(((Breitbart))): Atheists Exploit Holy Week to Claim 'Jesus Did Not Exist'

But did historical Jesus really exist? The evidence just doesn't add up.


“The Christ at the heart of Christianity is a figure woven from the fabric of mythology,” they state. “The stories that bear his name draw on ancient templates imbedded in the Hebrew religion and those of the surrounding region.”

If Jesus even existed and was not the aggregation of various persons, they affirm, “he probably was a wandering Jewish teacher in Roman-occupied Judea who offended the authorities and was executed.”

“Beyond that, any knowledge about the figure at the center of the Christian religion is remarkably open to debate (and vigorously debated among relevant scholars),” they confidently assert.

Much of what the authors put forward are recycled old atheist tracts presuming to catch believing Christians in a “gotcha” moment.

Scores of biblical historians “have tried repeatedly to identify ‘the historical Jesus’ and have failed,” they declare. “The more scholars study the roots of Christianity, the more confused and uncertain our knowledge becomes.”

“The Gospels were not written by eyewitnesses,” they assert with conviction. Though most Christians believe that associates of Jesus wrote the four Gospel texts, “no objective biblical scholars think so.”


This in-depth literature review by Alternet's Valerie Tarico outlines five reasons scholars give that he did not exist:
There is no first century secular evidence that he existed - all sources are either Christian or Jewish
The earliest New Testament writings are vague on details of his life - they become more fleshed out in later texts
The eyewitness accounts in the four canonical gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) are all second hand
The gospels make contradictions about his life
Modern scholars who claim to have uncovered the 'real Jesus' contradict each other


Did Jesus Exist?

conflicts.rem33.com/images/books/Ibn Warraq - Why I Am Not a Muslim.pdf


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Jesus isnt even the most important historical figure of christianity. Why do you retards get so hung up on it? Like oh if he really existed he must also be the son of god. You cant evem prove your great grandpa existed.


While I hate athiests, I almost equally hate chriatcucks. Seriously. Your prophet disd not exist, and if he did he was a Jewish Rabbi

Oh golly gee, I do hope that kike was real.


The beginning of the Christian era found Rome near the height of her civilization. Her supremacy, in the then known world, was
pretty much unchallenged and it was the beginning of a long period of peace. To be specific, Pax Romana (Roman Peace) lasted approximately 200 years beginning with the reign of Caesar Augustus. Rome was highly literate, there were many great writers, scholars, historians, sculptors and painters, not to mention other outstanding men of philosophy and learning. Yet it is highly strange that despite the great commotion and fanfare that supposedly heralded the birth of Christ and also his crucifixion (according to the bible), we find not a single historian nor a single writer of the era who found time to tale note of it in their writings. Outside of the fabricated biblical writings, no Roman historian, no Roman writer, and no Roman play-writer, has left the slightest hint that he had the faintest awareness that this supposedly greatest of all greats was in their very midst and
preaching what is claimed the greatest of all the new gospels.

Whereas Caesar left voluminous writings that are still extant today and can be studied by our high school boys and girls, Christ himself, who had supposedly the greatest message to deliver to posterity that the world has ever known, left not the slightest scrap of paper on which he had written a single word. This, in fact, the biblical literature itself confirms and mentions only that once he did write in the sand. Today we can still study Cicero;s great orations and writings. He has left over 800 letters behind that we can study to this day. We can study whole books of what Marcus Aurelius wrote, we can study what Aristotle wrote, what Plato wrote, and scores of others wrote that were contemporary with the first beginning of the Christian era, or preceded it. But strangely there is not a word that is in writing hat can be attributed to Jesus Christ himself.

Furthermore, the Greeks and the Romans of that era, and even previously and afterwards, had developed the art of sculpturing to a fine state. We can find busts of Cicero, of Caesar, Of Marcus Aurelius and innumerable other Greek and Roman dignitaries and lesser lights, but nor one seemed to think it important enough to sculpture a likeness of Jesus Christ. And the reason undoubtedly is there was none to model at the time. There were undoubtedly numerous skilled artists and painters at that time, but again strangely enough none took the time or the interest to paint a likeness of this purportedly greatest of all teachers, who in fact was proclaimed the Son of God come to earth. But no painting was ever made of this man, who, we are told, gathered great multitudes around him and caused great consternation and fear even to King Herod of Judea himself.

This thread smeels JIDF a lot.

Seems like this article is about displacing the blame for Jesus' murder at the hands of the Jewish people.

It's not JIDF, it's pagan larpfags who just non-stop spam Zig Forums with their retarded cuck shit


Almost as though they’re paid to spam the entire board or something.

Why not tell them that the holocaust did not happen if they say that? If they call you a "denier" then you could say that retort is very religious, and you could bring up how Muslims and Christians don't use that term.

