Occult Ritual Humiliation. Robert Deniro swallow symbolic Load from Colbert in New Interview

VIDEO LINK: youtu.be/gvBOoAjeN2E?t=348
someone help me inbed, i feel like they might take this video down soon, it's that weird.

At 5:48, I couldn't believe it. Colbert squirts whip cream in his mouth.
The look on Deniro's face. He knows.
He is called up from time to time to perform whatever filth they put in his mouth.

He spits out a few one liners for the newspaper headlines. It doesn't even flow like natural conversation. –la cringe–
He is so obviously uncomfortable.
Wonder what kind of blackmail they have on him. I wonder if any of those gangster movie scenes were real video.

At the end Deniro accuses Trump of being involved in a "made man" society. Good. We need more of that. Trump serves our purposes as a middle ground step in the direction we want to go. Of course, the mind controlled masses aren't ready for an 8pol president. Consider the optics. I feel bad for Deniro honestly, I wonder what kind of Karma he is paying off.

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Even gangsters have morals? I wonder what kind of 'morals' kosher nostra is supposed to have in his view?

I disagree OP, I don't think we need more of this filth in our nations…I think it needs to be exterminated.

The faggot already hit rock bottom creating disgusting mutant children. (((Entertainment))) is always humiliating. Either for the audience or the performers.

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looking at his wikipedia. what in the fuq is up with these in vitro fertilized surrogate born children?
this is fucking madness

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Trump is a release valve to make sure we never get to where we need to be, and the "made man" comment isn't completely off - he's a product of jewish organized crime.

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"made man" , "powerful man". whatever. authoritarian government > democracy government . i like the idea of single people having real power

Hollywood; the negress wants her pum pum fresh

How the fuck are you surprised by this?

"Made man" isn't something in an authoritarian government, it's a mob term, and the ZOG Emperor is tied to the Lansky syndicate through Resorts International.

DeNiro, yes. Trump however has a history of fighting back against kike strongarm tactics while lulling them into complacentcy.

Resorts International was a CIA outfit. Helping the Virginia Cocaine Importation Company is a little different than helping Hyman Roth.

Just another tale of (((1))) and Done

you feel bad for de niro because colbert did some gay shit to him on live tv. got it. next?

Boomers still believe this shit in CY+4

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Di Niro is an anti White pro mass immigration Jew. Just like all you anti Trump faggots

De Niro is such good goy. Taking JEWJEWCUM live.

Is he realy jew?


When did that ever happen?

Shieeet. 99% is lot. I was thinking he is just good goy. That guy should make database for Day of Rope.

Deniro was a trumpet for the anti-vax thing for a while. After vaccinating his kids, they all came down with high grade autism. He was shit mad about that.
The inteligensia jews didn't like that one bit,.

Niggers prolly a dude.

The anti-White Nationalsim/anti-NatSoc spammer mod is a trumpnigger
Its like the moderation never changed atball!

Jim/Roach, 2020



He's not a Jew but his parents were degenerate libtards. His father left the family because he was gay and wanted to finger paint.

what evidence do you have that costa nostra is a jewish mob?

As if the blackmail would matter. There's literal images of Trump with underage prostitutes on this very server. They aren't real, and even if they were, you couldn't prove they wer

The Conquistadors were Jews. They were being punished when they were sent to explore. Likely for practicing Judaism in secret. Think for yourself.

Vax or no vax he kept making half breed children well into his 50's and 60's. He even needed in vitro fertilization.

This makes something I saw on SNL like a decade ago(before I got my own place, blame the boomers) seem cynical instead of just embarrassingly disgusted…

He had this skit wheres he dressed up as a woman with fake tits and ass, and some black guy thought he/she was hot, and he ground his ass on the guys dick like a whore. It made me feel uncomfortable and odd. Now I think this makes more sense. What's he done to deserve this I wonder? Has anyone dug?

Jews were a factor but saying they were all kikes is a bit of a stretch.

Something like Little Saint James probably. Maybe some anti-jewish sentiment slipped out while he was coked out of his mind.


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Like Arnie, Robert loves his tranny wives.

That's why I don't play that game.

It's established fact, Merrinos were all Jews.

His wife wasn't a transexual.

Hard to convincingly fake a video of somebody fucking underage kids though, and I'm sure there is more than one of deniro

trump himself is pro mass immigration you dumb fuck

post proof

somebody please give the guy on the right the JUSTED treatment

Toukie Smith was the mother of one of his kids

When Arnold first came to America in the 60's he was the mistress of a gay doctor in LA. This allowed him to focus on just training without have to exhaust himself at a job. He's not actually gay, he's just willing to wade through a river of shit up to his nostrils to get to wherever it is he's going.

I don't like this. Robert De Niro was a symbol of white masculinity in the movie Taxi Driver


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I can remember when DeNiro was right at the very pinnacle of Hollywood, not only as a box office star but artisically, as a close collaborator with Scorcese.

Best Directors all have italian last names: De Palma, Tarantino, Scorsese, Coppola

is that… two scoops of icecream?

Strange as he's been cucking hard for kikes. But then, he is a loooooong time cokehead and into fucking niggers. Actually married two. Has some disgusting abominations for children. Don't watch that filth, OP.

Taratino is a shit tier director by any metric.

None of those hold a candle to Fellini

With the cutting edge CG nowadays I wouldn't be too sure about that.

Tarantino respects filmcraft