Sol Pais 2nd thread

18 year old Florida girl murdered by FBI for Colorado governor
Previous thread at hit 750 posts, continuing here.

Dad named Gardi Pais, mother named Sylvia Pais. Included pics are cropped finds from 1st thread: 2 photos of her when she was younger, and 3 nice shots of her when older which MSM have avoided using to focus on scary serious-face BOLO shots.

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where are the two friends she went to meet? Who are they?

so you're saying she was an edge lord and the FBI sent a hunter-killer team who in fact killed her, then portrayed it as a suicide?

I'm not aware of their names, she didn't give them in the gun forum she posted on in March.

FBI befriended her online (she was lonely) and invited her to go on a hunting trip to Colorado and killed her. This was to interfere with ongoing criticism by the majority of Colorado countries (including boycotts by Sheriffs) of the newly-passed "red flag" laws passed by the governor. Proponents of this act are already mentioning Sol Pais as a reason why the justification was needed and why it should be expanded into other states.

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I think we are going to see a whole lot more of this as the jews consolidate their overthrow and total dominance of the western world.



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so why did the governor want her dead?

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the governor only follows the orders of his jew master, it's not for him to know, or ask questions, only to issue the orders his office is capable of issuing. bought and paid for puppets don't ask questions, they only do as they are told, minions not are not big picture type ppl.

Why did the jews want her dead?


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lot of TOR posts in this thread? 50% TOR posts……… what does that mean???

It means people on here are precautious and paranoid about posting here, as they should.

But not paranoid about using TOR(ah).

damn, she lived down the road from me and i had no idea. probably could have had some interesting adventures if id found that email link on the neocities page before last week. also decent piece of ass.

Talked to my boomer mom about this.

She thinks this girl was a serial killer that had a military grade mass killing gun.

Fucking boomers believing (((MSM))) lies.

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most reasonable inference I've seen

whole situation sounds very MK Ultra

they interviewed the guy who drove her in his car
what an angel

I don't know about the crazy thot but Jared Polis the governor of Colorado is a pedophile faggot who is friends with Tony Podesta and I would not be surprised if glow nigger activities see a sharp increase with him running the show

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Am I the only one?

Same and also checked.

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re the proponents mentioning her, it happened right away on April 17

Obviously they had to shut her up at this point so she couldn't expose the hunting trip friends deception as her real reason for being there, or prove those threats to be made by the spooks and not her.

all her posts on the forum were quoted in but in particular she mentioned:

Part 2 was:

Part 3:

It's still a little unclear if the friends were already in CO why she would buy 2 more tickets on separate days. I would be interested if anyone could find out what airline(s) this was with and what their policy is for hours/days notice required to get a refund for unused tickets.

Governor Jared Polis was the one who signed the (((red flag law))) 5 days prior to the BOLO being put out on her, he needed a patsy to distract from the criticism he was receiving, make his ignoring the people's will seem justified, and to justify further expansion of anti-gun legislation.

I don't believe that the Jews or Polis have any personal vendetta against Sol Pais. They simply have no love for her. I'm sure the feds are grooming dozens of vulnerable teenagers with fake online friendships for purposes like this.

You should have been courting her (long as you're white, anyway) might have saved her life and gained you a wife.

They're reporting she bought a pump-action 12-gauge shotgun. Supposedly the same type as Columbine, but I haven't yet seen anyone specify that it was a Savage 67H model. I think if she had bought that, people would be reporting it, so assuming the type of shotgun she bought was a 12-gauge pump, I'm betting it was some OTHER model, which proves she wasn't trying to emulate them because someone idealizing them would be obsessed with getting small details like that right.

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The photo in 2nd post was taken in Michigan in July 2018, based on the order of mention it sounds like Pete Visited Florida prior to that, so I would assume June 2018 or earlier. Since they met "two years ago" that would probably be sometime in 2017. This might've been her only friend in the world at that point. There's no evidence the friendship continued from August 2018 or later, so she might've been friendless for 6 months when these Colorado guys began chatting her up.

We should definitely keep track of follow-ups with Adrianna Pete, she might receive threats for coming to the defense of Sol Pais:

In April 2012 she was friends with someone named Romy Levin in 2018 became part of a group preaching the "dangerous of gun violence" wearing Stoneman Douglas shirts.