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its all fucking make believe, from kikes building pyramids to moses right the way up to the supposed son of god. Its either stolen stories from other religions or civilizations or flat out fabrication.

Christianity was specifically developed to control the men of europe, Islam to control the muslim world and pit them against each other while kikes are the 'chosen' the only argument is that european men turned Christianity into something good and through various points in history have gone against the kikes and taken control of Christianity.

That the foundation is inherently a jewish control mechanism fed into the heart of the Roman Empire cannot be argued, the numerous embellishments added to include the pagan world and its traditions just show the sham for what it is.

Easter has fuck all to do with jesus or christianity its called Eastra and was another coopted pagan festival. Unless a Christian accepts they are part of a Jewish religion they are a liar. (inb4 but the bible says synagogue of satan)

Oh i forgot to mention, Eastra is a festival of the ressurection/rebirth. Its an ancient Aryan festival focused in the natural cycle of the winter death and spring revival of life in nature.

Thats right, they stole a celebration of nature and made you worship the king of the jews, because that is what christians are literally jews - when the bible says the false synagogue of satan, its because the argument they have with jews is that they are chosen too.

I do not bring the word, but the sword
*Starts to expell Jews from the temple*
Jews are the sons of Satan and part of the synagogue of Satan.
*Gets crucified once and rises again*

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Called it.

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It's revelation 3:9 it's in the Bible, of course you called it.

Bart Ehrman (who is probably the most respected scholar in this field, a former christcuck who left after he learned all things he did) is not a mythicist, and in fact, like most scholars, rejects Jesus mythicism. So that first image is just quote-mining. But I do recommend his debate with Robert Price (an actual mythicist), as I find it very informative.

You can quote shit out of context to pretend your jew religion is actually somehow anti-semitic all you like, doesn't change the facts.


And influenced the entire world for thousands of years. Pagan larpers never did jack shit

No actual historian makes these claims.

Gerd Ludemann, Resurrection of Christ: A Historical Inquiry, 2004, p. 50

Here's a different quote from that Bart Ehrman character referenced in the first image:
Bart Ehrman, The Historical Jesus: Lecture Transcript and Course Guidebook, 2000, p.162

Tacitus wrote about Him and the two above sources are from atheist scholars.

This is just shitty jews being cunts. They love to wriggle in the middle ground between scholars and the public, distorting high level work or ignoring it entirely. They push actual seekers of truth into a corner then screech on their platforms to reinforce their agendas.

t. former atheist

Not stop shitting up the board with your tepid attempts to create a fracture point.

Happy Easter to all my Christian friends on this day and well met to all the agnostics and atheists out there.

Because all jewish personas existed?

I'll also add this because it's also informative, called "A Real Case Against the Jews". Really makes you think.

What the hell, may as well attach this too.

Here's an interesting part of a debate on the historicity of Jesus, add this one to the list, it's worth a watch. Richard Carrier is a mythicist, but he says some things that are at least insightful in this exchange.

The Man from Earth
The Man from Earth is a 2007 American drama science fiction film written by Jerome Bixby and directed by Richard Schenkman. It stars David Lee Smith as John Oldman, the protagonist. The screenplay was conceived by Jerome Bixby in the early 1960s and completed on his deathbed in April 1998

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Former christian here (not atheist, pagan or christiantiy-hater)
Alas, it is true that there is NO RECORD ANYWHERE that can prove anything from the old or New Testament.
Jews Exodus from Egypt? the only thing that is written is that they were kicked out for their ursury.







you must not read very much
The Parting of the Sea
How Volcanoes, Earthquakes, and Plagues Shaped the Story of Exodus


"Providing what may be the most coherent correlation yet of ancient Egyptian history, the archeology of both Egypt and Palestine, and the biblical traditions of pre-literate Israel, Sivertsen also thoroughly documents and explains each interdisciplinary facet (including volcanism and tectonics as well as oral transmission in non-literate societies). This outstanding accomplishment should be a source of research direction for years to come."–Publishers Weekly Review Annex
"Reaching the end of this book, all I could think was, 'this is blowing my mind.' Not to be overwrought, but Barbara Sivertsen's The Parting of the Sea rewrites the major story of the Jewish people, that of the Exodus from Egypt. Assembling and interpreting a dizzying amount of scientific material, Sivertsen documents how earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and a tsunami played key roles in establishing Jewish people in the land of Canaan."–Jewish Book World

The Parting of the Sea
How Volcanoes, Earthquakes, and Plagues Shaped the Story of Exodus

Explains perfectly how this story was perfected over several hundred years, it's all a fucking jew lie. A story no different than Oliver Stone's JFK or any other Hollyjewwood movie. Or the news you read today, kikes have been lying since the beginning of written time, and yapping about before then.

Christianity is a semitic religion. How does any anti-semite pull off the mental gymnastics required to follow a semitic religion?

