Muslim Mans Slaps His Child Bride in the Face, Crowd Cheers! (VIDEO)

If the marriage process is that rough, I can only imagine what the sex is going to be like (aka rape). Poor girl.

See here:

Semites being semites.

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I did your job for you OP.
also tell my why shitskins being shitskins should surprise me? This is yiddit tier redpilling. Sage for shit thread.

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Typical shitskin subhumanity

But I could care less as long as he isn't defiling a White person

This is what women really want to be fair. We've failed their shit test.

Women want strong men, weak men translate that to violence.

Which country did they get married in?

half of Zig Forums would convert if they came to them with a child bride. behold the power of pussy.

1/2 of Zig Forums are degenerate semites, so you are telling the truth

You could offer them a male bride the same age and they would 'convert' then as well.

what the fuck am i staring at

ok now leave shlomo. converting for twat is one thing. for fecal slime oozing its way down your pisser? only you mordecai.

Women want to be protected from violence.
Being senselessly beaten by some sandnigger is the opposite of protection.

Why did he slap her? I didn’t see any reason in the video besides low iq and inbreeding. Nothing wrong with slapping a thot, as long as it’s warranted.

Literally sounds like these ISIS videos

rolling for dead sandniggers

i cant stand this clown world
i want off this ride

First off this girl is not the same one and obviously not a child. Second there are lots of weird customs out there. Traditions with deeper meaning than we give them. My White European culture used to have PLENTY of them. The shame is that so many have been lost to our slow degeneracy and cultural decay. Most are irreplaceable having been lost to the ravages of time and forgotten utterly. Slapping the bride is a tradition that was once found all across Europe. A declaration that the woman was no longer a girl and thus less responsible for her actions and foolish words and the husband is the enforcer in this relationship.

Would you feel this way about the one time tradition of a man getting jumped and getting the shit beat out of him by family and others in the community before he married the woman he had asked. Yep, that was once a common tradition in many European countries. It indicated that you too, the husband, will be held accountable for your actions.

It is these traditions that have allowed these sub-human shitskins to hold onto their cultures and actually thrive. We should be jealous of what they have as much as we may hate the ever living fuck out of them and their traditions that cover society at large and inter community relations.

Bring back the traditions that bind us together as White Europeans. Embrace the traditional life, Husband and wife. The captain and first mate if you will. Maybe we need to become more retro active and return to our just as weird traditions. If we do we can better make the recovery we are so desperate for.

probably because she didnt look at him because shes blatantly miserable at the prospect of being some subhuman betas sex toy for her entire life. give it a few years and stockholm syndrome will set in and she’ll act happy and fulfilled as a coping mechanism. she’d be far happier in an alpha vikings haram that she chose to enter vs being the sole fucktoy of one subhuman mudslime. problem with allowing women to choose means theyll always choose alpha haram competing with other women vs being monogamous with beta. this leaves betas without twat so they uprise and create marriage laws which are then used against them to steal half their shit and fuck chad on the side anyway. the solution is eugenics creating ubermensch chads and stacies so everyone will be happy with their partner.

in what world was slapping your bride ever european culture (if she did nothing wrong)

Step one. Beat the shit out of any friend caught looking at pornography. Make it a taboo that causes social ostracization and costs a ass whooping. Of course many of you are near fully Jew trained and would resist a tradition like this at all cost. "Nothing wrong with porn, we are all consenting adults here" said the group of Jews commenting from the sidelines.

We have been subjected to Jew programming for so long most dont know right from wrong, acceptable from not acceptable behavior anymore.

You failed IQ test.

What the fuck does this have to do with a sandnigger slapping a little girl?

How do we blame white people for this though? Just bury the story and carry on with the refugee campaign if we can't.

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if that were really true then american women would not be choosing niggers and spics over you. wake up cuck.

I literally can't even anymore. It's like saying you gotta rip out your teeth before you eat too much sugar.

