Can someone tell me how the white race doesn't exist?

I am currently doing my bachelors of social studies, and something which doesn't seem correct is the following.
Our professor tells us that the white race is a myth, that it doesn't exist.
Yet he insists that other races do exist.

Most other students appear to understand him, yet I can't understand it for the life of me. How is the white race the only one which is a social construct? Where as the other ones are real and deserve respect?

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Try Zig Forums. They could explain it.

The other students don't understand either, they just repeat it without thinking.

I feel like if I question it in class, I will be accused of being a racist. And a racist is like the worst thing among this type of crowd (like the devil).

We are also taught this quote from Einstein, as if it's some kind of fact (since Einstein said it).

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he means there is no "one white race" bs

Our teacher also said that if it wasn't for white people, 99% of the species that became extinct from the turn of the last millennium til today would still be alive.

I don't know if that's true, but it sounds like an exaggeration to me.

The statement that they don't exist exist contradicts the very reality you see. Stop being retarded.

I still don't get it, I am of European origin and if other groups get to see themselves as a race. Then why can't we?

It's politically correct garbage to silence truth and to help the subhuman niggers feel better about themselves. There is some nuance there that they are exploiting, some type of word play. It could be that they are acknowledging the various European races but saying that "white" isn't one of them. It would be similar to the "American = Euromutt" meme. The Anglos, Germanics, etc definitely exist, but "White" is less clearly defined because euromutt. To say that it's nonexistent is dishonest. It's probably part of the antiwhite propaganda that has become the norm. Like anons already said, they are probably regurtitating it without thinking, but ask some libshits anyway. They might be able to explain it.

100% antiwhite propaganda. Whites are the only race that gives a shit about preserving species.

Nigger, I think you got lost on your way to 4chan. This is some low tier material.

Our teacher said that whites aren't a race, since he said that whites are just a mixed peoples from multiple invaders into Europe. He basically said European are colonised peoples, and thus we are mixed mutts.

His main claim is that african races are more different than african and eurasian races, however it is wrong
he thinks there are different types of Africans. In reality there is only paleo Africans and Neoafricans, who are paleoafricans + middle eastern

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btw living in more eastern/western regions do not make white people/asian people. Living in northern areas has good correlation with depigmentation.

Tell your (((professor))) white privilege isn't real then and watch him short circuit.

He's spouting anti white propaganda like every college professor. Film him saying mad shit and post it on YouTube

Well he already covered that, he said that something doesn't have to be real for it to still be discriminated against.

Meaning he is saying that white privilege exists, yet white people don't as a race.

OP, 'race' is the same as 'breed'.
ie:- There are many and various 'breeds' of dogs. Giving them different characteristics, intelligence and outward appearances.
'Race' is the same term used as 'breed' but for humans.
When you mix 'breeds' of dogs together, you end up with a mutt. Some good, some bad, but a refine-able and categorizable hybrid of the two.
In 'White' people's, case, 'breeding' outside their 'breed' is dangerous for the safety of their genetics, intelligence, creativity, kindness, appearance and society.
Only the jealously of sociopathic 'breeds', 'races' want them to interbreed to perform genocide.
Your lecturer is either jealous, stupid, evil or all three.
You can quote me on it on your paper.

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Do you mean Mediterranean, Germanic, Frankish, Hispanic, Nordic, Aryan, Alpine, Celtic, Saxon, Slavic, etc? One of those races? Because white isnt a race faggot. Asians have white skin. And if you were enough of a faggot to be getting a bachelor in some social bulshit youd be miles past questioning the dogma. You probably droped out of community college 6 years ago.

So basically he's going with the "euromutt" meme. He's both right and wrong at the same time. It just depends on how finely you adjust your microscope. When viewed at 1x magnification, there is only 1 race - le human race (politically correct garbage). When viewed at 10x magnification, there are 3 races - caucasoid, mongoloid, and negroid. When viewed at 100x magnification there are 10-20 races - shitskins, beaners, sand niggers, kikes, whites, brits, germanics, slavs, mediterranean rape babies, niggers, giganiggers, gooks, chinks, and japs. When viewed at 1000x, etc etc etc.

He's arguing semantics and being intellectually dishonest. He's probably a fucking kike.

I see Zig Forums showed up to the thread to explain things

American Science is Clown science.
Everything bad comes from USA the past 10 yrs.
SJW, Transgender rights, Refugee rights, hardcore lefties.

