The actual reason behind circumcision in judaism is to separate themselves from the gentiles...

The actual reason behind circumcision in judaism is to separate themselves from the gentiles. It's not some "ritual" that Jews do in order fuel their "god". The reason why they sucked the blood of an infant from their own childrens genitals was to coagulate the blood to keep their own children from bleeding to death. Back then, no one was even aware of venereal diseases. They couldn't get away with branding what the perceived as slaves so they branded themselves instead. They viewed it back then as a necessary evil. Why they surrounded a whole religion around it is because it was meant to be forgotten; so that non-jews can't figure out why it's being done. The reasoning behind the bible forbidding circumcised people from getting into "heaven" was because of this fact. The logical reasoning behind new Jewish converts only needing to prick their foreskin with a needle instead of getting fully circumcised is to help keep the Jewish masses from being subverted because Jewish kids indoctrinated with Judaism from a young age are far more likely to be genuinely adherent to judaism. Leviticus 19:26-28 is also evidence of them separating themselves once again from the gentiles. Supposed anti-semitism in the bible and Jews supposedly hating on christianity is just to push gentiles into it. Christianity is just controlled opposition that the Jews created.

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its because jews are absolute degens and snipping foreskin makes you lose 90% sensitivity. this causes jews to seek out further and further degeneracy to compensate for having numb dicks. circumsision is an attempt to ensure further degeneracy is pursued.

Circumcision originates in ancient Egypt. It was a ritual only the Egyptian priests would undergo. Judaism is just a cheap knock-off of ancient Aryan practices.

gas yourself

That's the best you've got huh? OP used cold hard logic on your ass and you are just sticking to the tired old slogans made by christcucks.

t. christcuck

gas all chriscucks. i never called op wrong i just added.

So that why they do it to almost every male in the US and Korea as well?

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Now they want to blend in, and get money from procedures.

Circumcision is thrown out along with the rest of the Jewish trash.
I'm all-in on replacement theology.

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Maybe in modern day but how it rose and how it was carried out you'd be a fool to call it that. Jews have had no prominence for at least 1300-1400 years after Romans destroyed their temple, the shitty bible did though (shame).

Texts like those are why the church needed riches, statues, paintings, icons, beauty. Nobody could have reasonably naturally cared for the word salad that most of the bible is.

Luckily, most of this was reinforced in the early churches. You didn't have to know how to read the epistles (letters) of Paul, because the churches would incorporate them as doctrine.

OP NEVER stated that Jews were simply faking following the religion known as Judaism. So again nigger you disprove nothing. He's saying that the original reason for it was to establish themselves as Jews and that they made a religion out of it and subsequently lost its meaning. Also, there's DNA tests so you can now tell a Jew by birth something that never existed until somewhat recently. Also this

This is absolutely hilarious. I can only wonder (((who))) could be behind this post.

That's why Porphyry's Isagoge became the standard textbook of logic throughout Europe until the 1600s and Porphyry's diagrams were used to diagram out such language. Though Porphyry's other book Adversus Christianos was hunted down and all copies of it were destroyed, one has to wonder what he said differently in that book.

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Go read some books you ignorant pagans

Maybe it was/is again, problem with controlled opposition is if you lose control you are seriously fucked. There's at least a good 1500 years the jews had 0 control over Christianity. Christianity decimated the jews, killed,converted,exiled,deplatformed, they even lost their own language for centuries, the Talmud barely survived. But it's all irrelevant now. They are back and want revenge.

You can tell this place is getting ZOG-ed up when you have ZOG-faggots defending pecker mutilation.
The ancient Kikes did not circumcise themselves to separate themselves from others. How do we know? As someone already pointed out, many of their neighbors also practiced this barbaric ritual Syrians, Ethiopians, Egyptians, Phoenicians, Colchians, etc. It's older than the Kikes, and wouldn't actually separate themselves from all their immediate neighbors who also practiced it.
Wherever this practice had reared its head, it always comes about amongst a priestly caste first. The Kikes are only unique in forcing it on the infant in order to meet the requirements of group identity.
The initial purpose, though, was always artificially induced religiosity. Circumcision is an ancient form of bio-engineering people to be more prone to accept religious nonsense, because without the capacity to truly experience sexual pleasure, the mind becomes warped. This warping of the mind lends itself to the adherence of religious delusions, which themselves can be used for group control.

