Thinking of joining organized crime

Since I've left university I've never been the same.
I've always been a happy dude. I come from a good family that provided me with a lot. Middle class lifestyle. I followed what they've taught me, studied hard, went to a good university. Kept studying hard, graduating GPA 4.0. Did a lot of things, worked hard, studied abroad, got time to party, had sex and got into troubles once in a while. Good times.
But since I've graduated, I've faced reality. Years of hard work and the results are disappointing. I'm working at this F500 company in this super prestigious industry where lots of graduates fight to get into. Yet, I do 60-70 hrs/week, get paid pennies and get screwed by everything and everybody. I can only expect to make as much as what my father did with no education.
I've never been a particularly violent guy, although I did enjoyed breaking the law sometimes, the adrenaline. I'm not particularly a moralist either, I did not hurt anybody not because it wasn't right to do it, but because I did not feel I've been taken advantage on. I didn't need to.
But now, I'm getting fucking screwed. By the government, who taxes me to death and robs me and my family of our financial future. I'm making shit money, yet combined, I pay around 50% in taxes. I cannot save as much as I need to escape slavery. And what do they do with this money? They keep an oversized and corrupt public sector. They have to pay millions of government officials who don't do shit and are inefficient. They rob with corruption schemes in, for example, government contracts. They open borders to make things 10x worse to the low class.
I'm getting robbed as well by capitalists, who get paid not by doing shit, but just by owning stuff. They don't either pay taxes, because companies tax is a meme and individual tax can be avoided with offshore accounts.
I'm getting sick of all this and I'm willing to do anything.

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There are a lot of other options before stooping to criminality. You could start a simple service business almost overnight and escape your trap.

Independently performed, skilled, blue collar work pays a lot too.

Kek. One doesn’t just join organized crime my man

Thanks for the blogpost friend, your content is valuable to this forum and an intern will soon contact you

I have relatives that were or know stuff.

We are getting screwed man.

These fucking jews or whoever are taking the worse from capitalism and comunism, mixing it together to their advantage.

The middle class is getting destroyed.

How do you guys deal with this to get ahead?

Congratulations, you have experienced your first real red pill. Youre one step behind the blogposts here that talk of losing the will to do anything. Youve seen them; the ones where they ask Zig Forums how it copes with the harsh reality we live in.
As much as i appreciate another man entering the plane of true enlightenment, i hope you understand this is not the place to share these thoughts. You have diaries for that. You are not unique in a sense that you are the only one experiencing a deracination.

This is the first step. Keep working for yourself, better yourself, try to stand on your own two feet without being dependant on giant corporations providing for you. From this point on you have to work even harder.

Good luck. Life is a struggle. Those who do not struggle to survive die.

then kindly do them and yourself a favor and shut the fuck up about it

Some were in prison already. And I would say it was worth it. They lived well for the most part, keep living super well and created generational wealth.

I don't care about talking about this, I'm well anonymized.

Definetely experienced a red pill. The world is not as it used to be, where as long as you worked on some job, you would do just fine.

Today, people in basic jobs cannot even have a child or get a house. Pure enslavement. And we are talking about people that, at the end of the day, are productive.

I keep working on myself. I save a lot and hold offshore accounts to not pay capital gains. At least I learned this from the pieces of shit I work for.

You can thank White Nationalism, Nazi fags and alt.right for this. They are the reason Whites have no coherent defense of their interests as well as a real life networking in place. While everyone else does.

You're already in the largest gang glownigger.

tell your mob boss to put you back on Zig Forums

just about every criminal syndicate is involved in people smuggling/human trafficking

Rather than joining organized crime, take your education and qualifications and leave the US. You'll probably find it's better there than anywhere else though.

The fact that you are even considering becoming a criminal proves that you’re stupid. The fact that you’re posting this on Zig Forums proves that you’re retarded. If you’re this fucking retarded I would recommend that you stay away from organized crime. You’ll be caught, or murdered extremely quickly.

Yes, run away goy

Convert to Judaism.

If you're serious, then go for it. Be the best damned criminal you can be. You've gone through college and done the hard work, and you're a smart man. A good man. Do what you think you need to do.

