, you know you need some real food to survive.

Vegans don't eat eggs and milk. Vegetarians can eat stuff. That is big diference.

They're also the same ones that say Jewsus was a white Aryan. lmao

>JFL, and transgenderism is a real thing and not just mental illness. Sure buddy, you go and believe your (((studies)))
You disregard studies because you don't even know how to read them and tell if they're actual science or not. Unlike you, I have a publication record and know how to read them so I don't have to resort to schizo-thinking when it comes to important matters, you pseudo-religious nutcase. Filtered.

FFS guys
Just look at what our ancestors have been eating for thousands of years:
A healthy mix of meat, milk, plant stuff, etc.

That is what we have evolved to process

Let the left starve themselves not us. Fuck off back to or wherever you came from.

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Yes, that's true. And we're yelling at vegans, the real retards, So kindly stop

Plant crops were actually a relatively new phenomenon in northern Europe. Genomic analysis proves that. Only a small minority of northerners actually have the genes to process plants. Like less than 9% of the population. Even then, they still need cholesterol and saturated fat. The best case is the Inuits, who completely lack the 'vegetarian gene', meaning they can't eat plant foods for nutrition at all.

The human body runs on oxygen first and foremost. The breath is the true foundation of the food pyramid. What food is the most rich in oxygen? Fruit. That is our natural food.

Animals that eat meat, do so in their raw form. Do you think you could go run after a deer and eat it raw? Now let me ask you, do you think if you saw an apple tree you could grab a few off the branch and eat it?

Then why have I been a vegetarian/vegan for 4 years and i'm the healthiest ive ever been?

If thats the case then why is it that the people I know who primarily eat fruit are the healthiest humans ive ever encountered?

This is the most retarded shit i've ever read. Here have a quote from Goebbels.

Like I said i've eaten primarily plants for years and years. I walk 2-5 miles per day and am extremely active. I have an abundance of energy.

Pic related are your typical meat eaters.

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Herbivores ie: cows n sheiit have four stomach systems, horses have enormous second stomachs (caecum) we have none of the above for plants, we have a system very very close to wolves and lions, nothing but meat eaters. Humans who try to live on plants waste away and die, follow them quickly….

Just a quick reminder that meat is healthy, but the modern meat industry (and most restaurants) are conning the consumer. The Meat Industry is fucked.

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Reminder that Hitler in his later life had quite bad health problems. Of course, that wasn't due to the diet but reezunz.

Umm… newsflash, guess what else contains oxygen? THE FUCKING AIR AROUND YOU


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My mantra

Man I sure am glad we survived ice ages eating pineapples and drinking papaya-kale smoothies all day. Good times.

If you faggots looked into the biochemistry of our metabolism for one fucking hour you would see that veganism and the food pyramid are a scam and designed to fuck you over.
Omega-3's, certain B Vitamins and the active form of vitamin A - just to name a few - are vital for humans and we can only and exclusively aquire them by eating animal products.

Did you fucking niggers forget to always question everything?

Thanks for posting this useful information. However I think you are being trolled. I don't believe these vegan trolls are Hitler loving rightists, they are radical liberal vegans LARPing as 'right wing vegans' which is beyond retarded.

Unless literally all the posts are made by John Ross lol.

Thanks for confirming you're a total fucking idiot.

By the way, plants /= grass. Humans are frugivores. That's why I keep talking about fruit.


No you idiot,
I'm just saying that the oxygen content in your food is completely irrelevant because you can get enough of it from the air

You're too good for this board. This websites in general is completely saturated with low-IQ redditors and irony bros. They're Nick Fuentes tier dipshits. We can't save them, let them continue being the slaves they are.

user, most of us are vegetarians and not vegans. I think you might be preaching to the choir without understanding it here…

Your body can't convert oxygen into any essential nutrients and you get enough. Also, excess oxygen causes oxidative stress and causes you to die quicker. But science has already shown that we don't have the genes to survive on plant foods. You're a retard.

Only science can prove what is healthy and what is not healthy. Only it can provide valid evidence. Because only it can provide valid evidence and prove what is good or bad, you've just lost the debate by rejecting it.