I'd settle for a kiss on the cheeks any day instead of this justified stupidity. Whoever thinks it's justifiable to be violent without a pretty damn good reason must be out of his mind and not socially eligible to hold hands with anyone let alone be a loving husband and father.

some post that advert from the 1920's about beating your wife to keep her in line.

At 1:14, she's smiling. The customary slap is done, and now she can relax and be a bride.

Er, I mean. . . What a pity that poor virgin will never have the opportunity to take 35 dicks a semester at some lesbian college in Ohio! That's what women really want out of life!

you would be absolutely cucked by a guy who watches porn if you never did. it would take you a lifetime to learn for yourself all of the different fucking intricacies displayed by watching an hours worth of porn. of course watching it daily and fapping to it is absolutely degenerate but using it to learn things you may have never thought of yourself is an advantage. especially in the age of thots where if you want them to listen to your arguments you must fuck them hard and well. of course you wont understand this as you dont know womens nature.

Good job. You repeat your Jewcprogramm8ng like a champ. You did not see the smile that kept across her face? Did you not hear the crowd cheer. What, throwing rice is the most extreme tradition you have heard of? Come on now, dont let Jew training dictate your reaction to what you just saw. Her mother was slapped at her wedding and so on and son on for hundreds of years. The Jews destroy tradition like this to slowly degenerate all cultures they come into contact with. Wake the fuck up already. We hate these shitskin traditions because like them, they have no place in our culture. So what Jew are you to stand their and talk trash about a custom you dont understand. Do you, like the Jew, desire to erase their culture, even when practiced in their home country.


No, women do that, thats why they're so aggressive nowadays.

theyre choosing men who arent soyboys. they all want strong white men but there arent enough to go around so they settle for strong shitskin over weak white.

Kys Jew freak

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I don't know about slapping, but grooms used to tap brides on the head with a shoe. The gesture got replaced with a kiss later on.

Look at her dress moron. Not the same girl and not a girl at all but a woman. Your letting Jew programmed emotional responses dictate your reactions.


troll or just (((one of them)))?
Like what? Sticking your dick in a hole is not that hard unless you're a 40 IQ nigger
In a good world, you're wife would only have one sex partner in her life: YOU. So what could she compare you to?

There were no such things done to women in any European tradition and women didn't act like degenerate whores.
You implying we should assimilate Semitic/enemy way of treating our females is treason in itself. Kindly gas yourself.

absolute subhuman tier logic. i guess africans putting clay pots in their lips is good because its tradition or asians breaking their little girls feet.

He has a higher one than women, especially jewish.

compare how manuel ferrara fucks to you then get back to me

Please don't make me defend shitskins. Traditional societies like this have lots of safeguards to protect the girls of your own family (such as being able to rape the unprotected girls from outside your family, in case you were in the mood). What do you suppose the real difference is in the rates of pedo kidfucking outside of marriage in some nowhere Muslim village versus, oh I don't know, Oakland?

Again, if you insist on making me say nice things about the goatfucking svages, I'll know you're here to disrupt.


Okay rabbi, at least try and blend in and hide. You Jews dont even try anymore.

also how dumb do you think women are? you dont think they have sexual desires and fantasy? theyre actually more sexual than you are. if you cant figure it out she’ll fantasize about someone who can.

Damn, almost makes me feel bad for other races… ALMOST
But seriously, this shows that we need to take White male racemixing just as serious as female racemixing

Jews aren't even on the chart KEK

The Popular Science Monthly, Volume 39, 1891.

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Even if someone was so inept not to be able to make sex pleasant for his wife,
a good society would still not allow her to cheat on him, so what's the big deal?

Really. You realize you sound like a fucking jew trained tranny feminist trying to pretend to care about the White race and its culture. You fucking degenerates can not hide from many of us any more, you stand out like bent nails.

because if you want your wife to raise your children in the best manner possible she needs to be attracted to you otherwise she’ll end up despising her own children and slack at her duty/subtly subvert them.