Just do a paper on how White Celtics, Germanic & Slavs are superior of race and breed.
If he has a problem with that, tell that kike "Sieg Heil du Judenabschaum!" and claim you are of pure white heritage and you feel discriminated by his way of teaching.

Asian, Hispanic, Black, White…these are all mantle terms to group national identities into a single group. This is useful if you have good intentions and want to make ancestral studies, bloodline ties and such, but if you have bad intentions then you can create full blown race wars by weaponizing these words.

Can't stand people that parade his opinions as facts. As if the guy wasn't human.

The devil is obviously racist.

Your teacher is a moron. Extinction is a gradual process, it's not an immediate, "Oh shit, it's Whitey let's go extinct", sort of thing.

Hammer on the contradictions in the anti-white teachings.

Germanic is classified as a race. Franks were Germanic, Hispanic doesn't really exist. They were Iberians which are a part of the Med people.

White is a race, it's the combined northern European sub groups. As it was traditionally defined. Race has nothing to do with skin color, it's based on speciation.

Some species died because ships landed at their islands and rats ate them. Or snakes.

But, if "non White" Races would have landed there, same would have had happened.
Maybe with Blacks a different story, they would have fucked & ate all animals on these Islands.
There is also enough species that went extinct in areas where no white people were established, but bohoo.

Diversity of speciation among the wildlife decreases as temperatures decline, and entire globe has essentially cooled since the last period of increased speciation, which allowed for greater specialization.

Race aint real get over it whitey

Race isn't real, says the racist.

Just save yourself the suffering and neck yourself.

Economic is a Social Study. Economists run the world.

every fucking time

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My advice: Walk up to him after class and whisper in his ear:


Asians aren't white, they are yellow.
This is what Asians look like.

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They could mean a lot of different things. Race is an ill-defined concept. It's not so much that it is self-contradictory or unreal, but perhaps "fuzzy" would be a better term.
Ask yourself this question: are Kikes 'white' people? Even more specific: are Ashkenazi (Euro) Kikes white people? The Ashkenazi Kike has no problem pretending to identify as a white person when it suits them, and will identify as not-white when it suits them. The "Right" wing of the ZOG sees Kikes as white people, and sees protecting Israel as protecting something called "Western" "civilization." The "Left" wing of the ZOG sees them as non-white people who have been wronged by whitey.
Ask yourself another question: are Arabs white? The ZOG has defined them as 'white' people for US census purposes for decades, something many people have failed to realize.
'Race' is more like a fuzzy barrier. It can expand, becoming more inclusive of different people (to the point of including various people from the Indian subcontinent, or even Tibetans), or it can contract, limiting itself to something like only Northern Europeans.
Generally though, where the 'racial' epicenter is, most people would agree. For the white 'race', it is in Northern Europe. For the niggers, it is in sub-Saharan Africa. For Asians, it is China.
Curiously enough, if you study where the problem people of the world come from, they all come from the border regions of the races. The Tutsis came to Rwandan from the Northern borders of the nigger race, close to the Arabs. The Manchu can from the Northeastern tips of the Asiatics, close to the Russians. The Kike comes from the Eastern border. They are the people who are different enough to recognize it, while their victims are those who are not so sensitive to such differences. The danger of the Kike to Europeans is precisely because he looks like a European, but does not see himself as one. The same happened with the Tutsi and the Manchu.
This is why White Nationalists have to emphasize the Nation, not the race. As Dylann Storm Roof once remarked, if Kikes had blue skin, there would be no Jewish Question for us. Our race is not our Nation. Our race is the barrier around which one cannot penetrate into our Nation.

Asians are actually a grouping of several different races.
There are the Dravidians, which are Paki's and Indians, the Occidental, which includes the Polynesian, Abo's, Africans and parts of the Arabs. Lastly the indo Asiatic. Which is the Northern Asian, Japanese and mixes of Occidentals further south.

Nope, before WW2 happened race was well defined, Marxists do what Marxists do.

Before the "American" Civil War, people used to endlessly also debate whether or not ancient Egyptians were white. Such a question could only occur to someone who has already concluded Arabs are fellow whites, as the "American" government has for a very long time.

If (((Fish))) didn't trip your Jewdar you gotta up your game fren.


Underrated. His own statement betrays the fact he acknowledges its existence.

OP see this and understand.

Outside the obvious names, I didn't know Fish was a kike name. I'm not going to store an entire encyclopedia of kike names in my head. My visual game is strong however, but location/profession/ideology/etc. alone were more than enough.