Sicut Judaeis and its subsequent affirmation for centuries proves you wrong

Unpopular opinion here
but i unironically think circumcision is a good thing
it cuts down on sexual sensetivity and as a result gives you the ability to have thoughts above your groin
you know who gets circumcissions?
you know who runs the world?

because they can go through half a day without getting a boner and being a slave to any whore with a nice rack and a fat ass

Its just like removing the clit on women makes them less whores, with guys it just makes them less horn dogs

the only point of sex is reproduction
any additional pleasure which can be avoided is good so that one can avoid addiction to stimulus

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nice try jewfag…

Maimonides: "It is hard for a woman, with whom an uncircumcised had sexual intercourse, to separate from him. This is, as I believe, the best reason for the commandment concerning circumcision. "

Ties right in to Hitler, who understood the greasy kikes:

"With satanic joy in his face, the black-haired Jewish youth lurks in wait for the unsuspecting girl whom he defiles with his blood, thus stealing her from her people. With every means he tries to destroy the racial foundations of the people he has set out to subjugate. Just as he himself systematically ruins women and girls, he does not shrink back from pulling down the blood barriers for others, even on a large scale. It was and it is Jews who bring the Negroes into the Rhineland, always with the same secret thought and clear aim of ruining the hated white race by the necessarily resulting bastardization, throwing it down from its cultural and political height, and himself rising to be its master.

For a racially pure people which is conscious of its blood can never be enslaved by the Jew. In this world he will forever be master over bastards and bastards alone."

Weaken the links between non-Jewish men and women, making it easier to move women away from their race.

Nice hypothesis, but it breaks down quickly when you remember that the jews are the most vile sexually depraved child-rapists on planet Earth.

Maybe thats why they're the ones who invented it
if this is how fucking depraved they act at 10 percent feelling image how much pedophilic rape, bestiality, and corpse fucking happened before they figured out how to cut down on their sex drive?

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It evidently did not work.


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Partly, but overwhelmingly it's part of a ritualistic abuse cycle. Hurting a child at his most vulnerable - newborn - is intensely impacting. It's for good reason that our memories can't manifest events prior to toddlerhood; we're hopelessly vulnerable and so easily impacted. That makes memory of that age too perilous to retain.

Abusive treatment of children and sexual abuse both propogate themselves via the victim's pursuit of release. Normalisation is part of the bargaining process and allows a victim to diminish his sense of woundedness.

Tying down a newborn and attacking his most precious, vulnerable part while he is utterly powerless, then later convincing him that it was for his good…… If you can accomplish that, don't you have complete psychological ownership of that poor soul?

Yes, it's seperation from the goyim in the sense that fucked up, traumatized people clump together.

The rest of your post is hopeless dogshit, and I am ashamed for this (you)

What a classy broad.

Actually a bunch of priests who saw niggers from the south do that and thought, good, moar fertility or some shit. This happened when Egypt was already a shit hole. There was nothing Aryan about it.
See, Aryans use common sense. They don't do stupid shit like cutting off your foreskin. Eventually, they invent soap.

Don't worry, that's fantastic theory you've got here user. Do the same with your eyes, nose, mouth, ears and the whole of your skin. Reduce sensitivity everywhere and you'll have megabrains.
(what a fucking retard)


This is 100% correct. The most common argument against circumcision boils down to "muh dik needs to feel good muh dik muhfugga". Sex is degenerate and has no purpose outside of procreation. Animals need the pleasure because lower beings without self awareness and intelligence need a simple stimulus to encourage them to have sex to procreate. Humans have higher cognitive function and are able to realize what needs to be done and do it without a biological leftover to encourage them. Pleasure is for hedonists, there's no need to have sex once you have fertilized an egg.


