Tulsi Gabbard Deleted Video

In a deleted video that's being censored everywhere, Tulsi speaks of the Deep State and the Military Industrial Complex who President Trump serves and bows before.

Tulsi Gabbard is a woman awakened, and understands (((who))) controls America and this President.

"With the (((obstacles))) that exist and the challenges in place, it is because of the (((people))) that you're talking about that make me work tirelessly to run for President to bring about this Change. The most of the attacks I get are not from Republicans, they're from (((Democrats))), from people in the (((mainstream media))), from people in the (((Foreign Policy Establishment))), people who represent the (((military th industrial complex))). The stronger (((they))) become the stronger we respond. What does it matter if we beat President Trump and end up with (((someone))) who will perpetuate the very (((same))) crony capitalist policies, corporate policies, and waging more of these costly wars. "

Tulsi is based as fuck. They'll never let her win.

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And thus the West died.
May your descendants, if you have any, forgive you.

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W H Y S O S E R I O U S ?

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So it doesn't have anything to do with her being raised in a cult?



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It didn't really seem like much was changed, to be honest. Got a new name. I think some stuff about Canadian dairy products.

She works for the Council on Foreign Relations.

She's also hindu. Can't trust her on geopolitical stuff for the same reason Trump couldn't be trusted [and look how that worked out for everyone that isn't nuthugging the Angleton faction].

Should still donate one dollar so she can (((debate))). Funny television kikery.


The Hindus did betray the ancient Aryans. Getting the jews and Hindus to fight each other could be useful. Though your enemies will always be your enemies and could just as easily ally to destroy you. The goal throughout all of it would be to awaken as many Whites as possible to the jewish problem using this Hindu Gabbard as a lightning rod for jewish attacks against her when she questions "Why does the United States exist solely for Israel?".

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She's a woman. She won't fight.

I'm not talking about any kind of ancient Aryan thing. I'm talking about the geopolitical inclination of hindustanis to fight political islam. And, theoretically, that sounds good for White people if you don't think about it too hard. But in reality, the problem with islam for White people is that most muslims aren't White and they are in Western lands and we have a domestic, Western industrial complex that is controlled by entrenched capital dependent and intertwined with muslim energy deposits. Most of our non-White people aren't even muslims.

So really, the geopolitical angle of the hindustanis tracks similarly to the jews and has the same enemies. It doesn't do America or France or Bulgaria any good to spend any time or energy fucking around in Kashmir, just like it doesn't do any of us any good to be involved in pretend Kurdistan. Hindus only have a intersection of interests with the postwar order that is strangling White America.


I want to know more

Why do Clappistani's clap after every half sentence?


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Is it possible to say why?

I'm not sure if we can trust her. Bernie otoh has been fighting the good fight his entire life. If we don't push back against corporate power our children and grand children will inherit a global sweatshop where they pay on the 22 trillion debt with a min wage part time job.

We absolutely must gut the MIC like she's talking about. We'll see if she gains traction, I know they Jews hate her guts. So that's good.

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People should look up Bernie's actual record before writing things like this.

>if (((i))) use (((echoes))) a lot (((im))) fitting in

I have, Bernie has more bills passed than any other elected rep. None of them look like they're written by corporations.

We have to focus on corporations too, they're treated as human being according to the SCOTUS but they have no feeling or sympathy and they're required by law to maximize profit. Which means cutting labor costs, which means maximum immigration from the biggest shit holes on earth.

This is why the GOP wouldn't dare to cut immigration, they are the party of the corporation and dems aren't far behind.

Violence govt corruption job insecurity are ideal to maximize corporate profits.

Are you being paid to post this?

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The biggest policy blunder in recent US history is the iraq war. Both D and r reps with their corporate and AIPAC check couldn't wait to go to war. Here's Bernie before it WE EVER WENT IN.

Does it look like he's putting America or Israel and the MIC first.

A broken clock is right twice a day. He was right about Iraq, he knows how to make a speech, but that doesn't mean he's honest, and it doesn't mean his economic ideas are good.

Seriously, watch the above video, just wow. He was right about everything. btw before the Iraq invasion we were $6 trillion in debt. Now it's $ 22 trillion wasted on bombing sand dunes in the ME and making the jews very wealthy.

Vets are homeless, committing suicide daily and we got a buffoon trying his everything to get us into war w Iran and perhaps Venezuela.

No candidate that accepts corporate can be trusted.

Wow, paid Berniebot in 2019.

Same Bernie shill voted Hillary in 2015 and ok with Bernie bombing Serbia in the 90s.

Fuck off.

notice how jews always deflect or ignore valid questions or criticisms?

Economic, the biggest swindle is the federal reserve. All these candidates can say they were against the Iraq war after it turned out to be a disaster but Bernie was before and all alone w/o fanfare on not campaigning.

All these candidates will agree the financial system is broken after the crash but again Bernie is there before, w/o fanfare not campaigning.

Where's your candidate that stands up to the war machine and the banks BEFORE it was a disaster? I'll wait…


Bernie actually stops Ron Paul from auditing the Fed.

You can stop now.

Pat Buchanan.

Bernie is pro-war.

This, notice how it's always mud people, women, sjws, and other undesirable elements that are allowed to tell some minor truths on these issues (though never the full truth), because it's the old false dichotomy, side with white people to allow the full jewish military industrial agenda that will replace and destroy you, or side with invaders to fight against the military industrial complex (but not really), either way the system is rigged against you.

That's cool, maybe he's not all bad. Maybe he has a conscience, maybe he makes for a good democratic senator, someone reasonable that democrats can vote for. But still, screw having him as president. We do not need more socialist bullshit in this country.

Be sure to watch the Bernie v Greenspan, he was right about everything, everything.

This is the core of Jewish power he is talking to, every other elected rep will get and the ground and worship the jew.

Ron Paul, gtfo the one who wants Christian charities to handle healthcare for the uninsured.

Save it, be sure to register as a Dem so you can vote for Bernie in the primary

Yet, let tax everyone for healthcare.

Let's debt pile up while never auditing the feds.

Check your script before you try shilling again.

Right, because having the ZOG run it is so much better

Oh look, Team Talmud is back, I missed you guys from 2016, I thought you shills all went to work for Shillary after Glassberg told you to. You already got blown out here and have been btfo 6 million times on this board on all these issues, nobody is going to go through it with you again.

>(((Marxist))) kike Glassberg speaks against the "core of jewish power"
My fucking sides, the poster above already destroyed you.

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Put up a candidate, tell me who to vote for in 2020.


No she doesn't, and she's no different from everyone else. They all get the bullet. Did you hear how quiet her supporters got? That's the sound of all thought leaving the room, because the unmentionables came out. But she doesn't believe anything she said either. To the dirt with all of them.

Come on you can say it, Zion Don.

No thanks



No such thing. Only whites can be American.

Gabbard looks like she's about to cry at one point. We don't need that shit in the White House.

Bernie Sanders is a Marxist. He's never fought the good fight.

If you had looked it up, you would know Bernie supported all the sanctions leading up to the Persian Gulf War – to his credit he voted against it. He voted in support of Bill Clinton's bill to make discharge of student debt impossible. He voted to fund the second Iraq War, despite his public stance. He bragged on live television about his support for bombing Serbia. He deliberately sabotaged Ron Paul's bill to audit the Federal Reserve. I'm sure the "shut up about Palestine" video has been posted enough where it would just be redundant.

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Who can do the most lulzworthy shit while in the office of the president?


Bernie is the senator from Lockheed you numbnuts. He's 169% for the shitball F35 the #1 employer of Vermont.


This. She was raised in a cult.