No (((Google))) logo doodle for this Christian holiday

Notice how unimportant shitskin people\holidays get a full Google doodle logo, but this important Christian holiday only gets a stupid little egg on the frontpage?

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A pink faggot egg.

Slide thread. This was news 5 years ago. Now it's just normie tier shit.


Oy vey! Just accept it goyim!

The Mexicans in SoCal near my area are really into it, they dress up in hoods and have processions. Notice how jews don't write tons of articles about Mexicans dressing culturally inappropriately for blacks?

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War on smelly kikeanity, oh no.

Alright I mean I hate Google as much as anybody but click on (or "find") the egg and you get pic related. Click on the little icons and it takes to you pages talking about Easter.

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Nothing gay about the color pink. Vaginas are pink.

The thing is that it's hidden, tucked under the faggot egg. Usually there's a giant logo doodle right from the start. Except fuck white Christians.

Faggots don't have eggs, as faggots all are males.

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Perhaps hidden like the fucking eggs you hide during this holiday.
Easter egg hunt.
You autistic fucking faggot.

wasn't christianity invented by jews?

If you call jews crucifying the savior as inventing, then yeah, I guess they did


go fuck yourself chaim, next minor kike holiday will feature a full page splash accurately depicted and rabbi stamped of approval

I disagree there should be something more than an easter egg (besides the fact that mine doesn't even have THAT on it…just anormal blank Google search). I only hope that the Google faggots get their 'public shooting' like youtube's next…or maybe a killdozer treatment. They could all stand in big circles mourning afterwards and saying things like, "Why? Why did this happen?" No one but the jews would be sympathetic because we all know exactly why it would have happened.

Jesus was not a jew and if you weren't a fucking shitskin turk you would have figured this our already.


Monday will be a doodle, Sunday isn't "that" important.

Also bigger question, will there be a Easter Doodle on 28th April?
When Orthodox Christians,
celebrate Easter?

Also, that is Paulianity you are speaking of and he WAS A FUCKING JEW…how do you think Christianity got so kiked up without the pharisees…your 'religion' isn't any better off fucktard. That is the way they control the entire planet


Filter because you are an unbelievable kike/semitic/turk retard.
It is the average 84 IQ

Global report.


Typical Jewgle, they've been doing this for a decade now, no one even uses jewgle anymore so who cares

Uh oh the kike company didn't appreciate our jewish culture enough.

Not Easter yet. Orthodox Church says so.

It's Easter Sunday, what easterners do is their own business

Unsurprising, the kind of people who worship other cultures and traditions are the kind of people who have none of their own.


The higher the rise, the lower they fall

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vs what an unstoppable god of war would do

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This is exactly the problem. Easter is a Christian holiday, while (((the establishment))) want to turn it into a consumerist holiday to buy chocolate eggs and eat expensive dinners. The same happened with Christmas. It is entirely consistent with the (((washing))) of our originally Christian culture.

Looks like a weak ripoff of the capriotes of holy week in spain.

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Both Easter and Christmas (Yule) have been part of European culture much longer than Christianity existed,
but you are correct, (((they))) want to eliminate any trace of white culture


I agree with your underlying point. Christianity may not necessarily be the way forward anymore, since the belief in god is decreasing, thus rendering its usefulness as a beacon of morality moot. It's also a very pacifist religion, unless its followers are not, but even a crusade can be (((derailed))) as seen with the sacking of Constantinople. An alternative, which Rome was built on, is Greek culture and thought to flourish once more. Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle (among others) should become mandatory in schools in my opinion. Core Greek philosophy fundamentally goes against (((sophistry))) and bullshit in general. It cultivates a free thinking individual, and stresses the duty of an individual who can hold their ground against barbarism and injustice. It is exactly what (((they))) fear.

Christians do the bidding oftheir jewish overlords without resistance. This is your reward for trusting jews
Know you slaughter and repress your own warriors self defence instincts to be openly mocked. Return to the natural order Christ fags

its because of the equinoxes. christcuckery has subverted these celebrations and replaced them with unnatural worship of semite fairy tales vs celebrating nature.

Instead of impotently complaining, how about you call their offices around the world and inquire/complain about this issue?
They are conveniently closed in my country today - oy vey the irony. But tomorrow I will call them, and I will keep calling their office in my country regularly.
Sometimes it's good to be pro-active, and since we can't be pro-active in this case (it literally is too late to get a doodle for today) we can put pressure on them. You all have more power than you think; it's all in your autism and ability to annoy and bother; to pressure. Do it, faggots.

This. But I still think you faggots need to focus your annoying autism and bothersome botherings towards our adversaries, rather than eachother, as described here bless your hearts

prove it


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But please mr theologian tell me how jesus was not a jew because judean and judah do not translate literally to jew?

He was not a jew. He was a Judean. Judea was a tribe in ancient Israel.
It doesn't. Like the image states, there is not a single mention of the word "jew" in the old testament. Every mention of the word "jew" in newer versions of the bible is in fact referring to "Judeans".

I do hope you can read my much shorter explanation, because clearly your attention span isn't long enough to read the images I posted.

It's enough to make MoonMan teach them a lesson about cultural appropriation.

Wow nice dodging of everything in my post I give you props

Go back to reddit, you illiterate nigger.

He was born there, that doesn't mean he was one, they just called it Judea because of the amount of kikes there you homo pagan larper. If he was an actual jew he never would have criticized Judaism as much as he did and anyone with common sense can see that

Again, no. The name "Judea" has nothing to do with jews. There were no jews in biblical times. Modern day jews would be the equivalent of the Pharisees, which were another tribe of Israel.

