Rise up hustlers, wikileaks password cracking time

Let's fire up your lateral thinking anons, remember: Assange is a book nerd

When Assange went dark, two seemingly unrelated things happened:

1. All the files on the server had their dates changed to 01-01-1984

2. He tweeted out 'Cross the Green Mountain by Bob Dylan

01-01-1984 seems like an innocuous reference to Nineteen-Eighty Four by George Orwell, but if you search "101 1984" you find it refers to page 101 where the main character is interrogated.

In the few following pages, the interrogator mentions the existence of a poem where censors couldn't replace the word God for lack of any possible rhymes, never stating which one.

3. This poem is known by Orwell fans to be M'Andrew's Hymn by Rudyard Kipling.

Back to 2: Looking into the meaning of 'Cross the Green Mountain by Bob Dylan, it seems to be just a random song but Green Mountain is the mountain that gives name to the state of Vermont (from French "Vert-Mont").

The most famous senator of Vermont is none other than Bernie Sanders, whose primary was shown to be deliberately sabotaged by the DNC leaks.
Could just be a playful reference?

Except there's a coincidence here leading back to 3:

The author of the seafarer's poem M'Andrew's Hymn mentioned in page 101 of 1984, Rudyard Kipling, actually lived in Vermont.

While in Vermont, he built a house shaped like a ship, and he named it Naulakha (also written Naulahka), after the legendary and priceless jewel referenced in his eponymous poem, that disappeared with Nana Sahib after he massacred the British.

You can find the poem in the link below:

4. So could it be that this legendary, priceless jewel, the key to the encrypted files, is none other than Naulakha (or Naulahka), the word or a section of the poem?

Do fiddle around and try this password, combinations of the verses or related terms in the encrypted files if you've got them from 2016.

Spread whatever you find, there's safety in numbers.

See you all in the next life, rikki-tikki-tavi!

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Reference to the page number is no good, because the book has been printed in many different versions, so unless there's a photo of his bookshelf that shows which version he's got, we can't know.

As for 101, it's the name of the room in which the character is interrogated. The green mountain song is about the world falling to lies and depravity, but the singer says that their only comfort is that he was virtuous, and the value of truth and virtue cannot be changed by the hands of men. Sounds like a defiant goodbye to me.

Guys like Assange use high-entropy alpha-numeric passwords which are randomly generated. I bet you my bank account that he didn't use a name. Names are for boomers and retards. Assange is neither and was in fact a mathematics major. Whatever he's using, YOU are not cracking it, mate.

Did you forget that Room 101 was the room in the Ministry of Love that had the prisoner's worst fears?


The accidently-leaked password to the insurance file for Cablegate was ACollectionOfDiplomaticHistorySince_1966_ToThe_PresentDay# right?

I meant to say "you realize that the…"

Assange is a security expert who is a public target. I doubt it's something like that.

How fast we lose our history….



Haha. "Do it to Julia(n)!"

Bumping because of Cablegate

Try the epitaph from the poem, seems like a resonant sentence:


What file are we trying to decrypt? Could the key not simply be 01-01-1984?

I use shit like SonsOfTheGodsXero1SonsOfTheGodsXero2 and you're not going to guess it. Don't think that having coding abilities limits your mental capacity to want to use something that "rhymes" as a password.

I halfway think this OP is CIA trying to crack Assange's devices.
Burn in hell feds.

Could just be the title of the book:

The Naulahka: A Story of West and East

Also found as:

The Naulahka: A Story of East and West

In form:




Both are 32 characters, 256 bit

I'm not CIA yet
Or am I?

These are the files

And especially this one:

Anyway some people have suggested these are no longer valid so use whatever files you downloaded before the shit just in case, and do it offline

The "insurance" file was always an obvious ruse. Even the CIA niggers figured that much out.

By all means go ahead, but when ends up as it just being a bunch of videos of him singing to his cat, think of this post.

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Hopefully someone can crack the files and upload them public ASAP.

