Are Ashkenazi Jews genetically superior to most other races?

Are Ashkenazi Jews genetically superior to most other races?

Ashkenazi Jews are consistently the most intelligent race in IQ testing:

Ashkenazi's also have some of the world's longest lifespans due to genetic factors:

Ashkenazi Jews are also ethnically European, according to all reliable genetic studies:

How is European + high intelligence + longevity not the ultimate genetic combination?

Pic related: results of my genetic test I got today from 23-and-me. Both my parents and all 4 of my grandparents are Christian (and I'm atheist), but it turns out my DNA is 50% Ashkenazi and 50% other places in Europe.

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Because there is no "jew" haplogroup.

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I have 50% Ashkenazi DNA, doesn't make me Jewish. The rest of my DNA is mostly Scandanavian.

None of my grandparents are Jewish and no Jewish religious movement would accept me even if I wanted to convert to become religious

I've been lurking and posting here for a long time.

Actually thought I was 100% Norwegian until I took this DNA test, none of my family or me have any physical characteristics of being Jewish. My family tree as far as I can trace it is entirely Norwegian with a little German influence.

Have you taken a DNA test? If not you have no way of knowing whether you carry Ashkenazi DNA either

Is this a joke? I hope you realize when you admit you're Ashkenazi, you're admitting you're an inbred parasite.

Congrats… your genetic Code is now in a government database
(kinda sweet justice considering you're jewish)

Ah yes, I've heard that claim here a million times already, but never with actual evidence.
Give us a link to an actual study and not fucking Wikipedia and we could actually respond to that…
Until then FUCK OFF CUNT

Kek, maybe OPs "father" got cucked

If you haven't taken a DNA test you have no way of knowing whether this isn't the case for you.

My entire family tree as long as it can be traced is Norwegian for over 10 generations with a few German people intermarrying in. I look 100% Norwegian as well.

The results of this test were a complete surprise to me too, leading me to conduct research on what Ashkenazi DNA actually means.

This is true. I'd recommend the work of the geneticist Eren Elhaik to realize why people who believe in Kike DNA are a bunch of liars.

Probably someone was naughty.

not very common in northern countries though, but it happens. 50% is too high for a random percentage especially in norway.

It's been a weird few days, I was not expecting this result at all. I just don't understand it as I honestly have no physical characteristics that are Norwegian, surely if my mother or grandmother cheated I would LOOK different?

I look a lot like my father and grandfather, if there's someone who has secretly fucked a Jew then it must be back past their generation

Everything I know about Ashkenazi DNA has been from the past few days researching on Wikipedia since I got this result.

I've always done well academically so maybe this has something to do with it, and I also have longevity in my family with all my grandparents still alive and over the age of 90


Ashkenazi are inbred genetic failures that rely on nepotism to succeed.
Fuck off OP, stupid kike.

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No comment, OP chokes on dicks as usual.

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I've literally attended rallies and been part of our movement for multiple years. Having Ashkenazi DNA doesn't define who I am and wont change my political views

Yea spelling mistake. I meant to use "aren't"

I look Norwegian and people who meet me when I travel often even place me as a Norwegian person.

I've seen Jews in pictures in all the hats and black clothing and that doesn't look like me at all. I have blonde hair and blue eyes for fucks sake.

Definitely having a bit of an identity crisis here, I will admit

It seems to be having the effect that you act like a jew and make useless bait slide threads that serve no purpose other than to advertise (((DNA testing))) which is monopolized by jews, and have been proven to sell all information to authorities as well as skew results to favor race-mixing agendas.

Try downloading the raw data and using some other genetic analyst programs to see if you get similar results. the program your using might just be ballsy. And look if the other characteristics listed on the results are actually like you. like eye color, hair characteristics etc to make sure it is actually your result and not a mess up.

Look up some ashkenazi jews, they can look very european. The whole idea of DNA is weird. Apart from some genetic isolates (archaic DNA like Neantherthal etc) we all have the same gene variants, the difference is in what frequentcy the different variants are found in different populations. Ashkanazi are European jews meaning heaps of European DNA especially Eastern European, with a bit more middle eastern DNA then the surrounding populations. So you might as well look fully European, they tend to do that anyhow, even if they pretend not to be white. The 50% means that the variants found in your DNA are extremely unlikely to happen by chance in a an scandinavian population. making it highly likely somebody was naughty.

