Miguel Serrano

The next major figure in Esoteric Hitlerism is Miguel Serrano, a former Chilean diplomat. Author of numerous books including The Golden Ribbon: Esoteric Hitlerism (1978) and Adolf Hitler, the Last Avatar (1984), Serrano is one of a number of Nazi esotericists who regard the "Aryan blood" as originally extraterrestrial:

Serrano finds mythological evidence for the extraterrestrial origins of man in the Nephilim [fallen angels] of the Book of Genesis… Serrano suggests that the sudden appearance of Cro-Magnon Man with his high artistic and cultural achievements in prehistoric Europe records the passage of one such divya-descended race alongside the abysmal inferiority of Neanderthal Man, an abomination and manifest creation of the demiurge… Of all the races on earth, the Aryans alone preserve the memory of their divine ancestors in their noble blood, which is still mingled with the light of the Black Sun. All other races are the progeny of the demiurge's beast-men, native to the planet.[9]

Serrano supports this idea from various myths which assign divine ancestry to 'Aryan' peoples, and even the Aztec myth of Quetzalcoatl descending from Venus. He also cites the hypothesis of Bal Gangadhar Tilak on the Arctic homeland of the Indo-Aryans, as his authority for identifying the earthly centre of the Aryan migrations with the 'lost' Arctic continent of Hyperborea. Thus, Serrano's extraterrestrial gods are also identified as Hyperboreans.[10]

In attempting to raise the spiritual development of the earthbound races, the Hyperborean divyas (a Sanskrit term for god-men) suffered a tragic setback. Expanding on a story from the Book of Enoch, Serrano laments that a renegade group among the gods committed miscegenation with the terrestrial races, thus diluting the light-bearing blood of their benefactors and diminishing the level of divine awareness on the planet.[11]

The concept of Hyperborea has a simultaneously racial and mystical meaning for Serrano.[12] He believes that Hitler was in Shambhala, an underground centre in Antarctica (formerly at the North Pole and Tibet), where he was in contact with the Hyperborean gods and whence he would someday emerge with a fleet of UFOs to lead the forces of light (the Hyperboreans, sometimes associated with Vril) over the forces of darkness (inevitably including, for Serrano, the Jews who follow Jehovah) in a last battle and thus inaugurating a Fourth Reich.

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A day may come when I've gone schizo mode enough to take the Serranopill, but today is not that day.

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I can't take the Serranopill either but I like being read up on the lore. If I ever see the Nazi flying saucers appear I'll know immediately what is happening and be excited as fuck while everyone else is panicking about muh aliens or whatever.

Is there a point to this thread OP? Most of us are aware of Serrano, you've brought nothing to the table whatsoever…

It makes perfect sense, where do you think we came from? There’s no ‘link’ to our appearance, we certainly didn’t evolve from the hell waste spawn of Africa. Aryans being survivors from Mars or the 3rd planet (the remnants of which now form the asteroid belt) are more likely stories than us evolving from niggers.

Become an esoteric Hitlerist
Destroy our enemies domination of the spiritual and moral realm
Retake the planet

If we were aliens we wouldn’t be able to breed with niggers. Hey evolving from inferior forms of life is fine, we all have to start somewhere.

You say that about 90% of threads here. Weaker topics die. Serrano is interesting man. His books are still bit too much for me.

I tried getting into the Serrano stuff. Read a little bit of Nos. It’s not for me. By way of comparison your average Zig Forumsack is already off the deep in compared to most especially those of which live in deep blue states. The Serranopill is too much, I’ll pass. Evola is about the furthest I’ll go and even a lot of his stuff is too out there for me especially his spiritual race and gender shit. Like, just name the jew, pussy.

white people followed similar paths of evolution as other people. i agree that out of africa theory is horseshit however whites and asians both formed similar agrarian societies over time, although the societies of whites were more developed.

blacks did not, which is explainable by them living on a continent where you can basically eat anything at any time and reconciles with what we can observe which is that by and large they're actually retarded.

but the real interesting take away is that Jews actually never developed agrarian societies. they never existed as hunter-gatherer tribes, which even Africans became and which by and large many Africans still are.

so that really opens up the question of whether or not Jews are human, not white people. Jews do not follow the same path that the other intelligent races did.

We didn't evolve from niggers, whites, asians and blacks all probably came about at similar times in different parts of the world.

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he's right about neanderthals

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Serrano, Evola, Himmler, and Rosenberg.
Ours is a tradition unkillable.

Educating lurkers?


I smell a follower.
Get a mind of your own…

I will admit this now, I am a newfag to 8ch. I have left 4pol since, well, its 4pol. I have been in other communities but I have not heard of Serrano. Can anyone provide me with pdf's of his work?

I hope that this pastebin is acceptable at least somewhat for them.

Fine, but do me a favour and watch the greatest story never told before you post here again.
This is a good place to start. You'll also want to read Satiri Devi's books as they complement Serrano quite nicely.

>>>/pdfs/ is a great resource as well

Two more devi books

Savitri Devi*

There are many other Serrano books and supposedly Adolf Hitler - The ultimate avatar is part two out of his hitler trilogy but I haven't read the others nor do I know if there are english versions available.

Go ask >>>/pdfs/ if anyone has more, they would.

Start with mein kampf and work your way towards.

do not read serrano right now, you will not understand it
as you see from the thread, even well read anons have trouble navigating the near schizophrenic gnostic ideas

ANything simpler?

"The Golden Cord" is probably the most accessible of his works.


depends what you've read before

Heard about the golden cord, something that has to do with the astral plane right?
Anyway thanks for the link, gonna go ahead and read.

Read golden cord first, then ultimate avatar, NOS after those then you will probably want to go back and read them again honestly.

If you havent read basic natsoc literature you are probably wasting your time at least Mein Kampf, not that you cannot jump right in but its basically non stop talking about esoteric hitlerism and if you arent at least aware of what that is you will probably just be confused.

Sieg Heil
The struggle is eternal, see you in Valhalla

Bumping for dead Goys

Also miguel serrano isnt for everyone necessarily.

Extraterrestrial origins? WTF? We be spaceman.

This is Nation of Islam level racial theory.

As a white man, I ido not need wacky fables to feel good. The Superiority of Western Culture is apparent to anyone with the briefest knowledge of history.


Don't forget Devi.

as wacko as theosophy
dont waste ur time

There is some merit to the literature creating a mythos that breaks the binding force of materialism. I don’t know about theosophy but I do understand the white race cannot continue to be bound to materialism to survive. It is our anti thesis

Bump to talk about esoteric hitlerism

Serrano pill is a tough one. Not sure what I think about it. Overall I think the essential is that it allows to escape from the Jew mindset "or" materialism like said it.

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1488 Bump

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The 14 words!


What a shocken!