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Basic logic would suggest that these were perpetrated by mudslimes who sought to take advantage of SL's shitty security apparatus to target Westerners.

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Who fucking cares. Sage and report.

Westerners who are spending their money in a foreign country. Real big loss here.

Checked but Westerners spending money in foreign countries is not a problem. Let's be real, Western nations (if you want to say G7 or G8 or G20 or whatever the fuck it is) set the tone for what is and is not civilized. It's an obvious cabal and we're all pawns being moved from point A to point B to maximize somebody else's returns. Suicide – like, right NOW – is the ONLY escape from this collapsed permutation.

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10% Muslim

I'd say it's part of whatever movement there is to attack Christian churches. Maybe in response to Christchurch massacre.

It makes Notre Dame seem like less of an accident.

This. Glad to see most here are still on the ball and not retards.

Today I Learned:
Sri Lanka has a Katana Province.

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It is a big problem. These kinds of people who are infatuated with going to all of these brown shit holes are the same cosmopolitans who import them here.

The three churches aren't very old and the church bombings were in concert with the bombing of two 5-star hotels which would be patronised almost exclusively by foreigners.
It's a long established tactic of the mudslimes to bomb tourist hotspots in place with porous security. Egypt and Indonesia are examples that spring to mind.

Like Brenton Tarrant who visited Pakistan and NoKo?
You are a faggot and wanting to visit old colonial territories does not render a European persons life worthless.

Kys purity spiralling faggot.

westerners visiting nig lanka deserve to be blasted tbh

That's a good point, but if the tourists at the hotels were Europeans, it would seem to tie in. We any not see Christianity as a Western religion, but the Muslims will.

They threw away their ethnic religion for many universal faiths and they wonder why the universalists fight each other in the streets.

Could be the Buddhists, hope not though, please let it be mussies!

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Nothing to see here goyim
Get a load of this IP hopping faggot.

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The hilarious part is note the left's and media's double standard between this and NZ. It's pretty obvious, but you'll notice that:

1. Leftists won't call for the removal of the content that radicalized the terrorists.
2. They won't hold a dumb nationwide conference over the threat of Islamic terrorism, they'll just shrug and say "not all".
3. They don't organize to attack peaceful muslims, yet they will attack peaceful right-wingers who advocate for their cause on campus.
4. Leftists will permit Islamic criminals/terrorists to immigrate, but will prevent the immigration of identitarians who cite the existence of a white demographic decline.

Anyone with a brain can see that they don't care about people being violent from ideologies at all, they just use it as an excuse to hinder their political opposition. They'll likely retort that it's not a threat to them since it occurred overseas, but NZ was an overseas terrorist attack as well.

The only people who care about "double standards" are whiny conservatives who have made it clear they aren't going to fight.

Better than being a stupid leftist like you. Do you ever look at the mirror and wonder if you have any form of self-awareness?

160 dead!

Conservatives are cuckolds, user. This board is for nationalists, reactionaries and fascists.

You mean jews, so the christian goyim would continue attacking muslim countries.

You'd have to be really low IQ person to be a leftist at this point. I wish they would admit it and say that they don't care about the violence committed by the people who vote for them.

The Left vs. Right divide is perpetrated by Jews. Do you not get the whole Divide & Conquer thing yet? Right, Brontan Tourant wrote a bunch of 4chan-tier memes on a rifle and killed a bunch of (((innocent))) Muslims. White men even badder than before, right? How fucking 19 years old are you?


is this the shitskin version of "mossad did it"?

Why am I not surprised?

Not only Westerners but non-mudshit Sri Lankans too probably. They do the same over in India constantly.


Tence around colombo

10% too high. Get on it Sri Lanka.

Any updates on who did this?

400 injuries reported

Just saw on the news that 2/3 church bombing were apparantly suicide bombings. More to come.

See Lanka? Mudshits, obviously.

Wtf CNN doing


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Social media block will coming soon!

Good, hopefully, they fed the bodies to crocodiles.

Actually to many bodies for crocodiles…maybe just use them to feed the North Koreans?

{{{Who}}} would do such a thing?

Bill Cosby

Picture from one of the churches?

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Obviously Sand Niggers, who else does suicide bombings?

Happy Easter!!!

mfw we're actually going to get a global holy war

Maybe I'll stash my rifle in the trunk before heading out to my dad's in the morning.

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Terrorists supported by iranians revolutionary guards are doing all these attacks on churches around the world.
Trump should take a stern action on iran

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You're a literal fucking retard. This is how we make the world hate Islam. Neck yourself your as useful to the white race as someone without arms.

Two suspects already caught are slimes. Additionally, there are very few Western deaths compared to the large number of Sri Lankans.

But we can use this to gain the help of the Asians for the white cause. We need memes now!

blasts carried out on order of isi backed isis. cnnnews18 source

The suicide bombers has been identified as Zahran Hashim and Abu Mohammed.

Begin circulating and posting memes.

