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Greetings, my dudes. It appears that in our day and age the responsible thing to do as a citizen is to screech and scream about things that matter. John Q. Public has apparently become too self-absorbed to understand anything outside of his workaday bubble so, at the behest of oligarchic jews, the niggers have kindly and helpfully decided to hoot and holler about their perceived (and self-inflicted) plight. BLACK LIVES MATTER! Though I respect and admire their tactics, I'm not so keen on the content of their message. Nevermind that.

Despite their idiocy and hypocrisy, these shameless tactics are the sort of thing required to wake up the aforementioned John Q. Public. These tactics are an inspiration. IOTBW is a good start. It isn't enough to be merely "okay", however. "Okay" people don't build Notre Dame. "Okay" people don't build globe-spanning networks of photonic-information-channels which allow human minds to interact in ways which would have been considered magical mere decades ago. "Okay" people do not endeavor to continually expand the frontier of our understanding–to the point that some risk their lives outside of Earth's atmosphere! We don't need to tell John what is "okay".
We need to tell John what matters.

John is admirable. He spends excessive time working for people who don't care about him in order to provide for a family that he isn't able to spend enough time with. He upholds his end of the deal in every transaction he commits to. He is honest and forthright. There is only one thing missing: He has lost his sense of duty to the super-organism which has provided him with the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of his labor and the gifts he receives. (To be quite frank: many normalfags are on board with us, but there's no outlet for them. There's no way to approach our topics without stepping on one of the social-landmines which have been meticulously placed within our language over the past sixty or seventy years.)

How do we wake John up? How do we create a linguistic path through the minefield in the case that he's already awake, shaven, and dressed in combat fatigues? Pic related. Nobody can credibly argue against it and the examples of what (European) men have done in furtherance of civilization are many. It is completely free of bias yet serves as a pointer towards everything we advocate for. John doesn't want to live without running water and electricity, after all.

I've rambled enough: the idea is to point to objectively true and emotionally compelling narratives of civilization. From modern catastrophes such as the africanization of South Africa to historical landmarks such as William Wilberforce's crusade against slavery, we sit atop a treasure trove of stories which show that whitey isn't so bad. To present these examples in a "value-neutral" way, as the leftists require, is more of an endorsement of Europeans than anything else.

Can these two words be tied to true stories seamlessly enough that they become unavoidable? How difficult is it to link QR codes to webpages?

Happy Easter, anons.

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Kike free.

John's going to need a rainwater catchment and hydroelectric or vegetable oil diesel generator or something to civilize himself.

You've stumbled upon our first example: Rudolf Diesel was a great addition to our history.

Read ISAIF and lurk for 200 more years, newfriend.
There are many arguments against civilization, the best one: it makes us docile, it turns wolves into pugs.

While I get the essence of everything you're saying and agree that we need to be completely unapologetic about the truth of the matter. I also feel that most people are not so compelled by logic and reason and they exist willingly within the enforced social paradigm we find ourselves opposed to. They're conciously choosing a falsity for the ease of socialization not because they genuinely believe it's true. Too many "Johns" are willing to defer gratitude and line their own neck up to the chopping block - and I think we've been doing what you've outlined here for almost 70 years to no avail as good as it sounds on paper.

Do you expect a group of uncivilized knaves to be able to defend itself against external threats in a world filled with "others" who are literally genetically predisposed to destroying us in order to further their own cause? Organization and hierarchy are necessary for success. Hint: our bodes have organs.

Civilization is absolutely necessary. Game theory, faggot. Go read it.

Neck yourself, reincarnate, lurk for two years, and then neck yourself again.

I agree. My choice of this simple phrase is an attempt to tie the comforts of civilization to the reality of the world around us. There is probably a better way to express this but I gave it my best shot. It is a distilled form of BLM–and the fact that BLM is a movement of people who literally never–not once–created a civilization serves as an implicit contrast that helps us.

Thinks civilization is pulling tricks for gays.

This thread is runny shit.

I would say you've expressed it better than I've ever seen, I just personally view this avenue as a brick wall but having said that that could be my own cynicism. Untested ground could still be found there - I'm just not going to do the leg work for it.

Huh, while us on the left are making pushes for universal healthcare and environmental regulation, you guys are talking about epic memes like IOTBW. Best of luck, you have about 3 election cycles before you have to abandon the race shtick and appeal to voters on a serious level.

Oh, and every year the dwindling amount of whites are doubly diluted in America through miscegenation. I wonder, assuming a best case scenario where action is taken immediately and you have all the logistics and finances behind you starting today.. when you have all your militias and intellectuals and highly trained fascist traditionalist ubermench elite white forces in 2040, will you be gunning down 80% of the country?

TBH OP I think you are a federal agent.

We need to put insects like you back in their place.

