We Must Keep America American

After much deliberation, I have decided that we whites in America must embrace this nation, and what it meant to us once. I know, we've all heard, how this country was made by freemasons, and how it was built on genocide and slavery, and how we should either give it up to mexicans, natives, or mutts.. But I disagree. I used to think we should all just jump ship and return to Europe, but the fact is, this country was an endeavor by Europeans, for future European generations. When most modern Americans think of our past, they may think of the revolutionaries, or slave-masters, or businessmen, or carpenters.. But I think of the pioneers. It is that pioneer spirit that this nation was built by, and it is that pioneer spirit that is so precious to us Europeans. TL;DR: Europeans built America (and Australia/New Zealand/Etc..) and we should not- no- CAN not just abandon this country, because some capitalist kikes and lefty faggots think they can convince us otherwise.

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America was actually inhabited by whites (although not in great numbers) long before it was officially "discovered" . Mormons were pretty spot on about most things except worshiping a Jew and a Jewish god.

It was whites who built that country, never cease it to subhumans. There are no excuses.

Yeah but Italians and Slavs weren’t white back then. Not even the Irish. When America was founded, it was really founded for Anglo-Saxons.

The border between thing that called "America" and that thing called "Canada" is an imaginary line, separating the single English-speaking European Nation.
Just like the border between Germany and that thing called "Austria" is an imaginary line, separating the single German Nation.
Anything who says otherwise is a ZOG-shill that doesn't even believe in the existence of Nations.

Bog bodies in what is now Florida show that Aryans made it to the United States a long time ago.

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Those Anglos who ran away from the other Anglos or were kicked out from their home countries. Which is not necessarily a bad thing since the eternal Anglo was the greatest kike golem up to date. With other Europeans you get the actual diversity without any damage to your gene pool.

I’m sorry if I am not fully understanding your post, but how are you addressing my point that America wasn’t founded for most white peoples, but only those from northwestern European countries?

You are the same one that made the Ashkenazi IQ thread, aren't you?

No, but if you want me to pretend to be him in order for you to address my point about America not being founded for Slavs and Wops, I will do so.

It was founded specifically for Ashkenazi Jews :>)

Thing is, there are variations of 'slavs and italians'. Some are 'white', some are not. We can get to purity spiraling later, but right now, white unity should be our goal. It's all well and good to purity spiral about ethnicities and such, on here.. But in real life, a 'white russian'. or 'white italian' is my brother (cousin, maybe) moreso than any other non-white. Point of thread is exactly that, uniting white Americans, and instead of fleeing together to Europe, taking back our country. I'm someone who learns from history, so we don't repeat the same mistakes, and waste time.

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So you're ok with us all jumping ship, and leaving the kikes and the shitskins with the nuclear codes? The US is a super-power, and we've let it get in the hands of some scummy people, but there is still a great deal of hope for this young country.

Setting up the proper cutoff is highly important, if not the most important issue. On one hand, calling Slavs and Italians not white is typical kike D&C that has nothing to do with reality (even Hitler accepted them as his allies), going along their anti-NS propaganda where they portrayed Hitler as someone wanting to kill all non-blonde people. (And having one testicle, being a Jew, gassing 6 billion Jews etc.)

Especially since southern Euros were much more exposed to kikes over the course of history and have developed a certain immunity to them. Same goes for their instinctive hatred of kebabs. You will find many more redpilled Balkan people and Italians than you will find northern Euros, who, let's face it, make the core of ZOG golems enforcing globalist Talmud. That role is being passed on to chinks and arabs now.

On the other hand, a line has to be drawn, otherwise you get various Turks, Mexicans, mongrels etc. calling themselves white, which is harmful as well. Most nations don't have monolithic populations, meaning that you can find white people even in generally non-white nations, and of course, vice-versa. Mixing, shitskin invasions and migrations did a lot of damage to us, but we can still recover and define what would be a core white race.

They already have nuclear codes. But I agree, even as a global carrier and enforcer of poz, racemixing and globohomo, USA might be one of our last chances, along with Russia.

The jews already have American nukes. They own your country.

They still live in illusion that it's not the case.

Sounds like you want to join americanidentitymovement.com/

This is revisionist history. Isolated corners of Anglos and jews held views like this, mostly because the Catholics were anti-semitic.

But how will you resist those that want to kill the aryan race?

Checked for the original deplorables.

Found the jew

The same way whites have always dealt with their enemies.

I agree with the cut-off, and that will happen naturally I believe. It's definitely not going to be easy for those of us in the US, and AUS, and NZ.. But our ancestors faced much worse odds, and overcame them. It's just a matter of committing ourselves to this country, and upholding the constitution as it was written, and then purging any and all who celebrated 'our' government burning the constitution. I'm not even opposed to slightly balkanizing the union, just to give folks like the 'natives', and 'constitutionally patriotic' mulattoes.. The US is not going to be like Europe, and to try to make the US completely white is asking for defeat.. But we can reinstate a vast white majority, and purge the government of traitorous scum.

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Contemporary Ben Franklin quotes are revisionism?

USA is in a pretty tight spot, any white insurgency, even if successful, would weaken it enough for foreign countries to strike. That's why you need to act within constitutional framework, as it allows for freedom of association. No one can force you to do business with kikes and niggers. Making certain states majority redpilled white should be a priority. Then you can bring state laws which benefit the race and resist the federal govt to the maximum extent allowed by the constitution. Aim for the states with majority white population, especially the ones where nukes, firepower and civilian objects of high strategic value are located.

Forcing libshits to accept our ideas is counter-productive, simply arrange for all redpilled whites to move into certain states and create society within society there, making it subtly hostile to non-whites. Leave libshits and kikes live surrounded by their non-white pets. Once the white man leaves, those places will turn into another Liberia.