Congratulations, moron. You've earned a filter.

It's about purity of the blood. I know someone who hasnt eaten food in 5 months purely from conscious breathwork. He's incredibly fit and not emaciated at all.


Thank you user. We must fight for the minds of the lurkers. This is our struggle.

People get too caught up in the "muh calories" and "muh protein" when they dont even fucking breath right. They breath shallowly from their lungs instead of deep breaths in their lower diaphragm. IF they tried to breath correctly they'd realize how much gunk is in their intestines.

I wish you would explain further. not sure where you are going with this?? (fast food is not healthy, you don't have to explain that lol)

vegans are a bunch of brainwashed dullards and taylor swift can kiss my unwashed dirt valve (morrisey gets to live though)

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That is something to be said against veganism a lack of cocksucking.
Course maybe all those starved vegans would suck cock even harder if they could get some protein there. Any anons who care to report on that one?

I've filtered you and so should everyone else. Your abject retardation brings no value to the discussion.

Vegans seem to think being a straight white male with heterosexual drives is bad.

No thanks, go chew on a tree.

Vegans stupid, vegans bad!
Eat more tendies, like a Chad!
Vegans - ugly, smelly fools!
Can't open soylent without tools!
Bacon tasty, steak so good,
Don't fall for it, eat real food!

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Faggot cuck, kill yourself.

was going to post but you beat me to it .. there is consensus in the diagnosis at least

Got any good info on breathing exercises?

Thanks for confirming that vegan retards don't like me. Go fuck off and starve yourself to death somewhere else. Post your vegan teeth lol.

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I don't know about everyone else, but when I became A VEGETARIAN I stopped getting sick, my hair and nails became much more robust and thicker, I stopped having anemia and I lost weight. I wouldn't consider becoming a vegan because I just don't think it is healthy, but I think vegetarianism is healthy for the mind and body.

Imagine arguing that meat is bad and that fruit is good but rejecting science in the same post. Talk about stupidity. He's the perfect example of the schizos that plague this board.

The modern meat industry is a scam. They put chemicals and hormones into their livestock, and purposfully make tremendous surplus of meat that often goes wasted. Further, they often sell meat-mixes claiming it is beef when actually it is impure, combining things such as cow, and chicken in a manner where it tastes like the primary product (to sell more).

They are also the biggest wasters of water on the planet. Read some ATWA literature.

Read Evola. The Yoga of Power. There are a few breathing techniques elaborated on inside. Study pranayama.

The simple breathing technique he suggest is in the form ''2t-t-2t-, where you inhale for 6 seconds, hold for 3, exhale for 6, hold for 3, etc. Do it as many times as you like. Then he suggests progressing to something like: inhale 6 seconds, hold for 30 seconds, exhale for 15.

Evidently there were some "real" breatharians in Australia like 25 years ago. Most 'breatharians' are considered to be trolling. But these guys were serious. You know how you can prove it??

(I mean like 3 or 4 total)

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Sverige has been proven to be a mouthbreathing nigger who is being driven by parasites. Congrats for also being a nigger.

Same here, primarily vegan and havent been sick in almost 5 years.

*knock* *knock* *knock* …… do you have a moment to talk about the daghda and his kick ass mutant ninja turtle son lugh?

Haven't been sick in a decade, strick omnivore here.

The Android store has a few pretty good free apps that take you through it.

I tend to side with this aspect of the argument. It is absolutely abominable to me, at this point, now that I understand the metaphysics of choice to consider eating blood of the ritually murdered. I think kikes are preoccupied with human ritual sacrifice because they inherited that nigger mentality from their ancestors…they tried to pass it off in Europe as 'normative' but I think it is deviant.

The modern meat industry is a scam. They put chemicals and hormones into their livestock, and purposfully make tremendous surplus of meat that often goes wasted. Further, they often sell meat-mixes claiming it is beef when actually it is impure, combining things such as cow, and chicken in a manner where it tastes like the primary product (to sell more).

They are also the biggest wasters of water on the planet. Read some ATWA literature.

I believe all this, but as a lone goy in this world you nor I can change that. The only final solution to the bad meat problem, is to get rich so you can afford boutique ranch luxury organic meat.

