Pedophilia Being Taught As “Sexual Orientation” in California


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I'm sleep deprived and fucked up bread plz no bully

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Brea Olinda

The slippery slope is a fallacy they said

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Pedophilia as far as I'm aware is a mental disorder which you have no control over right? It might not be controllable as in what you're attracted to but that doesn't make it an orientation as much as schizophrenia is just an emotion. Its not right to teach kids such things other than Stranger Danger, and It's not a sexual orientation and those who push it to teach to kids as something else deserve bullets.

God help us, burn the cities of my state. In their great sin they cry out for annihilation.

This can't be a surprise to anyone, can it?

We've warned about this for years.

The problem isn't so much that they want to push this: we know Jews are sexually deprived monsters. The problem is that they are in the position to actually push this on the population and that people feel powerless to stop it.


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the Catholic church would like a word

Trust me, that's already too old for pedophiles. Their age of attraction is everything below 12 years.

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Are we talking about marrying 14-16 year olds and having a family or some other kind of bullshit here? If you are against the former you must want the white race to die. You aren't bumping up the numbers by marrying and having one demented kid with 30year old hags.

Unfortunately the US is highly cucked, and even in states where the AOC is 16 a man can get in trouble for courting a teen if he's white and not a fucking nigger.

Isn't it though? I guess it all comes down to what you define as a sexual orientation. Age range is something I'd consider part of sexual orientation, as it is an important factor for most people.

That said, paedophilia is not "just" a sexual orientation. It's a physiological disorder that under no circumstances should be 'normalised'.

Okay, (((hebeheeb)))
For some reason the buttcrack is pissing me off more than the former two. It's niggerish and anathema to elegance, almost worse than a man with a buttcrack. Disgusting.

ONE. MILLION. GOOD. MEN. AND. WOMEN. This is all we need to secede from this faggoty society and form a new one.

The idea is that they introduce the normalization of it to the next generation of young adults or soon to be 18+.

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The problem is not the normalization of sex, sex is natural, specially for the pubescent. What's problematic here is teaching sex out of wedlock, not your fucking spook of "pedophilia", which shitskins don't even listen to if you ever take a look at the rate for teen pregnancies for shitskins. That's not to say pedophile rings are not real, just that in the scope of this topic, it's a fucking non-issue all together.

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That has gone without saying since the 1980s.

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Why isn't this being spammed to every churchgroup in the usa?

Why aren't these people being shot?

The beaners and niggers still there will suck cut dick on Epstein island. What's the problem? I hate them all.

the cuck bitching and whining

the chad SA

I remember when they were whining about those LGBTP memes
Well, turns out Zig Forums was right again, who could have guessed

The only solution is mass executions

Of course its a sexual orientation. True pedophiles have no more control over it than you do over being a normal hetrosexual.

What they do have control over is their actions. The orientation is harmful and thus they can't act on that orientation without being criminals and scumbuckets but that doesn't change the fact their feelings are as natural as yours are.

Except, prior to femikike's intervention, relationships with teenagers was considered perfectly fine. Even Hitler's Germany had an "AOC" of 14. That makes this important though, are the classes talking about pre-pubescents or physically developed teenagers? Words have meanings.

There's nothing natural about being sexually attracted to a mate that is of non-reproductive age. Gas yourself yid.

This is exactly part of the psyop. They want to confuse the language in order to open the door to raping infants.


Finally, other non-brain dead retarded posters in this sea of shit.

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Why is my state so fucking gay

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All sexual deviants (whores, pedos, fags, trannies, cucks, fetishists) are the result of child abuse and/or porn exposure. This includes exposure to (((media))) which is absolutely riddled with degeneracy.

Porn is (((psychological warfare))). The purpose of porn is to rewire your instinct to reproduce into degenerate lust. It creates a society that abuses their bodies for dopamine hits. It make society addicted to deviancy. You stop caring about your people and the future, and your family. It causes people to develop an irrational attachment to defending abnormal and destructive behaviors, because it has been associated with the dopamine hits that they get from the porn they see.

Sex/porn/masturbation is the worst drug there is. It is all-consuming and DESTROYS those who are exposed to it. All higher pursuits are overshadowed by it. Why do anything else when it doesn't give as big of a dopamine hit?