The ashkenazi jews are also very inbred with a small gene pool (nice for some verbal intelligence characteristics but not so nice for heaps of other genetic diseases and mental issues) the inbreeding makes for their characteristic phenotype.

I guess the 21.8% Norweigan DNA + 16.4% French/German (totalling 38.2% of my genetic code) could be overriding the Ashkenazi DNA when it comes to physical appearance?

I was expecting maybe 95% Norwegian and 5% maybe German/Dutch. Almost had a heart attack when I read these results.

Yeah thanks for the tip, I'll get a second test done with a different company. This just doesn't make any sense to me, but I guess freak accidents do happen.

Have there been any scientific IQ tests of Ashkenazi jews or are they still running on that one IQ test of a couple dozen jewish schoolchildren? (Aka, way too small a sample size to be statistically significant, and having been done on children, utterly meaningless with regards to adults.)


My whole family is pretty healthy, but most of my ancestors have worked in trades rather than academics so I don't know about intelligence characteristics. However, I did get very good grades at university (engineering) without studying very hard.

On my mothers side mostly nurses and carpenters in the family, and on my fathers side mostly housewives and engineers. I was under the impression most Jews work in banking or as lawyers.

many close friends of mine have some jewish blood, despite not looking stereotypical jewish, they also tend to be the most right wing. They also tend be quite sharp, there is some connection I think. Amusingly i'm 100% northern European but look a bit celtic nordic and I would fit in anywhere in Europe and the middle east as a native albeit being long and blondish.

Oh and don’t forget, when the schizophrenia kicks in to really go for broke and take as many of your relatives with you when you cant take it any more.

It's bs theres no such thing as ashkenazi dna

A person could be descended from a Christian or Muslim Palestinian that migrated to Europa but that test would say Ashkenazi, it's bs

So I might not have any genetic connection to the Jews at all?

beliving stupid stories such as parting seas, talking burning bushes etc is not a sign of true intelligence, Jews have learned intelligence and good memories so they can do good at school and collage but they have low true intelligence

I have taken a DNA test.
My heart leapt for joy when it came back 0% kike. Even more so when my wife’s was also 0% kike.

Maybe who knows

They have shit tonnes of genetic diseases

usually ashkenazi jews were prohibited from agriculture.

They were very prominent as merchants, accounting, banking, tax collectors, some specific trades trades like jewerely, entertainment like acting, some of the more frowned upon activity like prostitution etc and later on in academics.

unlikely but try putting the raw data through other dna analysing sites.

What's up with all these shills?

No one ever said it's about the religion. Atheistic jews are just as bad as religious ones

Every Jew I knew lived in the same area as me, a non Jewish area, basically 99% white Christians, they lived there bcuz the Orthodox Jew cumminity had shunned them for having disorders.
There were Jews from different communities across uk and one family from Canada, shunning is the norm in Orthodox Jew communities but they keep it a secret, it's not commonly known amongst non Jews.
They shun their own and the shunned move away and over time the shunned going to the same areas turn into a Jew community which over the centuries shun Jews whom move away to start more communities.
Jews claim they've been persecuted for thousands of years by non Jews and that they have to keep moving away but a lot of it is actually them shunning their own people.
They don't want people with disorders in their community, they don't wanna breed with them but they happy for them to live on non Jew communities and breed with non Jews and polite their gene pool.

I've got tourettes.
I'm probably descended from a Jew that was shunned from her community and went to the Christian community and married some Christian

Often due to undertesting of the "average" religious Jew. This gets brought up here a lot, it gets debunked a lot.

Sourced from a Jewish magazine, and apparently despite the huge number of genetic diseases you all carry.

I am half European, half pajeet/chink/etc. I am more European than you are.

European + High IQ + longevity is pretty awesome, but the kikes are not in possession of any of them. They only have the ability to lie and cheat.

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Look at the state of humanity under their rule. These people are destroyers, petty with little ambition that goes beyond domination of the people of this planet. A few points in IQ only gives them an advantage is scheming a more nefarious plot, and adds nothing in terms of culture or uplifting humanity as a whole.

You’re really displaying that Ashkenazi intellect. If you’re 50% jew, either your mom or dad is 100% chosenite. Unless they’re both mischlings.

Are you dumb.

jew propaganda like this thread ought to be a permaban but noooo mods on 8/pol still subscribe to some vague bullshit libertarian ideals.