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They use the same thing they always do. De-construct things they don’t like until they go away.
its very jewish and it goes something like this, ahem:

An Initial assertion or observation is made that the jew and their golems don’t like.

(((They))) then proceed to take its definition or general characteristics and de-construct it by by taking it apart and blurring or adding 'noise' to the components as much as possible.
eg:Exceptions and outliers on the bell curve, Components will be separated from their context and correlations (Allele frequency and Lewontins fallacy) and the emphasis on division and atomisation (white people fought each other, race was more associated with nation, individual characteristics over general characteristics etc…).
Typical pilpul.

Once enough noise, distraction and atomisation has been presented to get their victims to chase shadows they hit you with some virtue signalling (only one race, diversity, content of character not skin colour etc…) and most fuckwits cant tell which way is up and fall for it.

The clue that (((they))) are full of shit is two fold:
1.This deconstruction method also applies to things they do like, why so selective?
2.If you take something apart and examine its components that’s fine but it has no bearing on the things actual existence, eg: If you de-construct shit you can show that its really no different to food (at what point does one transform to another? define it precisely or it just a social construct. People have eaten shit voluntarily and even eagerly! thus Shit is a social construct. Pic related)
3.In the case of race its existence can be determined with an almost 100% accuracy both genetically and also anatomically and is further reinforced by modern medicine (Bone marrow and organ transplants must be from the recipients own racial stock for instance).

If you like you can call White a meta race because it contains sub groups just like any other general category but meta race still exists and is provable.

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Also this:
Some quotes from the Rigveda, the oldest Indo-European text.!UvpEHJ4b!sn00aYPdrx_yS-W70fAcIw
libgen [dot] io/book/index.php?md5=1792DBBF0D866D2476E1455DD8DAFF0F

Race, Sub-Species, or Species?
We are not one species.

The Fixation index, or FST, is a way to measure genetic distance between populations.

The FST between Whites (British) and Blacks (Bantu) is 0.23.

The FST between the common Chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) and the Bonobo (Pan paniscus) is 0.103
(Which you'll note is *half* the White-Black difference, despite the two being classified as two separate species.)

The FST between two Gorilla species; Gorilla Gorilla and Gorilla Beringei is 0.04.
(Or 1/6 the difference between Blacks and Whites. Again two seperate Species).

The FST between modern Humans and Neanderthals is

There are about eight to ten White Races. Polish black haired are totally different from Swiss Alpine brown headed people e.g..
Professor is correct. The Rest are antpeople or one big, soulless brown blob.

German weird animal terms are mostly Jews an Gypsies. Bär, Wolf etc. Nobody in his right mind would be named so, except those who did not have a fixed occupation.

Einstein believed races existed so yeah. Its one or the other. This quote or race doesn't exist

Whatever you do OP, DO NOT shoot up your campus. It would be a real shame if all those marxists died.

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because catholics diluted them with brown things since they adopted (((christianity))) and subverted it in the early part of the first millennium. Read Mien Kampf uncle A comments on this directly as it is a core component of Aryanism.

Einstein is pop science trash that stole relativity from his days as a patent clerk
Why else did he produce absolutely nothing else of value in his later life

point 3 is valid, since "Nazis" are NatSocs and the true "Nazis" are the Askenazi Jew

Always remember this: every single argument against the existence of human races can easily be applied to dog races or more or less any other race of animal. Dog races too are hardly the result of them being completely isolated for the last 20k years, they themselves emerge qualitatively from mixtures of ancient extinct races. What makes these races is the consistent presence of certain traits that enables you to say "this is a labrador" or "this is a german shepard" with perfect confidence.
These subhumans would like to convince you you wouldn't be able to consistently tell apart Swedes from Congolese or Chinese. These people are mentally ill and should be thrown off cliffs.

There are a bunch of cultures each different. But they are either all white or their is no “white”

If there is a white race then Jewish people are part of it. Same with Irish and Italian. You see.

Impossible. Youre asking someone to explain something that has no basis in reality. There are white people. There is a white race. If a 'black' race exists, and a 'yellow' race exists, certainly a white race exists. If he wants to make a difference between Nordid and Borreby, or Europids, fine, he dan go crazy. But the white race exists.

These people only exists because no one is calling them out on their bullshit. Call him out on it. Show him 20 photos of people and ask them where they come from. If the faggot refuses, he doesnt believe in his own nonsense.

Absolutely shittier thread.

