FBI arrests 69 year old geezer who was part of border patrol militia


based on the politician quotes it seems like theyre about to shut down the zogbot worshipping militias who call border patrol instead of gunning down spics. blue lives matter cucks btfo they dont want your help but keep larping like youre a part of their team with the zogbots on speed dial. get your high fives from border patrol while you still can!

its time for the death squads to move in, kill the invaders and leave their corpses for the dogs. should get the race war going.

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greentext the article you fucking mongoloid Jesus Christ

That border militia was dumb enough to post a video about their exploits on the internet.

One of the militia members was also a convicted felon, so he was arrested by the FBI for illegaly possessing a weapon.


If you're going to engage in militia activity, here's a tip: don't post videos about it on the net, and keep your identity concealed.

no faggot im sick of cianiggers posting cnn article green texts all day long. if you care you can spend 1 second to copy paste and see for yourself.

the point is the quotes in the article

I agree, fuck white people. Make America Mexico again!

Nice, I'm gonna rub this in my family's faces. sage

Gay OP who buries the lede.

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stupid faggot


Fuck, if I was in the middle of nowhere with no one around for miles and with a high powered long range rifle and could spot a dozen Mexicans coming into my country, I'd make sure they didn't cross the border alive. Fuck um.

fuck off shill

I'd say our sovereign has failed to uphold its duty to protect us from invasion, thereby rendering the geezer's status as a felon irrelevant. If the geezer is going to point a weapon at an invader then I'm on his side, regardless of whatever it was he did to piss of ZOG enough that they decided to write nasty things about him in his permanent ZOG record.

Fuck off.

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the fact the zog hasnt staged this yet when it would be the easiest event to fake proves they dont want it to happen. beaner retaliation might spark a race war. do it.

the fact “it wasnt immediately clear” what hes a felon for proves its some shit nobody would be mad about so they left it out

If you sprinkled crack on the bodies and put a rap demo tape in the pocket it would be impossible to find you - according to previous similar cases.

This. My best friend used to be a border militia until he found his future wife.
Do you think the FEMINIST JEW-diciry system would have allowed him to keep his young wife if he would have posted about it on Myspace?


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It's basically feds BTFO by felon doing more effective law enforcement, so bully him.
They are unironically arresting the guy because of their own incompetence. If they secured the border effectively he wouldn't be there.

lol, that's not trolling fyi

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op is a lower iq nigger. everyone knows the fbi is corrupt. if you're going to skirt the law expect them to come after you

to any fag saying oh but glowniggers don't do border security - yes, that's the fucking problem, they aren't doing it.
to any other fag saying, oh but that's not glowniggers responsibility - it's also not their responsibility to impede the security of the border that the felon is actively providing either.

checks out

not even the point. point is all the politicians/zogbots in the article being vocally against citizen support on the border.

I'm mad you let a thread die for a low effort OP you nigger

link me to a better thread thats not the alfred rosenberg one

What? Seeing Proud Strong White Women being happy triggered you that much?


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took me 5 seconds

Then leave.

Reported for not even trying to fit in.

The law is meant to apply to everyone, regardless of their unrelated daily activities. Preferentialism is for short sighted, dense niggers that don't realize it always ends in corrupt, stagnant and nepotistic societies.

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They picked him up when he went through a yellow light 3 days into the surveillance
I wouldn't be surprised lol

dont see anyone else making a thread. be sure to keep replying instead of talking about what happened. wouldnt want any discussion on the events that occurrd would we?

It's already heavily preferential in favor of the invaders. This story is an example.

here you go

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fuck off, many mexicans are pretty much white with a tan

You wish, jose

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Talk about burying the lede. What's the spic doing in a position of authority in the first fucking place?

Don't answer that. Try to get mad about it though – you'll need the hate when the real militias are recruiting.

You can never be white. How sad.

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i hope you dont think just because anons dont reply to you means you are effective at shilling. its just anons are so used to seeing absolute shit tier shilling they dont even bother replying. filtered.


Look at my trips

Not unlike trashy whites getting asian tattoos I would imagine

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Sorry, if you are going to participate in an op like this you need to be squeaky clean. You have to assume you are going to be targeted, your actions must be above reproach. Geezer could have gone along, just couldn't carry.

Right on cue.

fucking this, next thing you know they'll arrest you for jaywalking six years ago because you pissed off some tranny.

Be sure to pay your reparation tax when congress passes it you useless fucking cuckold.

He was the leader you IP hopping retard.

You mean the story of the man arrested for felony possession? That's not invader-preference, that's you letting your preference get in the way of better judgement.
It's precisely the short-sighted niggerthought I mentioned.

((( )))

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the invaders are free and he isnt. And it is my preference because central americans are fucking garbage and shouldn't exist, yet alone exist north of the rio grande

Well, he needed to delegate the weapon carrying to someone else. Good leaders figure this shit out.

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$100 says his "federal felony" was non-payment of taxes or something like that

You are a big man online user, when do you plan to become a mass murderer in real life? Ya we know, you will never do anything but mouth off

Meant to tag in post . Maybe I am a retard. I do bounce my vpn like a fucking ball.

Yeah call me back when Hillary goes to jail. In the meantime shove your smug up your preferential ass.

When are you going to confront your wife's boyfriend about pissing all over the master-bathroom toilet seat?




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This is not a bad idea in Minecraft. Texas anons need to get their shit together.

These unregulated faggot militias are going to ruin it for the regulated ones…that would have to be approved by a court that your enemy controls.

When will you faggots realize your constitution has been replaced by the Talmud?


We all must choose liberty or death, not everyone chooses liberty, but they choose death for those who would have liberty, not realizing you get whatever you choose for others.

While you shitpost Hitler, Clowns and cowardly larping that you will never do

Already thread on this border patrol millitia. Low effort slide thread is low effort. Neck yourself OP.


Yeah, scared of a faggot boomer militia who already has their leader locked up. It will now disintegrate to dust when he turns fed snitch on his fellow militia. And make all you little bitches to scared to make a militia and suffer the same fate.

Shall not be infringed
FBI are traitors.

Those ladies are awesome. I just wanted you to know that.


There's another thread about this he was arrested for possessing while being a felon, a poster said he was convicted of fraud.

We now have foreign invaders in our government and wonder why our own countrymen are being illegally killed and imprisoned. that's the real fucking lead

Could be kangaroo court charges. You know being white is a felony unto itself.

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