Brick wall. Aye. I am beginning to plan for the worst and do what I can to make sure my extended family has a plan of some sort. Point being: yep.

That said: despite all of his mistakes, Uncle Adolf was able to unify and moralize a people to the point that they would have taken over Europe if it hadn't been for American intervention. The jewish control of our media is much more powerful than the mere control of newspapers in Weimar, so I admit that we have a steeper challenge.

That said, our weaponry has also become more potent. This is why the censorship is being cranked to eleven. We have a chance. A small chance, but a chance.

The bots have arrived. Maybe they're a common courtesy on 8ch these days but I'll accept them as an honor.

I know it's hard for a Communist to understand that not everyone dreams of world domination but some just self determination. And the fact that you can't understand this fact nor how fragile the systems and levers you take for granted truly are - is why you'll never be capable of rationalizing a realistic scenario. Now I'm not saying it's in the bag but I think you need to re-evaluate the severity of a world where men pour buckets of water onto castles built in sand, opposed to sitting down and building their own.

The hilarious admission implicit to your words is that the very people who managed to build the modern healthcare system and build the modern world itself ought to be replaced by third-world people who have never managed to build a single thing. Do you believe that the amerinds of South America value your progressivism? Do you believe that negroes from Sub-Saharan Africa value your homosexual agenda?

Your entire political coalition has been constructed by resentful, inferior, and subversive people who wouldn't even be here if it weren't for your underhanded machinations which resulted in Hart-Celler and the like.

How does it feel to subscribe to an ideology which requires the importation of third-worlders who create failed civilizations? Are you proud that your agenda requires that you bring people who are literally unable to create anything here so that they vote for you?


I guess 8ch is a fan of complete nigger-tier anarchy. Civilization sucks. Gogo robot degeneracy!

What the fuck?

Things that matter to Donald Trump
Joo Joo Cum

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And I suppose that you're a hardened target which is completely self sufficient and doesn't rely upon tendies from mommy or the grocery store.

Fuck off and die an early death gracefully if your only purpose is to be a useless contrarian.


BLM has financial and legal support from the establishment and wealthy and influential people, as well as the support of the media. No equivalente white group using the same tactics will be as well organized, funded, or supported.

Zig Forums is more edgelord than human. Expect the degenerates to avoid the topic of civilization itself. This is where the right is wrong.

Too many of us are completely demoralized. Too many of us recognize the problems as we do nothing.

Difficult times.

John is comfortable in spite of everything.
John still thinks he has something to loose even though everything they threaten John with will happen anyway.
John either gets it on an intuitive level or John wont ever get it.
John needs facts and redpills only to give voice to the truth John already knows but cant articulate.
John needs to stop complaining, consuming and fornicating.
John lives the life of a domesticated animal and like all domesticated animals John has been taught not to struggle.
John needs to suffer personally and deeply because suffering creates struggle and only through struggle can John become a man once again instead of the goy they made him.
John will not enjoy this.
John will die by the millions but so what? Struggle cuts away that which is weak until only strength remains.
John will become a strong hard man through suffering and struggle or John will become extinct.
John will survive through strength or perish through weakness.
Accelerate to the point John can no longer merely complain, consume and fornicate.
Action-stress-polarisation-reaction-repeat and subscribe to pewdiepie.

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Uncivilised nomads have btfo of more civilized people many times in history

Barbarians Vs Rome, The Arabs Vs the rest of the middle East, the Mongols vs China , the list goes on

Read it

at this rate it looks like we will have to gun down at least 80 percent of the global population in order to stand a chance of survival
you keep sucking brown dick though, that semen you swallow won't inseminate anyone

This is pretty gay, as jews have coopted the term civilized to mean usury-slavery, porn-addiction, international finance, global free trade, and mass migration.

Its ok to be a barbarian would be better. But just stick with its ok to be white. Nothing triggers like that.

You realize this is literally the middle eastern model, right? That kind of society will only end in a massive collapse once some other civilized nation stops pumping trillions of dollars into your economy.

Materialism, individualism and a lemming tier cultural consciousness paraded by the jewish media to make them feel that being a parasitic group of self absorbed cunts is justified so long as they agree with whatever narrative the semitic rats push with their false morality. That understanding honour, loyalty, integrity, self sacrifice, progeny, race and a basic understanding of the real dichotomy of politics is humorous and laughable as they encourage their children to destroy and degenerate while simultaneously rejoicing in the purposeful destruction of a future with substinence. How to help a selfish people that are proud that they are selfish? A bird with a brain the size of a pea can collect shines objects and put them in a pile and the individualist acts as if this is some kind of feat that gives them rights to defy the natural order with. It’s really fucking pathetic when you understand it. Understanding a problem is required for a effective solution though

Dubs checked. Subscription subscribed to.
Honk! Honk!

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