Every time you masturbate to pornography you are receiving a dopamine reward (your brain thinks you're reproducing) that your brain then craves. Continuing to do this causes you to become numbed to the high, causing you to need ever-increasingly deviant and extreme material to get the same dopamine reward. This leads to further and further deviant fetishes over time. The slippery slope is real.

All faggots, 'asexuals', trannies, and pedophiles are completely controlled by porn. When 'normal' material no longer gives the same high they look for more extreme filth.
Unsurprisingly the porn industry is completely jewish run.

tl;dr: Sex is for the sole purpose of reproduction. Chasing after dopamine hits with (((porn))) leaves you as a porn-addicted tranny/fag/cuck/pedophile.


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Discerning between actual pedophiles and opportunistic, abusive individuals is something most people cannot do. In the true meaning of the word, a pedophile is not driven exclusively by a sexual attraction to children; if there's one at all. However, as you can see from sex crimes against children, the perpetrators are predominantly opportunistic predators and individuals who are clearly disturbed outsiders. They aren't interested in the -philia, the love of children. For whatever reason the offenders are maladjusted and so develop various perversions, including rationalizing the use of force to have intercourse with a much younger person who has less protection than someone their own age. So while it sits uncomfortably with most people, the chances of a genuine pedophile using their position as a buffet is even lower than the homosexual; because sexuality is not the dominant driving force, if at all. Look at the notorious child abusers and the majority have long histories of abnormal behavior targeting all age groups but preying on the weaker groups and having damaging encounters with older individuals. That doesn't make this so called pedophilia being taught in schools alright. Not by a long shot. We have to remember that the jew will use whatever terminology it wishes to legitimize its activities. Highly doubtful there are any jew pedophiles out there, because they are actually abusers. Foreskins, fornication, fellatio and feces.


No you need weapons that can defend you against ZOG…they will throw absolutely EVERYTHING they have at you.

But what about Human-Gnome relationships? Are those off limits? Gnomes are incapable of reproduction with humans and vice versa, but they still have compatible sexual organs and are probably able to fall in love on an intellectual and moral and aesthetic level. The only problem is that Gnomes are 3-3.5 ft tall when mature. What about real life "little people"? Reproduction not a good idea here, but can't they still "fall in love" with someone? I suppose only the purest and wisest minds control the way human or even non-human thoughts must careen through the strange world of matter.

THIS…when can we start?


Teen relationships aren't pedophilia you autist.

Male feminists crying greasy tears.

they're teaching about sex between men and boys. not teen relationships you fucktard. this is a pedo class, not sex education class


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Stupid Muslim propaganda.
Muzzies are stupid.
Get smart.


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I would say stab, but I'm even sure they would be worth the energy used to shank them, but it must be done, nonetheless.

These people using goddamned semantics to try to justify, rationalize, or otherwise candy-coat paedophilia to make it into something it plainly is not (to verbally change the commonly understood meaning of the word into something else so as to attempt reparation and amelioration of the character and social judgement of paedophiles) is absolutely sickening.

I was preyed upon when I was young, not even in my teens when it started. I was lucky to have most of it be done virtually, and not in person. It started when I was about 8.5 years old, and I discovered pornography. I was very intrigued by it, fascinated, even. I explored the online world of pornography as much as I could, and ended up seeing some extremely sick material and communicated with even sicker individuals. Using P2P software of the time, in the 90’s, I downloaded all sorts of porn, and was even exposed to the depravity of such things as bestiality, rape (not simulated rape, *real* recorded rape), as well as, ultimately, child porn. I was just a child myself, and rationalized it as being ok because I was just interested in girls my own age or a bit older - I knew on some level it was deeply wrong but I was not mentally developed enough to understand it fully and control my urges.

The girls I saw were very attractive; the male mind is ‘designed’ to seek fertility (and consequently youth), to find it highly sexually arousing. But I saw the most horrid things that I feel have scarred me forever, the coercion and force used in many of these videos (though not all) was very obvious, violence being not uncommon. It does become an addiction, especially when exposed so young.