Perhaps Levin recommended Pais as a potential target to feds? PAMM appears to stand for Perez Art Museum Miamia, PTAC stands for PAMM Teen Arts Council.

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The story they came up with her was so fucking convoluted and amateur, she was obsessed with Columbine so she came to Colorado armed to the teeth? It was some of the most illogical sloppy work I've seen by these kikes in a while.

Purposes of this operation:
Get Columbine back into the public consciousness on its 20th anniversary (Oy Vey! It's been 20 years and we STILL haven't done ANYTHING about these mass shootings and the gun laws that allow them!)
Justifying the police state, red flag laws, etc.
Stronk Womyn can be mass shooters too!
Any other narratives that this OP is assisting to spread? Whole thing seems so fishy.

History is written by the winners. Government will ALWAYS – ALWAYS – seek to increase the power of the Government.

I created the previous thread at

Notice how after I posted

Happening Now

Sol Paris, a fictitious person, never alive, an AI google bot, created in virtual realty by law enforcement in conjunction with Area 51 and Homeland Security has been cornered, and gunned down by brave law enforcement officers outside a public toilet at an In-N-Out Burger restaurant restaurant in Riverside County, California.

It was then reported she was killed, badly planned false flag, it has to be the worst one I've ever seen, then memory-holed everywhere except here.

200% I agree, some low level jew brainaic came up with this one.

she has the physiognomy of a Jew.

If only it always went this well.

chosen ones

This is super sad, RIP.

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Murgatroid's 100th post implies the mother is named "Silvia M Lingeri" rather than "Sylvia Pais", something to keep in mind for future digging.

who was the mutual friend who introduced Pais to Pete?

Something that didn't come up on last thread, 3 days ago on halfchan (April 18) some poster (randomly assigned ID XrjzyReo ) left some comments at and claimed to have left some comments in a previous thread as V3i5XUHT (see attached image)

"XUHT" also wrote the following:

This seems to run in contrast to claims she had a BF:

He could just be a liar/roleplayer but the posts did come with pics of her so we could check to see if there was any unique posting of those pics prior to those comments. If not, then as an originator of unique photos it does give "zyReo" some credibility.

I find zyREO's post interesting since this is the first I've heard of her having any siblings. If she doesn't, this would discredit the poster right away. If she does have a sister, perhaps if we find out her name we can find out pics. Haven't had any luck getting pics of Sol's mom Sylvia…

So far none of the sources specify OLDER sister, just that she lives with a sister. I'm curious, if she is older, how much older. I kept googling and finding nothing in the media, had to settle for where ID pEPX+/66 wrote April 18 in response to 2nd attached image:

There was earlier mention of Valentina on the 17th by 1P4WcDHj at too:

Attached: 18 april 2019 post by xb3OSa4u.png (717x1051 2.88 MB, 252K)

By april 19 they were even repeating this on reddit… ( )
so I'm surprised 8pol hasn't mentioned Valentina until now… "paNICKdisorder" is posting some guest book stuff I hadn't heard of until now either… linked to and "jaYsin" the first commenter on 26 August 2018 has a website at

LL has a "sign my guestbook" link to

Lucifer's Lounge also links to (signs "luFiceR (jaYsin)") which links to so "YungSlimey" seems to be a consistent nickname for jaYsin.

"Val" who signed it 19 August 2018 (7 days prior to jaYsin signing Sol Pais' guestbook) saying her own website was…
Visiting that the header reads "V❤❤LENTINE" and the image displayed is my 3rd attached. Apparently liked the Sims: and there is a list of friends at which does not include Sol's page, which isn't surprising since sisters might think it uncool to associate directly yet will be fine trying to snag each other's friends. This also says "I'm LGBT" so if "Vaalentyne" is Valentina Pais, she may be a lesbian. similarly has "frowns in gay". It says "name's Val. 7teen| they/them| FL" establishing she lives in Florida. As for being seventeen years old, I'd like to find out how long ago this website was established. The homepage says "est.2018" but it's possible she might've changed the year after updating the page, but have written about_me.html years earlier. Does anyone know how to find out from NeoCrities what year the Vaalentyne subdomain was first established? says "20 gayteen" which I think supports that she made the site when she was 17, three years ago, but updated it recently in the last year to say she was 20 in the "about" section. This also means she has consistently identified as gay for at least 3 years, since she was younger than her sister Sol. Three years ago, 15 year old Sol had a 17 year old lesbian sister. Let's just sit on that for a bit. links to vaalentyne.neocities, was registered July 2018, pretty useless except for Vaalentyne is a consistent alias. is saying "there's nothing here" but I think it was also hers because you can see "vaalentyne liked this" on a lot of Florida-related Tumblr posts. Unfortunately while likes are listed in the order they happen, dates aren't listed for WHEN they were liked to give some indication of how long the account was around for.