Is there one woman on this planet who can engage in a disagreement without going overboard and insulting the sexuality of the man who is invariably right she's arguing with?

Tits or GTFO, woman. And tell your husband to take the internet away for a week.

So hollowing out your dick and turning it inside out is a okay to you huh? 1000 genders and more for you? Why the fuck are you even here if not only to spread Jew trained hatred of your own culture and all others? What do you think has happened to the West? Jew programmed smart bombs like you is what happened. That is if your not a rabbi in disguise anyways.

t. beta who women dont arch their backs and poke their asses out for when hes around

you have no idea what a real chad knows about women.

100% agreed.


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Not one female except jewish women hate their own kids. Even the ones from rape are kept and loved.

actually the ones coming from rape are only kept because having them around could potentially lead into finding the rapist and then obtaining big shekels on lawsuits.

I'm not saying women should not be submissive, but the way Semites are treating them is not European and it never was.

Kek, I'm sorry you're still fapping to some kike produced porn, user. I don't need to slap my woman around in order for her to respect me and if you think this should be done in order to keep her in check, you're a weakling, at best.

so child abuse doesnt occur? got it.

Still worried if shes cheating on you or not? Still watching hours of porn and plenty of bathroom breaks at work. Please, really, please. I know the life you probably lead better than you. You will desperately hold onto ideas put into your head by hundreds of years of Jew programming. At your core your a liberal more, more. AND NOBODY BEST TELL ME WHATS ACCEPTABLE OR NOT! It's not a winning strategy little man or woman, you are doomed if you do.

Hey guess which culture is at replacement levels. Spoiler alert, it isn't the west. Not a mudslime (I like my whiskey and bacon) but feminism has basically explained why they do this.

The dude just asserted his dominance. That girl is going to be submissive from now on because she knows he is willing to slap her publicly AND she will bear a lot of children because of her age. Bitch and moan but what has respecting wahmen gotten us? A fucking dumpster fire bigger than fucking notre dame.

They also show us how to deal with the media and leftist degeneracy. That shit may disgust you, but they are showing you how to reclaim the west and kick these fuckers out of our borders.

Too bad they're not. White women are the most race loyal, and white men are the most desired by women of every race. Stop watching porn.


No, the ones that do that are jews and you simply dont know it.

Obviously feminism is bad and we should
1. let women stay at home caring for the children
2. make no-fault divorce, adultery, etc. illegal
3. make wives submit to their husband
but that doesn't mean we should view our white women as basically sex toys that you can do whatever you want with like mudslimes do.


whatever helps you sleep at night, goyboys.

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Our wives and mothers of our children. Are we niggers here or jews fixated about "muh dick"? Yes, for that to happen we need to dominate women, and that also involves showing our physical superiority over them.

Noone keys the car they own, if a man hits a woman that means she crossed some line that means destruction for the relationship.

the women are clapping anons


100% pure femposting.

Tits, you whore

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brainwashed much


t. beta who women dont sit at tables eating chipotle and slapping their cheeks with a water bottle while looking at you like its your dick they want to be slapping their face with

t. beta who the lifeguard doesnt literally spread her legs from her high chair when you leave the pool to see if youll look away

t. beta who women dont stand in front of playing with their hair and pulling their pants up to make their asses jiggle and then beg you to give them eye contact

i could go on all day but youve never seen this stuff because youre not what theyd choose and therefor would no doubt convert to islam and slap your child bride if they agreed to give you one.

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fuck off, kike

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as expected from nu/pol/ kikes.

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Its some dumb JIDF jewess, thinking goyim are the same as them.

Stats show white women are the most racially loyal, and can actually attribute likelyhood of attraction to black males(specifically) per pound of bodyfat.

If those girls are ethnically blind, we don't want them.