I'm proud of you son.

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Forgedda' bout' it

just lol at npc tier thought process. selling molly you bought off the deep web isnt organized crime and wont last long unless you already have associates who are scared of you to have your back. you have to put in work to get anywhere. thats means be known for robberies/beatings/extortion/murder. otherwise youll be knocked out of the game super quick unless youre just the local meth zombie dealer with 5 buyers buying a dimesack a day.

you're a criminal if you don't operate like a wage slave already. everything is illegal

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nice get

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slide confirmed

Robbing dealers is much better than dealing yourself. Rob dealers for bulk, sell wholesale to dealers you know. Much less exposure, just need a couple partners and swat uniforms if you want to go that route. Other option is to torture one nigger every robbery, word spreads fast and nobody wants to get tortured for drugs and money. If you cant trust your partners this will not work, if you do trust them you could make good money for a while before having to go to different cities. Above all be safe.

slide to what? it's right……… you have to admit it.

So is this a bot? Or some no life fag? I see this cunt posting his bullshit in every single thread.

worse than cuckchan. admit this.

What a pain in the ass to post through Tor

I doubt it. I'm posting through Tor.

And I don't fear death.

I'm not actually in the US. I would be making way more money if I've been there.

But yeah, I'm thinking of leaving this country. It was great before 2008, but since economy has been stagnant even though official growth is high.

Inequality is rampant as well, but this applies to the rest of the world, including the US>

You’re not on tor. Your id isn’t a tor id.

don't be lame and simple. it would be a waste.

Why don't you have 10 kids, quit your job and put them all on welfare?



police is your choice

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Working for organized crime is working for your government. Consider saving money and working for yourself.

Adding another bump for blue collar work. If you can become a licensed tradesman, plumber, welder, etc you can make alot of money. One of my neighbors started his own plumbing business 30 years ago and now does $1,000,000+ in revenue with him, 2 licensed plumbers and 2 apprentices. Runs the whole operation out of the living room in his house.


FBI: the post

drive down MLK BLVD and park at MLK Park and see for yourself

dude a bunch has changed in 30 fucking years

You're clearly already in it, you baiting fed zogbot.
Nice try. Keep trying to get us shut down all you want, but we will win in the end.

Been there, done that, OP. It's not worth the bullshit and takes too long for a return. Just get into crypto and learn to code solidity.

Criminality comes at a price.
Imagine all your current problems, except now you have an ever niggling paranoia. Plus you still have to work hard.
If you want risk, if you don't want to be a slave, build a business, sell it and acquire just enough for Financial Independence and retire young

Me the capitalist that just owns stuff and gets to live off of your labor.

OP you ought to be taking after Brenton. Even rich oligarchs like me hate this world because everything has degenerated into shit. The people are shit, the country is falling into the hands of foreigners, everyone on drugs or fucked up some way or another… it's a big mess and I will be lending my hand to whoever starts the fire.

I just prepare for war. Read through fuckloads of military manuals, study everything that will be useful from every angle, and arm myself.

Meanwhile Mohammad is onto his 20th child with his third wife and is living it up on the taxpayer's dime while you "embrace the struggle".

What is your wealth for? At this point your wealth owns you. I'm not sure what you want your wealth for. Is it getting you a home or land? Is it ever going to do so?

If not; live out of your car and invest in weapons.

Probably a no life faggot.

You don't fear death?

Then why don't you become a warlord?

Take a walk around. Look around at everything around you. Think about how you could change things, how you could be king over it all. Figure out how you're going to destroy the beast and start holding ground. Muslims have their no-go zones, niggers have it too. There's got to be a way for us to take and hold land by force.

Sometimes you can post on through Tor is the Tor node isn't recognized in which case it shows up as a normal ID instead of a Tor ID. It only shows up as a Tor ID when using the onion address.

You're working for google aren't you?

The CIA, FBI, or DEA? Chabad? Which crime family?

Don't join the mafia or mob or organized crime, AKA the government, it will only spiral the lying and cheating and stealing and hardship (spiritual) and chaos in your life.