The only mention of a Valentina in the previous thread was the following:

So let's look into this… seems like a good match:

It said she started at MDC in 2017, which seems to work out with being 20.

It looks like most of the profile is set to "friends only", can't say I blame her. and also both say Valentina and are set to private so either might be her. is another possibility.

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She never saw it coming

Where are you seeing people say that? Everyone seems to agree she had no weapons when she arrived in Colorado and only after arrival purchased a shotgun.

OP here, how am I helping to spread those ideas? MSM is spreading them, I'm of the mind she only came to go on a hunting trip with people she thought were friends but were most likely FBI agents setting her up.

The thread creator had ID of 8fa5cf so we can't even confirm that the thread creator made the "fictitious person" reply since theirs was ac997f. If you plan on taking credit don't rotate your IP, assuming either (much less both) were you.

I agree that "Sol Paris" is indeed fictitious, since her name is Sol Pais. The post by ac997f was made at 4:24:02 on the 17th. You seem a bit self-important to take credit for THAT being responsible for her being reported dead. They were still reporting her as being "captured" at 9:19am nearly 5 hours after that post.

Pretty much any time a white person is a victim of the Feds, you can expect the D+C shills to show up with theories about how they look Jewish. She's a fucking WOMAN of course she has a "weak chin". Modern humans in general usually have weak chins from undermastication unless they mew.

You sage, but you show you read a lot of the last thread to make this reference to

You appear to be misremembering though, it was "way2dtf" who posted (2nd pic is cropping) the guro on Tumblr as part of a collage showing razor blades, "lonelyangel444" merely "liked" it.

You bringing this up has been very interesting though, because I just noticed that the "lock" necklace appears to resemble the one Sol wore with her Alice in Chains shirt… maybe this is something that AIC fans wear?

Attached: sol wearing lock necklace crop.jpg (1133x609 160.43 KB, 355.54K)

I reiterate that I'm glad she's dead for what has now become the fourth time in total.


why are you posting those pics?


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You'd understand if you read the entire posts…
1) Lucifer is the name of a girl in Umineko, it's a reference to my investigation of Lucifer's Lounge.
2) The yuri pocky image is just a play on the revelation that Valentina Pais is a lesbian.
3) 20GAYTEEN.gif was the animation I saved off Vaalentyne.Neocities
4) exhibiting the time reporters were saying she was captured
5) exhibiting the "loli guro" mentioned by 231eb4
6) exhibiting Sol's chained-lock necklace which matches the one forming a heart on the upper-left of the above guro image

Give me the tl;dr.

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She appears jewish

find help

Some depressed cunt bought a gun and killed herself.

The kike media and zogbot retards closed all the schools in CO and ran around like headless chickens and claimed she had a SUPER DEATH GUN THAT WOULD KILL ALL THE CHILDREN

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the TLDR can be found in the previous thread, or you can read all the various news coverage

e257f8 is clearly just 42953f using a new IP.

post tits

That's ZOG propaganda, media reported they captured her at 9:19am, death was reported about 20 minutes later, enough time for them to stage her death and take off into the woods and then film "finding" her already dead.

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If I wasn't chemically castrated by Prozac and Seroquel, I might be able to achieve an erection to this.

She was able to think critically and had rare exotic beauty. That combination is (((unacceptable)) because it means that she could have become a leader.

"Harrison Bergeron" is a satirical and dystopian science-fiction short story by American writer Kurt Vonnegut, first published in October 1961. It is the reality we currently inhabit. (((Celebrities))) are chosen. Anyone exhibiting the personality traits that could potentially overthrow the current system are saddled with misery and handicaps. Meritocracy is a blatant myth and falsehood. If you think you can get ahead by working harder, well, hey…. works makes you free.

