Monarch eTNS System

Monarch eTNS System
by NeuroSigma

>Neurosigma is a monotypic butterfly genus in the family Nymphalidae.
>The device delivers the low-level electrical stimulation to the branches of the trigeminal nerve, sending (((therapeutic signals))) to the parts of the brain thought to be involved in ADHD.

How does it work?

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Peer-Reviewed Publications on eTNS (Arranged by Year)

"An Overview of Trigeminal Nerve Stimulation: Basic Science, Clinical Results and Future Directions"

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These people want to destroy our children's brains…

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Children with (((ADD, ADHD))) or any of that other bullshit cannot be controlled in the psychological context of jewish subversion. Kids with those "disorders" refuse to listen to bullshit and reject typical jewish programming techniques. That's why the jew is constantly trying to control (((ADD/ADHD))) when the condition isn't actually real.

I should know, I had "ADHD" growing up and I didn't fall for the bullshit. I'm assuming a lot of you had some "disorder" and were also medicated to attempt to control and tranquilize you.

>Oy, goyim: your son is resisting his (((programming))).

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Yeah, so instead of medications, they're reverting back to the oldie, but still a goodie, electroshock therapy. That's what it is, a more acute or selective form of electroshock.

maybe teachers do need cattle prods

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This, I believe most of us had mild ADD as kids, it's usually a sign of intelligent children.

>ooops we (((fixed))) your natural defense mecha…I mean evil capability for racism

Fuck that I'm keeping my dexamp

This turns the goy into an NPC

Is no one mentioning this because it's so obvious?
The absolute chutzpah.

or MK'd assassin

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And wouldn't you know it, (((Robert Spitzer))) was the one that "discovered" ADHD to begin with.





>(((therapeutic signals)))
(((Memes XD)))
Seriously though ECT is one of the few treatments that actually work that's why it's banned in most the US.




To the un-initiated, it's just another harmless medical procedure. Nothing to see here.
I thank God every day for discovering this website. I have no idea where the fuck I'd be without it.

The only reason medications cause issues for certain people (either abuse or creation of lethargic tendencies or drug use escalation) is due to their lack of intelligence; any intelligent person (not many) who is "self-aware" will not have problems and can utilize medication as a tool (with any necessary stops or indulgence unaffecting the user - if properly practiced).



>for (((ADHD)))

What's wrong, user? Are you some kind of conspiracy theorist? This is a beneficial procedure for children with (((ADHD))). Don't believe it, huh? You think that the media's love of the all-seeing eye, owls, and monarch butterflies actually MEANS something? You must have (((Schizoid Personality Disorder))). Time to lock you up so you can see how beneficial this (((small procedure))) is.

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My intuition made me immediately think, “would this reduce appetite?”. I looked it up; apparently increases appetite. Didn’t look it up well.

You’re psychotic. I hope you someday experience joy again.

Also, schizoid means intensely introverted, you broken prideless imbecile. Care enough to be honest and you’ll be happy again.

want you broke, dead, your kids
raped and brainwashed, and they
think it's funny." -Sam Hyde

We'd much rather be introverted than part of your satanic pedo cabal, kike. Heil Hitler.

By work you mean putting a person a few steps above a thorazine zombie for a few weeks until natural neural function resumes. And if we keep doing it until your brain is cooked, oh well.

Kys kike.

its a spook thing, you wouldn't understand

No thanks Dr. Ho.

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Seriously, what is the difference between Uncle Ted and Mandela? Why can't we have a "Free Ted" campaign?

ECT isn't banned in the US retard

Thinking of that screen cap about the slow decline, and how "new" and "green" technology like sails on boats are rolled out on a cycle so they goyim won't know.

This is good for sleeping, mind you.

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Just a sec, there is a thing called deep brain stimulation to help severe epilepsy, but using cannabis works too.

Or is epilepsy another (((disease)))?

t. has had seizures from vidya

Necro whippits.

You should be electroshocked for this post.

Electroshock is an old scam that doesn't work, the only thing it does is make you a cognically deficiant vegetable, see mk ultra where they used it.

Post your MK ultra pics here, remember what the jew (((Sidney gottleib))) did to vulnerable and defenseless white people including children.

Further reminder that the psychopathic Jew sidney gottlieb was able to die in peace at the age of 80 in 1999 for his crimes against humanity. Vermin like that need to be hung.

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