Look, animals went extinct during the Ice Age from over hunting, Chinese, Babylonian, Egyptian etc agriculture wiped out species too, nobody in Europe is forcing developing nations to turn their rain forests into plantations.

Except that its not in the name.
The word national is in the name but not nationalist.

Who came up with this nonce sense.

did you know einstein was a fraud who stole the idea of relativity from someone else who had the idea before him back when he was a patent clerk?

the european races do exist, but some people wouldn't call them white, but would instead call them mediterraneans, anglos, slavs, nords, etc., or however

It's called generalizing or stereotyping. It's something racist bigots do to people who are different to them. Weren't you taught this in school?

This vid explains it basically, jews are writing papers saying whites are not a race and all races need to mix because it's the strength while also, hypocritically extolling the virtuousness of jews in power and that they should stay seperate from the great mixing. your professor is a jew brainwashing you and your fellow students.

Hey goys species don't exist because we all share a common ancestor. Fish are no different from humans!

Commies are evolution deniers now.


Other than Hindus and their cows, name me one non white race that has instituted laws against animal cruelty without pressure from white countries.
Name me one country that has worked to save animal species from extinction.

Let's even pretend your teacher is correct, that whites are at fault for 99% of all animal extinctions, both directly and indirectly. Since then, whites have gone on to create systems of nature and animal preservation. Whites have worked hard to undo the damage they've done. And whites have laws against treating and killing animals inhumanely.
This is why they need keep pushing white guilt. Because as whites have changed and tried to behave and act better, they might not feel bad about their ancestors "worst" behaviors. Whites are the only race consistent in its attempts to clean up and protect the environment, save and protect animals, and finally, the only race to recognize the evils of slavery and get rid of it.
All of these changes toward intelligent and proper treatment of animals and subhuman races was begun and spread around the world by whites.

Saying that races do not exist because we all share a common ancestor is like saying a tree is no different from a man because both evolved from the LUCA (Last Universal Common Ancestor).


Nothing new under the sun it appears. Even the bigbrained mexicans and trannies at /cargocult/ realized that it was bullshit.

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There is not one white race.he say not that are are no races.he is not a traitor.
there are more white races.
it is a myth that there are no races or that all humans are one races.
the mankind that is a animal,one of the much animals on earth.
But if you believe in God,THEN the white male is the mankind.
if you not believe in god,and believe the sience-theories,sience-theories,THEN the mankind is a animal with MUCH races and tribes.but traitors try to ban that sience and say it is a pseudo sience.
What are women and niggers if you believe in god?
in old time they only say that women and niggers are not humans.
But WHAT are they THEN? Another animals?
On this moment the most people say women,niggers,and white male's are humans.they not all say that they are equal.
They see the humans as a animal,but don't think or not believe in races.

Our teacher said that whites aren't a race, since he said that whites are just a mixed peoples from multiple invaders into Europe. He basically said European are colonised peoples, and thus we are mixed mutts.

The russians not,but italy is very mixed.
The whites in america are mixed with other white races.

I think it vaguely has to do with 'White' not having a singular point of origin and are instead seen as an amalgamation of different lighter skinned races. For examples, both Anglo celts and nordic people are white, but both have differing origins.

Are you fucking autistic? They were genetically identical

The single best way to advocate for white genocide is to advocate against white genocide. The actual heritage of the neotenous beigites is honesty. Honesty built the cathedrals that modern Catholicism set on fire for handouts. Racists are broken, weak, and corrupt. If you make beigites look like they’re collapsing in deindividuated collective psychosis and scapegoat-fixated lies, the great masses of honest, kind people who actually make up first world society will ditch “white” skin.

Somewhat comically, I foresee black people using the same technology to turn beige en masse around the same time.

Your prof is a faggot. He practices genocide and if he is European he is a traitor to his people and deserves the rope.

The white/Caucasian/European race exists, your prof is lying and we have the gentic studies to back it up. What does not exist is white nationalism.

Can someone tell me how this thread is allowed to remain up.

If jews are white, then the 6 gorillion was a white genocide.

You don't own nothin', goyim. In fact, you don't even exist!

op sucks but thread isn't so bad

God, why?

Ah, I can explain this. It's my specialty.

Every single thing the Jews think will help them annihilate your race is true and good and plain common sense, unless it's obviously false, in which case you need to be smart and educated like them to appreciate it. Every single thing that might result in more white babies being born to happy, healthy families is racism and wrong and bad and you belong in prison for hate crimes.