Not an argument.

This board is 100 percent dead .holly shit

Americans, Koreans and Africans

Nothing new. They’re schizophrenic in wanting to be the most special of all the people of the earth and yet love pushing their shit ok people they deem animals.

So its safe to say circumcision is nothing but bad and anyone who thinks otherwise is a irredeemable cuck

i think most anons just quietly gave up hope and stopped posting. the only time the board is decent is during happenings when people come back to shitpost.

The actual reason is because it turns would-be men into slaves instantaneously.



Circumcision causes brain damage, psychological trauma, sudden infant death syndrome and other health problems.

Retarded nigger. You are (((coincidentally))) circumcised and want others to suffer in a sick twisted Jewish cycle.
Would you endorse ritual nose removal, toe removal, or eyelid removal if these were performed on newborn infants, just because they happened to you?

such horseshit and blatantly wrong it should be banworthy. european cultures in the past were not cut and they didnt devolve into being slaves to pussy. they still kept their women in place.

99% of people would as a coping mechanism. its called cowardice and it is rampant.

Good fucking point. The fact people recoil in horror when you tell them you declawed your cat, but treat being circumcised as just something cultural, is proof Judaism (and her harlot daughters Christianity and Islam) have brainwashed the world.

yeah it's not scientifically proven that circumcision permanently physically alters the male human brain. oh wait…

this board is 100% jewish and 50% gentile
Some jews like (((>>13164709))) are just more jewish than they can be


Why are you so dense as to see my point. This penile mutilation shit is something pushed on us for thousands of years. If you were unfortunate enough to become a jew’s slave, he would have you circumcised to humiliate you. This is at the core of Judaism.

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No but i would if i thought they improved cognitive ability.

I think you mean Stockholm syndrome

They do it to the USA, because Jews are also ordered to circumcise their slaves.
Think about that.
We Americans are treated by the Jews as their slaves. Consider why kikes would care so much about us wanting to stop this practice.
It's because their disgusting god requires it of them and their slaves.
If America stopped ritually giving their children to the kikes as their slaves through circumcision, then we'd be free.
Kikes fight against anti circumcision in America because they'd lost their right to be our masters before their shitty God.

The real red pill (no schitzo) is that outlawing circumcision in America would set us all free of kike influence.

Show any proof that actually improves cognitive ability. Then weigh that against the odds of your son dying from the surgery, or in general the fairly high odds of about 30% of the surgery just going wrong in general
As a side note what is up with the images? When did it change so I can't post images that have been posted before if I also post a bypass image. I can't upload anything about circumcision, every image says that the image already exists

No or else the isp numbers would be dropping or migrated to a bunker or nein or to a another Zig Forums board on here.

Zig Forums counts images across the board. For some reason.
Just screenshot the images and repost them that way.

Yeah I know that, but usually you can just add another image and it works. Not sure when they changed that, or if it is just the circumcision images for some reason

Who cares? Just stop doing it.

Doesn't it explain itself? If it's for that purpose it's not for "ritual" reasons. What op said is actually pretty accurate. Only christkikes are rejecting logic over "ritualistic reasons". The fact is, we can't really know why they first started doing it (especially in the disgusting manor it's done in) but I highly highly doubt whoever actually created the religion known as Judaism did it for actual religious purposes. Whoever did it was interested in not working for his living (or as little as possible) and of purpetuating his family as much as he (or they) could regardless of how many humans die or suffer because of their actions. Of course I'm not denying that they are now doing it for religious purposes it's just that the very founders didn't do it for religious purposes.

Totally dude. This is a really sensible and coherent post!

You could do that with all sorts of physical alteration, like getting a certain tattoo, getting a lip ring, etc. It doesn't explain why the foreskin. You could surround religious stuff around anything like this.

Oh and it doesn't? Circumcisions are one of the most painful alterations you could possibly get to your body. The vast majority of people would be unwilling to get this operation done. And non-jews (back then) doing this to their own children? Would in all likelihood never happen.