Yes, hebephilia and paedophilia are different things, sure. Also, yes, the word paedophilia does literally mean ‘child-love’, and no one who truly ‘loves’ a child or children would sexually abuse them. But words have meanings - people generally understand that paedophiles are adults who are interested in sexually using/experiencing (even if the child seemingly “consents”, which I would not accept as true consent) children, specifically under the age of 13 (even 14). Pretending they don’t abuse these children because they are child “lovers” is just ridiculous, laughable even, if not for the subject. If you want to play that semantic game, make up a new word, because I feel thAt attempting to rehabilitate the word paedophile or paedophilia simply shows a lot about you and your specific proclivities and sexual interests.

I won’t keep telling my story much more, but just to speak on it very briefly so others can understands I will go on a bit:

I ended up addicted to porn in general, including child porn, while I was still just a child myself. I longed to stop but could not, likely because my prefrontal cortex was not yet developed, along with the rest of my brain. I ended up seeking out communities of paedophiles who all used the bullshit semantic arguments I’ve seen in this thread in order to rationalize their feelings and pretend that their attractions were normal or at least not wholly aberrant and wrong. These people abused me and attempted to groom me for their purposes, despite claiming their bear intentions, claiming to be “child *lovers*”, not abusers. I was lucky to never have to meet one of them in person.

However, I was abused IRL by several people, mainly three females, believe it or not, who took advantage of me through being told about me by people in the online paedophilia-community that I had interacted with online. These people told the three women, one in her twenties, and the other two middle-aged (with children my fucking age) about me and got them to produce and film pornographic videos of me with them, with us performing pretty much any degenerate activities you could imagine. I was 9-12 during this time, and being manipulated and used by three adult women as well as a large number of disgusting adult men getting off on videos of me with these women, amongst other things. They preyed on my vulnerability, especially my guilt over having watched such vile videos, and were able to manipulate me into feeling paedophilia was ok as long as you are not abusing children or acting on your violent/abusive fantasies… The same arguments I always see on her when paedophilia is brought up as a topic, which thoroughly disgusts me.

I can never under or undo what I have seen and done, and what I was forced into doing while still just a child (not just with the older women, but with children the same ages as me as well, as arranged and directed by those women). I am lucky to be free of that all, to have realized how fucked up it all was and managed to escape from it all.

None of these bullshit semantic arguments abound paedophilia being ok or not the problem and about paedophiles being somehow virtuous are going to hold water with me, no chance in hell…


iirc, that was for "consenting to marry the 20-something adult guy that her parents approved of"
this was not an AOC to become a whore, but to found a family
if they were moral

.22 pistol with a suppressor and subsonic rounds should fix this.

Tell us why it's wrong, faggot. Whether or not you're right is irrelevant if you're just gonna spout one word and leave. Argue your side, man!

not him but I strongly believe sex can also be used as a method of reinforcing the emotional and romantic bond you have with your spouse, due to the high intimacy of the act. Doing it for pleasure too often is obviously a bad idea since it desensitizes you but making love to your wife every few days does wonders for the relationship.

Grappling with degeneracy of this magnitude is more common than we'd like to admit. I don't don't even want to talk about what I was "in to" when I was a kid and had no filter. The difference between us and the rest of our peers is we've fought it off and won. It's going to be much, much worse for the zoomer generation.

Fuck off.

If their goal is to teach children about pedophilia then I hope they are teaching them it is an abnormal sexual orientation which has severe punishments if acted upon.
However, being that this is Califnoria we're talking about I imagine they are discussing how pedophiles are human too.

There are important distinctions that need to be made about pedophilia, and in my view there are likely two or even three types of pedophile. There is the heterosexual pedophile, who for some reason is sexually aroused by immature females, a blatant malfunction of the brain, the sadomasochist who preys upon children, and the homosexual pedophile who sees a child as nothing more than a sexual object. The latter being the most common as homosexuals receive nothing but sexual gratification out of their sexual orientation. Therefore children become a resource for them to exploit.

They said something about history?

in the oven you go you filthy kike


Of course not. Remember when they decriminalized child prostitution?

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I don't have the caps handy but a woman hits her peak of fertility from 14-24 and the kikes deliberately push that May-December dating is (((creepy))). In reality it's the Chad older man putting up with the kike's autistic screeching.

t. 46 and dates 20s

So obviously the solution is not having kids with someeone who isn't a hag and letting toddler rapists run free, playing into it.

This is how it starts.

Can confirm. I'm going to die an incel, I'm fairly confident that I no longer have any ability to pair bond with a woman.

zap zap

zap em, if that doesn't work, gas em. problem solved.

