Translation of Evola's Letter to Ernst Junger

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Below the line is a copy-paste of the translation. Enjoy!!!

Julius Evola

Rome, 17/6/53

Dear sir,

My name should be known to you because not long ago I received a copy of "Heliopolis" from Dr. Mohler – and also because in the Reich we had many common acquaintances, eg., prof. C. Schmitt and the baron von Gleichen. For some time I have been following your activity with particular interest, often having the opportunity to refer back to your writings. Of these, I am especially close to those of the first period, let's say up to the "On the Marble Cliffs". And it is in this context that I allow myself to address you. I think I can prepare an Italian translation of "The Worker". Because of the analogy of the first with the second post-war period, the problem presented in that book is, in my opinion, up-to-date. On the other hand, the solutions, which were believed to be found in the Reich and in Italy between the two world wars, were mostly pseudo-solutions, surrogates, and short-term demonstrations. I believe that today the book could exercise, again, an effect of "awakening". Now, we have to contend with an obstacle because I do not have the book mentioned and it is very difficult to obtain it. And Dr. Mohler wrote to me explaining that even you only have one copy for your archive. But perhaps it is possible for you to find someone in your circle of acquaintances who can sell or lend the book, with the formal and personal assurance of its return after translation? And furthermore: who should you turn to for translation rights? Excuse me for this advance, which, however, has given me the opportunity to have the honor of contacting you.

Yours faithfully,
J. Evola

J. Evola
Corso Vittorio Emanuele 197

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Bonus: a pic of the apartment in which Evola wrote the letter.

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Just fixed a small error. Updated.

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You should read "On the Marble Cliffs" (and "Storm of Steel") if you haven't.
Please dump Jünger torrent.

Sometimes, there are good things on Zig Forums. Was the original letter written in German? If so, could you post/link to it?

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Hi, yes it was as Junger did not speak Italian (as far as I can tell). The letter can be found in Julius Evola's translation of The Worker. I don't have the link on hand as I translated letter ages ago (rough draft). If you want it, get on an Italian VPN and search for the Italian title with the keyword 'PDF' thrown. It's pretty easy to find.

Back on Italian VPN. Thought I'd save you the trouble:

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Damn. Wrong letter. That is the Italian translation of it. The original was in German and is a photo of the letter. Oh well, it still proves that I'm not LARPing.

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Thanks. I'd appreciate more of this author.

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Letters are really interesting. Thanks OP.

Does Zig Forums have any of these three books?


Unfortunately, less than half of his books have been translated to English. (More have been translated to French). I read all I could find via interlibrary loan, but it was only 10–15. I posted "Storm of Steel" on >>>/pdfs/ a while ago, but can't find it right now.

"On Pain"

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This thread deserves a bump with a near complete bibliography of Ernst Junger's works in a wide variety of formats and languages. Here's a preview of the contents.!pYMxWaYC!dpbmojA2C-T-ygjkftXIobQ7NhytagKg5EjFNLGRFlk

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I don't know where you found this but thank you user. I'm a huge Evola fan. I had been skeptical of Juenger due to his refusal to accept NSDAP political party positions, but if Evola respected him….then I maybe I should too.

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That book is an attack on NS, and Junger was in contact with those who tried to off Hitler in 44.

Read Evola's notes on Junger in Path of Cinnabar. Junger became a soft writer who just wanted to be an "Anarch," which was just a glorified way of saying wagecuck and then go home and jerk off.

Thank you user, I hadn't seen this book

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What type of connections were those?

Have you read it or just reviews/summaries?
I took it as more of an allegory for defensive war: the brothers are content with an isolated life of botanical study until their home is invaded and they reluctantly take up arms to repel the invaders.

I haven't read any Evola (downloading the mega >>>/pdfs/1122 now) and will read "Path of Cinnabar" first, but I loved "Storm of Steel" so much that I'm inclined to respect the opinion of a man who received however many Iron Cross First Class and was double-wounded a dozen+ times.

From what I understand, Jünger was such a universally respected hero that no one begrudged him for rejecting the NSDAP. Do you know of/have any of his writing that lay out his reasoning? I'm obviously skeptical of wikipedia and other (((sources))).

Are you basing this on any particular writings of his? I know he corresponded with Huxley and Sartre (both suspect imo), but the thoughts of a man with his experience ought to at least be considered.

I really can't recommend "Storm of Steel" enough and I implore everyone to judge Jünger by his own words and experiences.

"Storm of Steel" pdf here

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