Scientists dissect 42,000 year old extinct male foal preserved in permafrost for cloning bid

Scientists dissect 42,000 year old extinct male foal preserved in permafrost for cloning bid
The video - shown here - highlights the moment the best preserved Ice age animal ever found was dissected in the name of science.
It was during this laboratory autopsy that they discovery of liquid blood in the baby horse, boosting hopes of cloning the extinct Lenskaya horse species back to life and paving the way for a similar attempt with the woolly mammoth.
The blood is believed to be the oldest ever found, as reported here yesterday.
Now we can reveal that during this groundbreaking procedure scientists also found urine intact in the prehistoric foal - but sadly failed to discover any mother’s milk in the animal which drowned aged less than two weeks old some 42,000 years ago.
The experts in a laboratory in Yakutsk are dissecting the ancient foal in an attempt to obtain cells which can be used in a cloning bid.

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Our footage shows South Korean cloning expert Professor Hwang Woo-suk, from the Sooam Biotech Research Foundation, leading the dissection team.
It was shot by Dr Lena Grigoryeva, a leading Russian researcher on the project who has previously suggested that a Korean mare is likely to be used as the surrogate mother in a cloning bid.

how would ancient animals deal with modern diseases though?

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Cool find, but I think it's retarded to try to clone it. When a species goes extinct, there's a reason behind it that follows natural law. It wasn't fit enough to survive.

If it dies, clone it again.

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South Korean Supreme Leader overseeing all advancements in modern science.

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What was the Earth Oxygen content 42K ago?
When Cloned Foal will have to live in a Bubble?

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"Fitness" in evolutionary terms has nothing to do with actual physical or mental fitness.
It means "fits the environment."

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Colostrum in the milk imparts some immunity to diseases.

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That horse would probably ride you instead. It has been a while since humanity encountered something that wasn't completely domesticated.

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The immune system of the clone will be imparted the same as in any mammal, the mother it is implanted into will provide it through the pregnancy and through the milk after birth.

It would effectively have the immune system of the Korean mare that bears it.

I don't think the younger dryas counts as natural selection

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Do you know where you are?

Pretty much the same as today.
But if you go back 42 million years ago not so much.


I'm fairly certain is being facetious

This is more promising for cloning than a wooly mammoth in an elephant's uterus, smaller gestation time, more manageable species and more able to adapt to our climate than the ice-age suited mammoth.

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Not necessarily entirely true. Catastrophic events can alter selective pressures to be strong enough to render otherwise perfectly viable lines of organisms completely extinct, as was the case during the Great Dying. Many times, the few lines that survive only do so out of pure luck and not necessarily out of qualitative merit.

Wait, I remember this guy. He made headlines back in 2005 for cloning an Afghan Hound named Sheppy. However it came out that in the promotional material for his company a bunch of his success stories of cloned cell lines (petri dish, not the dog project) were just photoshops of one successful cell line.
In other words, he "embellishes" his advertising at best, and he's a scam artist at worst. However, he DID clone an Afghan Hound dog, which was groundbreaking science at the time. So he must be semi-legit at least, right? Last I heard he was raking in money for a proposed woolly mammoth project, and a bunch of women were sending him their eggs because he was talking about perhaps jumping to humans.

Any Anons have more data on this guy? I haven't followed the story since reading it in a 2005 issue of Time and following it up a few years later on Wikipedia.>>13166300

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This is what I love about Russia and other East Asian nations. Countries that say fuck off to leftist principles that obstruct scientific advancement. There are leftists/eco-fascists that will protest these scientists for learning about ancient animals for potential cloning. The US, I have no doubt, does this - but will never let it population know about it. These mentioned nations are proud to share their discoveries. The future lies in East Asia and Russia. While the West welcomes in the primitive desert "religion of piss" to destroy their societies, Asian nations advance toward to the future.
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If it can survive now, it's fine.


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Actually it does, but it isn't fitness

Weren't nazis against animal experimentation, too?

Whatever. Just another money pit. That thing is useless.

Exactly. They were leftists.

I can't wait until they find a neanderthal frozen solid in the permafrost like this cute lil' pony

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something like this

Modern-day Yakut horses

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they experimented on rabbits. trying to make them huuge. but i dont think it was unethical, just selective breeding

If they do this, they are going to circumcise it, aren't they?

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De-extinction! Awesome!

Actually farm animals are castrated rather than circumcised.

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Mongols also majorly employed horses too, user.

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What I heard from someone who moves in those circles is that the stomach contents are a big problem for the jew timeline.
They didn't find random wild forage in the beast's stomach, but hay and something akin to modern feed pellets.
Also found a brand/herd marker on the beast's skin, and a gold tag in one of its ears.
The branding and tag were in some kind of sanskrit.

The chinese actually used horses far more often than the romans during the same time period. But that's offtopic.

It will be interesting to see if they can pull this off so that we have a decent chance of bringing back species that humans obliterated like the moa. Otherwise the 'reverse evolution' experimentation is much creepier, check: dinochicken

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Eh, maybe. They seem at least distantly related to the Turkish roaches, so I would take them with a pinch of salt. Tengrism is pretty based though.

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Very very poorly. Modern diseases that are most common zoonotically are largely artifacts of the widespread domestication of animals some 12,000 years ago (for the most part). That means something from 42,000 years ago would have very little immunity compared to modern animals. Granted this is speaking generally, but id say they're not likely to survive without extensive human monitoring and treatment.


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