*Goat Fucker 1 and Goat Fucker 2

Face of #SriLankaTerrorAttack revealed on CNN-News18. Zahran Hashim suicide bomber behind the attack at Shangri La Hotel. According to top Intel sources, Hashim wanted to attack Indian High Commission in Colombo on April 4. | @Zakka_Jacob with more details

Nice Easter

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2.15: 7th Blast reported in #Dehiwala, in close proximity to the zoo, according to the #Kalubowila

Islam Kills

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#SriLanka the eighth explosion occurred in the Dematagoda area of Colombo City

#SriLanka on the ongoing explosion of the entire island, the decision of the curfew was taken

there we go

I never liked how news companies handled happenings. It was the same way for the fire; live updates of every death, explosion, or collapse to provide a few hours of entertainment for world. The day after, no one will care enough to even look at a condensed summary.

no one cares



This only proves Tarrant did nothing wrong

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I have no regrets.

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accept that I fucked it up.

Iran will have to pay for this treachery. MAGA

Mossad bomber ITT
oh shit.jpg

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why would they bomb a bunch of buddhists on easter?

specifically this cunt

for Allah

What can I say? some men just want to watch the world burn.

Good summary.

Funny you should ask.

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Abrahamism claims more victims.

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There was only one Abrahamic religion - Christianity.
Islam is a 7th century cult bank rolled by the Pope through Mohammed's ex-nun first wife to make a proxy army to retake Jerusalem. This Al-Qaeda 1.0 took Jerusalem and didn't give it back to the Pope which pissed him off to send mercenaries down there to get it back in the foregin crusades. Islam markets itself as an updated Abrahamic religion.
Judaism is an 8th century cult of Ashkenazi who group converted to a dead religion of scribes and pharisees and brought their satanic practices with them (Kabballah, Gematria, Blood libel, etc) it markets itself as original Abrahamic religion.

I know taht people weren't white, but they were Christians

They took a gamble that by becoming Christians, they had a better chance of immigrating to the west

These are brave souls in that anti-Christians environment


Americans, British and Dutch citizens were among dozens of foreigners killed.

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there a are a lot more peaceful muslims than peaceful right-wingers(aka white nats)

And Islam is a very major religion

NTJ [National Thowheeth Jama'ath]

Sri Lankan police chief warned about possible bombings 10 days before Easter attacks
They dont give a shit

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Now this is high IQ. I should know I'm pretty smart myself.

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The people of the middle east are glorified chimpanzees suffering from autism due to years of widespread Inbreeding.

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And now it has been done. Will we see an international outpouring of grief and solidarity with Christians? Of course not

Militant jihad is about burning and blowing up churches during holy week. VERBAL jihad is dissembling and disinforming about jihad the way lebel does in this forum. It is the same motive of hatred directed by Muslims against kafirs, but different methods of applying this hatred commanded by Allah.

Jihad’s motive can only be understood if you know the doctrine of Al Walaa wal Baraa. Then it all becomes crystal clear. Allah hates kafirs because they are ‘wrong-worshipers’ and he commands Muslims to hate them too … and show them hostility.

-Imam Abdul-Latif ibn Abdur-Rahman Rahimullah said, “It is not possible for someone to realize Tawheed (Islamic faith) and act upon it, and yet not be HOSTILE against the mushrikeen (i.e. wrong worshippers). So anyone who isn’t HOSTILE against the mushrikeen, then it cannot be said that he acts upon Tawheed nor that he realizes it.” [ad-Durar as-Saniyyah 8/167]


Arabic term (from the root K-F-R "to cover") meaning "infidel"[1], "rejector"[2], "disbeliever", "unbeliever", "nonbeliever". The term[3] refers to a person who rejects or disbelieves in God or the tenets of Islam,[4][5] denying the dominion and authority of God, and is thus often translated as "infidel".[6] The term is used in different ways in the Quran, with the most fundamental sense being "ingratitude" (toward God).[7][8] Historically, while Islamic scholars agreed that a polytheist is a kafir, they sometimes disagreed on the propriety of applying the term to Muslims who committed a grave sin and to the People of the Book.[8][7] In modern times, kafir is sometimes used as a derogatory term,[9][3][10] particularly by members of Islamist movements.[11] Unbelief is called kufr. Kafir is sometimes used interchangeably with mushrik (, those who commit polytheism), another type of religious wrongdoer mentioned frequently in the Quran and other Islamic works.[12] The act of declaring another self-professed Muslim a kafir is known as takfir,[13]


So, govt or mossad?


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loool 138 million love trump

Let's be honest.
Just as everything written in Latin sounds profound, anything written in Arabic sounds terroristic (thanks jews).
What is actually known about this group?

138 million is a lot

I am #SriLanka
I am Pulwama
I am Charlie
I am Paris
I am Orlando
I am Brussels
I am Nice
I am Munich
I am Berlin
I am Barcelona
I am Columbo
I am London
I am Norway
I am Manchester
I am Kabul
I am Uri
I am Mumbai
I am Madrid
I am New York
I am Ankara
I am Pune

I am Exhausted

Ah, I see the problem.
Seems they protest Israel genocide of Palestinians quite often.

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Im no fan of kikes, but they do the world a big favor by keeping those palestinian rats in their place, and occasionally raining down airstrikes on them.

our greatest allies, go back to Reddit you dick licker

Fuck off you kike loving cuck, the reason im here is because theres to many wannabe history majors like your dumbass on reddit.