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OpSpec faggot OpSpec

and as if Xanax makes anyone hyper, most people fuck, and then fall asleep, or fall asleep and don't fuck

admit it glow nigger, the operational train of this pysop went way off the tracks long before 4:24:02am. the only closure was killing the girl, or ending the story in a killing.

it's total bullshit

The entire intelligence apparatus is operated by fucking BOOMERS

She might have just made that part up as a cover-up story on the gun forum as to why she needed to know how to purchase a gun in Colorado.
She can't really have admitted that she needed to know how to do this to commit suicide, so she invented these two people who don't actually exist

why are you replying to me (who is saying the feds framed and killed her) as if I am supporting their narrative?

I am open to that as a possibility, but it seems unlikely.

That's just the thing: you don't need to buy a fucking shotgun to kill yourself with, children who are too young to legally purchase rifles do it successfully all the time. It was way too complicated to be about that.

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Okay how are we going to find the "friends"?
Remembering that she actually bought multiple ONE WAY plane tickets to get to CO

Attached: sol.mp4 (338x180, 1.08M)


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What a waste; she would've made a good wife.

Possible scenario
Sounds like another fuck up and an attempt to make it useful.

She's part spic, somebody posted a pic of her father in one of the first threads and he was a typical mongoloid looking spic. Not every single person on Earth with a big nose is jewish, she looks like a typical product of race mixing.

Anyone with some faggy hippy name is instant trash and she looks like trash so fuck off with your gay cuckchan threads

Investigating every possible thing we can find about her online presence, along with perhaps questioning her mom/sister/friend to see if they have any hints about who she was in contact with. If we had her laptop I'm sure there WERE records of the conversations, but the FBI probably apprehended her comp and wiped everything before finishing her off.

Looking into the 3 plane tickets seems important. I read that of the Mon/Tues/Wed flights she took the 1st one, so if she intended to bring others to Colorado with her from Florida, they SHOULD have followed on the Tuesday/Wednesday.

We need to find out what airline(s) she bought these with, the specific flight times, and if there's a way to verify whether the seats she bought were occupied or not. Also whether or not she refunded them.

It's entirely plausible she bought 3 tickets (not knowing if she would come mon/tues/wed) and then got a refund for tues/wed and they're just not telling us that.

I was going to repost this from 1st thread but I thought it would've registered as a duplicate file so I just did a screenshot of the kitten snuggle.

right, that's why she was reported "captured" at 9:19am, nice try moishe.

I think it's probably hard to accidentally shoot yourself with a shotgun (easier with a pistol) and I don't see her doing this intentionally.

If it had been something like she died from a fall then it might be more plausible she died accidentally while fleeing authorities, but they just HAD to have it be a GUN that killed her, which ultimately shows them to be liars.

I don't think people appreciate how fucking awkward it would be to try and fire a shotgun while aiming it at yourself. Someone wanting to suicide by gun would also have researched it first and realized things could go horribly wrong (blow off face instead of brain) and you might be in agony for a long time before dying. There are other ways to suicide to prevent that suffering and which are much less costly than buying 3 plane tickets and a 500 dollar rifle.

If suicide was the intention then why the fuck would she buy 3 plane tickets? I thought that was worrying because she was trying to mask her movements or some shit?

low-effort attempt at damage control. Yeah she's probably not 100% white (Gardi Pais looks half-white so she's probably only 75% white), but she passes enough for white that reports (like Vox) refer to her as "an 18-year-old white woman" and being considered a white victim is part of why she is being ignored as a victim.

Even if this was a coal-black negress or even a teen jewess who'd been suicided by the FBI it would be important to report on it though, because the larger problem here is that they're using this as political ammunition to expand gun control laws.

I think I buttfucked her durning spring break. Did she live near Fort Lauderdale, or go there last week of March.

They are so desperate to wash their hands of murdering her (saying she died WAAAAAY before they "found" her) that ultimately their new narrative is actually providing evidence against the suicide narrative…

Anyone who thinks she came to Colorado planning a shooting and only resorted to suicide after learning about there being a manhunt for her… show them that. We're supposed to believe that she came to Colorado just so it would be easier to buy a gun and kill herself there, or that somehow dying in the snowy foothills would make her feel close to the Columbine shooters. They mention "west of Denver" but don't clarify it's 50+ miles away from the fucking school.

That's in Florida, but the region she lived in was Surfside and she attended Miami Beach High School which is in Miami Dade county, Fort Lauderdale is in Broward county. I suppose it's feasible she could've gone to Lauderdale during spring break, but I think we're going to need some evidence of that before believing you.

