So I made a parody of the Intro to Legend of Zelda about (((them)))

Check it out anons and stay tuned for the whole video coming soon.

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fucking embed link
i suck

Pretty based.

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Looking good.
I myself have been thinking of programming an NES-style game, based on the Turner Diaries. I imagine something along the lines of Bayou Billy; several different modes, each corresponding to various events in the book. Beatem up levels, driving levels, etc.

Gotta be better than Angry Goy though

you should have changed the music to hava nagila


What is "hava nagila"?

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Ganon is a jew

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hey man awhile back i saw a infograph about zelda that had the germanic sword comparison with the master sword and some other stuff in it but my hard drive took a dump and i lost the picture, if you anons have it please post it k thx

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It looked promising but then …

kys. Arabs are the same shit as kikes and belong in the oven.

No need to make it more explicit that it is.

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We can use the poor oppressed sandniggers as propaganda to convince leftists to hate kikes though.

Oh yes, it's the "zionist" jews and "globalists" bankers at fault… not all jews, period. But whatever, I guess you can't administer the entire batch of redpills at once…

It's more than that. A lot of people (especially aut-righters) don't realize is that the kikes will do everything they're doing to the Palestinians to us as soon as they can get away with it. It's better we fight the battle now, on the side of Arabs who are literally fighting and dying to stay in the Middle East (and out of our nations) than to wait until they're using white phosphorus on White children.

Everyone should see "Palestinian" as a code word for "goy", the same way words like "heathen" and "cuthean" are used in the Talmud. It applies to all of us. They want us all either dead or mongrelized and enslaved to their noahide laws.

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Good Job OP.
As others have stated, the Developer's original intention was that the games were to take place in an overtly christian mythology. But nintendo are a bunch of godless hacks, so they came up with all that triforce goddess mall wicca shit instead.

You will also note his evolution throughout the series from stoic christian boy to crossdressing twink. Pure coincidence I'm sure.

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Look at all the christcuck lies ITT

Link is an aryan warrior fighting against the jew for the sake of hyrule and the gods.

Filthy christcuck and their fucking cultural appropriation for their lies

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Yeah, we know.

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Yeah, sounds like something a godless hack would do.

Cool, now switch IPs and call yourself a LARPagan.

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Shut up, you demonic sinful Aryan beast. Lord God smite these sinners today, then burn as many disgusting Australian dogs alive as you can tomorrow.

Lord God obviously don't give a fuck about Earth anymore.

Hey, remember when Brenton Tarrant shot that muslim girl in the head as she was crying for help? Funny stuff.

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going to put some work in on the full video today
going to try hard not to make it shit

good job OP try also making Uncle Fester look like Le Merchant
Muh favorite Nes game hard never could get passed Frogs 😁

Wait hole up he looks like the Australian Shooter

hah! it was one of my favorites too, I got through it several times

You fucking Ilhan Omar fanboys never stop.

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The Jews are the good guys. This game is nothing but lies.

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Behold, the weakest of bait.

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I often use the analogy that Americans are like Palestinians but our minds are conquered rather than physically. Works sometimes if the person isn't a retard.

And great video, OP.

shes the only unzoged member of congress atm. it's sad.

iinhabited by arabs for 1000s of years?
Palestine comes from the word philistine.
arabs only entered after Muhammad,

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Does his game really say that.???
I smell a Muzzy.


This was my only gripe too, Palestine is Roman clay, other than that it's pretty good

It's used for comedy user, lighten up. Japan recognizes that crossdressing is not normal and where it appears in their media it's used for laughs. This couldn't be any farther from how western media portrays it.

Gannon looks like a jew.

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Just to note: this is completely uninspiring. This music would not make a good backdrop for a tale of a hero's journey. It fits right in with a sneaky pickpocket trying his skills against the populace.

Another gay, effeminate, manchild, video game-obsessed FagOps project from (((them))), of which OP is surely one of.

yeah sure kike

Just in Aryan boy learns how to travel through time to defeat the jew and Japanese retain their based status

Why try to convince all the family men to go to war when the young lads will volunteer to crush the jew menace

It was even funnier when our young girls got on camera to laugh about.

Thanks for admitting you know fuck all about the IP. In the original Japanese, the "Magic Book" in the original game was called "Bible". The places you went to rest weren't inns, they had actual Christian crosses. They were churches.

The original Gerudo symbol was the Muslim crescent moon and star, and they had to change it after the usual goatfucker outrage. The music in the OoT fire temple featured the Muslim call to prayer, and had to be changed too.