Read the text in the images here

we wuz jews in yurope, not those jews in the semite world


you mean Δ’ostre/Ostara ? no Ester god unless you meant some jew named Esther

Even then, it is just a bastardization of Ishtar. She was a fertility goddess, and that is where we get eggs and rabbits as both are symbols of fertility. The rabbits because they fuck so damn much. Yes, for real.

Pagan larpers are jews in disguise, they just won't admit it because they're all 50 IQ retards and probably don't even realize how worthless they are


Good lord you are stupid beyond belief

Global report.

You actually believe this strawman.
That's lamentable.

Surprised Google has yet to embrace the idea that jesus was a nigger…

Drop your phone off in the donation bin, someone with a brain will make better use of it. Also, being a Christian is being a mistake. Go send yourself to (((God))) immediately you stupid fuck. You simply are not living your life correctly.

Ester? AFAIK it was a celebration of fertility, Ostara, or Oestra, the name being very closely related to Oestrus (menstruation). It celebrated the return of fertility, life, and bounty to all of the natural world after the harsh and bleak symbolic lifelessness and infertility of the winter.

The celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus was probably specifically set to be around the Spring equinox and coinciding Oestra/Ostara celebration due to them being similar in theme, rebirth of life in nature along with the return of Jesus to life.

Ah, you are referring to Ishtar of the Assyrians/Babylonians. I don’t think Ishtar was inspiration for Easter in most of Europe, rather, I think the connection to the Germanic Goddess Oestra/Ostara to be a more likely origin for the European Easter celebration.

Christ, you fuckers are ignorant.
First off, no, he was not from Judea, he was from a city in the Galilee called 'Nazareth'. The Galilee was a large Greek colony at this time, and the inhabitants were ethnic Greeks who spoke Greek and followed Greek and Roman religions.

No, Judea was not a tribe of Israel. Judah was a tribe of Israel which gave its name to the Kingdom of Judah. The denonym 'Jew' and the toponym 'Judea' both derive from this name.

There were twelve tribes of Israel, and only three lived in the Kingdom of Judea. The others comprised the Kingdom of Israel, and while Hebrews and Israelites, they are not Jews.

Jesus had twelve apostles, most of whom had Greek names, suggesting Greek ethnicity. The original gospel (the surviving four have been proven to be derived and amalgamated from earlier versions) almost certainly was a story about a Greek man spreading his (very Greek) philosophy to the shitskins of the lower Levant. Of course, it didn't take long for the kikes to infiltrate and bastardize the early faith, going so far as to rewrite the gospels to better fit their own evil mythology. Have you ever wondered why Jesus's divine father acts so irreconcilably different from the cartoon villain described in the Old Testament? He's a different God! Christ never claimed to be the son of the desert demon Yahweh, the god of Abraham.

You should hate Christianity and its followers for the right reasons, anons. Hate it because it is a slave religion designed to make the masses weak and placated with false promises. Hate it and them for the roll that they play in destroying our people and culture. Hate them for the Jewish subversion tacked on after the fact and tolerated.

Capitalization left intact for easier reading, not as a sign of respect.

Happy Easter, Jesus loves you

100% Aryan right there

how to restore pagan supremacy once again?


Good post nonetheless.

Thanks for that, nice to see some people still have an understanding of this topic that goes beyond parroting the β€œkike-on-a-stick/kikestianity” memes. While I cannot claim to be a truly believing or practicing Christian despite being raised as one, I do recognize the enormous influence it had on European culture/civilization/society (both bad and good in different ways and at different times) and I respect Christianity for that.

While I do feel it has ultimately been perverted and manipulated towards non-European’s interests and goals, unfortunately, and thus that Christians in general have lost their way, it really bothers me to see these masses of anons always attacking it in such seemingly personalized manner, constantly hating on the religion and those who practice it, and slandering Jesus as some sort of kike.

No one spoke Hebrew back then outside of the priestly cast. He would have spoken Aramaic if he were indeed a Jew, but as he was not, Greek is more likely.

We do not need "paganism", or any other organized belief system. Believe in your own abilities. Believe in your people. Be strong and live a righteous life and you will have nothing to fear or to be ashamed of. It is okay to believe that there is a God, or gods, but why worry about the details? They could not possibly matter. If you need a spirituality, the old Greek writers can really help you out. Just remember that you do not, in fact, need any of this.

Yes, I used the wrong homophone there. I wrote it quickly.

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He spoke Aramaic (and maybe Greek, IiRC), not Hebrew. Also, what festivals do you refer to? Also, how do you know he was circumcised? It does say in the Gospel of Luke that he was, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he was if it was written that way in order to make it fit with historical religious practices of the region, or else if it was just non-literal and was only meant to show when he was named Jesus and why, and to show his connection to the divine through the angels. There are some theologians who dispute that he was literally circumcised, for a variety of reasons.

He doesn’t seem to speak highly of it elsewhere and even speaks against it a few times:

Galatians 5:2-11

Look: I, Paul, say to you that if you accept circumcision, Christ will be of no advantage to you. I testify again to every man who accepts circumcision that he is obligated to keep the whole law. You are severed from Christ, you who would be justified by the law; you have fallen away from grace. For through the Spirit, by faith, we ourselves eagerly wait for the hope of righteousness. For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision nor uncircumcision counts for anything, but only faith working through love. …

but muh christcucks are jews tho