Seriously, why would you be obsessed with the Columbine High School Bombing Fail of 1999. The bombers' Hollywood fantasy bombs didn't work, and they had to use their jam-o-matics to barely get a dozen body count.

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (1599x889, 3.62M)

Something I just learned which I haven't seen mentioned in either thread so far, even though this was released early on at even has an exact quote from her: also reiterates what she said online about meeting friends…

Feb 26:

The 2nd Saturday is April 13th, if anyone is wondering. Sol Pais arrived on the 15th.

According to you need a "hunter education card" to do this. You have to apply for Spring/Fall licenses separately. Page 3/6 shows that the spring hunting season begins April 1st, so turkeys WERE AND STILL ARE in season.

Page 4/7 actually shows there is a "Spring Limited License" which is active from April 13 to May 26, so if she arrived on April 16 she might've gotten over a month's worth of turkey hunting in.

If we can find evidence she actually underwent the required "hunter education" course (or had arranged to) that would help in showing this was her intention.

If we can't: well, she could've simply planned to hunt turkey illegally. It's not as if the gun store owners require you to display your turkey hunting license when you purchase a firearm. shows a 6 November 2018 video of a wild turkey crossing the road, they were clearly all over the place there…

Seeing shit like that, Sol Pais probably figured turkey hunting would be fucking easy.

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>Get told to watch the (((news))) by a porn posting faggot
Way to rally the troops, dumb nigger.

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guys…I think I'm in love

Are you asking for "cliffs"? You don't fucking call that a TL;DR, that's what you say when you don't want to reason. You're basically saying "give me the too long" so it sounds like you were asking for the long version. If you are asking for a summary, I can try for that, but I may overlook something.

1) on Tuesday April 16th there was an FBI bolo put out for this girl, saying she had a gun, had threatened schools, etc.
2) Wednesday morning, news reports they captured her
3) half an our later, they report she is dead
4) Thursday, narrative shifts that she was dead when they found her
5) Friday, narrative shifts further that she was dead for over a day before they found her

There's a thread of her saying she was planning to go hunting with friends in Colorado and wanted to buy a shotgun when she got there. She also mentioned friends to the man at the gun store, and specified she would be going turkey shooting.

Uber driver dropped her off in some hills, and he's the last to admit to seeing her prior to the feds who found her body.

Amidst all this, there were reports of a naked girl running through the woods but feds are now saying she was clothed when they found her. So who was spreading those reports? A hiker remembers steering clear of the area after hearing them.

Sol appears to have a 20 year old lesbian sister named Valentina who is in college. She didn't appear to have any friends recently, but apparently about 9 months ago she visited a friend during summer break (chubby blonde girl) who had visited her previously.

Blonde friend she gave her some jewelry when Sol was experiencing "boyfriend troubles". Some guy on halfchan said she didn't date though, so perhaps that might've referred to wanting a boyfriend but not finding anyone suitable.

A guy in this thread claims to have buttfucked her during summer break at Fort Lauderdale but there's no evidence supporting that. I could claim right now that Sol Pais gave me a thighjob and I ejaculated in her mouth, but that's just heresay.

You fucking autistic faggots. You are worse the /x/.
Her "friends" on the gun forum were made up.

Look at her account, she was just listening to music and sitting there in the woods with a shotgun, she blew her brains out to Burn by NIN.
The only reason this is a big story is because the fucking FBI jumped the gun and basically admit they watch peoples online presence, because they connected dots of her being depressed, with her being obssesed with columbine, and then her askkng about buying guns and going to colorado and scared the fuck out of everyone in colorado by saying she threatened schools. Read the denver post article, the sheriff says she killed herself before she was even aware of the manhunt for her. And the whole "police said they captured her and then said she was dead" is just a game of telephone through the mainstream media. Do you know how easy it is to get misinformation? The fact that you morons take everything said by her and the news seriously shows me how fucking gullible you idiots are. It just flies over your brainlet heads that maybe she could be lying, or the news could be hearing from a source that is wrong.

It's common parlance around here, actually, but let's not derail this into bickering over semantics.

So basically the whole thing is shady as fuck, nobody knows what really happened and she was probably killed by alphabet spooks for some niggerfied reason?