Instead, become self-reliant, go live in cabin like Walden if you need to do so for a while, go to jail if necessary, but only for civil disobedience to laws good men should not follow.

But, above all, become a fascist business owner. Fasci means "Band" in Italian, it just means form bands with other business owners and prevent crime and corruption amongst yourselves, work to synergize your supply lines and your interests against the lazy criminal fascist, be the Nationalist Fascist of the Race of Light (really though blood is important).


Didn't read the thread.

You can't join organised crime, or any kind of crime for that matter, because they'll fucking eat you on the second day maximum. The end.

You failed to man the sail. You listened uncritically to what the TV and obviously self-serving teachers told you to do. You deserve this.

What shitty degree did you get? English? Business?

That's good but that alone can't be the center of your whole life and existence. Sure, the war might kick off tomorrow for all we know, but it might as well take another 15-20 years.

Doesn't mean you can't burn down a few churches that house rapefugees, rapefugee camps, immigration/multicultural centers, etc. and even get away with it.

Gas yourself, you have no power here.

Seriously, gas yourself.

What does "standing on your own feet means shekels" means? Wtf are you even trying to say to me there?

You could be going on welfare and having tons of kids too. It's not a blackpill, it's a "why the fuck aren't you doing the same" pill.

wahhhh lets not discuss hyperbole and minecraft stories even though normies on facebook regularly post more death threats than we do

It's an NPC ZOGbot shill.

"You guys are muh meanies. The white race deserves to die because its members are not to my liking."

My friend, please don't advertise this online. Never paper trail your illicit activities.

have fun

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You're too stupid for crime because you talk about it. You'll sing like a canary the moment any cop flexes on your family. You should be a comedian or a punching bag or really anything except a criminal because you'll be killed for being a rat who can't keeping his mouth shut you humongous fucking retard.

Not really, once you comprehend that "being white" is criminal now.

In my country one of our most infamous criminals is a white guy that is famous for robbing and killing Sikh drug dealers. The majority of whites don't have it in them to do the same thing.

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Criminals, like politicians, spend their whole lives alternating between temporary hedonistic escapes and total chained-down crisis response. It’s a life of lying to yourself about being powerful while actually walking iter vehemens ad necem.

Lol, redpills lead to slavery then?

Have you read Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki?

You don't have to do something illegal to fuck the world system and still get money. Stop wageslaving and offer the world something better yourself.

Not as much as you might think. A friend of mine did pretty much the same about 10yrs ago, and is doing great. You can't outsource plumbing/welding/hvac/etc and you need to be licenced for most of it. You need some modicum of intelligence too.

The more of us that opt out of the system and go black market the better tbh. When russia went to shit there were either dumb breadlanding standing vodkaniggers, gov. Employees/military, and mafia. Which one do you wanna be in bolshevik america?

Why not organized fun?

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I'm into accounting. I don't it's that easy to go freelance with it, but there are definetely many CPAs with smalls businesses doing just fine.

Would that be feasible? I also like lockpicking, but I'm not trained in that.

I'm using Tor dude.

I don't think there are any real White gangs anymore, outside of prison where they are necessary for survival. So called gangs of Whites now like diversity and sell heroin to fellow Whites, none of that is helpful. Whites selling drugs to other Whites deserve the same fate as jews for such treasonous behavior.

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I did accounting. It's not a shitty degree.

But yeah, I did listen uncritically to what everybody said.

Motorcycles are objectively UNFUN unless you are at a race track or in a cage ball. You call dealing with normalniggers and regular niggers in traffic fun? In b4 "lmao just speed past them" because that does not work nearly as much as bikefags would lead you to believe and is also the best way to get killed while riding. You'll get fast food thrown at you, chased by people who do that type of thing just for kicks, and will quickly regret ever buying a motorcycle.

I don't care about what poor Mohammad does. I'm not like most people on this site. I actually like MENAs.

I don't get the blame these people get tbh. They are poorfags. The ones that let them in are the real problem.

