THE CASE FOR CHRISTIAN NATIONALISM is that whites are set to become a racial minority in The USA. A nation sharing a collective religious identity helps discourage pogroms against racial minorities. If we are all christian it helps majority races tolerate minority races.

Within a christian nation WHITES CAN SURVIVE AS A SUBCULTURE, establishing their own neighborhoods that are majority white. Christianity has been used to convince whites to be tolerant of non-whites. Christianity can also be used to convince non-whites to be tolerant of whites.

An important thing to realize about christianity is that there are both anti-semitic and philo-semitic interpretations which are equally valid from a theological perspective. Although I think culturally most people in this forum are anti-semitic and that is fine, what you feel about jews is your own thing.

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Go away.

Race is real, they can't replace us, babylon will fall.

Race Is Real
They won't think like you
They will not save your race because you exult in the manners of a self-reliant travelling scholar

At best they will allow solitary "believers" to assimilate to them, race is still real.

Maybe you should go away

I am not saying race isn't real. I am talking about a contingency plan. I am talking about working on laying cultural framework to help the white race survive as a minority in a multiracial environment.

I am not saying whites should welcome being a minority. By all means if you wish to promote white nationalism, please do so. I support the right of whites to push white nationalism. I am saying that if white nationalism is not implemented then plan B is christian nationalism.

It makes sense for some whites to promote white nationalism, and other whites to promote christian nationalism.

The contingency plan is the same one the Turks implemented at the end of the first world war: violent, armed action to secure an ethnically unified rump state that holds the core territory.

Christian "nation"alism is a contradiction in terms, unless you reinterpret the words of Christ Himself here.

Good luck convincing the gay atheist rainbow mafia to convert to christianity

"I'd rather my daughter marry a godly nigger than some white atheist cuck"

I'm all for a Racially Aware Christianity, but it nowhere near resembles your idea. What you are proposing is suicidal. If whites become the minority, the entire game changes. (((They))) are not going to stop just because you come to them with flowers and rainbows; they want you dead, your children raped and dead, and your family dog dead. Christians need to defend themselves or they will be wiped out.

The Racially Aware Christianity I propose is simple: White nations under a Christian God; none of this subculture shit you're espousing. Whites should and will remain as the dominant and, in fact, only culture in their countries, with Jews recognized as who they are: nation wreckers and the killers of Christ, being treated with the contempt that such a crime would warrant. In short, whites are brothers and they work together for the benefit of their community and their nation to please God; any attack on that from subversives or invaders are repelled.

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Christianity provides the ethical basis for a people who protect their family, extended family, and nation from nihilism, degeneracy, and invasion.

This is literal cucksthianity, anything but finding meaning in race.

Christfag "nationalism" is a self-contradiction, so what you end up with is either people choosing the real Nation, or choosing Christfaggotry.
After the White Nation Liberation War, Christianity will be completely removed from public life. The only churches that will be allowed to operate are those that assisted us during the our National Liberation War. Those that opposed us (which will be 99% of them) will be exterminated, those that did nothing will either be allowed to stay and practice their beliefs in private, or allowed to leave.

There is no plan B, most races go extinct, very few survive, far fewer still reemerge from mongrelizaiton.

No it can't, counter-example of South America. You think Whites can get by just forgetting about race? Just continuing on in their daily lives oblivious to the pouring in of "other Christians" because that is what the majority of Whites are doing right now, as well what Whites have been doing for more than a century and we are losing globally.

Race is real, and White Christians can try to use all the Old Testament arguments to show how Whites need to stay together but all it takes is either a traitor White or some mulatto fellow Christian to start reading them Galatians and the defense of White Separation falls apart, which has been what has been happening as literacy increased for Whites.

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Happy Fuhrer day.

Dignified Fuhrer Day

How could you be racist against your black, Mexican and Jewish brothers in YHWH? You know the pope is a member of the tribe? How could you be a nationalist? The premise is antisemetic to the core if I'm being completely honest…………..

Jesus himself would be ashamed of you.



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Using a form of form of heathenisn as White religion.

