Ohio prison guards laughed as white supremacist stabbed cuffed black inmates

Just let them die: Ohio guards laughed as supremacist stabbed cuffed black inmates, suit says

An Ohio prison staff acted with callous indifference as a white supremacist attacked four black inmates handcuffed to a table, according to a federal lawsuit filed earlier this month in the Southern District of Ohio.

Two correctional officers, identified only by their surnames, Faye and Dalton, laughed as the four black inmates were brutally stabbed in June 2017, the suit says. The incident was captured on surveillance footage and viewed by millions.

The suit seeks $75,000 in damages on behalf of two of the victims, Shamieke Pugh and Maurice Lee. It claims the victims' civil rights were violated, including that they suffered cruel and unusual punishment because of the prison guards' inaction.



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This isn’t anything new really. Anybody with a bit of time can easily research just how much prison guards DON’T give a fuck about anything but cash. If they don’t like you; they’ll let you bleed out if you get hurt. Backtalk? 2 months in the hole nigger, with some moldy nutra-bar. It just so happens to be black inmates this time; maybe the guard didn’t like the way they talked to him.

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they were shackled to the table

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Thats actually about equivalent to what they cost at the height of slavery in the US in todays dollars. About $40k each. Today in africa you can pick up slaves for $90.

Seems like the video is making the rounds now because Reinke is making a stink about being mistreated, after having stabbed some ZOG prison guard.
A casual reading of several news stories about this doesn't suggest Reinke was politically motivated. One has to wonder if there is audio to the video. Were the niggers mouthing off? Probably had it coming.
Remember the white guy who shot some nigger kid in Florida because he lost to him at a Madden tournament? I bet the nigger mouthed off too, but you can't find the video of the stream where they played the game.

The only people who become prison guards are people who can’t become cops.
You’re locked in with thousands of convicted offenders, many of whom are violent. That’s going to take a psychological impact. Not saying I feel bad for prison guards because they can quit any time but the point is they’re either already fucked in the head or made that way through osmosis.

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It was pretty funny.

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You mean those groups whites set up in prison to defend themselves against apes?
How do I know the officer isn't pro equal opportunity merit based stabbing?

Purge the prison guard populations until you only have people loyally committed to rehabilitation, then purge them again to hit the canny liars who only learned to say the words. Not a good governing philosophy at large, but prison guards need to be honest the way cops need to be honest or moreso; cops occasionally have to be clever or else, but a stupid prison guard who does their job reliably would be completely sufficient.

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this boy be gonna crack this prison reform case wide open, whites bois mad scared

It doesn't matter who the victims were and who the assailant was, this is not how incarceration should be handled. Why would you allow two different races next to each, one with and one without cuffs on?


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Of course, then there are female guards that fuck inmates and nonwhite subhumans, but they never should have been in the system.

Piggy menthos don’t predict criminality anywhere close to that well. The current slagheap of a prison system already rehabilitates people well enough to falsify the drek floating in your foundry’s product, and it’s nowhere close to optimal.

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At first I read that as prison guard laughs as blacks stab white supremacist, I was pretty mad. This is much better.

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Old news, he didn't even kill anyone, what a failure

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