It will happen, either sooner or later, but let's speed it up

i appreciate your speculation on the possible keys to the Wikileaks insurances, but there may be more than meets the eye going on.

back in 1997 on the cypherpunks email list, Assange posted his proof of concept implementation of the Rubberhose filesystem, which nests encrypted files in such a way to provide plausible deniability when the Glow Niggers have renditioned you and are waterboarding and rectally rehydrating you to coerce you to give them the encryption keys to your insurance file. the Rubberhose fs lets you create arbitrary many layers of encrypted files, so you can confess the outer layers to the CIANSAFBI faggot who is beating and raping you, and that faggot has no wsy of knowing whether you are telling the truth and showing them your complete insurance or whether you are lying and hiding the final layer which contains the Pizzagate videos of the elites and the congress and generals and judges and celebrities putting walnut sauce on the pasta and putting dominoes on the cheese pizza.



given that Assange has kept perfect secrecy about the insurances and has never mentioned them, nobody knows what to expect. Assange is a master hacker and a damn good programmer, so i would only expect the most elaborate and strict security from. him regarding the insurance passwords. i believe the passwords are not book ciphers nor plain language phrases, because NSA would easily brute force that which would negate the power of the insurances by knowing what is in them. the fog of war blackout is what makes the threat of the insurances like the Sword of Damocles hanging over the Deep State traitor's necks.

Julian's source code to his old Rubberhose filesystem, which he named Marutukku, after the ancient Babylonian god of protection, is mirrored here, so you can use it and/or contribute patches to update it for newer systems.


Assange's explanation of Marutukku


If the keys were ever actually released, someone would surely have encoded them into the block chain. All we would need to do is distribute the address of that key and anyone with a copy of the full block chain could grab it and decrypt the files. However, I haven't seen anyone post proof of the current torrent having matching hashes after the raid, so the actual source insurance files may have been altered to make this useless.


Has wikileaks released anything since assange's arrest? Lmao @ dead man's switch theory.

He was offline this whole time, but he surely knows the password

I will splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the wind was Vault 7's password.

Ok but is wikileaks releasing anything?

You cut off one head, two more shall take its place, hail Hydra

he was shouting the passphrase while he was being carted off to jail. go check the tapes.

"Hide my ass dildos"?

The UK must resist?

And why call it "101"? That refers to the first course you will take in a subject, your introduction to that line of study. And of course, when one is to begin doing anything in life, including being a hero, one should first "know theyself". That is why it contains one's worst fears. It is an introduction to the core of one's own self.


Ok so WHY?
why be a clever lil faggot why not just say it all so all this self aggrandizement via word wizardry is not needed.
"Hillary killed web hubble to blah blah blah… Vince fosters home security video is in a safety deposit box in Luxembourg…."

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Ray Charles is pretty good, whether he's God at least merits a discussion

What's the value of information if everybody has it?

try CoughingFitPantsOfShit

It's about freedom, Schlomo. Not so you can make money selling the data.

The dead hands I have set up had variable schedules ranging from several weeks to several years.

I watched that video clip and found this

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CAPtW.R.JETTER13th{can't make out the rest&there might be another dot after R}BornMay25.1834Andfellindefence

or, depending on the dot

8[LL_(IiN+0n _iz_@n_/\li3n

Leafs know what Bill 101 was.

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This is like the Cannonball Run of decryption with every agency worldwide participating.


I miss Tim May. :(

This, BTW. Veracrypt and Truecrypt also have a "panic limited hangout" option in their programs.

There also the esoteric nature of 11 (zero being null).

Based chyperlibertarian man.



I also spot three underscores (under t, th and a)

I made a mistake (forgot to add 'Born')

__Letters from image from scene of Bob Dylan's 'Cross The Green Mountain'


Will this lead anywhere?

If you seriously think someone from Wikileaks would use a crackable password based on stupid shit like song names and autsistic poetry, you are delusional. If you are able to crack anything it is likely to be a fake of whatever it is you are really trying to find.

My passwords look like this, for example:


I think so too. Lots wasted time on this WL insurance cracking thread (650 replies right now): 8ch.net/qresearch/res/1722872.html#6174837

Also the point of an insurance file is for Julian Assange. Seems to me that if we were to crack the password his life would be in greater danger.

why not 'coffee'?

How did you guess?

Seriously, take a look at this retarded nonsense: >>>/qresearch/6193360

No, it would make no difference

reddit/10 post
lurk like you were told to nigger

looking for this?
Capt William Ryland Jeter
Birth 25 May 1834
Death 26 Oct 1862 (aged 28)
Culpeper, Culpeper County, Virginia, USA
Hollywood Cemetery
Richmond, Richmond City, Virginia, USA

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You're seeing double, so see an optician.