Attached: lurk more faggot.mp4 (468x352, 917.07K)

Not to be weird, but, does any user have a photo of what this Adrianna girl looks like? I met one a yr or two ago from one of those states mentioned. I remember she mentioned having a friend who wasn't really open to others. I don't talk to her anymore, but, still have contact with her. I wonder if it's the same person? I mean it probably isn't as there's a lot of Adrianna Petes, but, still.
Can someone help me confirm? I tried looking but can't find a damn thing.

They were on 3 different flights you retarded shill.

If you want to shut this down you're going to have to try harder glownigger.

Right, the only thing we should take seriously is what the FBI spoonfeeds us?

We know she could be lying or that the MSM could be lying or mistaken, but it's also possible the FBI are lying and that Sol Pais told the truth about going to meet friends for a turkey hunt, and that the media was right about them reporting a capture that went south and now they're pretending she died 30 hours before they reported her death.

I can see 2 possible motives:
1) she came for a turkey hunt and they knew she would never kill people, so they had her killed so she couldn't tell her story
2) she came to re-enact Columbine with these new online friends, but she decided against it at the last minutes so her handlers killed her

dude check filenames:

But user, she's not a 300 pound landwhale nor a nigger so thirsty beta virgins who've never had so much as a presence near pussy that wasn't a family member's need to white knight her and claim she was murdered by the FBI for thinking about a gun.


I'm having a look into plane tickets now.

Namely which airline supplied the tickets. An ETA on Colorado would be great, though it looks like all her social media was deleted/went dark before the plane trip.

This case has fascinated me more than any in the last few years.

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yes that was the news article about snow I meant
she was an angel for sure and pure like snow

she seemed like a pure soul indeed
what a waste
she was too good for this world

you and your 3 tickets obsession
she probably just did not know which day she wanted to travel so she bought 3 tickets just to make sure she gets a lift to colorado

What exact time and date was the shotgun purchased by Sol?

Instacheck was requested on 04/15/19 (a Sunday in that timezone, i believe)

Forgot pic

Attached: SolPaisBackgroundCheck.png (1392x729, 576.7K)

bitches usually don't kill themselves with guns

user, she was obsessed with columbine
she probably wanted to die like eric and dylan
and do you think she just takes a plane to colorado without reason?
she wanted to die there where they died using the same method

From what I understand she arrived in CO at monday afternoon
then she bought the gun
then found a guy to drive her up the mountain
there she probably killed herself in the same night

you need to imagine this
she went on a mountain, 2 days later on wednesday when they found her, there was lots of snow visible on photographs
it must have been freezingly cold and she came there without a tent, sleeping bag and not even a winter coat
I hope she did not suffer

Oh no a woman died. (That's bad because I worship holes)

>you might find out whos behind them and (((we))) cant have that now can we? :^)

Attached: 09f16542bd20b881f517409ad77c9d3ded26e482e2b2ce441bb0cde93adcae17.jpg (1005x1008, 200.1K)

what the fuck is this image trying to tell me? what city is it supposed to be, some dystopian future of globohomo multiculti nightmare?

Then why didn't she shoot anyone but herself? This whole thing is weird.

we're all sheep, but phone-clutching female zoomers will save us

If they really murdered this girl just to accomplish more gun control, that is beyond the pale.

I stopped being surprised about these things when I realized Israel did 9/11

They want that reaction. The more the evil is normalized and accepted, the worse it gets until we're in the USSR with nighttime raids, gulags, and execution of dissidents. All of it will be normalized slowly until we're at that point.

hi Garnet
you're a long way from home

Her family seems pretty wealthy so I think she had prospects. Look at the decent house they lived in. She visited a friend the preceding summer. I haven't visited a friend in over a dozen years and live in a room half her size and I'm not suicidal.

How do you (((determine))) she was alone?

2 plane tickets you're not gonna use is a lot of money, which is why I'm wondering about refund policies.

Despite it being April the website currently reads:

Since she bought it on a Monday, it would've had to have been between 9am and 3pm. I haven't heard anything further.

They died differently though…

If she did indeed shoot herself with a shotgun, she would've been emulating Harris, not Klebold. Furthermore, they died after going on a rampage against humanity, not hanging out alone in the snow, so WTF are you even talking about? Context.

I think you mean used the Uber app.

There was a restaurant nearby for her to hang out to wait for her friends. She was probably told they would be bringing the supplies.

It's weird I would've expected the guy you replied to to sage and not you.

Convicting Fields emboldened them to try shit like this. Seems this is getting even less rage despite the waifu, probably because they kept it off cameras.