1. Its a religion native to Europe.
2. A small percentage of the movement is already racially aware, those that are not are wiccans or the new age and can be easily dismisged as unathentic.
3. Religion is still small and undefined, meaning we can mold and form it as we go.

Christianity on the other hand.

1. Middle Eastern.
2. 2 billion Christians, but so few are racialy aware that the cant even compete with heathens in that department.
3. Layers of dogmas and traditions, preventing anyone from looking at it with new eyes.

Christian Identity is unironically true.

It's pure LARP

Gas philosemitic filth.

This totally organic thread and the totally organic pagan threads are really improving discussion quality!

Good job!

Seriously though, who would've though Notre Dame would send them into this much of a frenzy? Someone is spooked by the effect of that fire

Good luck with the we wuz Israelites.

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Sounds like a lot of work

Why not just go with the religion that created the west, with 2 billion followers to choose from. Pick you favorite interpretation, set up a community and let people come.

Look at Orania for example. They are in the middle of Africa and can still create a white nationalist christian community. We can do the same anywhere.

You're really stretching the truth, aren't you? Stretching it past breaking point, lol. The West's foundations were built by Heathen Greeks and Romans, in reality.

we're converting to Hellenic?

Christcucks can't even maintain a unified culture in a single county of a single state. What you are speaking has absolutely zero grounds in logic. Truly shocking.

Well enjoy your pederasty.

Catholic priests beat us to the punch on that one. That's at least one way Catholicism preserves European heritage, but it's tainted by the Semitic essence of (((YHWH)))ism.

So Greek Orthodoxy?

Also, religious D&C is the single most effective tactic at shutting down discussions on Zig Forums, which is why it's so heavily supported by the current moderation. It won't bother me if you say 'Hail Odin' while I saw 'Deus vult' while we gun down all the niggers and kikes in Minecraft.

Hellenism = Zeus, not (((Yahweh)))

You're misinterpreting this verse. Paul didn't mean race doesn't exist, unless you think he also meant that gender doesn't exist. Which he obviously didn't because he elaborates in others parts of the NT the different roles of men and women

Fuck off, sperg.

Christianity is not compatible with nationalism. It's also not compatible with race (no matter how much you deluded Protestants try to stretch it to fit whatever beliefs you might hold, you are a bunch of liars and scoundrels, just like your Jewish messiah was)

This is the most cuckolded post I have read on Zig Forums in a while. Maybe you should give them your asshole so they become more tolerant of you, what a faggot lel. This is peak (((Christian))) thinking

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christian nationalism == popery

go back to mexico.

Everyone please see this for what it is. A decide and conquer thread to get non Christians riled up against christians.

stop projecting

not outside the US

Honestly, unless you're a mongrel with no roots to attach themselves to besides religion or a jew, there is no reason to base any nationalist movement around christianity. It's simply not needed.

Your post caused me to have a revelation.
You just blackpilled me man.

Gods damn you, Gods damn you and your Judaism.
We're all going to die, and not in some noble fashion - I was born just in time to watch as Rome falls, and see none of what will come after.
My entire existence, nothing more than the practical joke of some foul Semitic demon, to which a majority of my people who sold their souls and foreskins, to which my parents sold their souls and foreskins, and my foreskin, and probably soul in the religious bathwater, and now…. Now this.

You've made me so sad man.
You don't even understand, and all you'll be able to think or say is that you think I'm a jew or a shill or lacking social status or whatever shit you go with, all you'll be able to see me as is an Enemy to be overcome. You've made me so sad man.
I am sadder than Jesus on the cross as the consequence of your post. Why did you do this? Why are you like this? Why are you so philosemitic?

Why, Gods, why?
We're all going to die.

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Inorganic posting.

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Sorry, christcuck, but Christianity is fundamentally anti-NATIONALIST nya~

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Watching Muslim hate of Christianity should show you the infiltration of Muzzy scum in Full chan.

Fuck off back to your containment board. The blood in my vein connects me to my brothers and it's far more holy than your wine cups and kiked priesthood.

"I'm a Christian and want to fuck up nationalism"