Well this is one of the dumber things I've seen in a while

It's a Roman religion and the religion of most people in NatSoc Germany, so as many times as you keep screaming this like the good shill you are, you're never going to change that reality.

Daily reminder that if you seriously follow black metal or satanic styled ideologies you are basically admitting the existence of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. You just don't like them. That's o.k. they can take it.

This is some of the most retarded shit I've seen in a while. Why would Egyptian armies pursue a bunch of runaway kikes if there was a tsunami happening?

The simplest, most plausible, and most accepted explanation is that it never happened, not that a bunch of natural calamities coincidentally struck all at once and were interpreted as divine intervention.



They quote some obscure passage that's basically Jewish in-fighting, where some Christian Jew calls non-Christian Jews the "synagogue of satan" and conclude that this must be proof of Christianity saying all Jews are evil.

It's a Jewish religion and was hated by all of the higher-ups in NatSoc Germany (Hitler, Himmler, Rosenberg, Goebbels, etc.) because of how weak it made their people, so as many times as you keep screaming this, you're never going to change that reality.

What about it makes it a "Roman religion" apart from the fact that it infected the empire? It has all of its roots in Judaism: Creation myth, prophecies (especially Messianic), believed all the same doctrines, etc.

actually if you read, which most people here do not seem to do I will point you towards The Modern Scholar.

Christianity was first adopted by the Greeks, who were much more liberal, think of the olympic games in the nude.

if you read or listen to this any Jew you ever speak to will hate you, because it undermines their entire bullshit story.

yes, seriously, read and decide for yourself, or continue to be a stupid dumbass your entire life, I give two shits either way

Yep, for sure, they were the first to adopt a religion they predated by centuries and that wasn't even founded by them. Good job, genius.

Just because the NT was written in Koine Greek doesn't mean it was "first adopted by the Greeks", the common people at the time read and wrote (if they could read and write at all) in Koine Greek because of Alexander the Great's conquests in the east.

I already know pretty much all of the other stuff you wrote.

I just don't find the explanation given by Siversten plausible, really. But does it really matter if the Exodus didn't happen as opposed to if it actually did but not at all like they claim? Either way the account is bullshit.

He was a better man than you.

But he was a man. A Cynic philosopher who died a death fairly typical of philosophers. He spat in the face of the international jew, and spawned a religion that crushed European paganism. Taught them the lesson that inclusivity leads directly to conquest. A lesson that we have forgotten as we abandon religion and fail to replace it with a new, constructive, unifying philosophy.

not fair because jesus was supposed to be god in human form. not a literal god like the other images. also when hes on the cross he's literally dying from dehydration and starvation. once again hes not a god so of course he'd look sickly

All of whom don't exist anymore except in a shittier state. Also none of the countries that exist today are pagans you fucking retarded mongoloid


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And yet their legacies live on to this day and we're still marvelling at their accomplishments, so your claim is still false.
Japan still exists, is still an ethnostate, and its most widely adopted religion is Shintoism, which is pagan.

you're an idiot, I would read something, read it again, think about it and formulate an independent opinion. You're like a dog who has just been given a bowl of food. Quite predictable, maybe you can do simple tricks too. The information I provided was not meant for you, it was meant for the intelligent lurker, who is smarter than you.

So will Christianity, you pagan larpfags need to go back to the cucked rathole you came from, you're not welcome here

As if there is no Greek Orthodox church right???? what a total fucking dipshit. You must be another stupid jew shill.


as if this asshole should even be speaking their ignorance here. typical

Imagine choosing a foreign sand nigger religion over your own people. It would be no different if you represented Judaism or Islam, you dumb Kikestians.

You do realize how quickly the Assyrians became Christian compared to the Greeks right? It took the Greeks a few centuries

side track with Assyrians?
are Assyrians mentioned anywhere in this entire thread other than by you?
You haven't even read the wikipedia link.
It's found in the overview.

Kill yourself.

not selling any books jewboy, information is found in books, and a lot of good information is out there if you take the time "over hours" to educate yourself on subject matters which concern you, otherwise your smelling your own thumb your just wiped your own ass with.

You fucks deserve each other, you can join the jews in the ovens.

Didn't say that, but ok. I was just saying that Koine Greek was widespread at the time.
He answered before I did. Also since you like to quote from there apparently, here's some more from Wikipedia, the most reliable resource on the internet, as everyone knows. Regardless, the Greeks definitely weren't the first to adopt it. Not that big a deal anyway, doesn't really change anything whether were or not.

If it upsets you that much go back to your containment board, here's the door >>>Zig Forums

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Reminder that varg was a (((satanist))) before larping as a crypto jew egalitarian pagan.

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Still butthurt Varg has more White kids than you?

Where is this shit coming from?

Paul of Tarsus created the religion that is Christianity. Jesus was just another jew wannabe messiah that didnt even like organized religion.