Until then we have to roll the dice and take our chances, and never go vegan.

Went from Bulletproof (cyclical ketogenic diet with plant foods) to Carnivore. 28 but now have erections like a 17 YO, mind is as sharp as a laser. Get all my essential nutrients. It's an amazing diet.

I am telling you it is like watching people fall on either side of me while I remain 100% healthy. 50% of the class was sick this last week and the other 1/4% were hacking up some terrible flu all over the rest of us and I just breeze through it all, no problem. Haven't been sick all semester and there are people all around me hacking up a frigging lung.

large scale forests with hunting rights……reduction in population .. stop niggers breeding .. white man birthrate is in line with a good ecological outcome .. tyrone and moisha have different plans since they found islam and louis fareekhan though …

We call that carb loading.

I get like that when I drink a gallon of milk in a sitting. Like walking around with a direction indicator.

Raise your own user…that way you can control every aspect of their lives. Anyone can raise fish even in a small apartment backyard.

Are you white, and have you castrated yourself like a good vegan should?? (Note this would make me sad)

Sv3rige is the BOSS.

When I went carnivore, I experimented with eating blood just because I wanted to do so. That goes against my religion (Eastern Orthodox), which teaches that consumption of blood leads to cannibalistic desires. It's true. After about two weeks of blood consumption, I could walk down the street without wanting to bite people necks and drink their blood. It made me psychotic. I wouldn't recommend it.

you're a fucking retard

You're also not supposed to eat fat because it is left as an offering to the lord, if you are going by Levitican Law, so… what say you, christcuck?

Yeah, their plans involve a neverending cycle of violence and death via their religion…which doesn't say much since that is the life and fate of all niggers anyway…islam suits them…it suits all niggers because it is the biggest nigger values religion on the planet.

Yes. I will teach you an old Tibetan breathing exercise.

Look at pic related. You want to assume the same sitting position.

1. Breath in deeply in your lower belly. You should feel the area right above your groin expand, below your belly button. Visualize the energy going down the two tubes that are around the primary tube as in pic related. Breath in as deeply as you can.

2. You want to create a "lock", you squeeze your root aka sphincter, press the air in your belly DOWN, to the base of your pelvis, and press the tongue against the roof of your mouth. So you'll lock all three areas, your root, your gut, and your tongue. I like to tilt my head up slightly as it has a more pronounced effect, you can experiment. While doing this visualize the energy at your root amplifying.

3. Once you've held it in as long as you can, exhale. Visualize the energy going up the main tube, up your spine, into your brain and crown chakra area. Whether you believe in chakras or not you can use the anatomical area for reference.

4. Repeat.

You may find it hard to breath deeply into your lower belly. This is usually an indicator that your intestines have blockages in them preventing you from breathing fully.

When breathing in, go down the front of your body. When breathing out, go up your spine.

When you exhale, you can create a vacuum in your gut by sucking in and up. You'll be able to massage your intestines well like this and work on breaking up the gunk in there.

You may feel light headed and dizzy. This technique allows your blood to circulate well. Most people have stagnant blood in their lower lungs from not breathing correctly, so when this technique is done properly you will likely feel a warm in your back as well as other areas of your body the blood circulated to.

I hope this helps user. This technique will change your life if you implement it daily.

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Consumption of fat is permitted in Orthodox on certain non-fasting days (which are really more a guideline). You can check the calendar to see that. Fasting is merely for ascetic purposes. It's not law.

Really, um, gross, I would almost like to try that as a social experiment but I am afraid of what I might actually do if your experiment holds true. I used to love blood and never ate a steak that was anything but heavy bleeding rare.

its easier to conquer a race of lettuce eaters … i refuse to take animal rights advice from sand niggers or sand nigger proxies such as the UN … no that shit aint kosher either …

Everything you post is a lie.

Hitler ate meat you stupid brainlets. Only reason he didn't eat it often was because he couldn't digest it well.

Depopulation is terrible thing to occur to an ethnic group you jew shill.

I can't help but be slightly fascinated by the Orthodox…I will never join an organized religion again but you guys are fascinating.