Zelda is borderline explicitly a fantasy retelling of repelling the Muslim invasions, which makes them a Japanese fantasy perspective on the Crusades.

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or, y'know, commentary on the actual shitstorm immediately to the south of them in the Philippines.

OP, you a bisexual

How do I clown on stupid?

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And nobody to analyze Final Fantasy VII

Jenova? More like Jewnova!
It's clear that the Ancients are an analogy for Europeans, and the nature of the "crisis from the skies" that destroyed them is clear as well: it goes from planet to planet, destroying civilizations and sucking the worlds dry until there's nothing left.

Jenova is a portmanteau of Jehova and Nova, meaning "New God".

I don't have to tell you what Sephiroth is, if you're even vaguely aware of Jewish mysticism.

You mean the game that displayed the higher Angels betraying God and destroying humanity by murdering the most beautiful woman alive?

Please do this

Sephiroth, alongside a few other humans, is created from the cells of Jenova, a shape-shifting entity (blends within another population to destroy it from within). It seems the point was to recreate a Cetra, a very spiritual human being, but it obviously didn't go the way it was planned. Instead, it only resulted into producing a being that was a walking time-bomb, which turned insane and went mad, lusting for power. In other words, pseudo-spirituality or wicked spirituality existing solely for very materialistic benefits.
The hierarchy maintained between Sephiroth and the apparently feminine yet slightly gender-fluid creature Jenova was matriarchal. He saw her as a Mother (would feminists go as far as feminize YHWH?). The presence of Jenova cells within Sephiroth prevented him from completely dissolving into the Lifestream of Gaea (the planet in the game), so acting as a parasite, he hijacked it and actually controlled the remnant of Jenova which had been lingering in a weakened state since its defeat by the Cetra, a long time ago.
In the distant past, Jenova crashed on Gaea at the North Pole, which in turn triggered a chain of events dooming the Cetran civilization.
Finally, Midgard is a place that is become poisonous to life and bound to be destroyed by Meteor.
It's surprising how one can find a correlation of sorts between this plot and the destruction of Atlantis, likely triggered at the very least by an initial main impact in Northern Greenland. Then, pushing ourselves to current times, we find ourselves entrapped in a place with a real industrial pollution issue, but with most money spent on more cold machines and deadly weapons instead of finding a way to prevent threatening stones from falling on Earth. The planet burning because of a meteoric impact is a plausible outcome if we're not careful enough, and would fit with the Abrahamic's eschatological obsession for a final judgement through fire. Meanwhile, the corrupt elite would find refuge inside the planet.
Going esautistic here, I wonder if upper-tier Jews could produce an egregore to actually summon that kind of destruction falling from the skies? We're all shitting our pants because of nukes and the Samson Option gone wild, but if they were banking on a big rock instead?

What drug charges? I never had any.

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Lol. We should meme this harder. The screeching of the soys when we ruin their beloved Nintendo game will be glorious.

Turner Diaries video game sounds amazing.

Maybe but he's still right about Link becoming a twink, and Nintendo being kiked.

Fuckin ace m8

I loved this game! Definitely one of the more difficult ones.

In contrast one of the easiest games I ever played was Duck Tales. Scrooge McDuck was pretty jewy.


We like to stereotype them as the whinging eternal victim but they just use whatever guise is easiest.

I don't doubt that they'd bomb our schools/hospitals/churches indiscriminately if they thought they wouldn't get pogrom'd right after.

Despite the constant lies and browbeating we're still a bad day away from a pogrom. They know it. Instead of trying to be better they just double down and swindle. It's a truly alien mindset. They would've just been accepted and okay in Europe and America if they just participated and didn't try to open the gates whenever an invader showed up.

Bump for interest.

Only Buchanan and William Henry Harrison should be clowns behind Johnson

either newfag or dense

Better it be inhabited by poor Arab farmers than people laundering money back to the US, manufacturing synthetic drugs, trading organs, costing the US tens of billions of dollars per year in military support and direct aid, and being a center for white slavery.

The Bible says flat out that this world belongs to Satan.
2 Corinthians 4:4
The god of this age/world has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel that displays the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.
Christians don't understand their own book.

gannon literally is a kike. Everything about him is a thinly veiled analogy.


Remember that Jesus is Palestinian.

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I reported your video and channel for hate speech. hahaha

It's Dangerous to go Alone! Take This

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i don't have lice faggot

Take that away from me goy.

Muzzy found.
Muhhamed sucked a puppy off once for satan..

Fuck off kike.



Well anons Its been a week or so and this thread is still alive and kicking, wow,
anywho new video is here

Thanks, was waiting and hoping you’d get it done.

Watching now.