You are an idiot, Judaism is a fake man made religion of insanity by people lead and cursed by the real demonic entities and satan. The biblical old testament judumaism doesnt exist. They have literary a retarted writings and traditions that bloody baby penis sucking tradition is not from ancient biblical Jews you fucking idiot. I bet most of you even know the differences anyway

in during schizo Christian identity rambling where danish vikings are actually the "dan" tribe of Israel

christcucks everybody

Yeah, no. Believing in a flat earth is less retarded.

Christianity basically divides the jew religion into two.

How can jews hate jew?

A circumcision used to be just cutting the prepuce, the excess skin over the glans. An age old form of blood, bodily and infant sacrifice that Jews performed. A better deal than what was performed by other barbaric nomadic and degenerate tribes in the region. When the Greeks and Macedonians established hegemony over the Levant, however, the Greeks frowned on the practice. As Jews had to get cozy with the Greeks in order to do business, the Jews tried to mimic how Greeks behaved. Sharing public baths was one thing and having a cut dick was an instant giveaway to a Greek that they were dealing with a Jew and that hurt the ability of the Jew to be a kike. It then became popular for young Jewish men to stretch back out their foreskins in an attempt to fit back in. The elder Jew nosferatu did not like this at all. Considering it a corruption of the youth. They then changed the practice to cutting off the entire foreskin as an act of spiteful defiance to prevent themselves from being assimilated into the Hellenistic culture. Jews have been giving their infants traumatic brain damage and ruining their sexual pleasure and accompanying spiritual fulfillment for over 2500 years now. They even started convincing the Prodestants starting in the mid to late 1800s to do the same as a method of preventing men from enjoying sexual pleasure. The goal of which was to further their own blood sacrifice rituals, take baby foreskins to sacrifice to their desert war God, guilty of all the crimes they accused other gods like Moloch and Ba'al of doing, and making it so Jews could more easily infiltrate and fit into gentile culture by having ALL the men be genitally mutilated.

So kill Jews as not only an act of civilization and spiritual defense, but put them out of their fucking misery. Anyone who would perform a circumcision on a child, boy or girl, is only a mere single step below the death an abortion doctor would do on a healthy white child.

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You sound exactly like a nigger. Every single person in the bible has a jewish name, the original scriptures come directly from hebraic text, and jewsus himself descends directly from Abraham: one of the twelve tribes of Israel.
That's the fucking joke. They're a nomadic group of people that founded Israel later down the line and never originated there in the first place.

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I say this with utmost sincerity; the doctors and medical establishment that push circumcision need to be persecuted with the same ferocity as one would any other child abuser. By clamping down on this barbaric practice we are pushing back against the jew's persecution of our culture and reclaiming the autonomy of the child's body from the perverse.

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Eh, whatever. Circumcision seems dumb, but not dumb enough to hate people over.

Dumb is naming your child DaShawn.
Circumcision is evil.

Can I cut off your dick?

Retarded thread and faggot OP


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Can I cut off your newborn's little toe? Its just tradition and there is a lot of research backing up the medical benefits.

So what you're saying is, it's an obsolete barbaric subhuman practice for pedophiles and savages? Good to know. Ban it immediately and send OP to the gas chamber.

No other priorities need to come first. Women should have their breasts cut off because it will reduce the chances of breast cancer. Get out of here shill

Another Jew promoted gay cut vs. uncut thread.

Instead of meeting normal Whites in real life and networking.

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Just kill yourself.

You are obviously a faggot pedo trying justify your desire to suck baby dicks and drink their blood. Everyone who is isn't a degenerate subhuman kike knows sucking baby dicks and drinking their blood is evil and disgusting. You should really reconsider your fucked up mindset.

Not to mention genital mutilation is retarded. If they wanted to mark themselves there's literally a myriad of different ways to do this. Scarring, haircuts etc. No need to cut and suck baby dicks.

What goes bump in the night? This thread I guess…

Looks pretty ritualistic to me.