Nice edgy defeatist talk, faggot. A motivated, intelligent white man can overcome anything. You think white people gave up when the black plague was killing everyone? Or during ice ages when they watched their babies freeze to death? And you're going to give up because of taxes and a shitty job market? You fucking pussy. If you're white, you ARE better than that and spreading blackpilled horse shit is helping no one except the jews.

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because you'd have to live in the ghetto with all the sub-humans, and your 10 kids would grow up to be crack addicted racemixers.

Thanks for the advice my friend. I'm actually an accountant. I guess I could run a CPA firm or something, an idea similar to the plumber or welder.

Capitalists don't pay taxes because their money is tied up in ownership of shares. You don't get taxed on any of that unless it leaves your portfolio.

Smart people manage the bulk of their assets in their portfolio and keep what they need to survive otherwise outside of it in other assets.

Basically, you're a weak cuck because you don't know to profit reasonably without getting raped.

What exactly have you done?

Working for a F500 or for a criminal organization?

What kind of services, exactly?

I already do that man. But not all forms of investing don't pay capital gains. If you are the one doing rebalancing on your portfolio, you will have to pay, for example.

Other forms of investing pay as well. And if you make a company, you pay company tax. In these forms of investing you have to go offshore.

Do whatever you feel like, stop seeking validation in a online imageboard, nobody truly gives a damn about you, no matter what they say.

The biggest organized crime is Wall Street, banking, venture capital, public unions, and government. The irony is all other organized crime is trivial in comparison.

This is the best idea that has ever been written by a Zig Forumsack. Checked. Heiled.

Seriously: look at what the muds are doing. They don't have the character to play by the rules of modern civilization (hence their homelands are shithole remnants of empires long dead or, in the case of the niggers, are lands which have never even glimpsed the light of civilization), and so they don't. And it works. Nobody stops them. No cop wants to die in an attempt to police a bunch of retards. Yes, the authorities in the west are giving them a long leash for now and will certainly be more concerned about misbehavior by Europeans, but the fact remains–our power structures are corrupt and dying. They aren't competent to deal with things they could deal with even 20 years ago, technology aside. No-Go zones are unpoliced. Gangland is compared with the state of destabilizes MENA countries. Relatively untrained mass shooters from every corner of the political spectrum are able to get KDAs that probably make navy seals jealous.

We need new borders. This is already happening organically to some extent. Members of my extended family are moving close to one another in areas which are ideal for weathering the coming storm. People get it.

The idea of white "No-Go" zones in logistically important areas is fucking brilliant. It would require stealth and a level of organization that we lack (as far as I'm aware, get at me glowniggers) but it isn't impossible.

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I don't really know a ton about that, but my instinct would be to freelance on the side (weekends or whatever) until your business can support you.

It is extremely easy.
Police dont go to niggers neighborhoods because niggers are not afraid to shoot cops at night, same with muslims, look at the news, in europe a fire brakes out, the muslims throw stones to the firemen and police.

Whites are just demoralized and will rat you out to zog before ever taking their own side. Cucked to death, the death of the white race, no bang just a whimper.

odds will be stacked against you.
most gangbanger drug dealers end up making less than min wage, due to long hours required.
unless you got some 'angle' figured out you will be just Cop Bait.

Kill anybody who talks. Make them more afraid of you than the police. Simple.

How long have you been on 8ch pol for?

No offense, but if you successfully join organized crime you will end up subhuman shitbag that will make any given neet look like a fuck genius for being mario gamer instead of trapped in a ditch of inescapable despair.

Cast aside the false profits! in a world with brains you can do lesser known drugs legally that make street drugs look candy ass.

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Sounds great. As a poorfag I wish I had the money to do my scientific research. All I have is huge fucking collection of books but no money to accomplish miracles what feels like is already at my fingertips as second hand experience.

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you do not want to do that user it is NOT a good lyfe…

beside you should have started around 16-18 anyways. Breaking bad is just a tv show…

instead try to figure out something you can do on the side and profit from, with or without paying taxes. Mild stuff, selling beer/boze and cigarettes as purely a middleman, not smuggling it your self. Something most normies would buy without any real risk, if you just keep it moderately small and avoid criminals

You really do not want to get into this shit