He's probably a Klein.
Klein was the ancient Germanic nane for Asia Minor, one of the oldest eruption maps inthe world (a Germanic map) proves that.
When people migrated from Asia Minor to Germany the Germans have them the surname Klein whatever their religion.

Your political opinions are irrelevant. No opinion, no deed can redeem a jew

No such thing as ashkenazi dna it's Jew propaganda

Ashkenazi Jews are the race with the highest IQ on average, which does not necessarily make them more intelligent, because there are many criticisms to the measurement of intelligence with IQ. Also consider that it is likely that the IQ tests are designed by Ashkenazis given their over representation in positions of power and so therefore are likely to be optimised for those who are Ashkenazis.

According to this chart designed by mostly Jews, Ashkenazis on average and are as close to Northwestern Europeans as Sicillians are. I think this is likely to be true, however there is certainly reason to question it.

If Siciliians are not white, then neither are Askenazi Jews. However Jews are still subhuman on average because most of them use their intelligence for trickery and dishonourable methods of gaining power.

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If you had Jew in you your religion would be Judaism.
Jews don't convert

So you disagree with all the white nationalists that talk about Jewish characteristics? you think there is nothing distinct about Jews?

Wow you are stupid. LOTS of Jews convert. Also if his father was Jewish he wouldn't be as only the mother counts for religion.

50% is a lot. Enough so that you should encourage your dad to take the same DNA test. Odds are he isn't your real genetic father.

No I'm saying that when a test says ashkenazi dna it's bs, it just means youve got Asian in you from, descendants from particular part of Middle East/the levant but that could be Jew, Christian, Druiz, Palestinian, it can't prove it was Jewish dna but that's what they're pushing by saying ashkenazi dna rather than using a more accurate term, so it's propaganda

Diseases common to R-M417…….None.
Cautionary statement- due to 20000 yr of of alcohol consumption has higher probabilities of Alcoholism.

According to the Nuremburg laws (Hypothetically assuming all your European DNA is German) , you would only partly belong to the German race and nation, and you be approved to have Reich citizenship.

I'm not Jewish, don't look Jewish, and have never been associated with any Jews. My online activities have probably already placed me on various watch-lists that would prevent me ever travelling to a Jewish place like Israel.

I can't help the results of a DNA test, and people here are saying it may not indicate Jewishness anyway

If the Reich laws were based on anything other than DNA tests I think I'd be given citizenship. I look 100% Aryan and my family tree comes from Norway


Episcopalians, Quakers, and Unitarian Christians consistently score higher than Ashkenazi Jews on both IQ tests and SAT scores.

Jews are also one of the most inbred cultural groups on earth.

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If I was the Führer I would class you as a half-Jew honorary Aryan, although I would keep you out of things like media and banking just to be safe. You could be a doctor or something.

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That rule was abandoned ages ago. Mischlings are as much a risk to a host population as full blooded bloodsuckers.

I’m ok with Jews that are doctors or basically any career that isn’t a direct pipeline for spreading degeneracy.

But, media, banking, judiciary, politics, or working in any capacity in education…..fuck that.

Master race, destined to rule over the inferior races.

Wait, have i heard this before? Nah, jews are unique.

You don't have to look Jewish, that's why the phrase "crypto jew" is a thing. Jews are parasites, their genetics suck so they flaunt their whores around so host races reproduce with them (It's why they project their cuck fantasies and why jewishness is inherited matrilinialy).

You can usually take your genetic data from your first company and have it analyzed by others for free or a small fee (MtDNA and 23andMe have, or had a deal like that), and there are various research groups that you can send the raw data to free of charge, and they go into even more data (the one that got tricked into testing monkey dna and thought it was african, for example). As other anons have said, use the family/referal discount and get your parents tested and compare it to yours. It sounds like your dad got cucked. That, or you have lots of diverse viking rapes in your past from various middle eastern/Eastern European groups that happen to be close enough to Jew for your host company to claim it as such.