Who are they?

Technically, Antioch was a Greek city at the time, although it's in modern day Turkey. Neither of you is entirely wrong; they wrote and read Koine Greek because of Alexander the Great, so that became the vernacular of the day (it's also the reason why Paul for example uses "Greek" to refer to all non-Jews). But of course, the Jews were the first to adopt Christianity since it was a Semitic religion. The non-Jews that were closest geographically were the ones to convert after. Greeks were among those peoples.

It's not really a major issue, just saying.

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My spiritual Leader Nietzsche said 'God is Dead' niggers
and proceeded to lat out the reason as to why he knows that insidious religion is actually a slave morality/values control construct brutally and bloodily enforced upon the European tribes and has poisoned our minds and created the reality we are fucking raging abut right fucking now you weak 'Last Men" fratricidal ethnocide enablers

Based off of Jesus Christ quotes, he was most like a pedophile.

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lol, typical nigger mentality

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You're welcome to go back to your containment board Zig Forums and never come back

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This narrative is getting boring. It's like that Time's top 100 people in history, with Mohammed as #1 (because of exactly what you just said).

St. Paul legitimized antagonism to the jews, not only for Christians but for all mankind! St. Paul also banned circumcision. However, Christianity would have existed without him. After all, he murdered a bunch of Christians.

No one's taking the bait, we're just having fun BTFO'ing the pagan larphomos, it's good once and awhile to own these annoying homos so they see the light

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If somebody told you they killed someone and the person was resurrected you'd say it was impossible but Jesus is real?


Hope you are all enjoying the pagan festival of easter :)

Well, the bible nowhere condemns pedophilia, so that wouldn't be a surprise, especially considering all the pedophiles in the Roman church and elsewhere in christcuckery.

What does mohamet have to do with what i just said? If not for paul christianity would not have spread to the greeks. Jesus would have been another nobody, more forgotten then Mani.

Way to cherrypick, faggot. Maybe next time try harder to hide how assmad you are.

There isn't really any hope trying to make them see reason, christcuckery is an infection of the mind, that's why Hitler and the other NSDAP members wanted it gone. If they actually cared about what was true they wouldn't be christcucks, they're just so emotionally invested and brainwashed they couldn't imagine anything else being true.


This. Modern Christianity was created by Paul. That's why he had so many disagreements with the other apostles, they wanted to keep it Jewish while he wanted to make it more accommodating to Romans (for subversion, of course).

His wife is a jewess.

>Implying you faggots were doing this shit before your baste kosher e-celeb (((showed up))).

2000 years of being dead = "rising again".

Jewish Biblical prophecies state:

Before the time of the mashiach, there shall be war and suffering (Ezekiel 38:16), the mashiach will bring about the political and spiritual redemption of the Jewish people by bringing Jews back to Israel and restoring Jerusalem (Isaiah 11:11-12; Jeremiah 23:8; 30:3; Hosea 3:4-5). He will establish a government in Israel that will be the center of all world government, both for Jews and gentiles (Isaiah 2:2-4; 11:10; 42:1). He will rebuild the Temple and re-establish its worship (Jeremiah 33:18). He will restore the religious court system of Israel and establish Jewish law as the law of the land (Jeremiah 33:15).

Jews do not believe that Jesus was the mashiach because JESUS DID NONE OF THESE THINGS!

So how did Christians justify Jesus being messiah? By bullshitting. Seriously. They said things like "Well, Jesus's body is Israel, and since all men must follow him, this satisfies the requirement that he make Israel the leading nation".

Look up JewTube videos about why Jews don't think Jesus is messiah, and read the comments if you want a few good long laughs.

Name one other person that assblasted the "jews" and people like for 2000 years. Telling the truth in the face of death is inconceivable to those who worship the father of lies. Also rising from the dead, telling everyone basically "told you so, peace out" and going to Heaven.

If you actually read the Jewish Bible… Jesus wouldn't even be the first person people saw to ascend to Heaven.

Over 100 people have made claims to being messiah, most of them fulfilled at least one or two of the Old Testament prophecies, but Jesus fulfilled none of them. He just cruised up and announced himself like the Jews were going to say "Oh, ok total stranger who fulfilled none of the prophecies, you can be our most sacred figure for no real reason at all besides you saying so!". Then you act all surprised that they killed him. If someone did the same shit to Christians, you would be calling VERY LOUDLY FOR HIM TO BE PUT TO DEATH AND YOU DAMN WELL KNOW IT.

And normalfags and kikestians alike will care more about this than about sandniggers bombing churches and burning Notre Dame down.

That right there is pretty damning.


The Egyptian pharaohs were reviled for 3,000 years, even though the story of the Jews having been enslaved in Egypt was completely fabricated.


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OP is D&C kike shill. The oven awaits him.