See it from my eyes

Since you are white supremacists you people here need to know how it feels to be an outsider. Today I walked through a nice hood – excuse me a "white" hood gets to be called neighborhood. Innocently walking along a public side walk (which I help pay for), listening to my music, and observing, taking it in. I watched as the nice cars pulled up to oversized homes, mothers unloading dozens (dozens!!!) of grocery bags with their happy children smiling and laughing. What right do they have to be happy while people like me suffer? Still I keep walking.

Some of you are even gardening. Like really you got it so good you have time to decorate your lawn. You aint even working, and yet somehow you've got all this (stolen) wealth. What right do they have to be happy while people like me suffer? Still I keep walking.

Then some of you start observing me. I look at you, and you looking at me with angry eyes, or worse, you just look away as though you could go back to pretending I don't even exist. You treat me like I am not human, like I don't belong. Still I keep walking.

There are hundreds of these homes, thousands dotted across the city, millions in America. All propped up by stolen wealth from the developing world. Built by exploitation by people who clearly aint working so hard because they got time for gardening. My gradma be 85 and she still gots to work her ass off every damn day to scrape by while these rich folks got 2-3 cars each and all the food in the world! It aint right man, you know it aint right. why you keep doing it? This is how the other half lives, the world closed off from people like me like you need some special access code to enter the level. Still I keep walking.

Could you walk in my shoes?

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Fuck your shoes

I always try to glare at niggers to show you you're not welcome.
Get the fuck out of our communities.

you tards realize you're in a bait thread, right?

Keep walking until you reach Africa, nigger.

niggers arent human

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Imagine looking at the people who gave you everything, language, writing, the wheel, electricity, cars, agriculture, and thinking they don’t deserve it.

Yeah, I could and I did. I said to hell with these shoes, I'm going to stop being a nigger. Lo, I stopped being a nigger. Now, I doubt the neighborhood was white. It was probably jewish, wasn't it?

fucking nigger, has no idea about city planing, roads, drainage, sewers, infrastructure, utilities, maintenance, traffic control, law enforcement

6 feet of stolen copper wire is a score to this beaner nigger.

Nobody cares about your feelings, shitskin. You don't belong here.

Clearly not written by a black, but I'll bite

REEEEEEEEEEE. Fuck families and fuck food am I right?

Gardening is literally working.

Jews steal wealth, white produce wealth friendo.

You invaded our land and if we try to fight back the jews in the government shoot us. Go back to africa faggot.

If it's any consonance, the home pictured is going to fall apart in 20 years without any meaningful capital improvements. Typical section 8 and affordable rentals are rehabbed every 15 years which is longer than the lifespan of this perceptive mcmansion. They're called mcmansions because they're just that - prefabbed shitboxes.

Niggers get to look at God's every day, you think they'd show us some gratitude.

*Gods. (The nigger text damaged by brain)

LOL great fiction

White supremacists are all totally fucked up outcasts who better society chewed up and spat out. They can’t get back in because white supremacy is unacceptable to most white people; bigotry is part of an underdeveloped slave ethic, and whites are mostly not slaves anymore. Every white supremacist is an outcast or an infiltrator, and since bigotry is too honestly dumb for people smart enough to be infiltrators, wiggers are mostly just asylumbait. Remember that aryan is a slur when reading this site; people don’t identify that way until they’re totally debased.

Stop responding to this slide thread.


What bubble do you live in? The only anti White Nationalists are in universities, media, and semitic religion. Nobody else cares, or they're sympathetic. Where do you live, and I'll tell you how I know you're lying.

Hahah, only a shitskin would be dumb enough to actually believe this commie meme. Imagine how much better we could have it if we didn't pour so much of our hard earned wealth into the black hole of developing subhumans?

What you, nigger, are too dumb to understand is generational wealth. It's a very white concept. What happens is humans people actually care about their children, so whites and asians try to build on the past and leave their children with more than they had. This compounds over generations. If you shit out a dozen 70 IQ cunt turds who's babby daddies are all in prison you can never achieve anything like this.

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I'm a poorfag you stupid nigger. You think because you're a nonwhite you deserve something? Fuck off and go get a job. The world doesn't owe you anything.

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Nigger there is more untapped resources under Africans feet TODAY than they could do with in a thousand years. Most wealth is created and destroyed in a three generation cycle. Whites are rich because they are productive with resources. Fuck off subhuman.

White straight depressed male in a modern western University.

Try harder Jamal.

if whites are so bad, why does everyone want to live in the countries they created? You're talking shit about white people using a computer or phone created by a white man, on the Internet, created by a white man, with a language created by a white man, powered by electricity created by a white man, and the site is programed in a computer language created by a white man. It's hard to take you serious ya know?