What is ashkenazi jew?
It is German mathrineal genome, fucked up with middle east neanderthal admix.
Ashkenazi is 80% German, 20% jewish.
Fucked up German.

fucking kill yourselves

Is it not totally possible they either fucked up your test or purposefully planted “Jewish” genes in your results to mess with you? I do remember hearing this about 23andMe before. Get a 2nd opinion from another company before jumping to any conclusions. There is a reason why in science we carry out experiments in triplicate at a minimum

There is, actually. They exist in a specific haplogroup between middle eastern and European. They show up as a quite distinct group on principle component plots

not a direct pipeline for spreading degeneracy

No, blow your brains out.

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what is this shillary?
I can point out if someone is jew from their looks and voice..

"Although making up less than 0.2% of the world's population, of the first 13 undisputed world champions, over 50% were Jewish, including the first two."

This is undisputable proof that Ashkenazi Jews do in fact possess higher average IQ as IQ tests indicate. It is worth noting that IQ is one possible measure of intelligence and IQ is far from a perfect measure of intelligence.

There are plenty of Philo-Semites and Shabbos goyim out there, and there is likely many honourable Jews as well, however these are both exceptions to the average and must be approached with caution.

I do think the level of anti-Semitism on Zig Forums can sometimes be excessive, however it is understandable why it is so excessive, because any attempt to empathise or show compassion towards those of Jewish stock is always ruthlessly exploited. Any attempt to build stocks of trust with Jews always results in betrayal. Sometimes there is an exception and there is a Jew who is actually honest and trustworthy, but the tragedy is that this is such an unlikely exception that it is simply not worth the risk.

If Jews were honest and trustworthy on average even half the time as much as the average white, I would have no problem accepting them as whites, because of their superior average IQ.

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Except no, paid jewish shill, it’s proven that jews have an average IQ of 90.

Yes, it is.
Haplogroup J (J1, J2) is jewish haplogroup.
It is Neanderthal haplogroup. Enriched with Neanderthal aleles on 19 chromosome.
Pic related. Oase 1, known Homo Sapiens + Homo Neanderthalensis hybrid. 20% Neanderthal genome on chromosome which is responsible for skull shape, nose shape, and aleles for psychological diseases.
Ashkenazi jews are hybrid species. Neanderthal mongrels.

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They certainly think so. And pretty soon here, we're all going to find out if it's true or not.

No, jewish fucker.
This is the proof, Germanic people are the most inteligent.
Ashkenazi jews are only 20% jewish. 80% of their genome is Germanic.
Ashkenazis are fucked up Germans. And therefore they have slightly higher inteligence. 103 - 105.
Pure Germans have IQ at 115 - 120. But that is prohibited to measure. IQ in Germany is measured with all balkan, turk, arap and other shitskin.
Pure Germanic IQ is highest in Earth.

Average Jews including Jews from all races do indeed have IQ less than 100. However the Ashkenazi Jews, who are inbred from an extremely small group of the most intelligent group of Jews, do indeed have higher average IQ than most other races, as proven by their excellence in chess. Of course I still think they are subhuman because they possess no honour.

Friendly reminder that the people ITT disagreeing with OP but not saging are paid shills trying to slide the board, no matter how much they disguise their language as being in line with Zig Forums. This thread in a normal world is five replies with sage saying "fuck off" before disappearing.

If Germanic people have the highest average IQ and not Jews, why are most chess champions Jewish and not pure Germanic?

Live that chess fame, user. It is fake, like all other things connected with jews.
In chess, jews are scheming. They cooperate. Biggest talents in chess were Andersen, Morpy, Aljehin, Capablanca, Karpov, Smislov, Carlsen and many, many other Germans.
Fucking Kasparov. And Kasparov is maybe 1/4 jewish.

So glad Zig Forums has mods to get rid of cuckchan threads like these……………..

No, they are not smarter by any significant measure. It's a math problem: Look at Jews in Israel and their average IQ.
How do you explain the academic excellence of these Ashkenazi Jews? Did they steal all their research from Germans without giving them credit? If so, how did they do this without getting caught? I am not ruling out the possibility that Ashkenazi Jews are just as stupid as all the other Jews, however, I need some kind of explanation for all of these phenomena in order to confirm that possibility.


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Oase1 was haplogroup K2a
I can show you PCA with neanderthals with chromosome 19 or compare qp3Pop results for them.

It’s not the genes that make Jews prosperous, it’s the honesty. “God”, which is to say causality, favors people who report truthfully. The long-term is served by honesty.

Welcome to the board. Remember, you're here forever.

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Didn't someone send dog DNA to one of these "genetic tests" and they found out it was jewish?