This applies to race deconstructionism as well. Try to follow along:

Let "A" stand for something pro-white,
Let "B" stand for something anti-white
Let "X" stand for positive reinforcement
Let "Z" stand for negative conditioning

If A, then Z
If B, then X

Your social studies teacher has exposed you to both X and Z, but not randomly. When the subject is the white race and its literally infinite crimes against humanity (Z), then everything being discussed is plainly A. When the subject is Wakanda or some bullshit, then programming X kicks in and it is good and normal and healthy to have a clean racial consciousness. Let the subject of Beethoven or the Gothic cathedrals or all the taxes whites pay to feed useless niggers come up though, and why – it's Z all the way down and there never was a white race because Italians exist or something.

If this seems complicated, here's a shorthand for you to pass the test:
Everything that works toward your extinction will earn you good marks and promotions. Whatever might end with you fathering white children with a chaste wife will get you kicked out of school as a borderline criminal. Master this syllogism, and who knows. . . you could literally be the president someday.

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Do this
1. Call him a Jew
2. When he gets angry tell him Jews don't exist as a people, it's just a religious myth
3. When he gets mad, tell him there's that if europeans don't exist than jews don't exist.

This is now a genetics thread.

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So don't be a nazi. Got it.

This belief alone is reason enough for it to exist and exact revenge on those who try to erase it

In German, they use the word "weiß. As a white.there is still a lot of vagueness around breeds.maybe because of the english the word white is just for people with a white skin,invidueel.but an albino is not a real white, of a white breed.

You should be able to use the word white next to weiß.

The white breeds are breeds with a white skin.

That's just the meaning of the word white. But when you talk about the white race, it's more complicated.

because in white people it's not only the white skin that makes the breed white, but also the shape of the skull, and the shape of the bones and organs, the brain and the mind.

You would have to study the racial knowledge if you want to know, it's very complicated. it's a problem of the English language.

Case in point.

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You need some basic facts to assist you in formulating your own argument.

Race does real.
A race, or landrace, is a domesticated, locally adapted, traditional variety of a species of animal or plant that has developed over time, through adaptation to its natural and cultural environment of agriculture and pastoralism, and due to isolation from other populations of the species.
It is even part of the 'Taxonomic Rank'.
However, there is not a clear comparative consensus between Hominids and other mammals and which taxonomic category they most accurately fit into (pic related).

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Color labels are an artificial social construct.
Color labels strip you of your ancestral heritage and cultural identity.
Do not allow others to label you, only you have that power, especially with intentionally hurtful labels such as "White™", "Brown™", or "Black™". Require that they use your identifier of choice and offer you the same respect that is offered to crossdressers suffering from sex dysmorphia.

Be sure to write a formal complaint about "racial hatred" and "genocide" and make it public. Include support for your peers (the "Blacks") and, for the max lulz, remind the reader that you are the minority in the world and the "European" people are the true people of color.

These are to be used in logical arguments. For "scientific" arguments, please read this and the two associated resarch linked at the end:
To locate more pics related, search "different species same species meme".

pretty sure the haplogroup I1 an I2 are protoeuropean white races. Also pretty sure that most R1a and R1b are white too.

Not sure what he means with "doesn't exist" though.

Perhaps he is ashamed of being a kike semite mutt himself, not sure.

Kill yourself yid.

So black doesn't exist. I mean they are africans etc. but not black. Unless I missed the country Black in which case those from there may be called blackians.

It is bothersome one requires autism to see the differences.

Easier for the shitskins to fight lone groups so they keep trying to divide those of white european ancestry from each other based upon borders they themselves do not respect.

This list isn't of "races" either, user. They are linguistic groups (Hispanic, Slavic), phenotypes (Alpinid), tribal confederations (Franks), and geographic locations (Mediterranean).

It would be the same if someone said there is no black race or brown race or asian race. White race is just a blanket term to generalize groups and nations of people who are fair skin with similar bone structure.

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I will say you:WHAT is rape?
Or are you a knight?
a women is a idiot animal that not can good thinking.if a women say she is raped,you not can take it serious.
When a another human/male say it,you can take it serious and go to the statesmen.but the state-laws in the total world are anti-male and no race laws,and anti-rape and only in the muslim country's they have good laws for the male.they are changing that.
But if you want to go to the muslim country? Don't do.they are very anti-white and they Kill much white humans.
and they cunting the skin of your penis.
They do that by little young boys!
Nobody say's something about that.

Kill the traitors.

they say the same thing about Palestinians. It is just an intellectual attack on our race.