Pennsylvania man charged for creating & posting digital image of him pointing rifle at Jews

A Pennsylvania man created a digital image of himself pointing an AR-15 rifle at a group of praying Jewish men and posted it online, one of several cyber threats he made against Jewish, Muslim and black people, prosecutors said Thursday in announcing a criminal charge.

Corbin Kauffman, 30, used aliases to post hundreds of racist, anti-Semitic and Islamophobic messages, images and videos, several of which contained threats, prosecutors said. Kauffman “expressed a desire to commit genocide and ‘hate crimes,’ and called for or depicted images of the killing of Jewish people, black people and Muslim people,” the U.S. attorney’s office in Scranton said in a news release.

The Lehighton man was charged April 1 with interstate transmission of threats, a federal crime that carries a maximum of five years in prison. Kauffman’s lawyer, Christopher Opiel, declined to comment Thursday.

Kauffman was released from custody pending the outcome of his case on condition that he stay off the internet.

An arrest warrant said that on March 7, Kauffman, posting under the username “KingShekels,” sent an image of a notebook page with a swastika, dripping blood and the words, “MURDER YOUR LOCAL JUDEN.” It was signed “CK Shekel.”

Kauffman also sprayed anti-Semitic graffiti at a park; plastered a display case at Chabad Jewish Center in Ocean City, Maryland, with white supremacist and anti-Semitic stickers; and posted photos of the vandalism, according to prosecutors.

Last fall, a gunman with an AR-15 rifle and other weapons opened fire at Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life Synagogue, killing 11 worshippers. Authorities in that case say Robert Bowers expressed hatred of Jews. Bowers, 46, has pleaded not guilty.

“Pennsylvanians know all too well how dangerous these kinds of white supremacist threats can be,” U.S. Attorney David Freed said in a statement that referenced the synagogue massacre, as well as hate-inspired mass shootings at a New Zealand mosque and a black church in South Carolina. “We don’t know what might have happened, but we take these threats seriously.”

Michael Harpster of the Philadelphia FBI said that while the agency “does not and will not police ideology, we stand ready to intervene whenever threatening language crosses the line into illegal activity.”

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Is he a jew?

He wasn't aliased enuff

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how much do you want to bet he posted to faceberg bareback

Checked satan quints

What an OPSEC failure. Should've carried the attack out instead of posted about doing so.

But that's not possible.

I agree with Corbin


I always wondered, isnt it stressful anxiety-filled to be thinking about racist thoughts all day for these people.
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Right. I don’t have the energy, free time or will to hate people I’ve never met before my feet even hit the floor every. single. day.
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less stressful than admitting to yourself that you're a fucking loser with nothing to feel proud of

Good arrest

Muh freeze peach

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA, seriously though. If he wanted to start a movement. This is not the way.

What was the point, though?

notice he's a lefty?

illegal ideology now. zogbots showing their true colors

Yeah, he had to have made specific threats against people. Not general stuff like "all jews must die" or whatever. Otherwise this will be thrown out.

the judge is going to be a jewed up ZOGbot, no one is safe

That's definitely possible, but it's not a given.


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lol. in your dreams. follow the case if you want to see how wrong you will be. but you wont and next thread about another guy youll say the same thing.

Reminder that free speech does not exist, the constitution is meaningless, and no one is going to fight back against any of this.

It doesn’t need to have a point. You don’t get to say what I can and cannot express.

yeah nice, but that's not what I said. I said if he didn't make specific (and credible) threats, it will be thrown out. This has been tested many times, and is pretty much beyond settled.

You’re brain damaged. He threatened jews. His life is over. He’ll be imprisoned for this. People go to jail in the US for saying nigger. You don’t have an argument.

Did he? He made specific and credible threats against jews? Oh well maybe he will be imprisoned then (exactly what I already said brainlet).

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That’s your problem, not ours. He’ll be imprisoned. You have no argument.

I have no idea what image you are implying I need to read. I'm not even sure I'm talking to a real person at this point.

Okay, you failed. He will be imprisoned for his actions. You know nothing.

ok this bot needs a lot of work

I’m sure Corbin has enough room for the two of you on his mattress in jail. I’m sure you can both preach to each other about having no friends.

Jews, everyone. This is probably how the cult started. He will be imprisoned. Everytrhing you said is wrong.

The lesson here is to be quiet about it until you strike and to make sure you actually strike, like Bowers did, because they are going to stitch you up either way.

From APnews 11th April
Yet another kike thread.
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Yeah if you are actually planning something, you'd have to be a complete idiot to broadcast your intentions. If this guy wasn't actually planning anything and didn't actually threaten anyone, the charges will likely be dropped. Of course, his name is out there now, which I suspect was the whole point. It's a way of saying "yeah we can't actually stop you, but we can use state intelligence to unmask you".



like clockwork

lol schizoposting should be a bannable offense
let me guess, Brenton was a mossad op too huh?

nevermind, i stand corrected. he is a kike. i hadn't seen when i posted

The Jew fear jail and punishment. White men do not. Disobeying unjust laws is a justified act.

Building 7 just imploded. No big deal. Wasn't hit by a plane or anything, but it imploded. It looked like a controlled demolition, but no, it was Al-Qaeda. You fucking faggot KIKE.

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how about disobeying resisting arrest and gunning down the zogbots imprisoning you for thought crime? no, that is taking it all the way. nobody does that.

This one reeks of CIA but I'm getting distinct FBI / ATF vibes as well, was I close?

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Peterson vs Zizek debate. Get in here faggots.

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It's too obvious that it looks more like antifa thinking they'll get the evil racists in trouble this time.

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according to your thought process, this semite has done more for white people than you ever will. must sting.

What is illegal about that?
Now that's more valid for illegality considerations I would say.

>Michael Harpster of the Philadelphia FBI said that while the agency “does not and will not police ideology, we stand ready to intervene whenever threatening language crosses the line into illegal activity.”
So then, you DO and ARE policing ideology, and stand ready to intervene for your true masters whenever someone posts something suggesting their removal.


Know what's a smarter justified act?
Disobeying unjust laws while maintaining some semblance of OPSEC.

(((Kauffman))) oh vey… that old nonsense again.

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Wir müssen die Juden ausrotten

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