Once that is established, helping some redpilled Europeans migrate there would not be a bad idea either, at least until Europe is reclaimed

Good point. I've thought a lot about what happens if US gov collapses and we're invaded. I'd expect Peacekeepers firstly, then maybe China/Russia. No matter who the invaders were, if the states are already in 'disarray', I'm sure there would be full-scale guerilla war directed towards the invaders.. at least in rural areas, for sure. Cities could go either way. I just think that civil war 2 and world war 3 will come hand in hand, and that could very well be for the best in the long run.

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Mass murder and the sowing of salt.Nigger

Agreed, a lot of people on this board split hairs about what constitutes a pure white as opposed to a mutt white. I think this debate is very much important, but it will never change the bottom line of why homogeneity in a society is so important, to increase unity among the people. Pure whites living among mutt whites is infinitely more prosperous than pure whites living among shitskins, and also mutt whites. We have to have priorities, first we deal with our kike and shitskin problem, then we focus on the purity of individual whites.

Sterilizing the mutt would be enough that is needed.

America for europeans!

You only figured this out after much deliberation?
Whats with op being a faggot?

i'm not sure what i just watched, but it was fucking amazing

rhodesian bush fighters

There literally is a border line though.

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God wills it

Trust the plan.

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=It starts with B and ends in UMP==

Even in a collapse scenario, your aim should be to gather redpilled whites at one point and make sure they get to keep most of the resources, advanced infrastructure and weaponry. Such confederation, if order and pro-white control was to be assumed quickly following the federal collapse, would still be sufficiently powerful to resist the other world powers and (((international institutions)))

The main problem is that kikes have infested every spore of society there meaning that they would rather sabotage certain facilities than let them get into hands of whites. You'd need a combination of blitzkrieg and kristallnacht to secure a white ethno-state following the collapse, the one that would be fully self-sufficient and armed to the teeth.

Yup organizing is important.

I dunno about bog bodies, but a few of the injun tribes have tales of a race of fair skinned red headed people that they genocided.

Pic related

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For america

For America.


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Americanism is about disloyal honesty above all else. Defend truth, save the corrupted from themselves! Their societies squander even their own potential!

That's an oxymoron. The American Revolution was inevitable given the stupidity of the British policies at the time, Edmund Burke makes a great case for this, the founder of conservative thought.


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So you're saying we should just claim everything until we reach a natural boundary? Does the Panama canal qualify as an acceptable stopping point, or is that too artificial to count?

Stick to climates we evolved in, Central America has too high a UV index for whites

Fucking boomer-tier garbage


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Only God is forever.

God is dead, America lasts forever.

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I agree.

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stop claiming god as one of your tribe by the way

Only christcucks complain about that.


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jews hate mormons. they are as anti kike as it gets

Wrong, jews love whites that worship dead jews.

your country was founded by (((freemasons))) who believe in (((equality)))

Founding fathers never believed in equality and freemasons are just a fucking fraternity that has successfully confused the fuck out of retards like you with their Solomon-based symbolism.

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i'll never forgive you faggots for 1792 and the hellish nightmare you dragged us all into. don't try and pretend that the american revolution was any different to the french revolution

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Got some links for those?
Civic nationalism was promoted by kikes in order to destroy nation as a concept. It's not based in anything concrete, just a bunch of arbitrary rules, which are rather idiotic when one thinks about them. They could not force globalism immediately, they needed something transitional that would have it as a logical conclusion. There is nothing wrong with creating a country for multiple nations, but those nations need to be broadly of the same race and regional background. Ideally, Europe would be nationally and culturally differentiated (Germans would be racially German, French French etc) and places like USA, Australia etc. would be like EU, but just for white people.

Each "tribe" has it's own god, by accepting alien ones, you subject yourself to them without being physically conquered. Worshiping the wrong gods, deceived by the masters of lies is what led to this global decadence and white genocide.

Do you have anything to back that up? One of their leaders is a kike and they seem to be very pozzed lately.

I think the Enlightenment era thinkers were just too idealistic to accept the reality of the Jew. They thought that by giving them equal rights, they would stop being kikes. How wrong they were … What could pass as naivety once, can only be pure malice the second time. Not realizing the errors of the original experiment and forcing it no matter how bad it becomes is antithetical to the principles.

remove trump(in a broad sense)
remove judeochristianity and other nonwhite religions(ideally, all religions, they are all created/modified/corrupted/etc by the jewish global system)
make a WHITE ONLY free national-progressive-pragmatic-rational-democracy(with network management and identification of the most capable people for each emerging task and the formation of temporary groups to solve a specific task and the subsequent dissolution of the group)

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but you guys already tried that

"So that if we shall deal falsely with our God in this work we have undertaken, and so cause Him to withdraw His present help from us, we shall be made a story and a by-word through the world."

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"You said, 'I am forever, the eternal queen!' Now you listen, you lover of pleasure, lounging in your security and saying to yourself, 'I am, and there is none besides me.' They come from the faraway lands, from the ends of the heavens, to destroy the whole country…"

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Do Austrians even want to unite with Germany?
Do Canadians want to unite with America?
I know that the Quebeque would rather be independent of English Amerada were that to happen.

Read Madison Grant
America was founded by a Nordic stock and has mostly been Nordic till the 1900-70s when we started receiving mass immigration from Catholic countries. "White" did not mean anyone who could pass as "White" to our founding fathers, it was very exclusive.

You aren’t wrong, but Anna Flagg is a stupid cunt;
Mexico is going to rape us.
Islam is going to rape the Mexicans.
Then China is going to go to war with Islam.