The rabbis that fuck boys in the ritual bath houses would like a word with you.

she can fuck off

cue the large pedo presence on this site. they cant help themselves but respond to every post critical of their degeneracy. all degens who overtly make their attraction to prepubescent children known through words or actions gets the stake and gasoline.

California is the epicenter of degeneracy.
Thanks to the critique of about everything.
These are the people who should be shot.

its mostly autists who argue over post pubescent but still underage not being morally wrong.

Zig Forums has always been pro-loli, wholesome wholesome loli.

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I'm sorry but what? why are Americans so retarded?

Let the Califodom fall already, a waste of land


You're a woman, and I'm sorry your uncle touched you, but I don't care if niggers and spics are raped in government schools. I want California nuked. I want a lot worse than rape for them all. Its too bad their kids will suffer, but that's going to be much more frequent as society breaks down on the count of the burden these mutts have placed on me and my family. To hell with them all.

This is dangerous. If LGBT become part of the norm, so can P (i.e. fucking pre-pubescent kids) with time, at least among faggots and liberals.

(((They))) will start with teenagers and then they move on to primary school kids (and finally to preschoolers), just like they did with LGBT brainwashing.

Holy shit it's so obvious now! My sexual orientation is gassing kikes. Why didn't we think of this sooner?

So… you speak in ebin maymays, have no family of your own despite being middle-aged, and you contribute to the ruination of young women who might otherwise find someone with whom to reproduce.

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The vast majority of child molestations are committed by relatives or family friends of the child. The man in a trenchcoat with a white-panel van abducting kids off the street is a strawman the politicians invented to get you to allow them to increase police power and surveillance and abandon your rights to privacy.

Don't be fooled.

Demonstrably false. All of those existed for thousands of years before pornography did.

Can someone find me where it includes pedophelia as an orientation in the 9th grade curriculum ?

I have found this

But it is not in there. Any help would be great

This shit every time. I'm so tired of people ignoring my arguments because "der its a fallacy der". You give an inch, they take a mile. That goes for anything in this world, and its especially true with degenerates.

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Bigotry isn’t just a stance. It’s a habit of thinking. I don’t want to judge too much on that - stances are more clearly displayed than habits - but the dishonesty of this place typically extends to the histrionic hyperfeelsy sources it uses.

Possibly salient

“It’s something that occurred in history, and so this is really important for us to include.”

In other words, the school is failing to suppress knowledge of a conservative-coded sin, and the tribe affiliated with the sin’s commission is lying about it.

You know, I was actually reared without this knowledge? I received good and respectful sexual education from my father, without any misinfo or taboo conducts, but the closest he ever got to mentioning pedophilia was the old “stranger danger” schtick. I didn’t connect that to anything about sex. I learned pedophilia was rightly taboo in a weird way. It sounds like California educators are sparing other people something that negatively affected my life. Why am I supposed to be up in arms?

Redpill time, slaves and slavettes: the people who suppress information about crimes aren’t friends of the light. Swallow that and wake up to what it really means when right-wingers corrupt and lie about attempts to keep information flowing.

Prudery promotes pedophilia powerfully!

Traditionalist acculturation puts up a great big wall against the “lies” that children tell about “upstanding members of the community”, leading to the development of a two-faced and frankly unproductive world. People who abuse the trust of others inflict atomization upon society.

I am starting to hate this state more and more.

This is good dumbass anons. The age of consent is fake.

DO NOT LISTEN TO ANY FAKE VICTIM. Fake pedephile victims have ruined society with thier bullshit.

You're the one who is disgruntled and playing semantics. You weren't forced to do shit you lying piece of trash.

Except they put the more degenerate homosexuality and transgender rubbish first. More like a slippery slope with a bump.

Their goal is to relentlessly attack and undermine masculinity. Without masculinity there are no real men. Nobody to lead the family. Nobody to stand up for decency. Nobody to raise a child properly and be a guard against the influence of the state.

"heterosexual" is the politically correct term for normal

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Someone should call the police

Even if they treated pedophilia as a sexual orientation it still wouldn't be appropriate to hire them for a role working with children.

Remember, this only ends when we kill them all.

I'm pro-loli. I'm pro leaving them alone until they're 22 and then marrying them.