Need to know vics make, model, and approx year if you can.

ITT: Feds try to trick user into helping crack some unrelated person's password by utilizing the resourcefulness of this particular group

There is no reason why Assange would have used anything less than random characters with the maximum allowable length under AES256 (32 chars.) That is of course, IF he really used AES256. AES256 is how the insurance files are labeled, but other algos such as Twofish would have allowed a 64-byte (512 bit) key. In theory, AES256 is plenty secure in its own right, but the object is not to crack it if you're the government. Granted, they likely have attempted it, but I think the whole object for them has been to prevent the release of the keys.

The fact the keys have not been released yet indicates one of two things. Either, A.) Assange's instructions to his allies were to release the keys only in the event of his death or B.) A TAO was convened in order to assess which individuals possessed the keys and erase them surreptitiously from their drives along with any backups. If B., then the mission must have been successful since of course we haven't seen the keys.

If you're the government, yes, it would be nice to know what is and isn't in the insurance files, but it the main objective. Another possibility is that the insurance files are not real and he never had any secrets beyond the cables he already published.

It isn't the main objective*


If the keys are something easy to remember or broadcast or publicize to the media it would be so much more effective than if they're just random characters

Of course if Assange is going down anyway he might as well drop the bomb

Could it be the three numbers on assanges head?


Or the length of his penis

Password is - smear_shit_on_walls

You can keep repeating this, but it's been established that he has used ACollectionOfDiplomaticHistorySince_1966_ToThe_PresentDay#
and SplinterItIntoAThousandPiecesAndScatterItIntoTheWinds

Assange is the antichrist

Christ was a kike.


lol epic

Hail Satan, kill (((Jesus)))!

checkin them trips

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why was the purp thread deleted?

you forgot to add hashtag #QAnon

thx PsyOp trying to make people schizophrenic

Not going to do your job for you NSA. Fuck off cunts.

Assange is a psyop.
The "tweeting sekrit codes" is just Cicada bullshit used to tap into the "wow so creepy" meme that seems to have infected all millennials.
They feel like they're a favourite character from CSI as they work through a chain of puzzles or pop culture references left for them to find. A game for an adult mind stuck in perpetual childhood.
If Assange wanted to get a message out over twitter, why not just write what he wants people to do?
Haha, fucking nonsense.
There's nothing to find. Assange is a state actor. If the Brits wanted him out of the embassy they could have had him out whenever they pleased.

The only logical reason he'd hold onto this as he was arrested is that it is a clue as to what the password is

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the password isn't something like HistoryOfTheNationalSecurityState1984 or something??

Probably, or he had something in the book

Also lol at the ABC fags saying "oh my god Assange would never use a book reference as a password it must be an unbreakable random sequence of characters" well he did before so why wouldn't he

Which thread got deleted?

What about insurance files A, B, and C?

Are they no longer valid?



Notorious Shahid Andy Breitbart


Bumpty bump bump

32 characters

Try it lol


Yeah I suppose the smartest way to break it is to take a dictionary and let every word and character stand in as one of the elements in a permutation, in which case it would be safe to assume most hostile states already have the information contained in the files, if the master password is indeed a regular English sentence and not a random sequence of characters

If this is the case, then the reason none of it has been released yet is because there is either non-acknowledgment or some kind of pact and/or unidirectional/bidirectional blackmail going on between them, putting both agents in a situation where the attainment of that information by any third agents must be prevented, because one needs that information secret and the other needs that information secret to maintain leverage over the other

This also means if the primary source of the leak is a non-state agent it must engage a hostile state to prevent such information leaking, which is potentially treason

Perhaps it's not even necessary to release the files which would deal a great amount of collateral damage to the state affected but only to prove treasonous contact between the non-state agent and the hostile state to prevent the leaks

Thus none of the information goes public, and the non-state agent is punished just the same by the state affected

I wonder if this is Trump's spiel

Of course there are even more serious consequences if the non-state agent were acting with collaboration from a foreign state lol

Trump obviously won't drop the MOAB for all these reasons so it's up to independent agents to make sure the bomb is delivered, against all national interests