Or are you one of those evolution denying schizos that doesn't believe in eugenics?


fucking filthy mudskins…..the more worrying part is some of the faggots here are probably getting off to the thought of a child bride, they're sitting there thinking "i would never hit my CHILD bride, i love CHILDREN" you fucking sick fucks. kys…all of you child fuckers.

So do strong men. Women love being choked, slapped, spanked during sex. They don't want to be hurt, they just want to be dominated. And they will absolutely stay with a chad specimen regardless of how he treats her.


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White male race mixing is actually a higher threat. Not that many women burn the coal statically. The rate is higher for men, because it's an easy out for white men to date down a race and be worshiped. It's like settling for an uggo or fatty, except 10x worse.


in normie land i get that trade off, an "attractive" nigger> than fatty or uggo.

really the whole thing is multifaceted, white women have gone to shit because of feminism,white men have gone to shit for the same reason but also because larger society doesn't value men and white men doubly so… uuuuuuuhhh man, i could go on, but we're living in clown world, every single thing at almost every level is fucked.

this is because womens primary goal in life is attention and they will get the most attention and make other women jealous if their partner is a chad. his politics/how he treats her are irrelevant for walking around the city and showing off to other women. it only becomes an issue to her if he treats her how she doesnt want to be treated in public. private life is irrelevant for the most part as long as he doesnt act like a feminine faggot which will turn her off. but as long as the man plays along and calls her babe in public he can call her a dumb useless bitch and slap her around all he wants in private (if hes better looking than 9 out of 10 guys).

Its bad too, but at least white man won something, not that we lose a womb.

That's what we should do too, stupid fuck.

This dude got it right.

It's because there are people like you in occident that feminism has been allowed in the first place. The more freedom and "rights" you give to women, the more pussified and degenerate our society becomes. People who don't understand that are part of the problem.

Outed yourself immediately. I have never seen a genuine European describe their race or culture in such in unnatural way.

Nigga you gay

Post it everywhere.

this. a white dick penetrating a non-white vagina doesn't do any actual harm. I'm not endorsing it, but it's not destroying us. but if a white women gets penetrated by a non-white, she's lost, her womb is defiled, she has non-white DNA and cannot bear a white baby because she is no longer white. it's the same as death

our rate of reproduction is limited not by the number of men but by the number of wombs


At what age did you stop having feelings?

Did you enjoy the thought of your secret suffering being kept from the world, fueling your inferiority complex further? In that case wake up and start forgiving yourself.

Is this in europe? No? Then I don't give a fuck. Let them eat each other.

What happened to your loli brides, Zig Forums?

You literally can't have sensible thoughts if you can't feel what they mean to you.

Start discharging that which you think is 'your choice' - that's the ego clinging to bad energy.

People who have been fucked in the ass forcibly by people close to them can't fight back sensibly since those actions doesn't make any sense, it's not compatible. It's not good energy given with love. The usual thing that happens is the subject gives in and takes this bad energy up as his own, trying to make sense of it, acknowledging the energy only to succumb to the 'weight' of it and closing the 'engine' - heart - of the subject.

Remember that pain in your chest when you were little?

You literally become a walking robot or zombie. Open your heart. That is love. Pray to God out in nature. He can and wants to heal you completely. Prayers to you.

Although OP appears to have found this video from the 20 April 2019 tweet by PolemicistN, this appears to have been floating around on YouTube since 19 November 2017, as we can see at the upload by Igbal Dinho. There was an article the next day about it at

You can also see it was tweeted 9 September 2018 at

For comparison to white people, 16 May 2017 there was a "Today Show" episode about a guy slapping his fiance because of a bee and everyone laughed, you can see the bee buzzing around if you look closely

Apparently this might actually be encouraged by muslim moms…

Very suspicious timing that we see this anti-muslim thread about old news suddenly re-appear (along with 2 threads about some fucking tranny-chad high school bullying conflict) all conveniently distracting from our investigation into the FBI's murder of a white girl to promote anti-gun regulation, and showing that Jews did Notre Dame.

Explain to me why I should care.